8 Sofa Sets That Will Adorn Any Living Room

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A sofa set is one of the core furniture of our living rooms. It is not only highly functional but also helps in elevating the aesthetics of our home. It helps in creating a harmonized style, theme, and décor of our house. Moreover, it always takes a collection of other furniture hand-in-hand to give a seamless and unified look. 

Purchasing a sofa-set can have even an expert pulling hair. But you need not worry. We have rounded some of the best sofa sets available that can effortlessly adorn any living room. Check out!

Which Are The Best Sofa Sets In India

  1. Home Centre Montoya Serene Fabric Sofa-3-Seater Beige
  2. Tulsi Art Solid Sheesham Wood Sofa Set
  3. Mamta Decoration Solid Sheesham Wood Wooden Sofa Set Furniture
  4. MH Decoart Sheesham Wood 6-Seater Sofa Set 3+2+1 for Living Room
  5. DriftingWood Wooden Sofa Set for Living Room
  6. CasaStyle – Casper 6-Seater RHS L Shape Sofa Set
  7. Adorn India Rio High back Leatherette 5-Seater 3-1-1 Sofa Set 
  8. Amazon Brand – Solimo  Alen Five-Seater RHS L Shape Sofa Set

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Best Sofa Sets In India

Home Centre Montoya Serene Fabric Sofa-3-Seater Beige

Sofa Sets That Will Adorn Any Living Room

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Home Centre brand needs no introduction. Its furniture is known for its functionality, style, and beauty. This sofa set is no exception. 

Foremost, the simple yet striking contemporary design of the sofa-set will impress you no end. The neutral beige colour ensures that it can easily blend with any décor and colour theme and take it up by notches. Its three-seater design looks classic and elegant. Its dimensions make it ideal for a house of any size. 

Crafted from pine wood, it is sturdy yet lightweight compared to sofas crafted from other wood types. The upholstered look adds an extra edge of blitz to it. Cumulatively, the frame and design promise you sturdiness, reliability, and durability. 

The upholstery material used is a recyclable polyester fabric that is bacteria and microorganism resistant and is also partially dust-resistant. The material is also resistant to static friction produced by the person sitting on it, thereby making it skin-friendly as well. 

The upholstery design is given a finishing touch by high elastic nylon fabric webbing that lends high tensile stability and goes a long way in retaining dimensional stability.

The settee is filled with high-resilient foam that makes for soft and comfortable seating. The sofa also comes with a backrest filled with the non-siliconized polyfill for greater support and comfort. 

The zig-zag spring and end-to-end hold incorporated in the sofa ensures that you can sit on it comfortably without experiencing any unnecessary and uncomfortable sagging.

The backrest flaunts lumbar cushions that are again filled with high-density foam for extra comfort. The fact that it can be adjusted also adds to your comfort and delight. 

Its ABS legs are not only sturdy but also highly durable. The height is sufficient for you to easily clean under the sofa. 

Cleaning and maintaining this settee is not too difficult. A simple vacuum is all you need.

The settee needs a carpenter to assemble it at your home. Thankfully, it is provided to you by the manufacturer at no cost. Al you need to do is place a request for it. The service is quick. 

Its one-year warranty and reasonable pricing are the cherries on the icing. 

On the flip side, few users find the seating a little uncomfortable. It also lacks any storage and cannot be adjusted for a person to sleep on it. 

Tulsi Art Solid Sheesham Wood Sofa Set

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If you are looking for a versatile sofa set made of solid wood, then look no further than this fantastic wood sofa set from Tulsi. 

The sofa set is a three-piece set. It comes with a main three-seater and two individual seaters to give you a total seating capacity of five. It can be an ideal choice for medium-sized to large spaces. 

The sofa set flaunts a contemporary and stylish bench-like design to oomph up any décor. With its entire frame crafted of Sheesham wood, it has sturdiness and durability as its highlight features. The seats are cushioned and flaunt of an excellent soft and comfortable material. 

The wooden frame with back support is in walnut dark brown polish while the cushioned seats are in olive-grey. The combination adds an extra oomph to its aesthetic appeal. 

A delightful feature about the brand is that it gives you the flexibility to contact them and change the dimensions, colour, wood polish hue, and even upholstery material to match your home décor and requirements to the tee. 

Its legs are quite sturdy and its armrests make for comfortable and supportive seating. Even a heavy-weight person can sit with ease on it. 

The sofa set is extremely lightweight at around 25 kgs. Hence, if required moving it indoors and outdoors is easy. 

The wood used here is termite and borer resistant, and thus, you need not worry about the wood being eaten up by pests. 

The sofa set does require some assembling, but you can easily do it yourself. The instructions for it comes included with the sofa set. 

Maintenance is easy as you merely need to wipe with a dry cloth. The precaution to take is to keep away from too direct sunlight as it might fade the colour of the wooden frame. The cushions are removable that adds to easy cleaning. 

Given the quality, it is cost-effective at less than 30K and comes with a one-year warranty. 

