Best Washing Machine under Rs 15000

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If you are planning to buy a washing machine within a budget of Rs. 15000, you can comfortably buy a good fully-automatic top loader. It may not have an in-built heater or a plethora of washing programs like a front loader, but this budget is more than sufficient for a top loader with all basic features and more. However, note that all these models are apt for bachelors or families with less than 3-4 members. These budget friendly top loaders may not be an ideal choice for washing heavy loads and continuous running.

So, here are some of the best washing machines you can buy for less than Rs. 15000/- The main factors we have considered while compiling this list are durability, features, brand reputation, wash quality and user reviews.

Best Washing Machine Under Rs. 15000

Haier HWM58-020 5.8 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Best Washing Machine under Rs 15000

With a price tag of about Rs. 12000, and some truly amazing features, Haier HWM58-020 is one of the best-selling fully automatic top loading washing machine in India. With 6 wash programs (cotton, synthetics, mix, eco, pre-wash, quick wash and daily wash), maximum RPM of 1000 cycles and fairly durable motor and body, this washing machine is a brilliant choice for bachelors and small families with less than 3-4 members.

On checking with a number of users, we were able to understand that the wash quality too is fairly good, given the low price. Other useful features like memory function which continues from where it has left off in case of power failures, time delay function of 30 minutes to 24 hours, remaining time display and child lock, makes it quite a user-friendly choice of washing machine too.

As the washing machine has a plastic body, it is practically rust free even if you keep in balcony or bathroom. On the flip side, as the drum is made of plastic, you can’t add hot water for washing.

Best Washing Machine under Rs 15000

The main areas where the washing machine lacks is it doesn’t have a softener dispenser. So, you have to keep an eye out for the last wash cycle and add softener by then—this is actually a blemish on its fully-automatic label. Also, the motor has just 5-year warranty, while most brands in this segment offer 10-year warranty on motors. However, on a positive note, there has been no complaints from long-time users about durability of the washing machine.

A remarkable aspect that strengthens your confidence in Haier washing machine is that after receiving a number of negative feedback on delay in installation, the company has amped up its customer care. Nowadays, most installations are done rather quick and the service executives are quite prompt in resolving customer complaints too.

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Other Variants

Haier 58-020-R is the red colour variant of Haier HWM58-020 and is also available for similar price.

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Haier HWM62-707NZP is the higher capacity version of this washing machine with 6.2 Kg capacity. This washing machine also has 8 wash programs, LED display and looks more stylish too.

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LG T7269NDDLZ 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine 

Best Washing Machine under Rs 15000

LG T7269NDDLZ is a tad pricier than Haier HWM58-020, but this washing machine has a higher capacity of 6.2 Kg, 8 wash programs and some really improved features that enhances its wash quality, durability and energy efficiency.

The main improvement that this washing machine has brought out is the introduction of smart inverter motor. This technology basically has low friction, lesser components and hence reduces energy consumption by around 36% and is less noisy too.

To improve the wash quality, both drum and pulsator rotates in opposite direction during the wash programs. This agitates the clothes better and thus improves the washing quality too. Most user reviews corroborate the manufacturer’s claim of better wash quality.

The washing machine also has water saving and reuse options which reduces water consumption to an extent. Unlike Haier HWM58-020, LG T7269NDDLZ has a detergent, softener and bleach dispenser, but it doesn’t have a separate inlet pipe for hot water.

The new smart inverter motor has lesser components and has a sturdy casing that protects against humidity, dust and insects. The tub also has longer life as it is made of stainless steel. The confidence in quality and durability is reiterated by LG’s 10-year warranty on motor.

Now, even in case you face any problem with the washing machine, the smart diagnosis technology facilitates direct communication between the washing machine and the customer care to easily diagnose what is wrong with the machine, thus speeding up the repair process.

Other user-friendly features include time delay from 3-18 hours—so that you can put the clothes for washing at night and have the clothes ready for drying out in the morning avoiding the musty smell when clothes remain wet for long.

Best Washing Machine under Rs 15000

It also has child lock and memory function that resumes washing from where it left off before a power failure. The washing machine also has a rat mesh so you can keep it in store room without worrying about rat or pests messing up the appliance.

Overall, LG T7269NDDLZ 6.2 Kg washing machine is our recommended choice for small families. As it has some enhanced features, even moderately soiled clothes can be cleaned efficiently. The washing machine is also found to be quite energy efficient and helps conserve water without sacrificing on wash quality.

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Samsung WA62M4100HY/TL 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top load Washing Machine  

Best Washing Machine under Rs 15000

Samsung WA62M4100HY/TL 6.2 Kg top loader has a price tag almost at par with LG T7269NDDLZ and has robust functions and features that ensures better quality washing.

With a maximum RPM of 700 cycles, the washing machine has 6 wash programs, 5 water level settings, diamond design drum and center pulsator which helps clean variety of clothes efficiently without damaging the fabrics. Though the machine has a detergent box, it doesn’t have softener dispenser—which is a drawback of this model.

In order to improve the water quality, there is a filter in the inlet pipe and to capture the lint and any other residues, there is also a filter in the drum that has to be cleaned on a every 2 weeks.

The washing machine also has an eco-tub function that cleans inside and outside the drum. It is important that you clean the drum this way at least once every month.

Best Washing Machine under Rs 15000

Other user-friendly function includes time delay function, monsoon function to freshen up the damp clothes and time remaining display.

Note that the product description in most e-commerce websites say that the washing machine has a sink for pre-treating stains. But that seems to be a mistake. This model DOESN’T have such a sink. 

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​Whirlpool Classic 601S 6 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine  

Best Washing Machine under Rs 15000

Whirlpool has a credibility for selling good quality, durable washing machines. The Classic 601S model is quite basic. However, when we consider the wash quality, durability and user reviews, it definitely deserves to be in the list of best budget friendly fully automatic top loaders.

The washing machine is pretty basic with just 4 wash programs namely normal, speedy, heavy and delicate. It has a maximum RPM of 740 cycles and the spa wash function reduces tangling of clothes and reduces abrasion of fabrics too. Thanks to the ZPF technology, you can wash clothes even when the water pressure is low. The washing machine also has auto tub clean function and child lock too.

Best Washing Machine under Rs 15000

Whirlpool Classic 601S has a detergent tray lint filter and a softener dispenser. However, it doesn’t have time delay function or remaining time display—which I must say are essential features in today’s lifestyle.

It is true that the Whirlpool Classic 601S is basic. It lacks some features like softener dispenser, time delay and remaining time display. But, if you are looking for a durable washing machine that takes care of fabric without compromising on the wash quality, then Whirlpool Classic 601S is a good choice.

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Our Recommendation

Though we have listed 4 best washing machine under Rs. 15000, our recommendation is to choose LG T7269NDDLZ 6.2 Kg fully automatic top loader. This is because the washing machine has highly durable smart inverter motor, numerous wash programs and plethora of user-friendly features and functions and best in class wash quality that make it a great choice for bachelors as well as small families.

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