Best RO Water Purifiers in India

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Last week, we bought a TDS meter for our home. It costs less than about Rs. 300 and has been proving quite useful. When we checked the water, we were able to see that the TDS reading of the water supply at our home is in the range of 800-900. Well, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to someone living in Bangalore. We know our water is hard.
And that is why a RO ( reverse osmosis) water purifier is a must-have for residents of metro cities where you get borewell water and other areas with TDS higher than 500 ppm.

We bought our Eureka Forbes AquaGuard Enhance RO water purifier about 6 years back. It was a wise purchase decision. Though the annual maintenance with filter change costs us about Rs. 4000+ annually, the water quality is quite good. So is the after sales service, making it overall a good choice.

Back then, when we think about water purifier, the first choice was Eureka Forbes. But now, that is not the case. Hema Malini has shown us that we do have choices like Kent which has brought out the hugely successful model Kent New Grand, garnering 4700+ reviews with an overall rating of 4.1 stars. Or if you want a water purifier that dispenses hot water, you could opt for AO Smith Z9.
There are numerous other options too available in the market to confuse any one. That is why, we bring to you this brief list of best RO water purifiers in India.

Which are the Best RO Water Purifiers In India?

ModelCapacityPurification Technology

Kent Grand Plus

8 Litres RO + UV+ UF + TDS

Kent Grand Plus

8 LitresRO + UV+ UF + TDS

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard


Eureka Forbes Aquasure

6 LitresRO+UV+MTDS

AO Smith Z8

10 LitresRO+SCMT

Havells Max RO

7 LitresRO + UV

Blue Star Aristo

7 LitresRO+UV

Before we get to the detailed list, let us understand the common terms used while you read about water purifiers.

RO which means Reverse Osmosis is a process where through a highly porous layer, water passes in the opposite direction of natural osmosis with an applied pressure in order to remove impurities in it. The process helps remove TDS, lead, mercury, calcium, iron, asbestos and proves to be a mechanical barrier for biological contaminants like protozoan cyst, bacteria and virus.

UF means ultra-filtration, where small-sized particles suspended in water, are trapped in the membrane. It helps remove macro molecules and particulate matter.

UV stands for Ultra violet rays which kill germs and microbes in the water.

TDS is Total Dissolved Solids which are made up of inorganic salts especially sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, etc. As per WHO, TDS level of less than 300 mg per litre is considered suitable for drinking water. However, ideally, RO purified water should have  TDS less than 100 ppm.

Now, let us take a look at the list. Almost all water purifiers in this list cost more than Rs. 10000. So, if you are looking for a budget friendly option, take a look at our list of best water purifiers under Rs 10000

Best RO Water Purifiers In India

Kent New Grand 

best ro water purifier IndiaFind latest price

  • 7 stage purification process
  • 8 liter storage tank and 20 litre per hour and 100 litre per day purification capacity
  • Filter change and UV fail alarm
  • Save water technology that reduces water wastage

  • High price tag.

Ideal for areas receiving borewell and brackish water with TDS level between 500-2500, Kent New Grand  is one of the top rated RO water purifiers in India.

With 7 stage water purification including reverse osmosis, ultra filtration, UV filtration and TDS controller, it removes inorganic salts, odors, salts, bacteria, viruses and other contaminants, but still retains natural minerals in the water. The filter cartridges include sediment, carbon block filter, UF and post carbon. Though the filtration system is advanced, water wastage is minimized with the Save Water technology.

The purified water is stored in a 8 litre transparent tank made of food grade plastic. Thanks to the in-tank UV disinfection feature, you can store the water in the tank for an extended period without worrying about it getting contaminated.  Note that even though the Kent New Grand has a water purification capacity of 20 Litres per hour, ideally it should be used to purify just about 100 litres of water a day.

Yet another advantage of this water purifier is the computer controlled process that indicates when it is time to change filters and when the UV lamp needs to be changed.

Talking about the disadvantages, you will have to shell out about Rs. 4500 plus for a complete filter change, which usually has to be done every 12 months. (If you want to extend the filter life, you could install a pre-filter that purifies impurities like sand costing about Rs. 1000.) Also, in certain towns, you may find the after sales service to be not-so prompt.

Water wastage is a bit too high at 500 ml for every litre. However, you get a tank along with the water purifier, which can be used to store the refuse water for gardening, mopping or other purposes.

