9 Best Window AC in India 2020

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The oppressive Indian summer has made air conditioners an item of necessity rather than a prodigal item. For that breath of fresh and cool air, window AC’s are in high demand in the Indian market owing to their ease of installation, easy maintenance etc. With high energy bills and other expenditure as main areas of concern for an average Indian; we review out some of the best window ACs that can give you both performance and cost-effectiveness in the long run. Stay hooked!

Which are the Best Window ACs In India?

Best Window Air Conditioners In India

Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC (Copper, 185 LZH, White)

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  • Excellent Cooling
  • Budget Friendly Pricing
  • Good energy efficiency

  • A bit noisy
  • All functions in remote doesn’t apply to this model.

Backed by the solid reputation and brand value of Voltas, this is one of the best air conditioners that is a killer deal for both you and your pocket. With 1.5-ton capacity, the gadget is ideal to cool any small and medium-sized room of about 120 to 200 sq. ft area effortlessly.

Not only does it come to you at a cost-effective price but being a 5 star AC continual energy costs are also low. Being ultra-rich with features, you will feel it justified at catching the first spot.

As mentioned, it has a 5 Star rating and thus you can be confident of getting the minimum energy bill. The AC consumes just about 0.72 unit per hour which is a commendable factor. However, the ISEER value is just 3.31 which means it is just enough to pass the 5 star  rating mark.

Even though the AC lacks the inverter technology, it has high ambient cooling and turbo mode option which can instantly cool the room if you do not wish to give 5-10 minutes to the machine for cooling in the normal mode.

Fresh air becomes an issue in rooms with air conditioners as all windows need to be closed. However, this AC has vents which keep pushing fresh air inside the room. Thus, the cool breeze from the machine has an extra edge of freshness.

To maintain the freshness of the air, this air conditioner packs some extra features like the Anti-Dust filter, Silver Nano or negative ion filter and dehumidifier. They not only remove all contaminants from the room but also remove extra moisture from the room automatically- thanks to its sensors.

The air conditioner boasts of other premium features like copper condenser coil, auto-swing mode, a timer to conveniently turn the AC on or off by merely setting the time and the sleep mode to maintain uniform and optimum temperature while you are sleeping through the night. Its LED Panel and glow light panel ensures that you can check on the AC even in dark. The LCD remote is a convenience that is always welcome.

The air conditioner has a self-diagnosis feature that can indicate in case you need to call in a technician. However, with a one-year warranty on the whole unit and five years warranty on the compressor, this is a unit that will serve you for years without much trouble. The after-sales service of the brand has also won accolades from the customers.

The only flip side to this machine is that you might yearn for few more smart features like the heat option. Nevertheless, very few machines of 1.5-ton capacity can beat this affordable and terrific performing air conditioner.

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Blue Star 2 Ton 2 Star Window AC (Copper, 2W24GA, White)

 Best Window AC in India 2019

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  • Excellent in terms of performance and durability.
  • Apt for coastal areas where summer is humid.
  • Auto mode helps cool optimally and saves energy.

  • Not so energy efficient. Hence not suitable for using throughout the day.

Blue Star is one of the trusted brands when it comes to air conditioners. This 2 ton window AC is appropriate to cool a room as big as 200 Sq Ft. 

The AC has 2 star energy rating and ISEER value of 2.71. It consumes 1633 units of electricity annually. This means, about 1 unit of electricity per hour, which is a bit high comparatively.

Coming to its maintenance, it fares on the lower end. This window AC has the indoor front panel unit that can be conveniently detached for periodic cleaning. This helps in reducing the maintenance in the long run. 

One of the best features we love about this AC is the antifreeze temperature control on the indoor coil, which is a safety feature. It kills the compressor when the unit is set at a shallow temperature and runs in cool mode. This prevents frost from forming on the heat exchanger, thus, protecting the unit.

It has multiple modes, such as dry cooling during the monsoons, which ensures reduction of excessive humidity within the room, so you stay comfortable when cooling the environment. During summers, it not only helps cool down the room, but also reduces the stickiness typically found in coastal regions and cities like Mumbai.

The auto mode for intelligent cooling  automatically selects the cooling program that is optimal for current weather conditions, keeping you comfortable.

The included LCD remote has a night glow function which allows you to easily operate the remote even in pitch darkness without blinding yourself. 

Speaking about noise level, it ranges from 48 dB(A), on the lower end, to 52 dB(A) on the higher end. The noise levels are average on the lower end while it may be a bit noisy on higher settings. 

