WonderChef Pizza Maker: Now Make Delicious Pizza At Home In A Flash

The Wonderchef Italia Aluminium Pizza Maker is a gleaming red and utilitarian pizza maker that helps you make delicious and well-shaped pizza easily. Suitable for making small, medium and large size of pizza, this kitchen appliance is a must-have for pizza lovers who wish to have versatile and healthy pizzas often.

wonderchef pizza maker review


The Wonderchef Italia Aluminum Pizza Maker is well-designed and made of aluminum, which means it distributes heat evenly and retains heat well enough to help your bake pizza quickly and evenly.

The aluminum surface is non-sticky, scratch resistant and easy to maintain. It has a closed design that ensures it is safe to use and keeps the heat inside. So, you need not worry if your pizza will be properly baked or not.

This appliance also opens 180 degrees to convert into a large table grill. These features make it is a good choice for your family at an affordable price.

However, note that this pizza maker is not microwave and dishwasher friendly.

Heating element

The Wonderchef pizza maker comes with dual heating elements (top and bottom heating) that help your pizza cook quickly.

The two heating elements ensure quick and quality baking owing to the even heat distribution. Just place your pizza in the appliance and its top and bottom heating elements will generate the heat for baking a delicious dish with a crispy golden crust in just a few minutes.

Do remember to use oven mitts when you take out the pizza in order to prevent burning your fingers.

wonderchef pizza maker review


Wonderchef Pizza Maker is pretty versatile. You will be wowed by a wide variety of dishes this it can make.

You can use it to bake fresh and frozen pizza. It makes fantastic roti, frankie, pancake, dosa, uttapam and paratha. It’s perfect for grilling sandwiches, sausages, kebabs, and tikkas. You can have your sandwich quickly warmed up while hurrying up to catch up with something at the office.

The capacity of 1500 watts and operating voltage of 220-240 volts allow baking a pizza in 5-10 minutes. It bakes smaller dishes even faster.
This pizza maker is a must have kitchen appliance if you and your family love crispy homemade pizza.

Temperature control

A very useful feature of this Wonderchef Italia Aluminium Pizza Maker is the adjustable temperature control that allows you regulate the baking temperature. The appliance also has two indicators (on and off) that inform you on the appliance operation.


As with many kitchen appliances on the market, the Wonderchef Italia Aluminium Pizza Maker also has a warranty of one year.

If you and your family appreciate all kinds of pastries, choose this Wonderchef Italia Aluminium Pizza Maker! It will bake yummy pizza and many other delicious dishes with ease.

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