10 Stylish Recliner Sofas That Are Cosy and Comfortable

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Snuggling on a recliner and watching your favorite Netflix show is perhaps the ultimate definition of relaxation and home comfort. 

 Recliner sofas are an important piece of furniture in every house and it is what makes the living room lively in the true sense. Serving as a cross between a chair and a sofa, it renders the functions and comfort of both. Choosing the correct recliner sofa that fits in your house, family, and lifestyle can be challenging given the vast options available in the market. However, with little research and study, you can choose a key recliner that fits well into the physical and aesthetic needs of your home and family.  

Which Are The Best Recliner Sofas In India?

  1. Royaloak Divine Two Seater Recliner (Brown)
  2. Solimo Musca Two Seater Fabric Recliner (Chocolate)
  3. WellNap Motorized Recliner Specially for Senior Citizens with Push Button Technology (Dark Brown)
  4. Furny Elisse One Seater Living Room Single Seater Recliner (Blue) Manual Recliner with German Recliner Mechanism
  5. Home Centre Zurich NXT One Seater Recliner 
  6. Amazon Brand – Solimo Capri Single Seater Fabric Recliner
  7. The Couch Cell Manual Recliner in Brown
  8. CasaStyle – Carsley 1 Seater Living Room Sofa Recliner in Fabric Dark Grey
  9. AE Designs Rocking Recliner In Olive Brown Fabric
  10. @home by Nilkamal Rheus Single Seat Recliner 

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Best Recliner Sofas In India That Are Cosy and Comfortable

To make your buy easy and hassle-free we bring you a few recommendations of the best recliner sofas that not only add value to your home décor but also increase the comfort quotient, making your space cozy, warm and classy. 

Royaloak Divine Two Seater Recliner (Brown)

Best Recliner Sofa

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Thinking of spending some quality time, relaxing and lounging with your partner? Then go in for the ultra-cozy two-seater recliner from Royaloak that comes with soft, plush cushioning, opulent fabric coating, and Flexi-pocket springs that give extra comfort and softness. The two-seater recliner offers different reclining position adjustments that help you unwind as per your mood and physical demands. The dark brown colour imparts a royal look to the piece of modern furniture adding grace and charm to your living room space. 

With its German recliner mechanism, the piece is designed to offer ultimate comfort to users in all positions. The wide and thick arm padding provides extra ease for resting the arms and elbows. The side lever is simple to operate helping you to recline forward or backwards without much effort.

Post-delivery the manufacturers offer easy assembly and installation services to ensure that you have a smooth purchase without worrying about the technicalities of assembly and operation.

With its ultra-modern look and extra comforting design, the Royaloak Divine two-seater recliner is a good choice to add elegance to your sitting area.

Solimo Musca Two Seater Fabric Recliner (Chocolate)

Best Recliner Sofa

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A traditional high-quality two-seater recliner that is strong, sturdy, and fares well in terms of longevity and durability. Adorned in rich chocolate brown fabric, the recliner is certified to pass the quality test of strength and has been checked for around 25000 cycles of repositioning with 100 kg weight on the backrest and seat. An eco-friendly product from the Amazon Brand-Solimo the product meets the European Safety Requirement Standard EN 12520 as it is free from toxic elements and harmful chemicals like AZO dye, lead, and formaldehyde. 

Built on a strong frame, the recliner can hold a maximum weight of 160 kg. The outer fabric of the two-seater recliner is not just beautiful but durable too as it does not fade with constant rubbing or use. Despite its robust design, the piece of furniture is light-weight and can be easily moved around the house from one corner to the other.

The Solimo Musca Two-seater fabric recliner comes with a 3 years warranty from the manufacturers for any manufacturing defects.

WellNap Motorized Recliner Specially for Senior Citizens with Push Button Technology (Dark Brown)Best Recliner Sofa

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An ultimate piece of luxury and comfort that fits well in your living room as well as your bedroom. Specially designed to render high-quality comfort and healing relaxation, this piece of furniture is best for homes that have senior citizens or aged family members. 

The electric recliner makes repositioning easy with the click of a button. Classy and sophisticated, the single-seater recliner chair has a plush sink-in seat that provides extra comfort with deep padding.

WellNap furniture products are designed by skilled artists and display fine pieces of art crafted with detail, finesse, and perfection. The heavy paddings on the armrest and back make each piece comfortable, cozy, and perfect for relaxation. With its contemporary design, excellent execution, super-soft cushioning, and highly appealing brand value, the WellNap Motorized recliner is a prized possession on an economical budget. 

The motorized recliner is built to render supreme comfort with easy operation that comes with a handy manual explaining the smooth installation and use. The manufacturer offers 6 months warranty for any manufacturing defects that are most unlikely to occur considering the expertise with which each piece of WellNap furniture is crafted.

If you are looking for comfort coupled with class and sophistication then bring in this contemporary recliner that shall enhance the grace of your home.

Furny Elisse One Seater Living Room Single Seater Recliner (Blue) Manual Recliner with German Recliner Mechanism

Best Recliner Sofa

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Furny-a name synonymous with craftsmanship and premium furniture that serves as a rich heirloom for future generations. True to its name, the Furny Elisse One seater living room recliner is a class apart in its category. Built on a wooden framework, this piece of seating is strong, sturdy, and everything that you would want in a living room recliner. 