The Blue Star 2W24GA may seem like an affordable choice in the beginning as it is competitively priced. But then, it may bump up your electricity bills considerably when run continuously. So, it is best to use it for larger spaces which doesn’t require an AC continuously, but rather for a few hours every day during the summers. That being said, the cooling capacity of this AC simply cannot be doubted.  

Whirlpool 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC (Copper, WAC 1.5T Magicool 5S COPR, White)

 Best Window AC in India 2019

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  • Highly energy efficient.
  • Fast cooling even when ambient temperature is high.
  • Has dehumidifier which makes it apt for coastal summers.

  • Sometimes remote malfunctions.
  • Installation woes reported by many.

The 1.5 Ton Magicool 5S is a window AC which will keep you cool while not racking up the electricity bill, thanks to the 5 star energy rating. It is appropriate for a room sized between 120 sq.ft and 170 sq.ft.

The AC has an an ISEER value of 3.45 and consumes 840 units of electricity annually. This implies less about 0.5 units of electricity consumption on an hourly basis under ideal condition.

The AC packs a rotary copper condenser with 5 years of warranty on the condenser and a year of warranty on the whole AC. It packs a whole bunch of smart and nitty features.

 It uses Whirlpool’s 6th sense technology with turbo cool which will keep your room and surrounding cool even in the scorching months of May and June.

 Even if you forget to turn it off in the night while you are having a goodnight’s sleep, the built-in sleep function enables you to set a timer for the air conditioner to automatically adapt to pleasant sleeping order, a feature that ensures a pleasant sleep without worrying about the racking electricity bill. 

Also, in case there is a power cut which shuts down the AC in the middle of the night, you don’t have to turn on again when the power comes back thanks to its Auto Restart feature. 

Its noise level is 50 dB(A), which isn’t the best nor the worst we’ve seen. If you’ve got sensitive ears, then it may not be the perfect pick for you.

 All in all, the Whirlpool 1.5T Magicool 5S makes a good deal with its affordable price, low energy consumption and an array of features for added convenience. It is ideal for medium sized spaces that needs an AC for comparatively larger period of time.

Godrej 1.5 Ton 4 Star Window AC (Copper, AC 1.5T GWC 18UTC4-WTA Window, White)

 Best Window AC in India 2019

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  • Quite budget friendly
  • Environment friendly

  • A bit noisy
  • Installation woes reported by many

The Godrej 1.5 Ton 4 Star Window AC is the perfect blend of an affordable AC that keeps you cool while keeping the electricity bill in check.

Given that it’s a 1.5 ton AC, you can use it comfortably for rooms smaller than 180 Sq. Ft and even larger rooms if the ambient temperature in your place doesn’t rise too high.

The annual power consumption is 1239 units, which is about 0.77 units per hour under ideal conditions. The ISEER value of 3.11 ranges somewhere low among 4 star window AC. The minimum ISEER value of a 4 star AC is 3.10. So, don’t fall for it just because it is a 4 star AC.

But that being said, this AC has some really useful features and an impressive pricing that you make you fall for it.

First of all, it assures precise cooling which ensures that you get the room temperature as set on the remote. Godrej brand itself is a top brand in India with an extensive product line and a reputation of reliability and their ACs hardly fail, yet if they do, the company is offering 1 years of warranty on the condenser and AC and 5 year warranty on compressor. 

A major plus point is that you can run this AC with no cost of sacrificing the ozone layer, thanks to its eco-friendly R32 Refrigerant. Although it is packed with tons of features, our favourite feature is the smart sleep mode, which helps you to have a peaceful sleep with an unworried mind. The temperature increases by 1°C in the first hour of initiating the sleep mode, and then by another 1°C in the next hour. It does this process thrice before returning to the original temperature after 4 hours. This saves a lot of energy. 

This AC also packs a dry mode wherein the AC acts as a dehumidifier removing the stickiness you experience during summers in the coastal region. 

Its noise level is 51 dB(A), which is just about average.

Overall, it’s a good pick as it comes at an affordable price with a long warranty.

Hitachi 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC (RAW518KUD New Kaze Plus, White)

 Best Window AC in India 2019

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  • Excellent brand reputation
  • Highly durable and well performing
  • Excellent energy efficiency and fast cooling.

  • A bit noisy
  • After sales service not prompt in smaller cities.

Hitachi again is quite a reputed Japanese brand that promises outstanding products that are highly durable. The RAW518KUD is fit to cool a room as big as 180 Sq Ft or larger if the ambient temperature at your place is lesser.

