11 Best Sandwich Makers in India

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Our changing lifestyle has led to the invention of various appliances that has transformed our kitchen completely. One such appliance is the sandwich maker. Delicious sandwiches have become a staple of our breakfast and snack times.

Due to its high demand, there is a mind-boggling variety of sandwich makers available in the market. To help you out, we have selected a few of the most popular sandwich makers available and presenting their candid and honest review. Check them out!

Which Are The Best Sandwich Maker In India?


Prestige PGMFB

800 Watts


800 Watts

Morphy Richards SM3006(G)

750 Watts


750 Watts

Prestige PSMFD 01


800 Watts

Philips HD 2393

820 Watts

Borosil Super Jumbo 180°

2000 Watts


800 Watts

Cello Super Club Toast-N

750 Watts

Nova NGS 2449

1000 Watts

Inalsa Treat

1500 Watts

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Best Sandwich Makers In India

Prestige PGMFB 800 Watt Grill Sandwich Toaster with Fixed Grill Plates

 Best Sandwich Maker

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Philips understands the Indian household mindset thoroughly and always offers intuitive and functional appliances at a reasonable price. This sandwich maker is no exception.

Its intuitive and stylish design in black makes it aesthetically pleasing. It is extremely lightweight and has an ergonomic handle that makes handling the appliance as well as moving it around and storing it easy.

The exterior is heat resistant and sturdily built to last long. You can touch it without burning your fingers. It also flaunts an anti-slip base that eliminates any chance of skidding, slipping and possible accidents. The fact that its handle is heat resistant adds to the safety aspect. The hinged lock on the handle ensures that you have a well-sealed sandwich.

What sells the appliance to you its fixed durable die-cast aluminium grill plates with a non-stick coating. Using less oil and butter, you can get healthy sandwiches without them sticking or getting burnt. Its coating is non-toxic to keep your food healthy and with its original taste intact.

The appliance is energy efficient with a power consumption of just 800 watts. You can easily toast slices of bread or grill your sandwiches with all kinds of lip-smacking fillings. The horizontal grill lines add to the visual delight of the sandwich. The fact that it preheats and grills your sandwich faster compared to many other sandwich makers makes it a boon during your morning rush hours.

On the flip side, you do wish for the triangle grill lines for the feel of a gourmet sandwich. Few customers state of its non-stick coating being thin that makes cleaning a delicate task. Its size is also small that does not allow you to make sandwiches with large bread pieces. Given that, the price is slightly on the expensive side. But with superb functionality, easy usage and maintenance, and a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, it is an ideal sandwich maker for your daily needs.

AGARO Elegant Sandwich Maker

Best Sandwich Maker

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If you are looking for a multipurpose and affordable sandwich maker, this sandwich maker from AGARO must feature in your choice list. 

Foremost, the slim, sleek, ergonomic, and utilitarian design in black of this sandwich maker will impress you at first glance. It is small, lightweight at less than a kilogram and can be stored in small space as it can stand in a vertical position. 

Handling the appliance is easy because of its cool-touch handle that also has a lock to perfectly seal the sandwich. It also has four anti-skid rubber feet for added convenience during usage.

The plate inside the sandwich maker is made of die-casted aluminum and is non-removable. It has a non-stick Teflon coating with a stylish triangle design. Hence, you can get four triangle sandwiches at one go. Moreover, you can get them using no to minimal oil and butter because of the non-stick coating. Thus, your health is taken care of with no compromise in taste.age. The red light indicates power on while the green indicates of the appliance reaching its maximum temperatur

Its top has thermostatically controlled indicators of red and green light for easy use. Once the maximum temperature is reached, the green light switches back to red and automatically turns on when the temperature has cooled down. 

You can grill the sandwich from light to heavy within three to six minutes. The sandwich can also be made from large bread slices. Moreover, you can prepare various other dishes inside it like French toast, omelets, pizza pockets and many more. 

The unit consumes 800 watts of energy, which is cost-efficient and would be easy on your pocket. It has a meter-long cable that makes it easy for you to use. Its body and cord are shock-proof, which makes the appliance easy and safe to use. 

Cleaning and maintaining the sandwich maker is a breeze. You merely need to wipe its interior and exterior with a damp cloth, and you are done.

On the flip side, its outer steel body with an elegant finish tends to get hot on the top that might prove inconvenient. Few users state of the appliance smoking initially. Its outer shell also tends to scuff easily. 

However, with a one-year standard warranty, reasonable pricing and excellent customer rating, you will have a loyal friend every morning to prepare delicious snacks.