The sofa set is a recent launch but a hundred per cent satisfied customer ratings indicate that it is an option you will never regret buying. 

Mamta Decoration Solid Sheesham Wood Wooden Sofa Set Furniture

Sofa Sets That Will Adorn Any Living Room

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The brand Mamata Decoration has earned a pioneering reputation for it in furniture crafted from Sheesham wood, and this wooden sofa set is a shining example of it. 

It is again a three-piece sofa set but with 3+2+1 seaters. The contemporary design flaunts an open-frame design with traditional essence. It also helps wood breathe, which in turn prevents corrosion. 

The frame of the sofa set is crafted from Sheesham rosewood and is both water and stain-resistant. The wooden frame is available in walnut and oak colour polish, while its cushions are available in iron grey, vanilla cream, blueberry, cream, and dark brown hues. Each colour combination is unique and attractive on its own. 

The sofa set does require DIY assembling but no carpenter expertise. You can easily do it yourself.

The vertical designs at the sides look simple yet elegant. The armrests are reasonably wide and make for comfortable seating. 

The seats are again cushioned and comfortable. Crafted from pure polyester fabric, they are water-resistant but can stain easily.

Because of Sheesham wood, the sofa set is reasonably light and allows easy movement in case you need to. You can easily place it indoors as well as outdoors. 

The cushions are removable that makes cleaning easy. You just need to wipe the frame with a dry cloth. It too comes with a standard one-year warranty. 

On the flip side, few customers have complained of narrow seating and poor-quality construction. The cushions also tend to tear and lose their shape over time. 

Overall, it comes with reasonable pricing, has more than good customer ratings and is definitely worth considering. 

MH Decoart Sheesham Wood 6-Seater Sofa Set 3+2+1 for Living Room

Sofa Sets That Will Adorn Any Living Room

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If you are looking for a choice in the six-seater segment, you have that in this sofa set from MH Decoart. 

It is again crafted from Sheesham wood with a contemporary and open-frame design, is lightweight at around 30 kgs, and can elevate any living room’s aesthetics.

The cushions are of sponge with an outer covering that is both removable and washable. The walnut brown wood polish and maroon cushions ooze a very modern and stylish vibe.

The construction is sturdy, robust, and durable. The crisscross bars in the sides add an extra-stylish edge. The seating is wide enough with comfortable armrests. Even heavy-weight people can sit comfortably on it. 

It also requires DIY assembling and comes with a year’s warranty. 

On the flip side, cushions of better material would have been appreciated. 

All-in-all, with around 85 percent customer satisfaction score, a slightly higher price tag than all our recommended items, and very few complaints; it is a sofa set that you will never regret buying.

DriftingWood Wooden Sofa Set for Living Room

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If you are looking for a simple yet stylish and minimalistic design sofa set, then look no further than this wooden sofa set from Drifting wood. 

The sofa set comes with a three-seater and two individual seaters. It is again crafted from Sheesham wood but has a teak finish which carries a nostalgia of traditional furniture. You have a wide choice of finishes to choose from to suit any individual needs. 

Cushions are again made from foam and make for comfortable seating. A unique feature of this sofa set is the undivided cushion seating in its three-seater sofa piece. Hence, a person of appropriate height can even lie on it. 

The construction is solid and sturdy with horizontal bar designs. The armrest is comparatively narrow but adequate. Lightweight at around 30 kgs, it facilitates easy movement to effortlessly change the décor style and look of the living room. 

Compared to all our previous choices, this sofa set has a lower height. It would make it cumbersome for tall people to sit comfortably in it. 

Even though it has a DIY assembling, it does need some expertise or help at hand. 

Overall, with a one-year warranty, superb and durable construction and finish and reasonable pricing; it’s a sofa set that you would always take pride in. 

CasaStyle – Casper 6-Seater RHS L Shape Sofa Set

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Till now, we talked about rectangular sofas mostly in the settee format. We now present a six-seater from Casastyle in an L-shaped design with an extension on the right side. 

Crafted from solid wood; the sofa flaunts mid-century modern design with retro-inspired detailing for an eclectic look and premium finish. Its seating is filled with 32 density Supersoft air foam and covered with premium fabric for a luxurious and sophisticated ooze. 

The L extension is on the right-hand side. The sofa is reasonably heavy at 50kgs because of solid wood frame and thus is not recommended to move around. The legs are quite solid and robust. 

The wood has a brown colour finish while the cushions are in crème, thereby oozing a classic yet stylish look. 

The highlight feature of this sofa is its extra broad cushions to help provide an extra dose of comfort while seating. The cushions have serpentine springs embedded in its foam. They ensure that you sit comfortably on the sofa without any sagging feeling. One can easily stretch their leg on the L-extension to relax them. The backrest and armrest add to your comfort.

If needed an adult can comfortably sleep on it.

The sofa boasts of easy maintenance. Simple dusting with a dry cloth or dry vacuuming will clean the sofa. 

