Honeywell Air Purifier Review In India

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Honeywell presently sells numerous models of air purifiers in India. They have more advanced features and hence are more expensive than other branded air purifiers. Honeywell air purifiers are definitely one of the best options if you live in Delhi, Gwalior and such highly polluted cities in India.

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In this article, we review a few of their popular air purifier models and compare their specifications in order to help you identify the one best suitable for your needs.

Best Aspects of Honeywell Air Purifiers

HiSiV Technology

The AirTouch series of air purifiers from Honeywell uses patented HiSiV filter instead of the regular Activated Carbon filter that is seen in all other air purifiers.

What is HiSiV Technology?

HiSiV absorbing agent is a high-silica hydrophobic molecular sieve that is imported from the US. In addition to air filtration, this system is used in petroleum refining, natural gas and small-unit oxygen machines.

The empty space in the molecular sieve can absorb molecules and diameter of each of the empty space in the sieve is consistent. So, it can selectively absorb molecules as per the size of diameter holes inside the crystal. This also helps in maintaining its absorption level at low concentration levels and in highly humid environment.

The CTOX catalyst in this crystal helps in decomposing the absorbed formaldehyde; hence preventing dispersion of formaldehyde and secondary air pollution due to it. The HiSiV formula is such that it can be customized specifically for different requirements like elimination of formaldehyde, ammonia, ozone, and all types of odours and VOC.

The CTOX catalyst is said to increase the absorption rate, making it significantly better than activated carbon filter.

Mobile app for certain models

The Airtouch S and X models are smart connected devices that can be controlled with mobile app. So, you can switch on your air purifier well before you reach home so that the air inside is significantly better by the time you reach. In addition, it also helps in understanding real-time PM2.5 level, has filter change alert, quick control buttons etc.

No ozone emission

None of the Honeywell air purifiers emit ozone—a potential lung irritant which is harmful especially for people with asthma and allergy.

Not So Good Aspects Of Honeywell Air Purifier

H 11 Grade HEPA

The HEPA filter used in Honeywell air purifiers fall under the H11 classification, which means it purifies up to 99% of particulate matter larger than 0.3 micron. This is not as superior as the H14 filter, which is used by Sharp air purifiers. The H14 grade HEPA filter is capable of filtering up to 99.97 % of particulate matter larger than 0.3 micron.
Other than this, we honestly can’t find any other fault with Honeywell air purifiers.

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So, now lets get on to the review of each models-

Honeywell Lite Indoor Air Purifier

honeywell air purifier review

This is one of the economic model of air purifier from Honeywell. Its filtration system consists of pre-filter, H11 grade HEPA filter and activated carbon filter. Honeywell Lite and Airtouch A5 Classic are the only air purifiers from Honeywell that uses an activated carbon filter instead of their patented HiSiV technology.

As it uses a H11 grade HEPA filter, the filtration system is 99% effective in clearing particulate matter larger than 0.3 micron as well as bacteria, virus, formaldehyde, toxic gases and odour.

With a CADR of 210 m3/hr., the manufacturer suggests the purifier can be used for rooms up to 250 Sq. Ft, giving an Air Change Per Hour Rating of 3.30. However, we suggest using it in rooms of size 200 Sq. Ft., if you live in a heavily polluted city or if you/ any of your family members suffer from any respiratory ailments.

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Other positive aspect which leads to higher performance for Honeywell Lite is its 3D airflow design which releases air from sides as well as top, thus optimizing the coverage area within the room.

The device also has an LED indicator turning from red to amber to blue as the air quality within the room moves from polluted to clean; and a filter change indicator which blinks red when the filter is clogged 85-99% and shows a permanent red light when its completely clogged.

Note that this model DOES NOT have a mobile app compatibility. ​


The complete air filter system of Honeywell Lite Air purifier can be replaced for about Rs. 4500. It is a single composite filter that consists of a pre-filter, HEPA filter and activated carbon filter. The device comes with an indicator to let you know when it is due for a change.

The pre-filter is attached with a Velcro. So, you can remove it and gentle vacuum clean or using a brush. The HEPA filter and AC filter should not be cleaned as it could damage the system and affect the purification. You can buy the replacement filter online and thanks to the do-it-yourself technology, you can replace the filter on your own without having to depend on a technician.