Morphy Richards SM3006(G) 750-Watt Grill Sandwich Toaster

 Best Sandwich Maker

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Next in our list is this sandwich griller from Morphy Richards. This particular model impressed us with its versatility and best go-to-solution for your breakfast and snacking needs.

Compact, lightweight yet sturdy, the sandwich maker flaunts of a modern design in silver that adds a glamorous touch to any urban kitchen. With an easy cord winding and de-tangling feature, storing this unit is easy even in small kitchens.

What makes this sandwich maker different is its removable plates. Moreover, it comes with three specific non-stick plates for making toast, waffles, and grilling of sandwiches each.

It also has an oil drip feature that helps you get rid of all excess oil, butter, etc. and get healthy and crisp delicacies. It’s neon light indicator guides you when the appliance is ready to use.

The body is cool touch which makes handling easy when in use. Its ergonomic handles have hinged locking to give you sealed two pieces of sandwiches. As evident, its sandwich plate has horizontal lines. The anti-skid legs keep the sandwich steady and stuck as you work with it.

Consuming just 750-watts of energy, it keeps your energy bills pocket-friendly. The removable plates make cleaning faster and easier compared to other sandwich makers. The length of the cord is also satisfactory.

Another thing that impressed us is the two-year warranty on this appliance compared to the standard one year for most other similar appliances.

The only flip side is its small size. Two regular sizes of slices of bread barely fit beside each other. Given that, it is also priced a little high. Nevertheless, it’s a sandwich maker that you will love using daily for a wide variety of sandwiches and even waffles.

INALSA Easy Toast Sandwich Maker Best Sandwich Maker

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Our next choice is this toaster from Inalsa whose looks and features left us suitably impressed.

Foremost, unlike most round or rectangular sandwich makers, the almost square looking shape in spray-painted white is aesthetically pleasing and different from the rest. It looks sophisticated in any modern setup.

Not only it has anti-skid rubber feet but it also has a cord winder at the bottom that can keep the cord hidden from view and not hanging. Lightweight, it can be stored in both horizontal and vertical ways, thereby using little space in your kitchen.

Its die-cast aluminium plates are fixed with non-stick coating and triangle design to yield four sandwiches at one go.

The sandwich again uses just 750 watts of energy. Moreover, it has a shockproof body and a neon light indicator to indicate power and grilling. It also has a built-in thermostat that regulates heat for even browning and no fear of burning.

Features like an ergonomic handle, front lock, and quick heating and grilling are features that we consider as basic qualifies it for our list. Maintaining and cleaning the appliance is fast and efficient. This appliance also offers a two-year warranty that is assuring and builds our faith in it.

On the flip side, its Teflon coating is thin that requires extra care while handling. It tends to come off easily. Another concern is its extremely small plates. The small-sized bread struggles to fit inside it and you need to cut away a portion of other bread to make sandwiches in it. The filling too needs to be less dense.

Overall, it is an excellent choice for any family that can adjust to its cons.

Prestige Sandwich Maker PSMFD 01

Best Sandwich Maker

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Prestige enjoys a formidable reputation in the Indian market. Thus, you cannot ignore this sandwich maker if quality and performance are your main criteria. 

Foremost, its uniquely elegant design in a rich dark black hue looks attractive and will be a bonus in any contemporary setting. It flaunts a slim design and is crafted from Bakelite that makes it heatproof and shock-proof. 

The unit weighs about 1.3 kgs, which is neither lightweight nor heavy. But you can store it easily and anywhere. Its locking handle helps you get perfectly sealed and crispy sandwiches.

Its plate is non-removable and crafted from diecast aluminum with a triangle design for sandwiches looking like that from top restaurants. Moreover, it has a unique German Technology Greblon non-stick coating for making sandwiches using little to no oil and butter. Given that, you can binge with no health concerns or worry about extra calories. 

It also has the indicator lights of red and green to let you get perfect sandwiches. It can accommodate two slices of bread at one go. You can even put large slices of bread in it, provided you are cutting away its edges. 

Using just 800 watts of energy, it is a cost-efficient appliance. Cleaning is easy with a damp cloth because of the non-stick and Bakelite surface. 

On the flip side, you rue its short cord first. It needs to be placed very close to the plug point. It also lacks the grilling feature, which limits its usage to just making sandwiches. Few users have complained of its lock being fragile and prone to breakage. Its outer cover can also crack at the slightest mishandling. The brand’s customer service is also unsatisfactory. 

But with a one-year warranty, pricing slightly above 1K and a high satisfaction rating from over 3k customers, you cannot go wrong with this sandwich maker. 

