LG GL I292RPZL 260 L Refrigerator Review

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LG as a brand has been known to understand the Indian demographic and climate to the core and design products with them in mind. The LG GL I292RPZL  260 L double door refrigerator is no exception. It packs some amazing technology and features that strive for a high satisfaction rate among Indian population. Owing to the high rating and brilliant features, we have listed LG GL I292RPZL as one of the best double door refrigerators in India. It is one of the best selling refrigerators in India too.

 In this review, we discuss about its pros, cons, features, performance and durability.

  • Possess extremely stylish and sleek look that enhances any kitchen or home décor, suiting both modern and traditional décor.
  • Extremely energy efficient and super-silent, thanks to its smart inverter compressor.

  • The brand promises the unit to work seamlessly without a stabilizer. However, many customers recommend using a minimum of 0.5 kva voltage stabilizer to ensure the longevity of the unit.
  • The shelves are not height adjustable.


With a four-star rating and a 260-litre capacity, this refrigerator has been designed to meet the modern needs of any urban family, be it nuclear or joint.  More than 90 percent users have rated this refrigerator above satisfactory level-which is a statement by itself. This eco-friendly unit with a sleek modern vibe has numerous features to appeal to the unique needs of each individual.

The fridge is ideal to meet the requirements of a large family of about 3 to 5 people because of its large space. Similarly, if you are a modern couple who just have weekend to take care of your week-long food requirements or are big time into food storage, then this refrigerator is your ultimate choice.

The unit has numerous features which makes its high on performance and durability and ensures a pleasant consumer experience. Its ongoing energy bills and maintenance cost also falls on the lower side which brings a huge relief. Let’s throw light on various aspects of it for you to decide if the refrigerator is worth going for. Stay hooked!

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The fridge has a stainless steel high-gloss exterior finish in silver and steel color which gives the unit a very posh look. The ergonomic metallic handle in a bar design makes for a comfortable and firm grip. There is neither any exterior display on it nor any water or ice dispenser but it has double doors to intersect the freezing and cooling section.

The fridge boasts of three shelves of toughened glass. The interior is quite stylish with ample storage space. The door has two bottle shelves capable of storing 2 liters bottles and one egg shelf to effortlessly take care of your storage needs.

The fridge has a special large zone which can easily store an impressive amount of vegetables. Since the refrigerator is packed with latest technological innovations like moist balance lattice type balance crisper, humidity controller, Catechin deodorizer and multi-air flow technology; you can be confident of your fruits and vegetables remaining fresh and crisp for over a week.

The fridge also has top LED that ensures that you get a uniform lighting throughout the interiors. Moreover, the design and top placement of the light adds to its stylish ooze.

You may also like to read our review of LG Dual Refrigerators if you are looking for a versatile, sophisticated option with flexibility.

Features and performance

Let us now take a look at the cooling, energy efficiency and overall performance of the LG GL I292RPZL refrigerator.

Saving on electricity bill is a top concern for any Indian family. To keep us delighted on this front, the LG Fridge packs a unique smart inverter converter.

This advanced technology adjusts the cooling power of the fridge according to the ambient temperature and amount of food you are loading inside it. This means that when your fridge is not overloaded or when the interiors have cooled down to pre-determined temperature, it will consume much less energy than its average consumption. Moreover, the technology is such that the compressor requires quite less energy to run in optimum condition.

The noise generated by it is also negligible. Thus, it no longer irritates you with that inconvenient noise and can save up to 48% of your energy bills.  

Now, let us take a look at the cooling efficiency and how the fridge keeps the food fresh.

One of the biggest complaints we have seen with any refrigerator is uneven cooling. LG has taken heed to it and packed the unit with a new and innovative ice beam door cooling technology. Mingled with the multi air flow technology, it ensure every inch of your refrigerator is of the same temperature. Now your food from the lower shelf will no longer rot and you need not cram everything in the upper shelf.

Ever seen your vegetables decaying in the refrigerator box due to the moisture generated from the device itself! That is not going to happen with LG GL I292RPZL refrigerator.
The vegetable storage compartment has a unique lattice type envelope engulfing it. Balanced with humidity controller, it ensures that optimal level of moisture remains within the box in a way which keeps your veggies and fruits fresh and juicy but doesn’t go excessively wet leading to fungal growth. Give yourself a breather by doing your weeklong shopping at one-go during the weekends!

No matter how good your refrigerator is, it bound to face glitches once in a while. However, its Smart diagnostic technology can be initiated and you would be informed about the troubleshooting steps via a telephone. The LG technician who visits to check would be well aware of the problem and be equipped to resolve it in a single visit.

Other Useful Features

  • Ability to perform optimally even in a low voltage condition. It can run seamlessly even with 100 volts. So, you don’t have to buy a stabilizer.
  • It has special mechanism which makes it withstand voltage fluctuations without any damage. Only areas with over average power adage are recommended to use a stabilizer.
  • Thanks to its Smart connect technology and low power consumption; you can run it even with your home inverter to keep your food fresh always.
  • Features like Catechin Deodorizer and Anti-Bacterial Gasket ensures that you are not assailed with the food smell on opening the fridge door. Thus, other food items do not get spoiled by strong smelling food items like a garlic paste.
  • The fridge comes with a one year warranty on all its parts and a 10-year warranty on its compressor. Thus, you know you are making a sound investment.
  • Impressive customer care to iron out any potential glitches that you may face.
  • An extra ice tray to take care of your surplus needs for any party or get together.


Having personally used this refrigerator and seeking reviews from various users, we can vouch for LG GL I292RPZL’s performance and durability. The refrigerator will not disappoint you and is worth every penny. Giving you style, functionality and efficiency; the refrigerator is bound to be an asset for your home, lifestyle and your pocket.

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