Kent Air Purifier Review: Kent Aura and Kent Alps Models

Kent presently sells four models of air purifiers in India. They are Kent Aura, Kent Eternal, Kenta Alp and Kent Alps Plus. Kent Aura is their entry level air purifier while Kent Alps has higher CADR compared to Aura.

Though they have four models, in this review we are covering just two models namely Kent Aura and Kent Alps as we were not able to get direct access to the other models. We also discuss about the pros and cons of Kent Air purifiers in general.

Best Aspects of Kent Air Purifiers

Budget Friendliness

Kent Air purifiers are generally found to be budget friendly. Philips air purifiers with comparable CADR and features are found to be around 2-3K more expensive than Kent.

HEPA Filter

The manufacturers declare that all Kent air purifiers use anti-bacterial coated HEPA filters that remove up to 99.9% of PM 2.5 pollutants. However, we weren’t able to find the grade of the HEPA filter, which is an important factor that determines its efficiency.  Sharp air purifiers, for example, use grade H14 HEPA filters, which is the best in class, while Honeywell uses H11. This way, the grade of Kent’s HEPA filter was not found.

Has Helpful Features

All Kent air purifiers come with air quality indicator, filter change indicator, child lock and auto off timer. These features are quite helpful in the long run and contribute to user-friendliness of Kent air purifiers.

Not So Good Aspects of Kent Air Purifiers


Various researches and studies have found that ionizers release ozone gas which is a potentially lung irritant. The fourth and final stage of Kent’s air purification system includes an ionizer that releases ozone. However, looking at the positive side, the ionizer of Kent Air purifiers can be switched off at the press of a button. So, you can either switch on or off the ionizer depending on how you personally feel using it.

Expertise Required For Changing Filters

All major air purifier brands like Philips, Honeywell and Sharp come with DIY replaceable air filters that don’t require a technician’s help for changing. Their filters can be bought online and replaced on your own.

However, Kent air purifiers require expertise of technicians for replacement. In order to get it replaced, you will have to contact the customer care and schedule an appointment for technician visit.

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kent air purifier review

Performance: Kent Aura uses four stage filtration system that comprises of pre-filter, activated carbon filter, HEPA filter and in-built ionizer for purifying the air.

While pre-filter captures dust, dander, pet hair and such larger particles, the activated carbon filter absorbs smoke, foul smell and other emissions from volatile organic compounds (VOC). Just like Philips, the activated carbon filter used in Kent also has honeycomb structure that has higher absorption rate.

The HEPA filter captures smaller but harmful particulate matter (PM 2.5) that is larger than 0.3 micron with 99% efficiency.

Finally, the ionizer discharges charged ions in to the atmosphere creating ozone in the process. The charged ions combine with the dust particles and form larger particles that either fall on the floor or gets captured by the HEPA filter. You might have observed blackish dust settled on floor and top of tables and such flat surfaces. This is formed as a result of ionization process.

As mentioned earlier, researches show that ozone produced as a by-product of ionization could be a potential lung irritant. Hence, switch it on only if you don’t feel any discomfort as a result of using it.

Now, talking about air purification rate, Kent Aura has a CADR of 180 m3/hr. Manufacturers claim it to be suitable for a room of 27 m2. However, if you need your room to have an ACH rating (air change per hour rating) of 4, which is ideal for asthma and allergy patients, then we would advise you to use it for a room of about 180 sq. ft.

Check our CADR calculator to know more about importance of CADR and ACH

Kent Aura also has air quality indicator, filter change alarm and child lock system. User reviews suggest that the air quality indicator is not completely reliable as it turns blue within about 10 minutes on the air purifier and when its switched off and on again, the indicator turns pink instead of blue.

Maintenance:The pre-filter can be vacuum cleaned on a regular basis to remove dust, pollen, pet danders and such larger particles. The filter kit comprising of activated carbon filter and HEPA filter has to be changed after 2200 hours of operation which roughly equates to about 7 months of use. It costs about Rs. 3700 plus technician’s fee to change the filter.

kent air purifier review

Performance: Kent Alps and Kent Aura are identical in terms of its filtration system. It consists of four stages namely-

Pre-filter to capture dust, dander, pet hair and such larger particles;

Activated carbon filter to capture VOCs, odour and gases of nitrogen, Sulphur and such harmful pollutants;

HEPA filter that captures particles larger than 0.3micron like pollens, allergens, fine dust and cigarette smoke

And finally, ionizer that discharges ions that combine with pollutants in the air and settles down on the floor or the electrically charged collection plate.

In terms of CADR, Kent Alps is far superior with a CADR of 400 m3/hr, making it perfect even for rooms as large as 400 sq. ft. Overall, it is better suited for small living rooms in apartments and large bedrooms.

Kent Alps also has air quality indicator, filter change alarm and child lock system like Kent Aura.

Maintenance: In terms of maintenance too, Kent Alps is almost identical to Kent Aura as it uses same type of filtration system. It costs about Rs. 3700 for changing the filter kit and requires changing every 7 months.

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