Even though there are a few flaw, overall, with one year manufacturer warranty and 3 years free service, and an excellent filtration system in place, the Kent New Grand

is one of the best options to choose from. Now, if you would be happy with a lower purification capacity of 15 litre per hour and 75 litre per day, then you could opt for Kent Grand with a slightly lower price tag.

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Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Enhance RO UV UF MTDS Water Purifier

best ro water purifier IndiaFind latest price

  • The triple protection technology of Reverse Osmosis, Ultra Violet rays, and Ultra Filtration makes drinking water completely safe
  • Electronic Membrane Life Enhancer technology for prevention of scaling
  • Carbon polished taste enhancer technology that gives the drinking water its sparkle.

  • No alarms or indicators for filter change.
  • Water cannot stored in tank for more than 2 days.

As mentioned earlier, we have been using the Aquaguard Enhance RO water purifier since past 7 years and has been quite happy with it. But what we would like to recommend is their advanced version which in addition to RO, UF and UV has a MTDS which ensures that water from multiple sources with TDS of up to 2000 ppm is purified in to potable level.

In addition to RO cartridge, UF and UV chamber, the Aquguard Enhance has a few filters that are rather unique. They are- the iFilter that removes suspended particles in the water; Chemi-Block that removes chlorine and other organic compounds; Biotron cartridge that improves water absorption; Mineral Guard to prevent calcium and magnesium deposits and also a taste enhancer.

The storage tank has a maximum capacity of 7 litres and just like other water purifiers, it has sensors that automatically switches off the machine when water is full and switches on when water falls below a particular level.  Like Havells Max RO, the purified water output per hour is 15 litres.

Talking about the drawbacks, as the Aquaguard Enhance doesn’t have storage tank with in-built UV disinfectant feature like Kent New Grand, you can’t store water in it for more than 2 days. So, before you go on vacation, you have to either switch off the machine and throw away any water in it or dispose it off once you reach back after vacation. Also, it doesn’t have any of the alarms that indicate when it is time for filter or UV lamp change.

With excellent after-sales service and fairly efficient filtration system in place, the Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Enhance is an excellent choice for homes with multiple sources of water like borewell, tanker, well water etc.

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Eureka Forbes Aquasure Water Purifier

best ro water purifier India

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  • 6 stage purification process of Reverse Osmosis, Ultra Violet rays, and Ultra Filtration with TDS controller.
  • Multi-colored indicators to warn of low-level water pressure, error with the machine.
  • Voltage drop/surge protector system.

  • Only 6 Litre water tank.

Black, Stylish and futuristic, this water purifier from the house of Eureka Forbes has been dubbed as a smart water purifier. Its purification system is almost similar to the previous Aquaguard Enhance RO with UF, UV chamber,  iFilter, ChemiBlock, Biotron, Mineral guard and taste enhancer. But what makes it really smart is its user-friendly features.

The stylish water purifier comes with LED indicators to alert you when water is full, pressure is low, there is no water supply or when there is any error. The filter cartridges last for a year or for up to 6000 L. And the device also has smart plus feature that protects the device against voltage fluctuations.

A drawback however is that it has just a 6 litre storage tank compared to the Aquaguard Enhance’s 7 litre tank.

So, if you fancy an advanced water purifier with smart features, then the Eureka Forbes Aquasure is sure to delight you.

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AO Smith Z8 RO Water Purifier

best ro water purifier IndiaFind latest price

  • 8 stage water filtration
  • Large capacity tank of 10 litres
  • Dispenses hot water.

  • Tank has to be completely full for dispensing hot water.
  • Technicians lack expertise

If you fancy a water purifier that gives you hot water, then this AO Smith Z8 perhaps is the only option in India that will suffice your needs. It is also has the largest tank in the segment with 10 litre capacity.

With 8 stage advanced filtration system, the AO Smith Z10 removes up to 95% of TDS in water. The heating element helps you with hot water of 45 to 80 degree Celsius, which apart from drinking can be used for soaking pulses and cereals, help you speed up cooking and soothen sore throat etc. Don’t worry, the hot water faucet has a child lock to prevent any untoward accidents.
Note that the water is not boiled. So, it is not advisable to use this water for preparing baby food or bottle sterilization without further boiling.

The 8 stage filtration system include a pre-filter, sediment filter, carbon block, RO, mineralizer, double protection dual filter and advanced recovery technology.
The ART ( Advanced recovery technology) is said to be a unique technology that reduces water wastage without compromising on purified water quality.

