Best Tower Speakers In India

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Quality sound reproduction is an integral part of every home entertainment setup. With a plethora of options in the form of soundbars, 2.1 speaker setups, and all-inclusive home theater box systems, you can get confused while choosing the apt system for your requirements.

Floor standing speakers also called tower-type speakers, have an advantage over other systems as they deliver a crispier sound at a certain height, which makes them ideal for watching movies. Additionally, they also act as good party speakers to enjoy an occasion with friends and family.

In this article, we have shortlisted 8 different tower-type speakers that provide the best set of features, performance, and value for money. 

Which Are The Best Tower Speakers In India?

  1. F&D T60X Tower Speaker
  2. Yamaha NS-8390 Tower Speaker
  3. Panasonic HiFi SC-UA30GW-K
  4. iBell 2500 Tower Speaker
  5. Omeewa by Obage ST-607
  6. Philips in-SPA 9060B/94
  7. Oscar OSC – 16600 – BT
  8. Zebronics ZEB-BT9500RUCF Tower Speaker
Our Recommendation
For audiophiles, who want uncompromising sound quality, the Yamaha NS-8390 is the best option. The speaker setup lacks Bluetooth connectivity and you will also have to attach an external amplifier to power them. However, the sound quality is delightful and beyond any comparison.

For the users, who want the right balance of sound quality, features, and ease of use – F&D T60X and the Philips in-SPA 9060B are ideal. Both these models have an elegant design, remarkable sound quality, and a great set of features.

The Zebronics ZEB-BT9500RUCF, Oscar OSC-16600-BT, and iBell 2500 are budget-friendly options with good sound quality and karaoke features.

Best Tower Speakers In India

F&D T60X Tower Speaker

Best Tower Speakers In India

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The F&D T60X has been a popular choice for its superior sound output, great connectivity options, and a competitive price. It has an ergonomic design with a high-quality wooden cabinet design. 

The speaker comes with an LED display that shows the track info and input source you are using. There’s also an FM radio that lets you store more than 100 stations. If you are a fan of karaoke, the speakers have a karaoke function to turn your living area into a live stage.

F&D T60X has a powerful sound output of 110W RMS with solid bass and decent surround sound. You get 4 x full-range speakers of 4-inch size, 2 x tweeters of 1-inch size, and 2 x subwoofers of 8-inch size and 8-ohm impedance. The sound output is excellent and even at loud volume, there is no sound distortion.

Connectivity options include Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, USB port, AUX input, Optical input, and 2 x Mic inputs. The Bluetooth and NFC connectivity are seamless, and we never encountered any drops in the wireless connection.

To control the speakers, you can use the side panel controls or the wireless remote. The remote is fully functional with dedicated buttons for all the functions. You also get a wireless mic which is not quite durable as we encountered frequent connectivity problems.

Yamaha NS-8390 Tower Speaker

Best Tower Speakers In India

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The Yamaha NS-8390 is the ideal pair of tower speakers for the audiophiles. The 3-way speaker system features an ergonomic design with excellent build quality. You will like the subtle finishing which will also suit the décor of your living room. 

The speakers are quite heavy, with each tower weighing 11.7 kg. You will feel the warmth of the sound; although, the high frequencies delivered by the dome tweeter are not exceptionally distinct. The mids are powered by 3-inch drivers that provide a crystal clear and crisp output.

The Yamaha NS-8390 also have a 7.8-inch woofer that delivers quality low-frequency output, which means you will enjoy the thumping low-frequency drops. Although for deep bass, you will have to attach a separate sub-woofer.

Since the NS-8390 are passive speakers, you will need an amplifier to power them. With a dedicated amplifier, you will get a lot of connectivity options. However, there is no Bluetooth connectivity, which means you will not be able to wirelessly stream music from your phone.

Overall, with a sound impedance of 8 ohms, you can expect a captivating movie watching or music listening experience with the Yamaha NS-8390 tower speakers.

Panasonic HiFi SC-UA30GW-K

Best Tower Speakers In India

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The Panasonic HiFi UA30GW-K is an all-out party speaker. It features a catchy design that fits in well with the ambience of every room. It has a box shape and comes equipped with handles on both sides to help you with easy portability.

The speaker can also be connected to a USB drive or a smartphone through the Panasonic MAX Juke app, available for both Android and iOS devices. The app uses the inbuilt Bluetooth in the phone to stream your favourite music, modify EQ settings, and play playlists on the Panasonic HiFi speaker. 

At the top of the speaker system, you will get the physical buttons to manually change the track, change the source, adjust the volume, and to start the Jukebox mode. There’s an LCD at the front of the speaker that shows the track info, source, and current EQ mode.

The Panasonic HiFi speaker has a distinct wide sound effect with a solid bass that delivers a 180-degree room-filling sound. It comprises of six speaker units with two 13-cm woofers and four 4-cm tweeters producing excellent sound output. The speaker system has also got a blue line LED illumination that reverberates the party feeling.

The Panasonic HiFi speaker system has a robust bass good enough to have a great party experience. It uses the Bass Reflex System with two-port push sound forward technology that amplifies the bass, creating an air quake experience. The inbuilt amplifier delivers a strong 300W RMS sound output, with 150W RMS in each channel.

iBell 2500 Tower SpeakerBest Tower Speakers In India

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The iBell 2500 is a full-featured tower speaker with an all-black wooden finish. Both the units have a good aesthetic, which will complement the furniture in your living room. The speaker system weighs almost 20 kg, which is quite heavy. Overall, the iBell 2500 speakers have a solid build quality with a sophisticated design.