Roughly the filter has a life of 2200 hours. So, if you use it for 12 hours daily, then you will be able to use it for approx. 6 months. However, take this with a pinch of salt, as to a large extent the life of filter depends on the pollution level in your city.

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Honeywell Air Touch HAC35M1101G Room Air Purifier

honeywell air purifier review


Available in white and champagne colours, Air Touch HAC35M1101G is more expensive than Lite Indoor model; and has a few upgrades that are worth noting.

First of all, its CADR is higher, at 300 m3/hr. The manufacturer says it has a coverage area of up to 450 sq. ft. But at 450 sq. ft., the air change rate will be just 2.61. So, if you need to use it in heavily polluted cities like Delhi or if you or your family members have respiratory ailments like asthma or allergy, then use it for a room of size 300 sq. ft. or lesser.

Yet another improvement is the introduction of HiSiV filter instead of activated carbon filter, which absorbs odour, VOC and formaldehyde at a high efficiency of 99% in a 30m3 chamber, without reducing the moisture level in the room.

Air Touch also has 3-side air flow system, which releases air from all three sides to give it maximum air filtration capacity.

Other useful features include anti-fall base—which is especially important if you have small children in your home; intelligent auto mode system that automatically increases the fan speed when pollutant level in the atmosphere increases and a better LED display that is cool and stylish.

One thing it lacks is the memory function, which restores to original settings after a power outage.

honeywell air purifier review


Just like Honeywell Lite Indoor, the pre-filter of Air Touch can also be cleaned gently with a vacuum cleaner or soft brush. However, if after a while you want to replace it, then it is available online for about Rs. 1.4k.

The HEPA filter costs about Rs. 3.5k and the HiSiV filter costs about Rs. 3k. So, for a complete filter change, you will have to shell out about Rs. 8000

The life of the filters is about 3000 hours (about 8.5 months if you use it for 12 hours a daily.) Don’t worry, you don’t have to count the days to remember the replacement days, as with every air purifier, Air Touch also has a replacement indicator that blinks specific number to indicate the time for HEPA filter and HiSiV filter change respectively.

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Honeywell AirTouch P HAC45M1022W

honeywell air purifier review

With a pretty high CADR of 450 m3/hr, Air Touch P gives an air change per hour rating of 4 for an area of 440 sq. ft, making it suitable for large living rooms and bedrooms.

Like other Airtouch models, it also has a three-stage filtration system which consists of pre-filter that captures hair, soil and other particulate matter larger than 10 micron; H11 HEPA filter that captures up to 99% of particulate matter larger than 0.3 micron and finally patented HiSiV filter that captures odour, VOC and other harmful gases.

The air purifier has seven-speed fan and a laser dust sensor. It also has LED air quality indicator, filter change indicator, touch panel control and sleep mode function.

It does NOT have mobile app compatibility, timer or a child-lock system.


honeywell air purifier review

The filter system of Airtouch P has a life of 3000 hours, which means it can be used for around 250 days if you use it daily for 12 hours or 1 year if you use it for 8 hours daily.

The filtration system consists of a pre-filter and a compound filter that consists of anti-bacterial coated HEPA and HiSiV filter. The pre-filter costs about Rs. 1.4k and the compound filter system costs almost Rs. 10k.

The filter replacement indicator blinks number 1 when its time to change the pre-filter and blinks 2 when its time for the compound filter change. While the pre-filter is washable, the compound filter system is NOT.

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Honeywell Airtouch S

honeywell air purifier review


Performance wise, it is just like Air Touch HAC35M1101G. It has 3 stage filtration system that comprises of Pre-filter, activated carbon filter and HEPA filter and it has a CADR of 300 m3/hr. But what make it worth (or not) the extra 13k are the bells and whistles that accompany the Airtouch S.

The Airtouch S is wi-fi enabled and can be controlled with their mobile app which is available for all ioS and android mobiles (NOT available for Windows and Blackberry).

Using the app, you can remotely control the air purifier and know the real-time PM2.5 level in your room, control the quick function when you feel the air quality isn’t optimal and switch to quiet function when you are going for sleep or you can also opt the auto mode.

