LG Dual Fridge Review

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Samsung Convertible refrigerator is a hugely successful series. It is not a surprise that competitors like LG are following suite and bringing out newer models to compete this range. So, how does LG dual fridge fare compared to Samsung Convertible Refrigerator? What are the new features and technology that LG has introduced with the Dual fridge? Let us find out in this review.


Some of the popular models of LG dual fridges are-

Model: LG GL-T292RSPN 3 star 260 L refrigerator

Price: Amazon 

Model:LG GL-T322RPZU 308 L refrigerator
Price: Amazon 

Model:LG GL-T322RPZU 308 L refrigerator
Price: Amazon 

What is LG Dual Fridge?

LG dual fridge review

LG dual fridge is a convertible double door refrigerator in which the freezer can be converted in to fridge providing you with extra space to preserve your food.

Samsung convertible refrigerator on the other hand has 5 modes of operation, namely normal mode, seasonal mode where freezer can be switched off ( idle mode), extra fridge mode where freezer can be converted to fridge, vacation mode where freezer is switched on and fridge is off and finally home alone mode where only freezer is switched on to work as a mini-fridge. ( Note that freezer is never switched off completely in any mode, rather it is put in idle mode)

LG dual fridge doesn’t have the versatility of Samsung Convertible refrigerator.

Being a non-vegetarian, I always have some fish or meat in my freezer at all times, so, personally, for me, dual fridge is not quite a feasible option as I can never convert my freezer to fridge without risking the meat getting spoiled. I am sure it would be the same for most non-vegetarians as well as ice cream lovers.

But vegetarians who stock up on a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables on a weekly basis as well as frequent party hosts might find dual fridge to be a convenient option as they would love having extra space for their fresh produces.

An advantage of LG dual fridge  however is that it converts the freezer to fridge within just about 70 minutes while Samsung takes almost 2 hours for the same.

How Does LG Dual Fridge Work?

LG dual fridge has two separate fans to blow cool air in to fridge and freezer compartment. The temperature of each of the fan can be separately controlled using the touch display panel that is located towards the rear end of the fridge’s cabin.

The freezer and fridge temperature can be controlled in five settings from cold to the coldest.  On pressing the “Freezer” button continuously for 3 seconds, dual fridge mode gets activated and on pressing the “Fridge” button continuously, “Super Chill” mode is activated and the entire fridge is chilled quickly to cool beverages and other food in less than an hour.

LG dual fridge review

Energy Consumption

Most of LG dual fridges have 3 to 4-star energy rating.

LG’s 260 L dual fridge with a 3-star rating consumes about 248 units per year, while the larger refrigerators with 360+ Litre capacity mostly have 4-star rating.

LG convertible refrigerators use their latest inverter linear compressor technology. LG claims it to be more advanced that their conventional smart inverter compressors as well as Samsung’s Digital Inverter Compressors. They claim that this technology helps reduce power consumption by up to 32% and the temperature inside the refrigerator never varies by more than 0.5 degree Celsius, thus enhancing the life of food preserved. Moreover, inverter linear compressors have longer life due to minimal wear and tear.

Just like the other newer LG refrigerator models, their dual fridge also comes equipped with Smart Connect Technology.
Even though most Indian homes have an inverter, we usually don’t connect our fridge to it as the power it consumes is way too much for the inverter to handle. Considering this limitation, LG dual fridge turns on its smart connect technology when connected to inverter during power failures. This way, the fridge is able to work consuming power as low as 2 CFL bulbs.

This refrigerator also comes under the “Solar smart range.” So, you can power the fridge using solar energy provided your solar panel set comes with DC to AC converter.

Food Freshness

LG dual refrigerator has numerous cooling vents that helps maintain uniform cooling throughout the fridge—this is something we were able to personally observe. If you take a look at the interiors, you can see that there are more than one air vents near each shelf, vents on the sides as well as on the doors. The company claims that this helps cool the fridge 35% faster than other brands and also helps maintain the freshness of fruits and vegetables for up to 14 days.

LG dual fridge review

In order to maintain the freshness of fruits and vegetables, the crisper is designed with a moisture control vent. If you find the produces are drying out, you can close the vent to retain moisture. On the other hand, if water droplets are getting formed on the vegetables, and humidity inside the crisper starts increasing, then keep the vent open to let out the excess moisture.

Overall, when it comes to retaining freshness of food and other produces, LG has an upper-hand over Samsung.

