Best Water Purifier Under Rs. 15000

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There are many advanced countries like Switzerland where you can drink water straight from the tap. Unfortunately, it is not possible in India. Most of the water coming out of the tap in homes are either salty bore well water or slightly murky and hard with hidden impurities. Since this water is hazardous for drinking and cooking, it has made water purifiers a must-have appliance in every Indian home.

While there are many varieties and the price range of water purifiers available in the market, we have analysed, reviewed and segregated a few water purifiers below Rs. 15000 which can adequately meet the needs of most Indian families. Let’s check them out.

Which are the Best Water Purifier Under Rs.15000?

ModelCapacityPurification Technology

KENT Grand

8 LitresRO +UV/UF + TDS

Eureka Forbes Aquasure Smart Plus

6 LitresRO+UV+ MTDS

Havells Max

7 LitresRO+UV

AO Smith Z1

10 LitresUV

Blue Star Aristo

7 LitresRO+UV+UF

Livpure Envy Plus

8 Litres RO+UV+UF

HUL Pureit Advanced Pro 

7 LitresRO +UV

Best Water Purifier Under 15000

KENT Grand 8-Litres Wall-Mountable RO +UV/UF + TDS Water Purifier

best ro water purifier IndiaFind latest price ( Amazon)

This water purifier has plenty of exciting features that may stop you from exploring any other water purifier and simply choose it. Foremost, its plastic body in white oozes sophistication and elegance that can complement any kitchen décor. The eight-liter water capacity is good enough to cater to any family of up to four to five members.

A compact and beautiful unit, it can easily be mounted over the sink or anywhere as it occupies very little space. Its tank is crafted of high food-grade plastic which ensures that the water is pure and safe for consumption at all times. The upper transparent cover allows you to view all filters apart from uplifting the aesthetics of the purifier.

The water purified here is boasts of mineral RO Technology which is the brand’s patented technology. What it essentially does is that employing a TDS controller, it regulated the TDS to desired level and retains essential minerals so that the taste is sweet.

Not only that, the UV and UF filters are also utilized here to give you a double filtration process and eliminate all dissolved impurities, suspended particles and even all kinds of bacteria, virus and other micro-organisms. Thus, the quality of water is optimal.

The technology and the state-of-the-art procedure utilized here is so effective that it has won several awards and quality certification from various renowned bodies like the NSF, WQA Gold Seal (USA), ISI, CE and RoHS.

The tank can store up to eight liters of filtered water. It has a purification capacity of 15 liters per hour and 100 liters per day, making it more than sufficient for a family with 4-8 members.

The entire filtration system is so potent that it can easily purify water from just about any source, be it borewell, municipal taps, water tankers, storage tanks, well or any other source with TDS up to 2000 ppm. The filtration process and the TDS technology adjusts itself automatically according to the quality of unfiltered water that goes in to the water purifier.

Its push-fit design for all components and fittings ensure that there is no leakage of water. Thus, you need not worry about any mess. The contaminants collected from the water is flushed out automatically. Hence, you have no hassle of cleaning. However, this makes for some extra water wastage.

The unit works on electricity and just consumes 60W of power which is decent. The whole unit comes with a standard one-year warranty but three years of free service which means you remain sorted at all times. Moreover, the brand is reputed to provide exemplary and prompt customer service with over 1500 service centers all over India.

The only con you can feel here is the lack of display and indicators for on-going filtration process or to know the water level in the tank. Its membranes might also require frequent change in areas where water has high turbidity or is very hard. The cost of its filters and membranes are quite high as they cost over Rs. 2000 each. Thus, it is always advisable to go for its AMC  ( costing about Rs. 4500)which is much lower than the cost of buying its membranes separately.

Nevertheless, it is one of the top water purifiers that you can choose without a second thought.

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Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Smart Plus 6- Liters RO+UV+ MTDS Water Purifier Black

best ro water purifier IndiaFind latest price ( Amazon)

This is another cost-efficient purifier to consider. An offering of a trusted brand, it is far more affordable and doesn not compromise on the quality of purified water.

It is designed such that you can easily keep it on the counter or mount it on the wall. The black color looks stylish despite its design being little old and outdated.

This filter also uses RO and UV water purifying technology along with TDS controller for tasty and purified water.
The water is filtered through a six-stage process for absolutely pure water.The tank can easily store six liters of purified water. 

