6 Easy Hacks to Organize your Refrigerator

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Nobody likes a messy fridge. And ruined produce stinks! But it is very easy to forget stuff lying at the back of refrigerator shelves, letting them rot and contaminate other food material. However, this is definitely not the end of the world and with clever planning you can keep your fridge clutter free. This will help open up space for new groceries and also elongate the shelf life of the food you already have stocked up. Have a look at the following brilliant ideas.

Line Up The Shelves

refrigerator organising hacks

It is very difficult to scrape off food remnants from the surface of shelves. It can get greasy, smell bad and also contaminate other contents in the fridge. Hence, lining up the shelves with fridge mats is a great workaround that can be employed. The fridge mats are easy to clean and also prevent gross juices in the top shelves from percolating down. If you are not a huge fan of cleaning, you can even use cling films as shelf liners. This way, when the debris accumulate, you can simply toss out the dirty film. Voila, no getting your hands dirty.

Eliminate Odor

refrigerator organising hacks

The putrid stench that can originate in refrigerators is a huge inconvenience. Activated charcoal is an excellent odor eliminator that can help you neutralize this unpleasant smell. Bottles of activated charcoal can be easily bought from any pet supplies store. Just pop in a container at a corner of the fridge and let it work its magic. If you cannot find activated charcoal, white vinegar can act as a good alternative. This can get rid of your refrigerator odor in one or two days.

Stock Up On Binder Clips

refrigerator organising hacks

Binder clips can help you increase the storage space in your refrigerator by helping you organize you zip-lock bags under the shelves. Simply use the clips to hang zip-lock bags or other condiment packets from the slats on fridge shelves. This way, the bags will not be accumulated in a messy pile in one corner and you can easily locate ingredients. You can even use binder clips to stack bottles in neat pyramids and stop them from rolling around. Time to raid the office supplies?

Keep Your Condiments Within Reach

refrigerator organising hacks

It might be a difficult task to reach the back of the shelf for a choice ingredient. Stop rolling over bottles by keeping your condiments within reach. You can use a turn-table (also known as lazy susan) or even upcycle egg cartons for organizing all the bottles of ketchup, pickles and sauces you have lying around in your kitchen.

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Store All Raw Meats In One Container

refrigerator organising hacks

Raw meats and seafood can easily contaminate their neighbors. Thus it makes good sense to put all of these together in a basket. Place the basket of meat on the bottom shelf so that any stray leaks do not spoil other food items. In fact, using storage bins to sort the contents of your fridge according to categories is another great idea to have an organized space. You can choose to label the storage bins so that anybody who accesses the fridge can spot required ingredients in a fuss-free way.

Harness The Power Of Magnets

refrigerator organising hacks

Strong magnets can be stuck under the refrigerator shelves for storage of bottles with metal caps. This simple hack is highly effective for keeping all your beverages chilled and well organized. Low cost storage magnets can be easily ordered on Amazon. Pull out drawers for hanging zip-lock bags are another great product that can be a key ingredient of your well organized refrigerator.

Bonus tip: The refrigerator door is prone to rapid temperature fluctuations because of frequent opening and closing. Hence ingredients that are prone to going bad like milk and curd should not be stored on the door shelves. Store them on the bottom rack of the refrigerator instead.

An organized refrigerator is the first step towards having a clean kitchen. A number of indigenous tricks can be employed to transform your fridge into a well-stocked and well-stacked haven. You are limited only by your imagination. Happy organizing.

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