IFB 7Kg Top Load Washing Machine TL-SDG Review India

IFB 7Kg Top Load Washing Machine TL-SDG Review India








  • Dual inlet pipe for hot and cold water and temperature control.
  • Drum light to improve visibility inside drum
  • Tub dry function that dries drum and avoids lime scale


  • There are a number of user complaints about damaged product delivery.
  • Installation delay by IFB technicians

Bottom Line 

Though IFB 7 kg TL-SDG top loading washing machine has a number of wash cycles and advanced features, overall user reviews don’t shine a bright light on the performance aspect.

There are a number of complaints about lackluster performance about improper cleaning and detergent residues being left on clothes. But a thorough analysis shows this is likely because users are confused about choosing the right setting for different types of washes, and not necessarily a fault with the machine itself.

If you are concerned about the performance, and you are particular about buying a 7 kg washing machine, we would suggest you to just hold on to the buying decision and wait for special offers on Amazon or Flipkart and spend about 3-5k extra and get a front load washing machine itself. If you think about it, a washing machine is an investment for about 7-10 years. It is worth spending 25-27K instead of 21K for a washing machine that lasts 10 years rather than having to buy a new one after 5-7 years.

Other Variants

White colour variant of this model is available as IFB TL SDW 7 kg Top load Washing Machine. Other than the colour difference, all other features remain the same.

If you need the same washing machine with 6.5 kg capacity instead of 7kg, then you could opt for IFB TL SDR 6.5 Kg Washing Machine that comes in sparkling silver colour with red door and control panel.


IFB 7 kg TLSDG top loader has all features of their 6.5Kg model TL-RDW, plus a little more to make it worthy of the price tag.

It has 8 wash programs, temperature settings ( hot, warm, cold)  and 10 water level adjustment.

However note that the temperature setting is not through an in-built heater, instead, there are two inlet pipes and you can connect hot water supply to one. Obviously, if your geyser doesn’t have the capacity to supply enough hot water for the complete wash cycle that consumes 118 Litres of water, then you will end up washing with cold water even if you set the appliance in hot water mode.

IFB 7Kg Top Load Washing Machine TL-SDG Review India

Just like TL-RDW, it has auto softener dispenser; aqua energie function to soften water and improve detergent solubility; aqua spa with triadic pulsator to gently remove dirt using soft scrub pads, powerful swirl jets of water and mechanical centre punch action; and fussy logic function that automatically adjusts water consumption and wash cycle length by sensing the weight of the wash load.

In addition, it has wash-drum light to improve visibility inside the drum—so that you don’t miss out any small piece of clothing inside the tub; and

Tub dry function to dry the drum after every wash. This helps increase the life of the drum by removing any residue and preventing lime scales; and

The extra rinse feature is helpful for people with sensitive skin as it removes even minute speck of detergent residue from clothes.

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The reviews of performance of the IFB TLSDG is rather mixed. Though around 70% of the users find the appliance to adhere to their expectations, the rest are unhappy.

First of all, there are numerous complaints about damaged machine being delivered. Damages refer to scratches, broken body pieces and sometimes even defective pieces.

IFB 7Kg Top Load Washing Machine TL-SDG Review India

To make things worse, the IFB customer care is found to be unprofessional and lackadaisical about resolving complaints in a timely manner.

There are 2-3 instances of fabrics getting worn out after a few washes in the machine. However, when we personally checked with about 15 users, we were able to understand that this is rare and usually as a result of putting delicate clothes in heavy wash modes like jeans.


IFB 7kg TLSDG has some amazing features that makes washing a breeze. However, there are a number of complaints about damaged products being delivered and unprofessional customer care service—making you think twice before buying the product.

When you look at it from price point, IFB 7kg TLSDG will cost you about Rs. 21k. You can buy a basic 7 kg front load washing machine for about Rs. 25-27k. Considering the water and energy saving as well as the gentler cleaning that front load machines offer, you may want to rethink whether to opt for such a high priced top loader or go for a basic front loader.

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