5 Best Refrigerators Under Rs 15000

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Are you looking for the best refrigerators within a budget of Rs. 15000, then this guide will help.

 Rs. 15000 is good enough for a single door refrigerator for bachelors or for families with 2-3 members. At this price, you can at the best get a refrigerator with 190-220 L capacity equipped with direct cool technology—meaning you may have to defrost at a regular interval to prevent ice formation in freezer.

Which are the Best Refrigerators Under Rs. 15000?

One of the best picks in this range is the Haier HED 22FSS 220 L 4-star direct cool refrigerator. This latest model from Haier has got maximum capacity in the given price range, consumes just 168 units of electricity annually, thus earning for itself 4-star energy rating and overall is quite satisfactory in terms of performance.

So, in this article, we will review Haier HED 22FSS, as well as other top picks discussing its features and performance.

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Best Refrigerators Under Rs 15000

Haier 220L 3 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator (HED-22TDS, Dazzle Steel)

best refrigerator under Rs 15000

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With elegant appearance, well-organized interiors and fairly good performance, Haier HED 22TDS is one of the best picks within Rs. 15000/- It has a gross volume of 220 L and a net storage volume of 213L. The refrigerator also features an anti-fungal gasket and a door lock.

Haier HED-22TDS uses direct cool technology for cooling its freezer and fridge, hence requires manual defrosting every 3-6 days depending on the temperature at which you have set the refrigerator.

On the other hand, the direct cool system facilitates a very efficient 1 hour icing technology which, as the name suggests helps you make ice in just 1 hour by bringing down the temperature inside the refrigerator to -5 degrees in 60 minutes.

The unit with 3-star energy rating consumes on an average around 168 units of electricity annually. It also functions stabilizer free within a voltage range of 135-290 V.

Talking about the interiors, they are fairly spacious and organized. Below a decently large freezer is a section for dairy, four shelves and a spacious vegetable crisper. The door shelves are also cleverly designed that you can access water bottles without having to stoop too low and can keep sauces and smaller juice bottles at the lowest rack. About 2-3 two litre bottles can be kept in the second last shelf easily, while the four toughened glass shelves in this refrigerator can hold 120 Kg each.

A major drawback with this model is that there are numerous cases of deliveries with physical damages being reported. So, check thoroughly for manufacturing defects as soon as you get the product. Make sure to report and get the refund immediately as returns should be filed within 10 days of delivery.

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LG 190L 4 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator (GL-B201APGY, Purple Glow)

best refrigerator under Rs 15000


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LG has the reputation of selling some of the best performing refrigerators in India. Their LG GL-I292RPZL features as one of the best double door refrigerators in India and the LG 190 L B201APGY doesn’t really fare behind in the single door segment.

The refrigerator has a gross volume of 190L. It consumes 131 units of electricity annually, thus earning for itself 4-star energy rating. It can operate stabilizer free within 90-310V  range( which is a wider range compared to the Haier HED-22TDS refrigerator). To add to convenience, it comes with anti-fungal gasket and also has a door lock.

As with all single door refrigerators, LG GL-B201ABPX also requires manual defrosting every 3-7 days. However, compared to other refrigerators in the segment, a key advantage of this model is that it uses a smart inverter compressor that adjusts the cooling as per ambient temperature and quantity of food kept. This optimizes performance, improves energy efficiency and minimizes noise.

The interiors are also fairly well-organized. Compared to Haier HED 22TDS, the freezer is a bit small, but the dairy section is larger. It has just 3 shelves, while Haier HED 22TDS has 4 shelves. The organization of the door shelves are almost the same giving ample space for water bottles, juices, sauces and other condiments. The vegetable box has a moist balance crisper that helps retain moisture and freshness of the vegetables and fruits for longer.

Overall, LG B201APGY is a close second in this segment. If space is a major decisive factor for you, then it would be better to opt for Haier HED 22TDS. Otherwise, LG is pretty good option in this segment that gives Haier a run for its money.