 Given that its a 5 star AC, it consumes 1220 units annually which comes to about 0.76 units on an hourly basis under ideal conditions. The ISEER value is 3.35 which is just above the minimum value required for 5 star rating. So, don’t fall for it just because it is a 5 star AC.

Hitachi’s ACs are a little pricier than some of the other brands, but we would say while you can find an off-brand model for much less, we would caution that those are often a “hit or miss” in terms of quality and how long they last. On the other hand, Hitachi’s AC goes through 43 Quality tests. Moreover, it comes with the manufacturer’s warranty which is nothing but a peace of mind with 1 year warranty on the whole unit and 5 year warranty on the compressor.

You will also love those features such as Auto Power Save Mode, Low Derating, Powerful Mode in which the fan pace in this mode is extremely powerful which in turn aids in cooling down the room instantly and so on.

Its operating noise is 50 dB. While its cost is a bit higher compared to competitors, Hitachi is an easily recommendable AC given their track record. 

Godrej 1.5 Ton 3 Star Window AC (Copper, AC 1.5T GWC 18UTC3-WSA, White)

 Best Window AC in India 2019

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  • Has dust filter and anti bacterial filter to remove dust and odor
  • Fairly good energy efficiency and cooling
  • Fairly silent

  • Remote doesn’t have temperature display

The 1.5T GWC 18UTC3-WSA is the most feature loaded window AC on this list. Given that it’s a 1.5 ton AC, rooms as large as 180 Sq. Ft can use it even when ambient temperature is high.

The AC has a 3 star rating and consumes about 1265 units of energy annually. That comes to 0.80 units per hour.
Additionally, thanks to the inverter compressor, energy consumption is lower when the AC is used for extended duration. The inverter compressor also enhances durability and performance of the AC.

As with most ACs sold in Indian market, it has a 100% copper condenser. Additionally, it has a special anti-corrosive Bluefin coating on the evaporator & condenser that protects it from rust and corrosion. 

This AC comes with multiple features such as precise cooling and anti-dust filter, which removes dust, hair, pollen, etc and lowers the maintenance cost. 

A few other special features that are worth mentioning include turbo cooling, anti freeze thermostat, a special health filer called Micro Mesh Filter and an active carbon filter. 

Moreover, if you are the one who has deep concerns to save the planet, then this is the sure deal due to its R32-Refrigerant. 

Godrej also prides on the fact that this AC has silent operation thanks to its Multi-layered Acoustic jacket for compressor. This jacket not only blocks the noise but also protects vital components from damage. 

A downside that we mention about this AC is the fact that its remote does not have an LCD display, so at night you cannot tell the temperature by simply looking at the remote. 

Given its wide array of features, you should definitely shortlist this AC if you’re in the market for a 1.5 ton window AC. Although it has only a 3 star rating, the inverter technology of the compressor makes sure that your electricity bills do not crash through the roof. 

Hitachi 1 Ton 5 Star Window AC (RAW511KUD, Copper)

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  • Excellent cooling and energy efficiency
  • Ensures precise cooling.
  • Optimal fan speed control ensures constantly cool temperature without heavy electricity bill.

  • A bit noisy
  • After sales service not prompt in smaller cities

Hitachi has a formidable reputation in the air conditioner niche. This one-ton air conditioner certainly lives up to the brand’s reputation and customer’s reputation effortlessly.

Its five-star rating is a testimony to the fact that it would consume the lowest possible energy and thus always give you a cost-effective electricity bill. It just consumes a little over 1 unit of electricity per hour.

The air conditioner has passed 43 quality tests which give you an added confidence. It not only has the standard features we have been listing so far but also has some unique features that make it stand out from the crowd.

Its first standout feature is the auto climate technology. Due to this smart feature, the air conditioner automatically senses the temperature and humidity of its ambiance and accordingly adjusts its fan speed and temperature setting automatically to provide optimum cooling.

Its fan speed is perhaps the highest in the market amongst all ACs available. When kept at powerful mode, the device cools the room within the shortest time possible. Features like low de-rating, Kaimin functionality and automatic fan speed ensures that the room maintains a constant temperature without any extra usage or wastage of electricity.

The conditioner has a Koukin filter which eliminates dust as well as bacteria from the environment. But the AC takes a step forward with its auto filter-clean indicator which will inform you about the need to clean the filter.

Its copper condenser and pre-coated aluminum fins add to the durability, making it  anti-corrosive and improving overall performance. Apart from these unique features, the AC has all other standard features like Auto mode; on/off timer with advanced technology, dry mode, auto-restart after a power outage; dry mode to eliminate excess moisture from the ambiance, Wireless LCD, remote control, etc.

