IFB TL-RDW 6.5 kg Top Loading Washing Machine Review

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IFB TL RDW Top Loading Washing Machine Review

  • Multiple wash programs for all types of clothes
  • Excellent cleaning score with three stage cleaning process which gently dislodges dirt without damaging the fabric.
  • Completely customizable wash programs

  • No lock system for outlet pipe.
  • No inlet for hot water.
  • Installation delays


IFB TL-RDW front load washing machine, with 6.5 kg capacity is an excellent top loader that is suitable for families with 3-4 members. There are sufficient number of programs for all types of fabrics, and the appliance uses pulsator technology to remove stains without damaging the fabrics. It also fares in our list of best fully automatic washing machines in India.

Though not deal breakers, two things found lacking are an inlet pipe for hot water and a lock system for the outlet pipe.

If you are particular about hot water inlet pipe, then opt for IFB TL-RCW top load washing machine.  Other than having the hot water inlet pipe, the rest of the features are same as TL-RDW( Note that it doesn’t have in-built heater).

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Other Variants

If you would like to opt for a different colour, the same washing machine is available in sparkling silver colour- IFB TLRDS 6.5 Kg Top Load Washing Machine


With large LED display, IFB TL-RDW 6.5 Kg front load washing machine has a number of features that are usually seen only in front loading washing machines. They are- child lock, wash timer delay from 60 minutes to 24 hours, auto-softener dispenser, lint filter, auto imbalance system and memory backup, to name a few.

Unlike top loading washing machines like the one from Haier, IFB’s washing machine has a separate detergent and softener dispenser too.

It has a six wash programs which are completely customizable—meaning for each wash program you can adjust the water level, wash/soak, rinse/spray spin, spin/rinse hold as per your need.

Of course, thanks to the fussy logic, if you don’t want to customize the settings, the washing machine will automatically adjust the time and water level according to the wash load.

IFB TL RDW Top Loading Washing Machine Review

That being said, areas where it lacks mainly are that there is no inlet pipe for hot water. So, you may not be happy with this washing machine if you have small children whose clothes have to be regularly washed in hot water. Such people can opt for IFB TL-RCW top load washing machine which has inlet pipe for hot water too.

Next, the outlet pipe doesn’t actually have a locking system. So, if you have not fixed it well and tight, you may end up with a wet kitchen/balcony.

Though not annoyingly loud, it really isn’t the most silent washing machine around either.

The inlet pipe that comes with the machine is just about 1.5 meter long. So, you may have to buy an extra pipe if the tap is away from where the machine is placed.

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Now, let us ask the most important question. Does it clean well?

Of course it cleans pretty well for a top load washing machine. It has an excellent cleaning score.

First of all, the aqua energie feature softens the water ( up to 250 TDS level) and ensures that the detergent is well dissolved in the water.

Then, the triadic pulsator cleaning technology with 720 RPM, removes the dirt using soft scrub pads, powerful swirl jets of water and mechanical centre punch action. This technology is considered to be better than the agitator technology which isn’t really gentle on fabrics. On the downside, the machine consumes 104 litres of water for one complete wash cycle.

Now, if the water in your area is particularly hard and you find that the detergent isn’t dissolving well, then, you could put the detergent directly in the tub instead of the detergent dispenser. An extra cycle of rinse is also helpful in removing any detergent residues.

IFB TL RDW Top Loading Washing Machine Review

The air-dry function does a decent job of drying the clothes. However, don’t expect it to function like a proper dryer. The result you can expect is—you wont be able to squeeze out water by wringing the clothes. However, the clothes will still be moist. It is also found that cotton fabrics will be a little more wet comparatively.

Talking about durability, IFB washing machines generally are found to last. My in-laws used a IFB front load washing machine for about 20 years before changing it. IFB TL-RDW front load washing machine particularly employs auto-imbalance correction technology to properly distribute weight throughout the tub, and hence reduces vibration and extends life of the washing machine.

Do take care to clean the tub using the “tub clean” setting and remove collected lint from the lint filter every 1-2 month to prolong the life of the machine.


With excellent wash programs and efficient wash technology, IFB TL-RDW is a highly recommended top loader suitable for typical Indian family.

The wash programs are completely customizable and it has features like child lock, timer delay, lint filter etc, which are usually seen only in front load washing machines that cost above Rs. 25k, making it completely worth the money spent.

We would have been happier if there were an inlet pipe for hot water. However, IFB has made up for that with their newer model-  IFB TL-RCW top load washing machine.

There are complaints about installation delays too. So, be prepared to spend at least 3-4 days waiting for the technician from IFB and hear their sales pitch for selling stands and IFB’s top load washing liquid.

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