Godrej Refrigerator Review

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If you are someone who detest the idea of buying China manufactured appliance, then Godrej is one of the best options to seek—truly a Make In India product. Launched way back in 1958, Godrej was the first Indian company to manufacture indigenous refrigerators.

Godrej has always been at the helm of innovation. In 2001, they launched the first green refrigerator, in 2008, they launched their first 5-star refrigerator range, in 2012, they launched first refrigerator with 6-star performance and music refrigerator as well.

Recognizing the efforts and wide-spread popularity of the brand, Godrej has received numerous awards in all these years of operation. The noted awards include Asia’s Most Promising Brand Award for 2015 and 2016 and Good Design Award by Japan Institute of Design Promotion for Eon Frost Free Refrigerators among others.

In 2017, they have invested 200 crores in their Maharashtra plan to amp up the manufacturing capacity. By 2019, the unit is expected to have an output of 7 lakh appliances which include 3 lakh high-end refrigerators and 3 lakh fully automatic washing machines.

Godrej refrigerator review

So, how does Godrej fare in terms of product performance, durability and service. Let us find out.

Performance & Durability

Home appliances is a tough market. To be among one of the leaders in the segment, Godrej has had to constantly innovate and improve their technologies, which has in turn enhanced the performance and durability of their products.

Godrej refrigerators have employed technology that are seen in brands like LG, Samsung and Haier to come up with appliances that match in terms of performance and durability.

Their refrigerators have multiple air vents to maintain uniform cooling throughout the nooks and corners of the refrigerator. In their higher end segment called NXZ series, there are dual fans to improve the cooling efficiency in refrigerator and freezer compartment.

Just like Haier, Godrej also has cooling pad which they call “Stay Cool Technology” to help maintain cooling inside the refrigerator for a few hours in case of power failure.

The EON refrigerators are also equipped with silver nano coating and silver ion technology to prevent bacterial and fungal growth inside as well as on the gasket. In order to prevent odour mixing, carbon palladium deodoriser filters are also present in the refrigerator.

With a firm understanding about Indian way of living, Godrej has brought a few useful innovations in their design as well. First of all, they have a huge vegetable tray where as much as 34 kg of vegetables and fruits can be stored easily. Inside the freezer of EON models, there is a poly-bag suspender to hang bags of meat, fish and other frozen items.

Godrej refrigerators also used ZOP technology (Zinc Oxide Protection) to protect itself completely against rusting. In essence, they use Galvanized steel instead of cold rolled steel as the former has higher resistance against rusting and better durability too.


Talking about the downside of Godrej refrigerators, they aren’t as energy efficient as the counterparts from competing brand. This is because, they use normal reciprocating compressor while brands like LG and Samsung uses inverter compressors. This negates the energy saving from LED lighting they use inside the refrigerator.

Also, while most refrigerators have stabilizer free operations from 100 V, Godrej has stabilizer free operations from 140-260V—this calls for buying an additional stabilizer for protection against deep surges and dips.

Even though there are a few negatives, if you are looking for a fairly durable refrigerator within a budget, then Godrej is one of the highly-recommended brands for you.


Godrej has wide-spread network of dealers and service centres across India. Their customer care executives are found to be prompt and courteous too. Of course, there are exceptions. But overall, the perception is fairly positive.

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Now, let us review some of the best-selling Godrej refrigerators in India.

Godrej Refrigerator Review

Godrej 225 L 4 Star Direct-Cool Single-Door Refrigerator (RD EDGE DUO 225 PD INV4.2)

Godrej refrigerator review

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Godrej RD Edge Duo 225 seems to have combined the best of Whirlpool Protton and LG single door refrigerator with drawer base. The design is quite innovative with a veggie shelf and a dry storage shelf separate from the main refrigerator section. As there are separate fans for the veggie box and refrigerator section, optimal temperature is maintained in both section, thereby enhancing life of stored vegetables and fruits.

While the whole of the refrigerator has 196 L net capacity, the veggie drawer has about 21L capacity, thus proving to be one of the largest in the segment. The freezer is also quite large compared to other single door refrigerators. In addition, there is a deep bottom chiller for keeping up to five 1 L bottles and ample side shelf space for keeping 2.5 L bottles.

