Samsung RT28M3022S8 253 L Refrigerator Review

I have been using Samsung refrigerator for the past 6 years and honestly, I haven’t had to call a mechanic to repair it even once. When I checked with my friends and colleagues, overall, the Samsung refrigerators are seen in a good light. They are functionally designed, durable and performance is also satisfactory.

In this review of the new Samsung 253 L RT28M3022S8 refrigerator, we discuss about its design, features, performance and other aspects.

Samsung RT28M3022S8 253 L Refrigerator Review










  • Durable and Budget friendly
  • Thoughtfully designed to maximize storage space.
  • Superb cooling


  • No child lock
  • 2 star energy rating


Samsung RT28M3022S8 is a budget-friendly choice for a family with up to 4 members. It doesn’t have many bells and whistles that might require maintenance and repair in the long-term. But, it is well designed to maximize storage space and provide easy access to the stored items. Thanks to the digital inverter compressor technology utilized in Samsung refrigerators, its cooling efficiency is also found to be one of the best. Due to these qualities, Samsung RT28M3022S8 is featured in our list of best refrigerators in India.


Samsung RT28M3022S8 has a sleek modern exterior that would simply look outstanding in a modern kitchen. The doors have brushed steel finish and recessed handle giving a minimalistic look to the fridge.

Samsung RT28M3022S8 253 L Refrigerator Review

The interiors look equally good with toughened glass shelves and door racks and is well-lit with an LED light too.

The freezer has a movable ice maker and two door shelves giving you ample space for all frozen goods. The fridge has three height adjustable shelves including a pull out tray. The cover of the vegetable crisper can also be utilized as a shelf.

The vegetable crisper is fairly large with enough space to stock a week’s worth of veggies. A drawback however is that it doesn’t have a moisture control vent like LG refrigerators. Even so, vegetables and fruits retain its freshness for more than 10 days when kept in the crisper.

As the door shelf to keep bottles are at a higher level you don’t have to bend to take heavy water bottles. The middle door shelf has space for keeping a dozen eggs and the lower rack can be used to keep sauce bottles, juice cartons and other jars.

Samsung RT28M3022S8 253 L Refrigerator Review

A complaint frequently seen is that the temperature knob for the fridge is located towards the rear side of its interiors. However, as it is behind the pull-out shelf, you can slide the shelf out and then adjust the knob from the side. This partially overcomes the access problem.

Features & Performance

Samsung RT28M3022S8 uses digital inverter compressor technology which runs at 7 different speeds depending on internal and ambient temperature and quantity on food kept. When the optimal temperature level is attained, the compressor slows down and runs at minimal speed to maintain the level of temperature. If the temperature increases due to frequent opening of door or when you keep more food in it, then the compressor speeds up and works to bring down the temperature. This way, a consistently low temperature is maintained inside refrigerator and the compressor will have longer life due to less wear and tear.

Samsung RT28M3022S8 253 L Refrigerator Review

It is seen that the temperature inside all shelves are fairly uniform—thanks to the all-round cooling technology. Reviewers suggest that they were able to chill water in just about 45 minutes.

A drawback however is that the cooling in fridge and freezer is not independent. If you lower the temperature of the freezer, the temperature of the fridge increases and vice-versa. This is because a single fan blows the air to both sections. When you lower the temperature of one section, most of the air is blown in it. As the other section doesn’t get enough cool air, its temperature increases.

When it comes to energy consumption, Samsung RT28M3022S8 has only 2-star rating consuming about 324 units of electricity annually. This could be the reason why the refrigerator is low priced. LG’s comparable model has 4-star energy rating but costs about Rs. 5000 more. So, in the long term, both the refrigerators would have more or less the same cost of owning.  

Samsung RT28M3022S8 253 L Refrigerator Review

It also has smart connect inverter technology with which the refrigerator can be powered with inverter during power failures. When run on inverter, the refrigerator conserves energy and consumes power equivalent to what 2 CFL bulbs would need.

The refrigerator can also run without stabilizer even when voltage fluctuates between 100-300 Volts.


Though there are a few flaws, overall, Samsung RT28M3022S8 is an absolute value for money refrigerator. Considering the cooling efficiency, practical design and durability, it is one of the best options for a family with up to 4 members.


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If you have a larger family, you could opt for the same refrigerator with 321 L capacity- Samsung RT34M3053S8 which has 3 star energy rating and additional dairy zone too.

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