IFB Senorita Aqua Washing Machine Review

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IFB Senorita Aqua Washing Machine Review

  • Highly durable
  • Best in class warranty duration of 4-year comprehensive warranty

  • No option to adjust temperature of each wash program.
  • Short inlet pipe

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IFB Senorita Aqua is a basic front load washing machine that has all features required for an Indian family. This model has been around for more than 3 years and still stays strong. The machine is pretty efficient at cleaning and has features like laundry add, aqua energie foam control system for better performance.
If you are looking for a durable front loader and you don’t really fancy a lot of wash options (which most people don’t even use anyway) then you won’t be disappointed with IFB Senorita Aqua.

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Other Variants

The same model is available in white colour IFB Senorita Aqua VX 6.5 kg washing machine. It is about Rs. 2000 cheaper too.


With 12 customizable wash programs and 3D wash system, IFB Senorita ranks one of the best in terms of wash quality.

The 12 programs are classified in to two- Special wash and Cotton Wash. Special wash options comprises Synthetic, Express 15, Baby care, Wool, Mixed Fabric and Cradle Wash. Cotton options comprises lightly soiled, normally soiled, heavily soiled, whites, stains 40 and stains 60.

IFB Senorita Aqua Washing Machine Review

Other useful features include child lock, auto imbalance system, crescent moon drum, foam control and tub clean settings.

As with all IFB washing machines, Senorita Aqua also has Aqua energie function that reduces hardness of water by breaking down calcium in the water to smaller crystals. However, it has to be noted that if the TDS (total dissolved salt) of water in your home is above 250, you may have to buy an extra water softener.

It is also to be noted that the water pressure has to be 1 bar (which most Indian homes have) and the power plug to connect the washing machine has to be 16 Amp. As the inlet pipe that comes with the washing machine is just 1.5 metres, you may have to buy an extra inlet pipe from the technician if the tap isn’t in close proximity with the machine.

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Being a model from 2014, IFB Senorita has 3D wash system, while most of the newer models have 4D wash system. The difference mainly is an extra jet stream of water that helps detergents dissolve better. However, this is not a deal breaker in anyway as the machine does a good job of cleaning stains, while consuming just around 48 litres of water for a full wash cycle.

Now, coming to wash cycles, other than the express 15, if you are washing moderately soiled clothes, be prepared to spend at least 1.5- 2 hours for completing a wash cycle.

As the machine pumps the water out through the drain outlet (instead of just relying on gravity), you can be sure that the used water is thoroughly eliminated from the system.

A noteworthy feature of this machine is the laundry add function. In order to add new clothes mid cycle, you will have to press the start/pause button and wait for “Door” to be illuminated in the LED panel, upon which you can open and add the forgotten piece of laundry. (Nowadays, most of the front loaders have this option.)

IFB Senorita Aqua Washing Machine Review

Talking about the motor and drum, IFB machines use belt drive technology. LG on the other hand uses direct drive technology and they claim it to be superior to belt drive technology as it reduces number of parts. However, there are no conclusive evidence from independent authority on the superiority of one technology over the other.

A number of users complain about the machine vibrating while spin drying in 600+ rpm. In order to minimize that, ensure that the machine is properly levelled. You can see that at the bottom, there are four adjustable screws for levelling. Ensure that all screws rests on the ground. During the installation, try rocking the machine to see if there is any level difference. If so, ask the technician to adjust the screw properly. If this is done correctly and provided the ground surface at your home is not excessively uneven, you won’t need a stand for the machine.


The most important question while buying washing machine is how does it compare with other washing machines in the same range?

IFB definitely has a reputation of selling durable washing machines. Price wise, it is almost at par with the other brands like Bosch and LG.

Feature wise, LG FH0G6WDNL22 has more flexibility with temperature and spin RPM and options like medic rinseBosch WAK20165IN on the other hand has options like allergy plus and Monsoon. If anyone in your family is particularly sensitive to detergents or dust, then Bosch would be a better choice.

Other than these differences, they are almost at par. So, it is more of a personal preference rather than distinct difference in features.

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IFB Senorita has stood the test of time by remaining as one of the best sellers for more than 3 years. It is quite durable and has all basic features that you look for in a front loader. Overall, it definitely is a good choice for Indian families with 4-6 members offering best in class warranty of 4 years.

Find latest price( Amazon)                Find latest price( Amazon)

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