7 Best Steam Irons In India

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Everyone loves to wear smart wrinkle-free clothes. But ironing to perfection requires quite some effort. However, if you have the right steam iron, the effort can be drastically cut down. That is why we bring to you some of the best steam irons you can buy in India. If you are short on time, take a look at our recommendations below for a quick overview.

Our Recommendation

If you are looking for a steam iron for pressing heavy cotton and linen wear which usually takes a lot of effort, then we would recommend you to consider Inalsa Geyser Steam Iron. Thanks to high power and superior steam output, you can easily press wide variety of clothes with ease. If you are looking for a steam iron for pressing regular easy care clothes, you can opt for Philips GC1905 1440-Watt Steam Iron. It has lower power, and hence a more budget-friendly price tag. Yet, it has other necessary features like ample steam output, self clean feature, long cord etc, that facilitates effortless ironing. 

Best Steam Irons In India

Philips EasySpeed Plus GC2040 2100-Watt Steam Iron (Blue)

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 Philips EasySpeed Plus comes with a wide variety of features for effortless ironing. The steam output of 30 gm per minute is fairly sufficient for normal ironing, while the steam boost of 100 gm per minute helps remove stubborn creases with minimal effort. This steam iron is packed with a few more features to enhance user friendliness.

First of all, the vertical steam features helps iron garments even when they are hung. This way, you can iron not only your clothes, but also curtains and other hanging fabrics. The tip of the iron box is designed in such a way that it can easily access corners, underneath collars and between buttons.
Thanks to the no-drip feature, you don’t have to worry about leak from the iron box even while ironing at lower temperatures. Users are of the opinion that the iron gets heated fairly quickly and produces steam fast. Being lightweight, you can move around the iron box easily too.

Finally, when you look at the durability, you find that its non-stick coating is fairly durable and makes it easy to glide over all fabrics. The anti-calc feature helps you get rid of built-up scale too. However, it is advised to use filter water instead of tap water so that the clothes do not have any discoloration and the iron’s durability is also enhanced.

Note that you need 15 Amp plug point for the iron box. This is to improve the appliance’s safety. However, if you don’t have 15Amp plug point, you might have to fix one with the help of an electrician.

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The 2200 watt Black +Decker Iron is one of the few cordless irons that are high on performance.
You just need to place the iron on the base and it gets heated enough for a few minutes usage. Post that, you will have to keep it back on the base for a minute. This is sufficient if you are folding the clothes while ironing as the gap while folding is fairly enough to heat the iron. However, for continuous ironing, you will have to lock the iron box to the base and plug it to power. 
The steam output of this iron is almost at par with the previous Philips Easy Speed with 30 gm per minute steam output and 100 gm per minute steam boost. In addition, the ceramic coated plate ensures better and uniform heat distribution. Together, they ensure creases are efficiently removed with minimal effort.
Just like most other modern irons, it too features anti-drip function that prevents water dripping in low temperature. The 350 ml water storage tank ensures that you won’t have to refill constantly while ironing the clothes.
The self-clean feature also ensures that impurities from inside the iron is drained out through the sole plate. Overall, if you need a powerful iron and don’t like messing around with wires, you would be quite delighted with this purchase.

Havells Plush 1600-Watt Steam Iron (Black)

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With 1600 Watt power, it has lower wattage compared to previous irons in the list. But on the positive side, it is priced lesser. Otherwise, most other features and specifications are similar.

Just like other sophisticated irons, it has non-stick coated sole plate that allows for easy maneuvering on different fabrics. The self clean feature removes built up scaling due to tap water. It also has anti-leak feature that prevents water dripping when temperature is low. The vertical spray also helps press curtains and other clothes that are hung in your wardrobe.

Overall, at slightly lower power, it is quite apt for regular ironing of most clothes.

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Inalsa Geyser Titanium 2000-Watt Steam Iron 

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Inalsa Geyser Steam Iron comes with high wattage and steam output of 160 gm per minute, thereby making it ideal for though who wear pure cotton and linen fabrics.

The sole plate has 12 holes at the tip and 16 on the sides that ensures uniform distribution of steam throughout the surface. In addition, the iron also has spray feature that helps moisten the fabric for neater ironing.
The 300 ml water tank is one of the largest in the list.

The iron also has standard features like self clean function, adjustable thermostat, 1.75 m long cord, vertical steam for ironing hung fabrics, curtains and beddings.
Overall, Inalsa Geyser is one of the best value for money steam iron you can buy.

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Philips GC1905 1440-Watt Steam Iron with Spray (Blue)

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This budget friendly steam iron from Philips is quite apt for most regular ironing. However, if you need to iron heavy cottons or linens, you might not be quite happy with it.

It has comparatively lower power of 1440 watt, meaning even at the highest setting, it won’t get as hot as a former Inalsa, Black + Decker or Philips Easy Speed. You will also find that its steam output is also less at 13 gm per minute. However, it does have a spray function that moistens fabric well enough to remove the creases.

The cord is fairly long at 1.8 metres and the water tank capacity is 180 ml. The iron also has self-clean option whereby it cleans built-up scaling. A feature it lacks is the vertical steam function. About 2% of users were of the opinion that the iron stopped working few months after they bought it. However, about 80% of the users were highly satisfied with this budget-friendly steam iron.

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Eveready SI1410 1400-Watt Steam Iron (White)

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Eveready is a reputed household brand and their steam iron doesn’t fail to live up to expectations. The iron is quite economically priced, yet comes with all basic features that make it desirable for regular ironing.

The iron comes with 1400 watt power, which is lesser than other high performing irons. However, it does come with variable steam, spray and vertical steam functions which makes it easier to remove creases. The iron has 360 degree swivel cord that allows easy access to all nook and corners. The soleplate is made of ceramic which is not only non-stick, but also retains heat better. The iron comes with self-clean feature. Even so, it is advised to use filtered water so as to reduce scaling and discoloration of clothes. Overall, this steam iron from Eveready, though basic, is apt for basic requirements and is quite worth the money spent.

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Havells Magnum 1840-Watt Steam Iron (Pink)

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Havells’ foray in to home appliance segment has been well-received. Their steam irons are quite good in terms of performance and have been receiving rave reviews.

The 1840 Watt Magnum Steam Iron comes with steam and spray functionality that makes it easy to remove creases and wrinkles off clothes. The water tank comes with 300 ml capacity, which is sufficient for ironing clothes for a 3-4 day trip at a go. Yet another advantage of this iron is that the steam output can be be adjusted to suit the needs of various clothes. As with other steam irons, Havells Magnus has vertical steam functionality. It comes with self clean feature too. In addition, the water tank has anti-scale coating that prevents build up of scaling deposits. The non-stick coating is also quite durable. Most user reviews are fairly satisfactory and performance is pretty good too.

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