Best Side by Side Refrigerator in India

Buying a side-by-side refrigerator is a symbol of luxury in India. The sleek look, stainless steel finish, plethora of features and amenities make it a preferred choice among the higher-class folks, while the spaciousness of side-by-side refrigerator makes it a favourite amongst Indian joint families.

Before you buy a side by side refrigerator, take in to account your freezer consumption. Most of the side by side refrigerators have a freezer space of more than 200 Litres, while a double door refrigerator of about comparable capacity has about 100-150 Litre freezer capacity. In most Indian families the large freezer space is under-utilised.

So, let us take a look at the best side by side refrigerator in India, its features, design, energy efficiency, pros and cons in this article.

Best Side by Side Refrigerator In India

Hitachi 638 L In Frost-Free Side-by-Side Refrigerator (R-W720FPND1X, Glass Black)

best side by side refrigerator India

Japanese brand Hitachi has reputation of selling durable home appliances with superior functionalities. The 638 L Hitachi R-W720FPND1X doesn’t fall behind in expectations. It is carefully designed incorporating superior features to guarantee best in class performance.

Food Freshness

Hitachi R-W720FPND1X side by side refrigerator uses sophisticated cooling and moisture retention technology that helps keep food fresher while preserving its nutrients.

The inverter compressor is capable of generating huge volume of chilled air which is separately distributed to the refrigerator and freezer compartment as per the quantity of food in each section. The dual fan helps prevent contamination and odour mixing, while improving the energy efficiency of the refrigerator.

Now, if you need to cool some drinks or make ice quickly for a party, the quick-freezing mode injects a quick blast of chilled air and serves you with chilled beverages in a flash.

Keeping in mind the Indian conditions, the refrigerator is equipped with Long Cool Keeper technology that maintains the freezer temperature for up to 12 hours.

Yet another important feature is the “Selectable Mode Compartment” which pertains to the closed section above vegetable box. The temperature in this section can be adjusted according to whether you want to store fruits/vegetables or dairy/meat in it using the select levers on each side. In addition to these features, the nano-titanium filter helps keep the refrigerator free of odour, bacteria and mold and the gasket too comes with anti-mold coating.

best side by side refrigerator India

In order to maintain the humidity in the vegetable box, the lid has a moisture control guard. Moreover, the box is cooled indirectly without blowing direct air inside it in order to prevent the vegetables/fruits from drying out.

Water & Ice Dispenser

The water and ice dispenser of Hitachi R-W720FPND1X side by side refrigerator needs special mention. In most refrigerators with water/ice dispenser, plumbing work is required during installation and constant maintenance is required to ensure proper hygiene and functioning of the dispenser.

best side by side refrigerator India

But Hitachi R-W720FPND1X is different. The refrigerator has a detachable tank with 4 L capacity in which you can pour purified water. Cold water and ice is automatically dispensed taking in water from this tank.

Energy Efficiency

The refrigerator employs eco-thermo sensors to detect the temperature change inside the refrigerator. This information is passed on to the inverter compressor which adjusts the cooling power and fan speed to maintain optimal cooling. Thus, up to 35% energy is conserved as the compressor is not run on high speed settings always. Moreover, as the refrigerator has four doors, you can open only the one you need and thus prevent escape of chilled air. Of course, only if you remember where you kept the dish you want to take out!

To further enhance the energy savings, you can switch on the energy saving mode. In this mode, the eco monitoring sensor is activated and the refrigerator reduces power consumption by slowing down the cooling when no one is near the refrigerator. When someone approaches the fridge, the energy saving mode is automatically switched off and normal operations resume. This way, you don’t have to worry about setting the fridge to vacation mode when you leave home for an extended period.

The refrigerator also facilitates stabilizer free operations whereby it works normally even when voltage fluctuates between 130-300 Volts.

Features & Performance

Hitachi appliances generally are top notch in terms of performance and durability and the new generation refrigerators too follow suit.

We were able to observe that the superior features help in maintaining a consistently cool temperature in all compartments. The express freezing keep up with the hype and makes ice as well as freezes meat in less than an hour. However, the express freezing mode switches off on its own only after 2 hours.


Perhaps the most appealing aspect of Hitachi R-W720FPND1X side by side refrigerator is its design.

best side by side refrigerator India

The exterior looks elegant in the black-dull gold combination, making it a beautiful addition to a traditional as well as modern kitchen. The display panel looks sophisticated, yet is simple enough to use. Using the panel, you can control the temperature inside the refrigerator as well as freezer, dispense ice and set ice maker, quick freezing, child lock and energy saving mode.

The refrigerator has 4 doors—two each for the refrigerator and freezer. This design prevents chilled air from escaping and thus improves the efficiency of the refrigerator.

It is seen that freezer space in usual side by side refrigerator is under-utilized. This doesn’t happen with Hitachi R-W720FPND1X, as it has freezer on the top—just like a usual double door refrigerator. This maximizes refrigerator space, yet maintaining a sufficiently spacious freezer.

best side by side refrigerator India

The design is quite suitable for Indian families as we need ample fridge space, but don’t usually stuff our freezer with a lot of produces.

Inside the refrigerator, there are 3 height adjustable shelves, two humidity and temperature adjustable boxes each for dairy/ meat and vegetables/fruits. It also has ample door racks and a detachable tank for pouring in water for dispensing ice and water.