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Haier 195L 4 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator (HED-20CFDS, Dazzle Steel)

best refrigerator under Rs 15000

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 Haier HED-20CFDS 195 L refrigerator is quite similar to the former entry Haier HED-22TDS 220 L refrigerator in terms of performance and features. The main difference lies in the capacity and power consumption.

Haier HED-20CFDS  refrigerator has a gross capacity of 195 L and a net storage capacity of 188L, with the freezer having 19L capacity. The refrigerator consumes 151 units of power annually and has a 4-star BEE rating. It can work stabilizer free within range of 135-290V. As it comes with direct cool technology, you will have to manually defrost the refrigerator every 3-7 days.

Just like all Haier refrigerators, HED-20CFDS also comes with 1-hour icing technology that brings down the temperature of the freezer to -5 degree Celsius in 60 minutes. It also comes with anti-fungal gasket and a door lock.

The interiors are fairly well-organized. Below the 19L freezer is a dedicated space for dairy, and underneath, there are three height-adjustable hardened glass shelves that can each carry a maximum load of 120 Kg. Just like most refrigerators in this segment, the door shelves are organized in such a way that you can keep heavy 2 L bottles in the middle rack allowing you to pick it up without stooping much and the lowest rack is for juices, sauces and other smaller bottles.

Overall, Haier 195 L HED-22CFDS is one of the best-selling refrigerators in this segment that is highly rated and well-performing. You can read the detailed review of Haier 195 L HED-22FSS single door refrigerator here.

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Samsung 212L 3 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator (RR22T272YS8/NL Elegant Inox, Inverter Compressor)

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 Samsung RR22T272YS8/NL single door refrigerator with a gross capacity of 212L utilizes 166 units of power annually, thus earning 3-star energy rating. It runs stabilizer free between 100-300 V fluctuation. The fridge has a net capacity of 185L, while the freezer has a net capacity of 18L.

The unit comes with direct cool technology and is equipped with digital inverter compressor that runs at 7 different speeds according to the load and ambient temperature, thereby saving energy, reducing wear and tear and improving overall performance and efficiency.

Now, talking about the interiors, it has a fairly large freezer and dairy section. Along with it, there are 3 height adjustable toughened glass shelves that can hold a maximum of 150 Kg each. The vegetable crisper is also fairly large for 2-3 member family. The door shelves are designed in such a way that you can keep tall 2 L bottles in two of the lowest racks.

Overall, Samsung 212 L RR22T272YS8/NL is a pretty durable option available in this segment. If you are not quite concerned with energy consumption, but would rather prefer space and durability, then, it is a pretty good choice.

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Whirlpool 200L 3 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator (215 IMPowerCool PRM 3S)

best refrigerator under Rs 15000

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Whirlpool 215 IMPoweCool PRM 3S comes with 200 L capacity and yearly power consumption of about 198 units, fetching for itself 3 star energy rating. The refrigerator runs smoothly for power fluctuation between 130 to 300 V, hence, you won’t need to invest in an additional stabilizer.

One of the main USPs of this refrigerator is its ability for quick cooling. The insulated capillary technology cools faster and retains cooling inside the refrigerator for up to 12 hours in case of a power failure. Moreover, it leads to better compressor efficiency.

Looking at the interiors, you find that it has a fairly large freezer and a dedicated dairy section. There is also a special zone for medicines and masala. However, the medicine zone doesn’t have any enclosure and that is a disadvantage as it could lead to cross-contamination.

There are three height-adjustable hardened glass shelves and a large vegetable crisper with moisture controller that allows you to maintain optimal humidity inside it, thus prolonging the life of produces stored.

The door shelves are also brilliantly designed that the big bottles are spaced exactly at the middle, allowing you to pick them up without stooping.

Overall, if you are not quite bothered about the power consumption, but are huge on ice and cool drink consumption and if your place has frequent power cuts, then Whirlpool 215 IMPowerCool PRM 3S is a pretty good choice for you.

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