Philips HD 2393 820-Watt Sandwich Maker (Black)

Best Sandwich Maker

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You cannot talk about home appliances and skip on the Philips brand. Given its reputation for quality and high performance, this sandwich maker is bound to impress you on all fronts. 

Like all our selection, the sleek and modern design and finish of this sandwich maker will grab eyeballs at first glance. It comes in white and beige color choices that are a pleasant change from the standard black color.

It weighs around 1.5 kgs that is slightly on the heavier side for sandwich maker but is nevertheless easy on your hands. You can store it vertically and thus makes for compact storage. 

It flaunts a sturdy and durable body crafted from steel and plastic. Its feet are created from rubber with a good grip that keeps its firm on the countertop when in use. The handle has a pushdown lock system. The entire body and handle are heatproof and shockproof. 

Its plate has a nonstick coating for you to make sandwiches with little to no oil and butter. Its triangle design gives you perfectly sealed four triangle sandwiches. The lock on the handle helps you get sealed sandwiches. The indicator lights further make things easy and ensure sandwiches are not burnt. 

A unique feature about this sandwich maker is its cord winding facility that makes it more convenient to use and store. It also has an on/off switch for extra safety. 

The unit consumes about 820 watts of power, making it energy efficient. The appliance utilizes a unique high-temperature feature for fast heating and crispy sandwiches. 

Due to non-stick coating and elegant finish, cleaning is easy with a simple wipe of a damp cloth. 

Looking at its drawbacks; the cord length could have been longer. Few users have complained of its lock not holding correctly. Given that its price tag of around 1.9 k can be considered expensive though It tries to compensate it with a whopping two-year warranty.

But given its high customer rating, you can be assured, it’s worth every penny and will give you value for every bit. 

Borosil Super Jumbo 180° 2000-Watt Grill Sandwich Maker

 Best Sandwich Maker

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If you belong to a large joint family or love throwing parties; then this would be the ultimate sandwich maker for you.

It looks stylish and smart in stainless steel mirror finish despite being massive and heavy at over 3 kgs. Its entire build is sturdy with a cool-touch front handle.

Foremost is its massive non-stick Teflon coated plate. It can hold four sandwiches, each of two slices of bread, of any size including the jumbo ones with ease. On the front is a wide display panel on which you find a heat control knob. The appliance heats up to the set temperature and auto shuts on reaching the temperature. But it again starts if the temperature gets lowered. Hence you must be careful about your sandwiches getting burnt.

The ribs on the grill plates are deep to make the sandwiches as crisp as they can be. Heating is even for a perfect grill. Excess oil or butter flows out in its oil drip collector tray to yield healthier and delicious snacks.

Its plate locking system is at the sides and is of slide-type that increases its convenience. The plates can be opened up to 180 degrees using a red switch to give you the flexibility of easy access and making sandwiches with dense fillings. Without using the switch, it opens for up to 105 degrees for comfortable working. Its red and green indicator lights and the thermal fuse keeps you updated and safe when using the appliance as does its cool-touch handle.

Being jumbo-sized, it does consume 2000-watts of energy. Its cord is fairly long at 1.4 m and has a cord wrap that increases your storage convenience. There is also a slope adjusting stand at the bottom to let you get the right adjustment. An included cleaning spatula makes keeping the appliance spic and span, effortless.

Apart from sandwiches, you can grill plenty of other food items in it like wraps, vegetables, cutlets, etc.

On the flip side, it can exhibit a few power and voltage issues due to its high energy consumption. The oil-drip tray is also fragile and can break easily.

Overall, with a one–year warranty, it is a perfect choice when your healthy and delicious snacks requirement is on the bulk side.

Concord Sandwich Maker/ Grill

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It is another fancy looking and excellent sandwich maker from the leading brand of the Middle East. It makes your morning supper and snack time always tempting and delicious.

The appliance is aesthetic looking and reasonably lightweight. Its cord wrap system makes storage easy.

Its Teflon coated plates can both grill and toast, With a capacity of 2 slices, it can even accommodate large bread size or even a sub. Its floating hinge system helps you adjust any size of bread in it with ease.

It has several features we have discussed before like removable oil drip tray, automatic temperature control, LED indicator, cool-touch handle, easy cleaning, grooves for extra crispness, no fear of burnt sandwiches, etc. It’s both top and bottom plates heat evenly and fast to drool out perfectly grilled sandwiches in record time.

Apart from sandwiches, you can grill chicken, vegetables and plenty of other items into it as well.

It uses 800 watts of power that is on the higher side.

On the flip side, its plastic body is not too sturdy and hence, this sandwich maker is not suitable for heavy use. Given that, the unit is slightly expensive.