A drawback however is that this refrigerator has door shelves even at the bottom. So, you may have to open the doors more than 90 degree in order to completely pull out the vegetable boxes. This makes it a poor choice for modular kitchen or for corner positions.

Yet another thing you have to note is that the shelves of the refrigerator are about 78 cm wide. It is a bit heavier than usual refrigerator shelves and you will have to take extra care while taking it out for cleaning.


Overall, Hitachi GC-B247SLUV is a premium side by side refrigerator that has superior features, performance and a matching price tag.  Considering the durability and brand reputation of Hitachi appliances as well as the fine workmanship, GC-B247SLUV definitely fares as one of the best side by side refrigerator in India.

Best Budget Friendly Side By Side Refrigerator In India

LG 687 L Frost-Free Side-by-Side Refrigerator (GC-B247SLUV, platinum silver)

LG GC-B247SLUV is an entry level side by side refrigerator. Nevertheless, it has a classy appearance and superior features like Wi-Fi connectivity, express freezing and smart diagnosis system that makes it one of the best budget friendly side by side refrigerators.

Food Freshness

In order to maintain a uniform cooling throughout the compartment, multiple air vents are located at the rear panel of the refrigerator. It also has  multi-digital sensors which play an important role in preserving food for longer as it detects the ambient temperature and adjusts the internal temperature accordingly.

We could observe that the cooling consistency of the refrigerator was satisfactory. Irrespective of whether food was kept in the top shelf or bottom, its temperature was uniformly cold after a few hours.

Moreover, there is a special closed compartment for keeping dairy and other temperature sensitive products, as the temperature inside doesn’t get heavily affected when you open the door frequently.

best side by side refrigerator India

The freezer too has two closed compartments for keeping fish and meat and it prevents odour mixing or contamination with the ice cubes and other food you keep in it.

Overall, the refrigerator is equipped with amazing features to maintain a consistent cool temperature throughout all compartments.

To maintain right level of humidity inside the fruit and vegetable box, the top lid of these boxes have minute lattices on which excess moisture gets retained. When the air inside gets dry, the moisture is released, thus maintaining an optimal humidity to keep the fruits and vegetables fresher without drying out.

Energy Efficiency

Side by side refrigerators don’t come under the purview of BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency), hence you can’t find its energy efficiency rating. LG doesn’t provide the unit electricity consumed by its GC-B247SLUV model either.  So, the only factor that helps us determine the energy efficiency of this refrigerator is by analyzing the functioning of its compressor.

LG side by side refrigerator comes with inverter linear compressor. It has a single friction point compared to four friction points which regular compressors have. Hence, the energy consumed by inverter linear compressors is lesser.

The internal temperature is constantly monitored and when the optimal temperature is achieved, the compressor slows down and works to just maintain the temperature. Only when the temperature increases does it works harder to bring down the temperature. Thus, it not only helps maintain the ideal temperature to enhance freshness of the food, but also helps save energy.

Inverter linear compressor is said to save up to 32% energy and is 25% less noisy compared to regular compressors.

Features & Performance

We talked about how LG GC-B247SLUV side by side refrigerator performs in terms of its core functionality and energy efficiency. Now, let us take a look at its other features that make it truly a smart refrigerator.

best side by side refrigerator India

In addition to keeping the food cool and enhancing the life of fresh produces, LG GC-B247SLUV comes with express freezing technology that chill beverages and makes ice rapidly. The sensors recognize when the temperature has come down and switches off the express freeze mode automatically.

The next feature that is worth mentioning is that the refrigerator has Wi-Fi connectivity and you can control the mode and temperature of the refrigerator through Smart Thiq app even when you are not home. You can set the refrigerator to different modes namely, Away, Home, Vacation, Pleasant, Sleep and also control the refrigerator and freezer temperature through the app.

Other useful features include-

  • Smart Diagnosis System that lets refrigerator directly communicate about its problem with the customer care, and hence speed up the repairing.
  • Door alarm that beeps when the door is kept open for more than 1 minute;
  • Deodourizer
  • Child Lock

LG GC-B247SLUV has a shiny steel finish and elegant appearance that makes it the focal point of any kitchen. The refrigerator is pretty sleek and you can perfectly fit it in to a modular kitchen. But, what diminishes the grandeur is its susceptibility to scratches.

best side by side refrigerator India

The exterior LED display is simple and straightforward to use. You can adjust the freezer and refrigerator temperature, set the express freezing mode and child lock using the touch panel.

The interiors match to the classy exteriors. There are two bright LED light along the interior side panels that ensures all compartments are well-lit.

The refrigerator section is wide enough to keep platters and other wide utensils. The shelves are made of toughened glasses and there are separate enclosures for keeping fish and meat in freezer and fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator section to prevent cross contamination and odour mixing. The door shelves are positioned in such a way that you can pull out the vegetable boxes with 90 degree opening.

There is also a dairy corner which is an enclosed section attached to the door that remains closed at all times, and hence unaffected by temperature variance due to frequent opening of the doors.

A few things that we found lacking in this model are-

  1. other than the top shelf in the refrigerator, none of the other shelves, neither in the refrigerator nor the freezer are height adjustable.

  2. It doesn’t have a cold water/ ice dispenser.

Overall, if you are looking for a smart side by side refrigerator that balances look, price, features and performance, LG GC-B247SLUV is the best bet.

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