10 Unusual Laundry Hacks That Work

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Whether you are doing laundry daily, weekly, or following any other schedule, it is an important and time-consuming household chore. Not only is the task a perpetual chore, but it also presents several problems like stains, discolouring, etc. that aggravate the pain of laundry work. 

Given that, we have compiled 10 unusual laundry hacks that would make your life easier and clothes fresh, fluffy, and bright.

Make vinegar an essential laundry product

Distilled white vinegar is our magic ingredient in kitchen cleaning. It also works wonders with your laundry. Add one cup of vinegar in the fabric softener compartment or during the final rinse cycle of the clothes. 

It will eliminate all residual detergent that makes your clothes dull and scratchy. It will also remove all kind of odours, bacteria, and mildew from your clothes to leave them fresh and clean. 

Further, they are great on stains and marks and naturally rids them from your clothes, be it the collars, cuffs, or any other stains. You can also pour vinegar on tough stains before putting them inside the washing machine. 

Running your washing machine empty with a few cups of vinegar and hot water will keep it clean and free from any mold, mildew, and any washer stink. 

Ice to remove wrinkles

Spinning your clothes inevitably leads to wrinkles especially to your cotton shirt or similar items. Try putting just wrinkled clothes in the machine, adding a handful or more of ice cubes, and tumbling them on high heat for at least ten minutes on high heat. Once the cycle is finished, immediately, take the clothes out and hang them. Smoothen the cuffs, collars, and seams with your hands. 

The melting ice inside the washer creates steam that relaxes the fibres and reduces the wrinkles.

A hair conditioner can reverse a shrunken sweater

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Washing woollen clothes is a tricky business. When put through the machine dryer, they often shrink. But you can easily reverse its size back. Take some cold water and add some hair conditioner to it. Now soak the woollens in it for about 30 minutes. 

The conditioner relaxes the wool fibres and gently pulls the shape back to its original.

Wash your clothes inside out

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It’s a smart move to turn clothes inside out before putting in the washer. It saves the right side of clothes from rubbing against other clothes and undergoing the grind of washing. Hence, its colour and look remain preserved and they keep looking like new. 

Tea and coffee drinks can be useful too

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Often, we rue tea and coffee stains on our clothes. But adding about two cups of black tea/coffee to the final rinse of dark clothes keep their shine and colour intact. Your dark-coloured clothes will keep looking like new.

Dishwashing liquid can be an excellent stain remover

We all have a stain remover solution in our laundry essentials. But it can run out and we might have a stain at hand to take care of. In that scenario, pour some dishwashing liquid over the stain and let it soak for about five minutes. Then, wash the garment as usual and see the stain vanished forever.

Aspirin for white clothes

Despite all efforts, our white clothes tend to take on a yellowish or greyish hue over time. Moreover, removing any kind of stains from white clothes is daunting. To tackle the problem, take about four to five aspirins and grind them into a powder. Mix them with the detergent in the washer and wash white clothes as usual. The clothes would turn white again. 

If the white clothes are deeply soiled and have extremely stubborn stains on them, then dissolve about 10 aspirin tablets in 10 litres of water. Soak the white clothes in it overnight or for about seven to eight hours. Wash as usual to find them white and shining again.

Trick to prevent creasing while drying clothes

Usually, you hang clothes like pants and shirts for drying. But they develop a crease when hung across the bar. As a solution, the bars can be covered with a clean pool noodle. It provides a wider area to hang clothes for drying and eliminates all the unsightly creasing. 

Corn starch can banish grease stains

Grease stains are one of the toughest stains to tackle. To remove it, cover the grease spot with corn starch. Let it sit for about three to four minutes. Next, cover the stained area with a thin cloth. Now iron the area with high heat. The corn starch will absorb all the grease. Wash the cloth, as usual, to find the stain disappeared.

Final words

We hope you try all these unusual laundry hacks and find your life getting easier. Do share with us if you know of any such unusual laundry hack. Also, chime in below about your experiences and the effectivity of these hacks. 

Picture Credits: freepik.com, freepik.com/pvproductions, pixabay.com

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