6 Best Rice Cooker In India 2019

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Rice cookers have become a must-have household equipment for most families. They bring in convenience and efficiency in the preparation of rice, making them preferred by many. But just what are rice cookers?

A rice cooker or in other terms referred to as a rice steamer, is an electrical kitchen equipment that is made to boil or steam rice. It consists of a heat source, a thermostat and a cooking bowl.

There are different types and varieties of rice cookers in the market and depending on the make, the functions and specifications may vary. Some may just have the basic parts of a rice cooker while others may have additional functions.

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If you are a big family and are looking for a cooker that can suit you best, then you can probably consider the Panasonic SR-WA18 E 4.4-Litre Automatic Rice Cooker due to its large capacity.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a rice cooker that can cook other stuff too apart from rice, then you would probably pick the Sheffield Classic 3-In-1 Multi-Cooker 1.1 L Capacity (Boil, Grill, Fry) 800W which can also boil, fry and grill food.

Now, let us take a look at pros and cons of rice cooker, ideal water to rice ratio and its working mechanism, followed by top picks of rice cookers available in India.

How A Rice Cooker works?

Best Rice Cooker India

The basic principle behind the operation of a rice cooker lies in its parts which include the thermostat and cooking bowl as mentioned earlier. These parts work hand in hand to ensure that rice is either boiled or steamed without burning or undercooking it.

The thermostat measures the amount of temperature that the cooking bowl has at any given time and also helps in controlling the heat. The cooking bowl is the part that holds water and rice.

When the cooking commences, the rice/water mixture is given sufficient heat at full power. The water is heated to temperature of up to 100 degrees Celsius. Just like the traditional cooking method of rice, no water is left behind afterwards.

The water that is placed together with the rice is mostly absorbed by the rice and some of it is boiled off. After the water is over, the heating continues and when the temperature rises beyond the boiling point, the thermostat trips.

When the thermostat trips, the cooker goes off indicating that the rice is ready for consumption. Some models of cookers would instead switch to warming mode as opposed to switching off entirely so that the rice can stay warm till served.

Water & Rice- The Optimal Quantity

Best Rice Cooker India

Perhaps the most important factor that influences proper cooking of rice is the quantity of water you add to it. The product manual usually contains instructions regarding it. However, you can use the below guideline for general reference. ( Note that the exact quantity of water required depends on the rice quality and may vary from the below guideline)

White Rice- For every cup of rice, 1.5-2 cups of water needs to be added.
Brown Rice- For every cup of rice, 2.5-3 cups of water needs to be added.

 Advantages of Rice Cookers

There are several reasons as to why rice cookers are used. They speed-up the entire process of cooking rice, making it convenient for the users. The following are some of the reasons why you should purchase rice cookers:

  1. They are easy to use and offer more precise measurements for the rice/water ratio.
  2. They cook rice effectively without either undercooking or overcooking it.
  3. Some of the models of rice cookers allow the user to cook different varieties of rice including brown rice and white rice.
  4. Some models have a keep-warm functionality that keeps the rice warm even after the cooking is completed, until it is served.
  5. They do not require frequent monitoring during cooking in order to determine whether the process is over or not.

Disadvantages of rice cookers

There is nothing perfect, and just like any other product, rice cookers also have their downsides. Even though they are convenient to use, for some reasons, you may find a bit of shortcoming in them. The following are some of the reasons why:

  1. Some varieties of rice such as brown rice may not effectively cook in certain models of rice cookers.
  2. Some models are quite big and bulky, thus require sufficient space in the kitchen which may sometimes miss.
  3. Determining the size of cooker to buy can sometimes be a problem to some individuals.

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Top Picks Of Rice Cookers In India

As many may not know just how to choose the right rice cooker, we are here to do that for you. We have sampled out some of the best rice cookers in the market and made up the following review to assist you choose the best model that would fit your needs. The rice cookers are as below:

Panasonic SRWA18GHCMB Rice Cooker Combo Pack, 1.8 Litre

Best Rice Cooker India

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  • It is easy to clean after use.
  • The outer body is made of durable plastic that ensures it serves the user for a long period of time.
  • It keeps food warm after the cooking process is complete for up to 5 hours.
  • It blends well with the kitchen environment.

  • The sticky nature of the bottom layer of the cooker after it has been used is a matter of concern.

This rice cooker is not only energy efficient but also has a wide range of functionalities that brings convenience to the user. The advantage of using rice cookers is multitasking, as they do not require a lot of attention while cooking.

This cooker has a great finishing that completes it look and appearance. As stated, it is also energy efficient consuming just 660W of power.

Apart from cooking different varieties of rice, the cooker can also be used for making idili, momos and steaming fish and vegetables. This is an added advantage to the user. Equipped with a thermostat, you can be able to control the temperature of food in the cooker.

One of the main advantage to note with this cooker is that the amount of oil needed is quite minimal, thus saving the health of your loved ones.

The cooker has transparent materials that ensure you can see how the food is cooking without necessarily opening the cooker. You can therefore monitor the progress of your food as you continue working on other stuff.

