10 Easy Hacks to Clean and Maintain a Mixer Grinder

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A mixer grinder is perhaps the most used kitchen appliance. Capable of doing multiple recurring tasks like whisking, beating, blending, grinding, etc., you cannot hope to cook smoothly in the kitchen without it at your aide. 

But at the end of the day, a mixer grinder is an electrical device that must be cleaned and maintained regularly for smooth and efficient functioning. The work can be slightly tricky and cumbersome. But we make the task easy by sharing some easy cleaning and maintaining hacks to keep your mixer grinder in top shape. 

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Mixer Grinder Cleaning Hacks 

The motor body and its cord must always be wiped with a damp cloth after every use, while all other accessories like the spatula, blades, etc. can be cleaned with a soapy solution.

The jars can be cleaned using any of the following methods. These are especially useful for cleaning cloudy polycarbonate jars which are used for making smoothies and juices.

Lemon Peels 

Lemon peels are one of the best stain-remover and natural cleansers available. It also eliminates bad sultry materials and pungent smells from the mixer jars.

Squeeze out the juice from the lemon after cutting it in two halves. Now take the skin and rub it well inside and outside the mixer jar and its lid after use. Leave aside for 10 to 15 minutes and then wash it well under running water. Let it dry thoroughly before storing it. 

Lemon Cleanser Solution

You can also prepare a handy lemon cleanser solution for use. Keep collecting all lemon peels in an airtight jar. Once full, the jar with vinegar so that all peels get immersed in it. Leave aside for two weeks. Now strain the solution and fill it in a spray bottle for easy use.

Simply spray it, leave aside and clean the jar in the same manner as above. You can also spray it on the mixer body and wipe it to leave it clean and germ-free. 

Baking Powder 

Baking powder is another powerful household cleaning agent and odour eliminator. Mix some water and baking soda to form a thin paste. Rub this paste, inside and outside of the jar and its lid well. Leave aside for ten to fifteen minutes. Next, wash it thoroughly with clean water and let it dry well before stowing it away. 


If you had not cleaned your mixer for some time and can see stubborn stains especially along the rivets, then add equal parts of vinegar and water to it. Now pulse the mixer grinder for about two to three seconds and then rinse the jar well under running water. If the stains are not eliminated, you can repeat the process but with less water and more vinegar.  

Dishwashing Liquid

After every use, pour a drop or two of liquid dishwashing soap and add some water in the jar. Pulse the mixer grinder for about 2-3 minutes. Now wash it well, dry thoroughly, and store it upside down. 


mixer grinder maintenance and cleaning

Rubbing alcohol can easily keep your mixer shiny, odour-free, and germ-free. Make a mixture of four parts of rubbing alcohol and two parts water and pour it in a spray bottle.

Spray it well on the jar and its lid and leave aside for about ten to fifteen minutes and then rinse it thoroughly with clean water and dry it before storing it. You can also wipe the mixer motor body and its cord. The appliance will get shiny and germ-free. 


mixer grinder maintenance and cleaning

Bleach is an excellent disinfectant. Fill the jar with lukewarm water and add half a teaspoon chlorine bleach to it. Now grind the machine for about two or three seconds. Let it stand for about three to five minutes. Rinse it well, preferably in lukewarm water three to four times to remove all traces of bleach. Dry well before storing it away.

Mixer Grinder Maintenance Tips 

Now we share some mind-blowing tips that would help you maintain your mixer well and extend is longevity. 

  • Always place the mixer grinder on an even surface for use. 
  • Always use the mixer grinder in a dry area. The presence of water might trigger an electric shock. 
  • It’s best not to overload the mixer. Grind in small quantities to keep its motor healthy. 
  • The ingredients are the best ground at room temperature. Extremely hot food might cause its lid to blow off and even damage the motor. 
  • The jar must be locked properly to prevent the food from spilling and the blades getting damaged. 
  • To avoid unnecessary pressure on the motor, always start the mixer at its lowest speed and gradually increase its speed instead of setting it at high speed from the first. 
  • Always spin the blade before use to ensure smooth movement without any interruption or friction. 
  • The machine must be cleaned thoroughly after every use to keep it clean and germ-free. 
  • Fill the jar with rock salt to its half capacity. Now grind the salt for about three minutes. Take it out and rinse the jar well, dry, and then store it back. The process keeps the machine blades sharp. It can be done once or twice a month, depending on the extent of usage.  
  • It is always safe and advisable to use all parts and accessories recommended by the brand. Any other accessories might come cheap, but they might destroy your mixer. 
  • Follow all guidelines stated by the manufacturer in its manual to use it properly. 

Final Words 

There you have it! If you follow the cleaning and maintenance tips, you can be confident of your mixer grinder remaining in top condition and serving you well for years and keeping your food tasting as authentic as you wanted!

Do share your comments, feedback, and experiences in the comment section below. You can also share some other cleaning and maintenance hacks that you might know, and we have missed. We would love to add them for our readers.

Picture courtesy: Pixabay, Flickr, Freepik

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