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The exteriors of LG dual refrigerator are visually pleasant. Available in vibrant floral designs as well as steel finishes, the refrigerator will definitely enhance the looks of any kitchen.

The interior finishes are pretty good. But in terms of functionality, there is a definite scope for improvement. In LG dual fridges with less than 400 L capacity, the controls for adjusting the internal temperature of the fridge and freezer is located towards the rear side of the fridge interiors. We mostly convert the freezer to fridge when it is full. In such a situation, stretching hands through the refrigerated items in the shelf to adjust the temperature setting might not be quite easy and comfortable. In LG dual fridges that have more than 450 L capacity, the touch control panel is located on the door, making it easy to access.

LG dual fridge review

Also, the top shelf of the fridge is not height adjustable. The manufacturers intend this section to be used for keeping dairy items. But having an enclosed area for dairy items would have been much better.

On the positive side, the two bottom shelves of the fridge are height adjustable. The vegetable crisper is pretty spacious and has moisture control vent, the top LED light provides ample lighting and the 2 L bottle shelves are placed at a higher level so that you don’t have to bend and pick up heavy bottles.

Other Useful Features

We have been so far talking mainly about the freezer convertibility of LG dual fridge. Now, let us take a look at other useful features.

  • Smart Diagnosis System whereby the appliance directly communicates with the computer in the customer care to easily troubleshoot the problem, thus saving money and time.
  •  Ice beam cooling technology that ensures even temperature throughout the refrigerator
  • Stabilizer free running even when temperature fluctuates between 100-290 V
  • Eco-friendly refrigerant
  • Pull out trays, door alarm and extra fruit crisper in models with capacity higher than 400 litres.
  • Deodorizer

Comparison: LG Dual Fridge Vs Samsung Convertible Refrigerator

Now, for the most important part, how does LG dual fridge compare with Samsung Convertible Refrigerator.

As already mentioned, LG dual fridge is not as versatile as Samsung Convertible refrigerator.

Design wise, a major flaw in LG dual fridge is that models with less than 400 L capacity has the temperature control settings panel towards the rear side of the fridge cabin—making it difficult to access. Samsung Convertible Refrigerator on the other hand has temperature digital control display on the door which makes it pretty easy to access.

When it comes to cooling and maintaining food freshness, LG has an upper hand because it has multiple air vents throughout the fridge—it has vents at each shelf level, on the sides as well as on the door. This ensures a much more uniform cooling. LG also has a moisture control vent in the crispers that help adjust the humidity and thus prolong the life of the produces.

LG claims that its freezer can be converted to fridge in just 68 minutes—which is much lesser than the time Samsung consumes.

LG dual fridge review

Finally, let us compare the price.

At the time of publishing this article, 253 L Samsung convertible refrigerator with 2-star energy rating costs about Rs. 24,000. LG Dual fridge with 260 L capacity and 3-star energy rating costs about Rs. 25-28,000

Samsung Convertible refrigerator with 324 L capacity and 3 star energy rating costs about Rs. 32,000, while LG dual fridge with 308 L capacity and 3 star energy rating costs about Rs. 33,000.

As you can see, LG dual fridge costs higher than Samsung Convertible refrigerator.

Brand wise, LG and Samsung refrigerators are equally good in terms of durability and technology. LG dual fridge definitely has better cooling technology, but feature wise, Samsung is pretty superior. So, overall it is a pretty close call.

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Flaws, But Not Deal Breakers

As previously mentioned, the major flaw in design is that the temperature control panel in models with capacity lesser than 400 L is located at the rear side of the fridge interiors.

Next, the number of door shelves in LG dual fridge is lesser compared to Samsung Convertible refrigerator. All models of Samsung refrigerators also have pull-out tray.

Finally, it lacks the flexibility and versatility of Samsung Convertible refrigerator that has 5 different modes.


Overall, LG dual fridges are found to be superior in terms of cooling technology. Though it doesn’t have the versatility of Samsung convertible refrigerators, when it comes to performance and durability, LG refrigerators are found to be better.

If you value solid performance and durability and if you won’t really need to switch off the freezer or convert the refrigerator in to a mini fridge, then we would strongly recommend you to buy LG dual fridge.


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  2. Why the temperature control setting panel of LG Dual fridge at the rear side How can we control the temperature whenever we want? This is not user friendly fridge. I bought it 2 years six months back. It already started giving trouble. The customer service of LG is not good. What is the exchange value of my fridge?

  3. Will the compressor last more then a couple of years like the rest of them?

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