The material of the upholstery but tends to stain. Hence, any spillage should immediately be dabbed with a wet cloth followed by a dry cloth to eliminate staining. 

The sofa does require assembling, but that is DIY, and you can do it with ease. 

The sofa is extremely cost-effective, with pricing under 20K. It can easily give tough competition to many other premium sofas of similar features with a higher price tag.  It comes with a standard one-year warranty against any manufacturing defects. 

Given its pocket-friendly pricing, and solid manufacturing and premium finish, the sofa enjoys a high customer rating of around 84% and a few sporadic complaints against it. 

Thus, if you are looking for a sofa for large spaces with greater seating capacity, you must definitely consider this sofa. 

Adorn India Rio High back Leatherette 5-Seater 3-1-1 Sofa Set 

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Next on our list is this fantastic high-back sofa set in a 3-1-1 format from Adorn India. 

The single grey mid- century mid-century modern yet minimalistic design of the sofa will immediately catch your attention and remind you of a well-tailored suit. 

The sofa comes almost preassembled. You are required just to fit its sturdy fibre legs and its assembled. It weighs around 60 kgs that makes moving it not a feasible option. 

The frame of the sofa is crafted from sal wood that is known for its strength and durability. The sofa flaunts an architectural design with extra depth, 16 to 17 inches seating height, and slightly tilted backrest. This gives you an extra dose of comfort and relief in back pain while sitting on it. 

The wooden frame has a high-quality upholstery fabric of Chennile texture with a premium finish to add a dash of sophisticated and elegant style to the sofa with no compromise on comfort. The entire sofa is created with non-poisonous material and is certainly home and environment friendly. 

Premium high-quality, sturdy elastic belt, high-quality recron fibre, and high-density premium foam are used for the upholstery padding. Their high thickness prevents any sagging and gives you real comfort while sitting. 

The six cushions of the sofa have removable and washable covers with zip security for easy cleaning and maintenance. The foot is three inches long that gives you adequate space to clean beneath the sofa set easily. 

Overall, the building technique of the sofa set is impressive. It is built to be heavenly on your back and super comfortable to sit on. Moreover, no sagging is experienced because of the thick padding. People of all height and weight can sit comfortably on it.

A delightful feature of the sofa set is a two-year standard warranty instead of the typical one year. The sleek, modern, and stylish minimalistic design and three-piece set gives you the flexibility to use in homes of all sizes. 

With its pricing under 25k, high-end construction and materials used, it’s not surprising that the sofa set commands 90% customer satisfaction score. It is a clear indication that the sofa set is worth buying with no hesitation. 

Amazon Brand – Solimo  Alen Five-Seater RHS L Shape Sofa Set 

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The Amazon in-house brand Solimo has been leaving its mark across a range of products. Consequently, we cannot talk about sofas and not mention a Solimo sofa. 

Foremost, the sofa flaunts an L-shape design that is best used in corners. The dimensions are ideal to be used in the middle to large-sized house and even a small house with discretion. Available in grey, dark blue, and a grey-blue colour combo, the stylish and modern design of the sofa can easily be the focal point of any living room décor. 

Lightweight at around 36 kgs, it gives you the flexibility to move across rooms as per your convenience. 

The sofa comes pre-assembled with just the legs detached. Hence you can easily assemble the sofa.

Crafted from high-quality fabric, the sofa set with a lounger has undergone stringent more than 30 tests to ensure quality, comfort, durability and reliability. The testing has proved that a person of 100 kgs can also sit with ease on the sofa and lean on its backrest with no damage.

No toxins like AZO dye and formaldehyde have been used in its construction thereby making it a piece of safe furniture. 

The fabric used is of premium quality and does not fade while rubbing. Its leg has enough height to help you clean underneath it with ease. 

The seating is extremely comfortable, with no sagging. The backrest ensures comfortable seating with no back pain. 

The sofa has several credentials to flaunt its quality. It meets both the Indian ISI and European safety standard requirements. Hence, quality and assurance come hand-in-hand with the sofa cum lounger. 

Its four cushions can be removed for greater versatility. The depth of the sofa is adequate for even an obese person to sit comfortably. The upholstered backrest at one end is sturdy and wide enough for extra comfort. 

A person can even sleep on it with ease if required. Sagging is absent, and you can feel a firm comfort with it.

A delightful aspect of the sofa set is the three-year standard warranty against the usual one. 

The only complaint against it heard so far is slightly hard seating. Storage space in the lounge section would also have been welcome. 

Its pocket-friendly pricing sweeps your feet away with little persuasion. Given its pricing, there is barely any complaint reported against it. It is made evident with its high customer rating of over 80 per cent.

Overall, this is a sofa set that you can purchase with blind eyes. 

Wrapping up

A sofa set is an essential focal point of any living room around which several other furniture pieces are assembled. A combination of aesthetics, quality, and functionality has to be present in them. 

We hope to have given you sound choices to nail the perfect piece for your home décor and use. Chime in below with any queries, feedback, or suggestion. 

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