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Prestige Delight Electric Rice Cooker Cute 1.8-2 (700 watts) with 2 aluminum cooking pans

Best Rice Cooker India

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  • Comes with additional cooking pans, measuring cup and rice scoop. These will help you in the cooking procedure.
  • Has a keep warm mode that ensures food stays warm even after is cooked.
  • It is easy to carry around. The detachable power cable and the quality handles ensure that the cooker can be carried around easily.
  • It is power efficient thus conserving electrical power.

  • Users don’t love the idea of constantly opening the lid to prevent water from flowing out of the cooker during meal preparation.

The Prestige Delight Rice Cooker has great features that sum up its ability to deliver. With the ability to not only cook rice but most of the other meals too, this cooker comes with a wide range of advantages. To mention a few of these features, the cooker has speed cooking, keep warm ability among other many functions that we will learn here.

The handle of the cooker is made in such a way that it can also hold the scoop. It also features automatic controls which enable it to switch to a keep-warm mode after the rice is ready.

The cooker is easy to carry due to the convenient touch handles that are not only comfortable but also sturdy. The portability of the cooker is also attributed to the fact that it has a detachable power cable.

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Panasonic SR-WA18 E 4.4-Litre Automatic Rice Cooker

Best Rice Cooker India

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  • It has auto-cooking technology that ensures you do not give so much of your attention to it when cooking a meal.
  • It has an auto-cut off technology that cuts off power when the food is ready and ensures that it does not over-cook.
  • It is energy efficient thus consumes low amount of power.
  • It is made of ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) compliant material that is durable and eco-friendly.

  • The cooker doesn’t have an auto keep warm feature that is meant to keep food warm after it has completed cooking time. This is a negative for most of the users.


Panasonic has been in the market for quite a long period of time thus gaining the trust of many users. This rice cooker from them is therefore sure to impress.

The cooker has a sturdy and elegant design that blends in with the kitchen environment quite well. Apart from just the design, it has a wide variety of functions that will also wow you.

With a 1.8L capacity, this cooker is convenient for a small nuclear family to make a meal that will satisfy them all. The material that makes up the cooker is durable and of high quality.

The handles of the cooker are made of strong heat-resistant plastic that enables the user to carry it without being scorched by the heat of the food. The cooker itself is also light to carry and reduces strain.

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Philips HL1665/00 1.8-Litre Electric Rice Cooker (White/Red)

Best Rice Cooker India

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  • It has an auto cut-off option.
  • It can cook all types of rice. Not all cookers can do this and thus this is a big plus.
  • It is occupies a small space in the kitchen which is convenient for most users. This also ensures that you have enough room to do other stuff in your kitchen.

  • Some users find it a bit slow in terms of food preparation as compared to other cookers.

For the best cooked rice, you can trust this cooker to always deliver. Philips again is yet another trusted brand in terms of electronics and is bound to deliver on this particular one too.

The very first thing that should inspire you to purchase this cooker is its keep warm functionality that ensures that food remains warm even after the cooking process has been completed. The rice will stay warm for a period of about 4 hours after which the cooker switches off. This function is automatic.

Another advantage of this cooker is that it comes with a starch separator plate that ensures the rice is well-cooked grain by grain. This is important for the overall quality of food in the end.

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Inalsa Chefpro 650 Watt Rice Cooker in 1.8-Litre (White)

Best Rice Cooker India

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  • It has a cooking plate that ensures rice does not stick on it when cooking. This is one problem that has been experienced in most of the other models of rice cookers.
  • It has a beautiful powder coated design that appeals to most of the users and is also easy to blend in with other items in the kitchen.
  • Has a large capacity that can prepare food for an entire family.

  • It is ideal for an average size family as compared to some other models which can serve a larger size of family.

Working at 650W, this cooker is quite energy efficient and conserves electrical power. The cooker is fast in preparation of food, prepares food efficiently and has a fair capacity that ensures enough food can be prepared for an average family.

It has great touch handles that are well insulated thus ensuring that you carry it without getting burnt in due process. The material that has also been used in its construction makes it portable and easy to carry.

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 Sheffield Classic 3-In-1 Multi-Cooker 1.1 L Capacity (Boil, Grill, Fry) 800W

Best Rice Cooker India

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  • It has a tempered glass metastable lid that makes it have an exquisite elegant look.
  • It is made of high quality material that ensures it lasts for a long period of time.
  • Ideal for preparing instant meals.
  • Its pans and pots are made of non-stick material and are also detachable making them convenient to use during cooking.

  • Some users have complained about the additional pots and pans of the cooker not having handles.

Made by Sheffield classic, this rice cooker is multi-purpose and thus is not only used for cooking rice but can also perform other functions including grilling, boiling and frying. It is therefore very convenient for cooking a variety of stuff, and thus ideal for bachelors who don’t want to buy a lot of pots and pans for cooking.

It has multiple temperature controls thanks to its thermostat which helps the user determine the temperature food will cook at with low, medium and high choice options available.

It also has cool handles that ensure the cooker can be carried conveniently without straining and getting burnt. It is the ideal type of cooker for preparing instant meals. Its detachable nature makes it easy and convenient during cooking and even cleaning. The materials that make up this cooker are also of high quality thus making sure it is not only durable but also elegant.

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