Despite this, with a one –year manufacturer’s warranty, it is a terrific purchase for any household.

Cello Super Club Toast-N-Grill Plus Sandwich Maker

 Best Sandwich Maker

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Last in our list is this excellent sandwich maker from Cello.

It is aesthetically pleasing with hygienic stainless steel cover which also assures durability and turdiness. Lightweight at around 1.6 kgs and with cord storage facility; it is convenient to carry around and even store

It is a two-slice bread sandwich maker which means you can comfortably place any size of bread inside. You can even place two small slices of bread adjacent to each other but with no space.

Its plates are non-toxic Teflon coated with vertical grids to yield hygienic and evenly grilled sandwiches. Its floating hinged top plate helps you adjust any size of bread with ease.

You can easily use it to grill sandwiches, sausages, chicken, etc.

It also has most of the standard features like an automated shut-off system on reaching optimum temperature, cool-touch handle, indicator lights, and easy cleaning and maintenance. It is also energy efficient with 750 watts of power consumption.

On the flip side, its power cord is short that makes using it slightly difficult. It’s stainless steel top body also gets hot and you need to handle it carefully. Without any locking system, the yield might not be too crispy though you can solve the issue by keeping a glass of water on the appliance while it is grilling.

But with a two-year warranty and great features; it is an excellent appliance for daily use.

Nova NGS 2449 1000-Watt Panini Sandwich Grill Maker

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Given the excellent grilling and toasting feature of this sandwich maker and impressive high customer satisfaction score, this sandwich maker had made it to our list. 

Its modern, stylish design and slim look in black and steel hue look sophisticated and elegant in any ambiance. The unit is crafted from steel with a black coating for a sturdy and durable impact. It is on the heavier side at 2.25 kg but is compact and can be stored vertically. 

It has a double Teflon coated non-stick coating to make sandwiches using little to no oil and butter. The plate is non-removable has had panini or vertical lines. There is no parting line that makes it easy for you to make sandwiches out of large slices of bread or even loaf pieces.

A unique feature of this sandwich maker is its floating hinges to help you grill sandwiches of any height, even three to four decker ones. The hinged lock helps you get perfectly sealed sandwiches of any height and width. It can also accommodate two large-sized slices of bread adjacent to each other with ease. 

The appliance utilized 1000 watts of energy, highest in our list so far, but it gives you crispier sandwiches in record time. It is also available in 1200 watts of power if you so desire. 

The rest of its features are standard like heat-proof and shock-proof body and handle, thermostat control and indicator light for safety and crispy drool out of sandwiches, non-skid feet, etc. 

Cleaning is easy, as with all other appliances on our list. 

There is barely any complaint against this maker apart from its short cord of 0.9 meters. However, the sandwich maker is on the expensive side but worth every penny. 

All-in-all, with a one-year warranty and superior performance, you would be proud to own this sandwich maker with toasting and grilling features. 

Inalsa Treat 1500W Panini Grill Sandwich Maker

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Our final choice is another panini-style sandwich maker with some unique features that will broaden your choice options without compromising in quality. 

The appliance looks incredibly stylish in black and gray. Crafted from steel and with aluminum non-removable plates; it is built for reliability and durability. With anti-skid feet and vertical storage facility, it is reasonably weighted at 1.7 kgs. 

Its plate has non-stick coating for minimal to no use of oil and butter. You can easily make sandwiches from four slices of large bread in one go. As there is no partition, you can also grill a sandwich from a large loaf. It has a side hinge lock to help you get sealed sandwiches. 

Because the sandwich maker uses 1500 watts of energy, it can preheat itself in seconds. It can give you the crispiest of sandwiches in just 5 to 6 minutes. 

Another unique feature of this sandwich maker is the oil drip tray at the bottom to collect excess oil and butter. It makes your sandwich healthier and crispier. 

While it has the thermostat and indicator lights feature, it also has a temperature control knob to give you better control. The handle is cool touch so that you can easily handle the appliance even when in operation. 

It also comes with a whopping two-year warranty. 

There is barely any complaint regarding this sandwich maker apart from a few complaining of poor sturdiness. 

Overall, with a pricing of around 2K, it is a sandwich maker to choose with no reservations. 

Wrapping up

A sandwich maker gives you a better and faster sandwich compared to the traditional way of doing it on a pan. You need not flip them and their fillings are also deliciously sealed. It satiates your taste buds while keeping your kitchen well-equipped and modern. We hope that you found an ideal sandwich maker for your kitchen. Do reach out to us with any comments, suggestion or feedback.

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