In terms of connectivity options, the two-channel tower speaker system supports USB, Bluetooth, AUX, and SD card connectivity. It also has an inbuilt FM radio and a wireless mic for karaoke sessions. 

There are manual controls at the front with an LED display that shows track information, source, and volume. You also get a fully functional remote that lets you adjust the EQ, tune FM stations, change the source, change the track, adjust the volume, and more.

The iBell 2500 tower speakers have a maximum power of 100W RMS, which is good enough for medium to large-sized rooms. The subwoofers lack the punch but the mid-range drivers are quite loud. iBell has used polyfill stuffing inside the speaker cabinets to enhance the sound output. It does a good job of reducing wave acoustic vibrations inside the unit.

You will enjoy the sound quality of the speakers, with a decent surround sound. It is an ideal speaker system to enjoy a movie or to listen to your favourite songs. It is not the loudest tower speakers but provides a good value for money at its price. 

Omeewa by Obage ST-607

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The Omeewa by Obage ST-607 is a single tower speaker that comes with a range of connectivity options and crystal clear sound output. The speaker is aesthetically designed with a brown wooden gradient finishing on the sides and a rough black finishing at the front. 

You get a small display at the front with AUX, SD card, and USB ports. There are some physical buttons to help you change the track, volume, and source. At the side, you get the power switch and three knobs to adjust the level of bass, treble, and volume. 

You also get a fully-functional remote with the speaker. The quality of the remote undermines the setup as the buttons are hard to press and inaccurately placed. 

The company claims that the speaker is ideal for rooms less than 200 square feet, with proper acoustics. Not ideal for playing loud music, the ST-607 delivers a clear sound with punchy bass and crispy trebles. 

The bass is in the 50 to 70 Hz region, which means you won’t be able to listen to any low-frequency drops in the music. The speaker is best suited to be attached to a TV, as it has excellent mid-range sound output.

Overall, the ST-607 suits casual listeners who want an enhanced speaker setup for their TVs. You will like the crisp and clear sound output with excellent vocals, but a lack of loudness and thump makes it unsuitable as a party speaker.

Philips in-SPA 9060B/94

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The Philips in-SPA 9060B comes in an elegant black wooden finish. It is an ergonomically designed product that will blend in well with the décor of your living room. At the top of the front panel, you will see a reflective glass finish that looks premium. 

The Philips in-SPA 9060B supports USB, AUX, and Bluetooth connectivity. You can also connect a mic for having a karaoke experience. Comprising of two mid-range drivers and two sub-woofers, the speakers have a maximum power of 60W RMS. The speaker also comes with an inbuilt FM tuner that lets you scan, save, and play FM stations of your choice.

You also get 5 inbuilt EQ settings that let you change the sound output as per your preference. However, we would have appreciated if there was a manual EQ setting as well. At the back of the speaker, you will get knobs to adjust bass, treble, and volume. 

The speaker system works well attached to a TV. Although it lacks a surround sound feature, it’s good enough to have a pleasurable movie watching experience. 

The low-frequency output is capped at 40 Hz, which means you will miss out on any deep drops in the music. The high-frequency output is top-notch, without any distortion at high volumes. The loudness level is also decent to enjoy music in a small to medium-sized room.

Oscar OSC – 16600 – BT

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The Oscar OSC-16600-BT is a budget-friendly tower speaker system with a wooden cabinet and a plastic front panel. Each tower comprises a 4-inch mid-range driver, a 2-inch tweeter, and an 8-inch subwoofer. 

The OSC-16600-BT speaker system has a total output of 80W RMS. It supports Bluetooth, USB, SD card, and AUX connectivity. You also get a wireless mic and two separate mic input ports for the karaoke function. You also get an inbuilt FM to tune your favourite stations.

The front panel has a small display that shows track information, volume level, and input source. There are some physical buttons below the display that lets you change the track and the input source.

To help you control the speakers wirelessly, you get a remote control with basic functionality. The buttons have a rubbery feel but to make them work you have to press them firmly. 

The sound quality of the dual speakers is decent with good bass, clear mid-range, and precise trebles. Although, when the speakers are powered on and idle, you will hear a slight humming sound which can be annoying. 

After continuously playing music for long hours, you will also notice the back metal plate heating up. It is not a worrying factor as the company provides a 1-year full warranty for any malfunctioning.

Zebronics ZEB-BT9500RUCF Tower Speaker

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The Zebronics ZEB-BT9500RUCF tower speakers are elegantly designed with black wooden finishing at the sides and black front panel. Both the units are quite heavy with a total weight of 28.2 kg. Each unit comprises of a 10-inch subwoofer, two 4-inch mid-range drivers, and one 1.5-inch dome tweeter.

The sound output is decent with a maximum power of 100W RMS, sufficient for small to medium-sized rooms. Connectivity options include AUX, USB, SD/MMC card reader, and Bluetooth. You also get FM radio and dual wireless mic for karaoke.

The speaker system has a frequency response between 40 Hz to 20 kHz, which means the bass is punchy but not deep enough to enjoy EDM or trap music. It has a good mid-range performance, which makes it ideal to be used with TVs. 

There’s a small display on the front panel with some physical buttons to help you operate the speaker system. You also get a fully-functional remote with the system. The remote has a good layout and sufficient spacing between the buttons.


All the tower speakers reviewed in this article are carefully chosen to select different types of customers. 


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