The purifier can easily purify water from all sources effectively. Unlike the previous model, it does come with plenty of indicators and smart features. It has a light which changes color to let you know about the on-going filtration process, low-incoming water pressure; tank full or even an error. The unit also turns the power off automatically when the tank gets full and even adjusts itself to protect the purifier from voltage fluctuations.

One major drawback of the unit is that it does not work when incoming water pressure is low. You would need to buy a booster separately and install it.  Also its clarity cartridge ( with 6000 litre purification capacity) is actually installed outside the unit which can compromise its aesthetics.

It too comes with a standard one- year warranty and no extended service. The filter cost and AMC is similar to Kent Grand Plus.
Overall, it is an ideal choice if you want an affordable RO water purifier.

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Havells Max 7- liters RO UV Water Purifier (Sea Green)

best ro water purifier IndiaFind latest price ( Amazon)

If you are looking for a class-apart water purifier at an affordable price, then look no further than this offering from Havells. It has plenty of advanced features that you will simply love.

Foremost is its eye-catching dual tone design in white and sea green which takes the décor of any ambiance notches higher. Look wise, it has left all the competition behind. The design is such that you can not only keep it on the counter top but can easily mount it on the wall and even in a corner.

The purifier is unique in giving you a seven-stage purification process against the standard five or six stages offered by most purifiers available in the market. The first four filters are the standard ones namely, sediment, activated carbon, RO membrane and ultraviolet.

It does not have a TDS controller. Instead, it has a Mineralizer cartridge which not only replenishes back the minerals in the water but also rectifies its pH value.  This in fact is a feature you can’t really see in any other water purifiers.  Its sixth filter is the silver impregnated taste enhancer. Its final hallmark seventh filter is the Revitalizer filter.

Another unique feature is its iProtect Purification Monitoring system which is like a policeman of the filtration system. Under its regular monitoring, you are assured of safe and great tasting water at all times. Its faucet comes with zero splash feature which maintains a hygienic smooth flow of water.

Its tank can easily store 6 liters of purified water while its purifying capacity is up to 15 liters per hour. Another fantastic feature is that you can easily remove its transparent water tank which makes for easier cleaning. It also has a thoughtfully designed ingress protection cover which keeps the purified water safe from any contamination like dust particles or even insects.

The unit has advanced technology to withstand voltage fluctuations and not get damaged. It also has an array of alerts for full-tank, low water pressure, on-going water filtration, self-diagnosis, error alerts, etc. In case of any error, the iProtection immediately cuts off the water supply and preserves the purified water. So, you can be rest assured that the water that comes from the purifier is never compromised in terms of quality.

The unit comes with a standard one-year warranty. Its AMC is expensive than most other models but is a must. However, its level of service falls below par compared to other brands. But, its features and lower pricing than the above two models make it a must-consider unit.

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AO Smith Z1 48-Watt Plastic UV and Hot Water Purifier, Black


best water purifier under 15000Find latest price ( Amazon)

AO Smith is famous in the niche of water heaters and has recently forayed in the world of water purifiers. Its purifier has some pretty exciting features which justify its placement in our recommended list.

Foremost is its stylish contemporary design with night glow feature. You can mount it on the wall or keep it on the counter. The design is so sleek that you can even flaunt it in your open spaces or living room if required.

This has the maximum water storage capacity of 10 liters of all purifiers discussed so far. Thus, it can be a good choice for medium to large families or even in offices. Another striking feature is the provision of hot purified water at the press of a button which is a highly useful feature, especially in offices. You get hot water at two temperatures of 45 degrees and 80 degrees which is an added convenience.

It utilizes the UV technology and purifies the water via a 5-stage process comprising pre-filter, sediment filter, silver activated post carbon, UV lamp and UFSS for hot water( ultra fine stainless steel). As it lacks the RO technology, water wastage is not there. However, this makes the purifier usage limited to water with TDS up to 200 ppm and hardness below 120 ppm. Thus, you should go for it only if you get an already treated and a better-quality water supply in your area like Muncipal/ Corporation supply or well water.

The filtration technology and UV lamps are of advanced variety which gives you germ-free and tasty drinking water. It consumes much less electricity of just 36 watts. It has plenty of digital displays and alert systems installed to let you know about issues ahead.

The unit comes with a standard one-year warranty but unfortunately, it does not cover the UV lamp and the filters. Moreover, its warranty is reduced to half in areas with high TDS water. Its AMC charges come to Rs. 4500, which is a tad high considering it doesn’t have RO membrane.

