IFB TL85SCH Top Load Washing Machine Review

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IFB TL85SCH Top Load Washing Machine Review

  • Uses 4D wash system which is usually seen only in front load washing machines
  • One of the very few top load machines with in-built heater.

  • User complaints about dents and scratches on the delivered washing machines.
  • Poor customer care service.

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Thanks to the 4D wash system, in-built heater and variety of wash programs, IFB TL85SCH is one of the best top loaders for large Indian families. Though there are a few complaints about dented and scratched washing machines being delivered, performance wise, it is top notch. But then given the price, you do wonder whether to pool in a little more and opt for a front loader instead.

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Other Variants

IFB TLSDG Fully-automatic Top-loading Washing Machine (9.5 Kg, Graphite Grey)- Higher capacity and different colour.

IFB TL80SDG Fully-automatic Top-loading Washing Machine (8 Kg, Sparkling Silver)- Other than that it doesn’t have an in-built heater and a lower capacity of 8 kg, the rest of the features are the same.

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With 8.5 kg capacity and twelve wash programs, the IFB TL85SH top load washing machine is suitable for families with 6-8 members. The noteworthy features that makes it different from other IFB washing machines are 4D wash system, huge capacity, customized program selector and in-built water heater.

IFB TL85SCH Top Load Washing Machine Review

The 4D wash system as seen in the front load IFB washing machines comprises of 4 dynamic water jets that completely dissolves the detergent and minimizes residues on the fabrics after wash.

Using the customized program selector, you can select from the various wash programs, adjust the temperature, spin, water level and other settings and save them for your daily laundry. You can choose this setting for your subsequent washes by pressing on “repeat wash”.

While most of the top load machines have two inlet pipes for hot and cold water, IFB TL85SH is one of the few top loaders that has an in-built water heater with which you can choose temperatures ranging from cold, 30, 40 to 60 degree Celsius.

A wash program that needs a special mention is the “Saree” settings that has been developed especially keeping in mind the Indian audience. In this setting, the clothes are gently washed without too much spinning, thus reducing creases and avoiding sarees getting knotted together.

For troubleshooting, the machine has a fault diagnosis digital display just like LG appliances.

This washing machine has other prominent features that are seen in all IFB top loaders namely-

Hygiene plus- that ensures even minute residues of detergents are completely washed off;

Combination of deep clean, aqua spa, triadic pulsator and 4D wash system that helps remove dirt gently without damaging the fabric;

Smart sense fuzzy logic that adjusts water and detergent consumption depending on the wash load;

Crescent moon drum, detergent and bleach dispenser.

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When it comes to wash quality, IFB TL85SH is one of the best top loaders available in the market. As it uses a combination of wash systems, stains are removed pretty well.

There are 12 wash programs (including the customized favourite setting) that helps clean all variety of fabrics easily. Water consumption per cycle however is around 133 litres, which is quite on the higher side.

IFB TL85SCH Top Load Washing Machine Review

If we take a look at their wash system, first, the aqua energie system breaks down calcium in water in to minute crystals to improve detergent lathering. Then, the 4 D jet streams, biaxial rotation system and vertical tumbling combines together to gently clean the clothes uniformly. Following this,  the triadic pulsator with soft scrub pads and powerful swirl jets at the bottom of the drum dislodges the stain and the center punch mechanism squeezes out all the dirt.

Even though the machine is top-notch, what kills the buzz is the poor customer care service, installation delays and scratches/damages during delivery. So, ensure that you buy only from Amazon and Flipkart’s top sellers like CloudTail and WS retail.

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IFB TL85SCH and its variants are some of the best top loaders for large Indian families. It has numerous wash programs, in-built heater and 4D wash system to clean clothes and remove stains efficiently. The only visible drawback is the occasional complaint about washing machines with scratches and dented body being delivered.

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