Sanyo Kaizen Series TV Hands On Review

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The Kaizen Series is one of the successful offerings from Sanyo that has been receiving rave reviews. Available in size variants ranging from 32  to 65 inches, it promises high quality and performance with a budget friendly price tag.

We have reviewed the 43 inch 4K variant here and shall discuss about the display, audio and smart features and more. If you would like to view the video review, check it out here-


Sanyo as you might already know is a subsidiary of Panasonic, which is a Japanese brand. This translates to better brand reputation, better after sales service and of course better quality products.
Sanyo also claims to have 450 plus service centres throughout India.

Though we bought the TV during Amazon Republic day sales, we received it promptly and as promised, within 2 days, the technician called up and came for installation. He was quite polite and helpful too.

Variants of Kaizen Series Television

As mentioned earlier, we reviewed the 43 inch 4K variant Sanyo XT43A082U. In 43 inch size, it is also available in Full HD resolution  costing just about Rs. 2000 lesser than the 4K variant.

If you are looking for a smaller screen size, you could opt for the 32 inch variant which comes with HD ready display. It’s RAM is 1 GB, while the rest of the variants come with 1.75GB RAM. Other specifications remain almost the same.

If you are looking for larger size screen, you could opt for 4955 or 65 inch variants. All available in 4K UHD display and support HDR 10 and Dolby Vision content.

Sanyo Kaizen Series Review


The Sanyo Kaizen series comes with bevel-less display. The bevels are pretty thin and in no way does it interfere with the viewing experience. The bottom bevel however is a tad thicker to provide sufficient space for displaying the brand name.

The rear side is just what you expect from a typical budget friendly TV. Rather plain. The small extruding part as seen in all TVs in the segment is neither thin nor too bulky.The power port is on the rear right side, while the rest of the ports are on the left. If wall-mounted, it has just about enough gap to reach to the ports.


Sanyo XT43A082U comes with 4K UHD display with IPS panel and HDR support. It is also one of the few budget friendly TVs which supports Dolby Vision.

A standalone analysis will result in highly satisfactory display quality in terms of color, contrast and clarity. Only when you do a side by side comparison with a higher end brand would videophile be able to find any notable difference. In fact, most laymen would be absolutely satisfied with the picture quality. The high user rating received on Amazon corroborates to this.

We viewed the famous Costa Rica in 4K and other 4K wildlife videos from YouTube and we’re absolutely satisfied with the picture quality. The blacks are deep and dark, colors are vivid and pop out and the contrast is also quite commendable. Full HD videos are also quite a pleasure to your eyes.

To test out video from Set Top Box, we connected to Tatasky HD connection. While the HD content was quite satisfactory, the SD content as expected was quite pixelated. The SD to HD upscaling Technology could perhaps be the area where Sanyo has cut corners as you find better SD picture quality in the likes of LG and Samsung, but not quite so in other budget friendly TVs.
So, we highly recommend using only an HD Set Top Box on this Television.

The IPS panel is also quite commendable provided you don’t have light sources on the sides which could result in glare. Even from the extremes, the color saturation and contrast were highly satisfactory.

The 60 Hz refresh rate too proves to be fairly sufficient. We watched a few high speed chases from Fast and Furious and didn’t find any drop in frame rate or blur.

Overall the picture quality is quite satisfactory that you don’t really feel like it is an offering from a budget friendly brand.

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The Sanyo Kaizen series comes with 20 Watt Sound output across all the variants. It also supports Dolby Digital and DTS Trusound, which has to be enabled from the TV settings.

The audio is fairly loud and there is sufficient clarity and differentiation between human voice and background scores. There isn’t anything that is  extraordinary. But regular TV viewers are likely to be quite satisfied with the audio quality.

Smart Features

Powered by Quad-core processor with 1.75 GB RAM and 8 GB internal storage, the Sanyo Kaizen series is a certified Android TV.

First of all, the TV takes about 40 seconds to boot up. That is a tad long compared to higher end TVs which are available at premium price, but nothing out of ordinary when you compare with any other budget friendly model.

sanyo kaizen series tv review

Similarly loading apps like YouTube and initializing Chromecast too takes a bit of time. That being said, once an app is loaded or a video starts playing, there is absolutely no lag or stuttering provided you have a fast internet connection. Navigation from the home screen is also quite seamless and smooth.

Being an Android TV, you can download apps of your choice from Play Store. In addition to YouTube, Amazon Prime and Netflix, regional apps like Hotstar, Voot etc are also pre-installed.

But there is a catch. Though the TV has 8 GB internal storage, only about 3 GB of free space is available after all updates and pre-installed apps. There doesn’t seem to be any way to expand the storage too. So, space for installing additional apps could be rather limited.

Talking about the remote, it is old-fashioned, yet user friendly. Personally, I feel minimalistic remotes like the one from Mi and One Plus are a pain especially to the not-so-tech-friendly people as they might find it difficult to take care of essential functions like muting, finding source etc.

With the remote from Sanyo, you however don’t have any such problem. Being Bluetooth connected, you don’t necessarily have to point and click. It also has in built voice recognition commanding facilitated by Google Assistant and a dedicated key for the same as well as for Netflix. But on the flip side, being Bluetooth enabled device, it is a tad delicate. If you have kids, you might want to keep it away from them as frequent falls would lead to it getting damaged.

The voice recognition works fairly well even when you use regional words. But it isn’t completely fail proof as we did find occasional gaffes. For example, it did take more than one try when asked to locate the nearest Sanyo service centre as it couldn’t recognize the word “Sanyo”.

But that being said, voice assistant is quite a boon as navigating through the keypad using the direction buttons in the remote is quite a tedious task.

That it doesn’t have screen mirroring feature is a drawback however.

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Flaws, But Not Deal Breakers

Smart features is not really a strength of this TV as it takes a bit of time for loading apps. But once initiated, the apps run smooth provided the internet connection is fast and you have a strong signal

Audio is just above average. That being said, considering that it is a budget-friendly TV, you can’t really complain.

Yet another aspect we noticed is that to change the TV settings with respect to picture, audio etc, you have to first open another “Source” and then press the Menu button and go to “More” and then get to the TV setting. That is a tad inconvenient. Sanyo could have incorporated a “Setting” button in the remote for easier access.


Being backed by Panasonic, Sanyo is definitely one of the best choices when it comes to a budget friendly smart TV. It isn’t without flaws. However, the top notch picture quality makes up for it.
Overall, it is definitely a choice that you could opt for without any doubt.

Find latest price of Sanyo Kaizen series TV here.

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