It also gives the real-time update of filter health alerting you when it is due for replacement.

Even if you have multiple Air Touch units, you can control each of them using a single app; thus making it suitable for large homes as well as corporate offices.


As mentioned, the app indicates when it is due for filter replacement. The price and details are exactly same as Air Touch. The complete filter system can be changed for around Rs. 8k (HEPA- 3.5k, HiSiV- 3k, pre-filter- 1.4k).

The replacement can be done on your own and doesn’t require the assistance of a technician.

 The filter usually lasts for about 3000 hours (8.5 months if you use it for 12 hours daily)

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Honeywell Air Touch i8 42-Watt Air Purifier

honeywell air purifier review


Air Touch i8 is pretty much the same as Air Touch S8 minus the mobile app. In terms of performance and other features, they are almost at par.

Its filter unit consists of a pre-filter, HiSiv filter and a H11 HEPA filter to remove VOCs, pollen, toxic gases and odour with 99% efficiency.

The CADR of Air Touch i8 is 300 m3/hr—which the manufacturers say is suitable for rooms up to 387 sq. ft in size. However, in 387 sq. ft area, the ACH rating will just be 3.03. To attain a minimum ACH rating of 4, you have to use it in a room less than 294 sq. ft. in size.

In order to continuously maintain the air quality, the device has an intelligent auto mode. It detects change in air quality and boosts the air speed to restore the air quality.

As the device has real-time display of PM 2.5 level, you can monitor the air quality always and thus witness the air pollution in your home coming down.

Other useful features include

  • Low noise operation
  • Child Lock
  • Night Mode
  • Filter replacement indicator

Feature-wise it is almost comparable with Philips AC2887. The differences mainly are that AC 2887 has a higher CADR of 333 m3/hr.

honeywell air purifier review


As with all air purifiers, the pre-filter of Air Touch i8 can be cleaned with a dry brush or a vacuum cleaner. The filter set of Air Touch i8, which consists of HiSiv and HEPA filter has a life of 3000 hours—which if used for 8 hours daily can last you for one whole year.

The replacement filter costs about Rs. 4-5K and can be either bought online or by contacting Honeywell’s customer care center.

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Honeywell Air Touch A5 53-Watt Room Air Purifier

honeywell air purifier review


Unlike most of the air purifiers from Honeywell, Air Touch A5 has an activated carbon filter instead of HiSiV filter—making it one of the entry level air purifiers from Honeywell.

The pre-filter and HEPA filter remains the same like all other Honeywell air purifiers.

The CADR is also comparatively lower at 250 m3/hr. The manufacturer recommends using it for a room of size 323 sq. ft. to get an ACH rating of 3.03. If you would like to maintain an ACH rating of 4, you may have to use it in a room of size less than 245 sq. ft.

For continuous monitoring of air quality, the device also has a real-time display of PM 2.5 and an intelligent auto mode system for boosting air flow when a fall in air quality is detected.

honeywell air purifier review

Other useful features include

  • Low noise operation
  • Sleep Mode
  • Child lock
  • Filter Change Indicator


The pre-filter can be cleaned with dry brush or vacuum cleaner and the set of HEPA filter+ activated carbon filter which has a life of 3000 hours can last for up to 1 year depending on the pollution level and usage.

honeywell air purifier review

The filter replacement cost is about Rs. 3000 and can be bought online, through Honeywell dealers or by calling their customer care center and replaced on your own.

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Honeywell Airtouch X

honeywell air purifier review


Airtouch X is perhaps one of the most expensive air purifiers available in the market with a price tag close to Rs. 1.2 lakhs.

What makes it special is the high CADR of 700 m3/hr, smart connectivity through the ioS and android app, tri-sense air quality display system that has a 360 degree LED light which turns from red to amber to blue as the air purifies to optimal level; real-time PM 2.5 and TVOC level display; and mobile app display of air quality.

It also has smart memory function that restores to original settings in case of power outage; sleep mode; touch panel control and 360-degree airflow design for optimal coverage of the room.

Its high-level functions and CADR makes it best suitable for posh residences and corporate offices.

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