Thus, you can opt for it if you are purifying tap water or groundwater with low TDS. It might be a trifle expensive compared to other purifiers but it has an exceptional hot water feature. Few customers have complained of its after-sales service but an equal number have claimed satisfaction as well.

Overall, it is recommended if you want to enhance the purity level of already treated water.

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Blue Star Aristo RO+UV AR4BLAM01 7-Liter Water Purifier

best ro water purifier IndiaFind latest price

Blue Star is another reputed brand in consumer appliances that has entered the water purifier niche and is fast making its presence known. Despite being a new product, customers are quite satisfied with the appliance.

The water purifier is an eclectic combination of elegance and efficiency. Looking stylish in a black hue, it can be placed on the counter as well as mounted on a wall.

It boasts of a six-stage purification utilizing both RO and UV technology to ensure absolutely pure water. It has an aqua booster which replenishes the salts in the water and restores its pH to give you water that you would love drinking every time. It also has a copper impregnated activated carbon filter which provides an extra layer of protection from any water viruses, bacteria and other microbes.

Its tank can store 7 liters of purified water while its purifying capacity is up to 12 liters per hour. The tap has a unique feature of child-lock facility which prevents any leakage and wastage of water. As is standard of any high-quality water purifier, it has a number of alerts and indicators like that of purification-on; tank-full; low-pressure and UV fail.

This purifier does not operate with low-pressure water. So, in areas with low water pressure, you would need to install a booster which means extra expense.

It comes with a standard one-year warranty but the membranes and filters are not covered in it. The cost of replacing them is also quite high. Moreover, the membranes need frequent replacement in areas where water has high contamination and TDS. Thus, like most water purifiers, AMC is recommended here as well as a more cost-efficient option. With a decent after sales service, Blue Star Aristo is an excellent choice for 4-5 member families with hard or brackish water supply.

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Livpure Envy Plus RO+UV+UF Water Purifier with Pre-Filter

best water purifier under 15000Find latest price (Amazon)

This is another excellent choice to consider. While the brand is a comparatively new entrant, it is sure to give the incumbents run for money.

In metallic gray color, the purifier has a very stylish appearance and can be placed on a table as well as mounted on the wall. It also utilizes the advanced 7-stage double purification system of both RO and UV which is powerful enough to purify water up to 2000 TDS level. Thus, no matter what is the source of the water, you always get the sweetest and the purest of water.

The unit can purify up to 15 liters of water per hour while its tank can store water up to 8 liters. The maximum capacity of the appliance is about 75 liters per day. The appliance has basic indicators and alarms too.

The appliance comes with a one-year warranty which covers the sediment filter as well as activated carbon filter. Two preventive maintenance comes free too. However, there are plenty of clauses and thus one needs to read its fine print. Its AMC is a more affordable and wiser option again like in most RO purifiers. Being a relatively new brand, it has few issues with after-sales service, especially in remote areas.

The unit is slightly expensive compared to other purifiers like Kent which offers more features and better service in the same price range. Still, it is an excellent option in urban metropolitan areas.

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HUL Pureit Advanced Pro Mineral RO+UV Water Purifier

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Pureit Advanced Pro Water Purifier is a  model that is competitively priced without any compromise on aesthetics or functionality.

With a stylish black and white exteriors, the water purifier looks elegant and sophisticated.

The water purification system comprises RO+UV. While the RO  takes care of TDS, dissolved pesticides and heavy metals, UV kills the harmful bacteria and virus present in water.

The system is capable of purifying water with TDS level as high as 2000, making it a perfect choice for cities like Chennai, Ahmedabad etc where water quality is rather poor. The water purifier impregnates the purified water with Calcium and Magnesium in sufficient quantity so that its good for your health and tastes better too.

The purified water is then stored in a 7-litre tank that is made of food-grade plastic. The unit can purify 12 litres of water in 1 hour. So, you can get the tank filled in just about 30 minutes, which is sufficient for a nuclear family with 4-5 members.

Talking about the water wastage, if the TDS level is extremely high, that is above 1000, you can expect around 50% water wastage. But then, it depends on the output level you set too.

Other advantages include the ability to work on low voltage and handle water temperature ranging from 10 to 40 degree Celsius.

Overall, it is one of the best options for a nuclear family in metro cities.

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Wrapping up

Given the level of water contamination present in India, you simply cannot do without a water purifier. It is advisable to check the TDS level of water in your area, consider your requirements and then choose the most appropriate water purifier. We are confident our list would meet any requirements to the tee. Do let us know your suggestions and comments if any.

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