Talking about the flaws, first of all, the tank has to be completely full in order to get hot water. Next, the height between the faucet and the stand is not sufficient for keeping 1 litre bottles. So you may have to remove the stand for easy use. Yet another complaint frequently seen is that the installation is not so prompt and technicians sometime lack expertise over the product.

With an annual maintenance cost of about Rs. 4500, pretty “hot” features and a large tank, the AO Z8 is indeed an alluring choice. However, it comes with a hefty price tag that makes you think twice before you buy.

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Havells Max RO

best ro water purifier India

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  • One of the unique water purifier models that corrects water pH level.
  • Automatic voltage tripper to protect the purifier from a surge of electrical current in excess of 330 Volts
  • Automatic alerts for UV, SV, and pump failure, low water pressure, full tank.
  • Removable tank

  • High level of water wastage.
  • High maintenance charges.

Havells is a trusted name when it comes to home appliances. They recently forayed in to the water purifiers segment and have been garnering rave reviews.

Their Max RO water purifier which was launched in 2018 is one of their most successful models suitable if the water supply in your home is less than 2000 ppm.

In this purifier, water passes through multiple layers of filtration, for best results. First of all, it goes through sediment filter to capture sand and other heavier particulate matter, followed by activated filter cartridge. Then, it goes through RO membrane, followed by UV for eliminating pesticides, harmful chemicals, and impurities in the water.

In addition, in order to correct the pH and improve mineral content, water is passed through a mineral cartridge and then a silver impregnated taste enhancer. The last revitalizer cartridge is said to help improve hydration and mineral absorption.

Havells has also introduced “I Protect” technology that has been inbuilt in the water purifier to monitor water quality. As with Kent Grand Plus, the Havells Max RO also have alerts for self-diagnosis, purification process, tank full, low pressure and error alerts for UV, SV and pump failure.

The purifier has an output of 15 litre per hour. The removable 7 litre storage tank is easy to clean too. The water purifier also has a holder on which you can keep cups and small bottles for filling water.

Talking about the maintenance, the filter cartridges usually has to be changed annually. The annual maintenance costs about Rs. 4-4.5k which includes filter change.

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Blue Star Aristo RO+UV Water Purifier 

best ro water purifier IndiaFind latest price

  • Double layered UV and RO protection
  • Copper impregnated activated carbon
  • Child lock function
  • Aqua Taste Booster

  • No SMPSs to trip in case of surge in electricity
  • Delay in installation and after sales service in certain towns.

Blue Star is quite a reputed brand when it comes to air conditioners. Their entry in to the water purifier segment has been well received too.

The Aristo water purifier costs a tad less than most entries in this list. But unlike them, Blue Star Aristo has only 6 stage water purification. They are- pre-filter to remove larger particles like sand, pre-carbon filter  to remove dissolved contaminants and impurities, sediment filter, RO membrane, UV lamp to kill microbes and a post carbon filter with Aqua Taste booster.

What it lacks compared to Kent New Grand  is ultra filtration and compared to Havells is the silver taste enhancer. If you are particular about having an ultra filtration system, you may have to opt for Blue Star Aristo RO+UV+UF AR5BLAM01 for a slightly higher price tag.

When you objectively look at it, the filtration system of Blue Star Aristo is in no way inefficient than any of the other water purifiers in this list. Blue Star uses a double layered RO membrane + UV lamp in order to improve filtration efficiency. The copper impregnated activated carbon filter adds to the anti-bacterial property to the filter. Moreover, as per Ayurveda, water with copper traces is said to be highly beneficial for health.
An added advantage of this water purifier is that it comes along with an extra pre-filter, which as mentioned earlier enhances the life of in-built filters.
The storage tank of Blue Star Aristo is of 7 litre capacity

The alarm system of the water purifier indicates when purification is on, tank is full, pressure is low or when the UV lamp fails. If you have small children and the purifier is installed within their reach, you will find the child lock feature quite useful too.

One of the main drawbacks of this water purifier is that the after sales service and installation is not quite prompt.

With 1 year warranty and efficient filtration system, the Blue Star Aristo is one of the best choices for homes where water supply has TDS level of less than 2000 ppm.

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So did you like the choices we listed for you? Or did you choose something else. Or if you have any doubts while choosing a water purifier, let us know in comments.  Our experts shall respond as soon as possible.

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