The only flip side that was showcased by the customers was poor after sales service by the company. However, this was not the case in big metro cities. Its dimensions are also slightly larger and thus it does occupy some space for installation. Even though, its operation is silent at 50 dB; few customers have complained of it making some noise.

Nevertheless, the quality and cost-effective performance of the appliance outshines poor service and negligible cons to make it a must-buy air conditioner for cooling any small environment.

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Blue Star 1.1 Ton 5 Star Window AC (5W13GA, Copper)

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  • Fairly priced
  • Excellent cooling and quite durable
  • Has multiple filter for pure air

  • After sales service not prompt in many cities.

Blue Star is a trusted brand in the world of air conditioners. You can easily consider this machine as an alternative to the Hitachi air conditioner. While it does not have as many features as the Hitachi model, it comes quite close to it in terms of quality and performance.

Its 5-star rating assures you of minimum possible energy bills. It can easily cool room of up to 120 sq. feet. Its rotary compressor has Hydrophilic blue evaporator fin type while its copper condenser has anti-corrosive blue fins. Along with its anti-bacterial filter and dust filter, the air conditioner gives you cool, fresh and healthy air in the minimal time for a pleasant experience.

The AutoStart feature turns on the AC automatically after a power outage. The silent operation of the compressor even at high speed ensures that it does not hamper your sleep during the night or any activity during the day.

Apart from these, the machine has all customer-satisfaction driven features like anti-freeze thermostat feature, de-humidifier, sleep mode, memory, self-diagnosis feature, energy saving mode, sleep mode, On/Off timer, remote control operation etc. Its powder coated body makes it look stylish enough to complement any ambiance.

All-in-all, this is a robust air conditioner to consider for your cooling requirements. You are bound to have a satisfactory experience with it.

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Carrier 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC (Copper Estra Neo CAW18SN5R39F0 White)

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Carrier is one of the reputed brands in air conditioning industry. The Estra Neo model with 1.5 ton capacity and 5 star energy efficiency is a pretty good option for a home or office which uses AC for small duration of the day.

The Window AC comes with ISEER value of 3.35 which is just above the minimum requirement for a 5 star window AC. It has an annual energy consumption of 1220 units.

In order to improve energy efficiency, the AC shuts off the fan along with the compressor when the desired temperature is reached. In order to ensure room doesn’t gets warm, it switches back on within a maximum of 3 minutes. While this does ensure better energy efficiency, the drawback is that durability could be affected due to constant switching on and off. But then again, this is an aspect seen in all non- inverter compressor AC and is not limited to just Carrier Estra Neo.

Talking about the cooling efficiency, most users report it to be highly satisfactory. The AC has 2 way louver swing so that air reaches all corners. The fan speed has 3 levels of adjustment too. To improve air quality, it is equipped with a dust filer, activated carbon filter, zeolite filter and electrostatic filter. 

Carrier Estra Neo also has Dry mode which helps remove excess moisture in the air, typically experienced in hot coastal summers.

The AC also has other commonly found features like timer and sleep mode. In sleep mode, the temperature increases little by little gradually to maintain comfortable temperature and reduce energy consumption.

As it uses R32 refrigerant gas, environmental impact is also minimal.

Talking about the drawbacks, users are of the opinion that it is a bit too loud. Even in the lowest fan level, it produces 50 dB while at highest speed level it makes 56 dB. A few also say that it appears a bit plasticky and is not as elegant as many other competitor brands.

Overall, given the excellent brand reputation and cooling efficiency, it could be very well suited for homes where AC is used for minimal time.

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A good air conditioner is crucial to creating a comfortable micro climate in your ambiance despite the scorching sun outside. With plenty of benefits and some models flaunting of split AC like features; we hope to have given you adequate choices for a cool and fresh breeze of air in your indoor environment. You are sure to find a model that suits your budget and room requirement well. Do let us know if you have any queries about any of our choices.

  1. Good information.
    What is the “Electricity Consumption per year” for the Hitachi 1 Ton 5 Star Window AC (RAW511KUD)? Not finding this mentioned on Amazon.

  2. I’m planning to buy new 1.5 ton, 5 star window A/C for my home. I have 2 options

    1. LG Dual Inverter window A/C with ocean black protection

    2. Voltas 185 LZH window A/C

    Which one is better. Please suggest.

    • Looking at the specs, LG Dual Inverter Window AC ( https://amzn.to/3e8YkyP ) seems to be the better option. It is more energy efficient than the Voltas 185 LZH. It has better features, wi-fi connectivity and superior cooling efficiency too.

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