Godrej refrigerator review

The refrigerator is pretty energy efficient too with 4-star rating, thanks to the inverter compressor that adjusts the speed detecting the rise and fall in ambient temperature. The performance of the in-built stabilizer is also improved with it being able to withstand voltage fluctuation between 110-260 V.

The same model is also available in wine colour.

Godrej 240 L 2 Star Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (RT EON 240 P 2.4)

Godrej refrigerator review

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EON series of refrigerators have won award for its design efficiency. This particular model has 240 L capacity making it apt for families with 3-5 members.

The interiors of the refrigerator are fairly well-organized. It has a sliding chiller tray on the top and two hardened shelves for keeping other food and utensils. Bottles with up to 2.5 L capacity can be kept in the door shelf. The door also has an enclosed dairy shelf which is protected against temperature fluctuations during frequent door opening and closing.

The vegetable box is also well-designed with humidity controller that lets out excess humidity and honey comb crisper cover that retains humidity and reduces spoilage. We could see that fruits and vegetables stored in it retains freshness for 7-10 days or more.

As for lighting, there is a full-length LED lamp that provides ample lighting in every nook and corner of the refrigerator. It also has a lock that helps you keep treats away from kids.

The freezer is also well-designed with ample storage space. It also has a polybag suspender where you can hang bags of fish/meat or frozen products.

Talking about the features, the refrigerator used galvanized steel instead of cold rolled steel thereby enhancing its corrosion resistance. The cool shower technology used which is basically multiple vents for air flow helps retain uniform cooling throughout the compartments.

A drawback however is the low energy efficiency. It has 2-star energy rating and consumes 316 units of electricity yearly. This can mainly be attributed to the usage of reciprocating compressor.

Overall, if you are looking for a budget-friendly refrigerator with all modern features and high performance and can ignore the low energy efficiency, Godrej Eon would be an ideal choice for you.

Godrej 182 L 2 Star Direct-Cool Single-Door Refrigerator (R D GD 1822 EW 2.2 )

Godrej refrigerator review

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Godrej RD GD 1822 is an economical single door refrigerator suitable for bachelors or families with 2-3 members. The 2-star refrigerator requires manual defrosting and is well-designed to have convenient storage space. The vegetable basket is fairly large and there is a deep chiller tray where up to five 1 litre water bottles can be kept. The door shelf is also well-arranged that you can keep a 2.5 L soft drink bottle comfortably in it.

The interiors have a conventional bulb instead of an LED light and the wired shelves doesn’t quite impart a sophisticated appeal. But given the low price, you can’t really complain about it.

The performance of the refrigerator is fairly satisfactory. Conventional compressor is used and it attributes to higher energy consumption. Even so, as there are multiple air vents, cooling is fairly uniform and efficient.

Overall, it is a budget-friendly option for small families that do not require extensive storage space.

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Godrej 236 L 2 Star Frost-free Double Door Refrigerator (RF GF 2362PTH)

Godrej refrigerator review

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With 236 L capacity, Godrej RF 2362PTH is a budget-friendly option for families with 3-5 members.

The refrigerator uses reciprocating compressor and has multiple air vents that help maintain uniform cooling throughout all compartments inside both the fridge and the freezer.

The interiors are well-organized and you have ample space for storing vegies and fruits for 7-10 days. It also has an enclosed box inside the fridge that you can use to keep medicines/beauty products that shouldn’t get contaminated.

In order to prevent odour mixing, carbon palladium deodorizer is employed. The gasket is removable and the fridge has thick insulation that helps retain the cooling in case of a power failure.

Energy efficiency, unfortunately, is not this fridge’s forte. Consuming 315 units, it has just a 2-star energy efficiency rating. The in-built stabilizer is capable of withstanding fluctuations between just 140-260V warranting purchase of an additional stabilizer too.

If you are looking for the same refrigerator with higher capacity, you can opt for Godrej RF GF 2552PTH 255 L 2 Star Frost-free Double Door Refrigerator.

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