If you love your afternoon naps with a book on your nose and slouching on a sofa or recliner, then this could be your all-time favorite buddy. With a pop-up backrest and footrest, you can sit, sleep, recline, and relax with complete comfort.

An easy to assemble recliner, the single-seater complies with the high-quality standards of the company and is covered by a 1-year domestic brand warranty. 

If you are searching for a pocket-friendly recliner that gives you both comfort and satisfaction then the Furny Elisse single-seater is a good choice considering its economical price. The solid wood base makes the piece sturdy while the soft upholstery offers to cushion and maintain breathability even in hot and humid weather. 

Heavy foam filling makes the optimum bounce allowing the backseat to regain shape after every use. The footrest allows easy stretch and offers healing comfort to your tired legs after a hard day’s work.

Offering a 180-degree recline, choose to sit, sleep, or curl as per your mood and make the best use of this single-seater recliner.

Home Centre Zurich NXT One Seater Recliner Best Recliner Sofa

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Amazon Brand – Solimo Capri Single Seater Fabric Recliner

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A contemporary recliner with strong, clean seams and an attractive silhouette.  This single-seater is manufactured by Solimo-the in-house brand of Amazon that delivers quality with skill and expertise. Available in an attractive mocha color this comfortable recliner easily gels well with any living room décor, accentuating its aesthetic appeal. 

Standing strong on the durability and longevity test, the recliner has been tested for 25000 cycles of recline with 100 kg weight on the backrest and seat. Its armrests are supported with strong padding supporting 10000 cycles with about 40kg of weight. The sturdy and resilient recliner is designed to support a maximum weight of 160 kg.

Impressive and stylish, the one-seater recliner’s outer casing is in a rich fabric that does not fade with abrasion or prolonged use. The light coffee hue makes it look humble and unassuming in any corner of the house.

The Couch Cell Manual Recliner in Brown

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With its stunning design and extra warmth, the Couch Cell Manual Recliner is the perfect definition of relaxation that heals your stressed muscles while adding vivacity to your living room. In its rich brown color and heavy padding, the recliner looks extra plush, warm, and appealing for all age groups.

Framed on solid wood and with a contemporary look, the comfy recliner offers 176 degrees reclining position and an immediate sense of calmness, the moment you sink in it. The product from Couch Cell comes with a handy manual and can be easily installed without professional assistance.

With a light weight of 40 kg it is easy to move around the house. With a manual operating mechanism, the Couch Cell recliner is an economical buy for someone who is planning to bring home a piece of comfort on an economical budget. The 6-months warranty adds more protection to your buy.

All in all an economical purchase that is sure to satisfy your longing for something relaxing and soothing while adding an ascent style to your living room.

CasaStyle – Carsley 1 Seater Living Room Sofa Recliner in Fabric Dark Grey

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Bring home the ultimate style statement with the CasaStyle Carsley one-seater living room sofa recliner. Crafted with solid wood, the recliner is designed with a solid frame to withstand the attack of termites, bugs, and pests. The wood used in its construction is seasoned to retain good moisture content and resist the seasonal expansion and contraction issues, as faced by most wooden furniture.  

The well-proportioned sofa is encased with premium quality upholstery fabric that is rich, durable, and long-lasting. The dark grey color of the fabric imparts a royal look to the furniture and makes it stand out in both small and large backgrounds.

The deep and soft cushions on the back seat give you a comfortable seat contouring your tired body muscles and giving them a warm hug.

With its premium upholstery, solid wood and ultra-modern design the one-seater recliner is an all-rounder that fares well in all weather conditions tuning in with your mood and relaxation needs.

AE Designs Rocking Recliner In Olive Brown Fabric

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If you have always been amused by your Grandma’s rocking chair and are searching for that comfy element in your seating area, then bring home the rocking recliner from AE Designs. Available in two more shades apart from the trending olive-brown color, this rocking recliner comes with the USP of a swivel revolving feature, making it stand apart from its contemporaries.  

So, get ready to slip into your afternoon siesta while rocking to and fro in this beautifully designed recliner that stands firm on a strong base with a sturdy built.

However, the biggest downside of this product is that the manufacturers offer no warranty on the product leaving buyers at the risk of experimenting with their purchase. Some consumers complain of its short seating depth too but considering its many positives, a few shortcomings can be easily overlooked.

A good buy for people with back pain, neck pain, or those recovering from surgery this comfort recliner has all the qualities of good living space furniture and is sure to bring out the life in your living room with its rocking features! 

@home by Nilkamal Rheus Single Seat Recliner 

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A true amalgamation of style, comfort, and luxury the single-seater recliner from Nilkamal-the house of quality furniture is worth the buy. Crafted in a contemporary style and adorned with microfiber fabric the recliner looks chic, stylish, and an ultimate piece of comfort. The strong and firm cushions offer a good seat while the strong padding on the armrests makes it extra comfortable.

Classic yet modern, this recliner can become your favorite relaxation zone at home with its strong, sturdy built, and soft, stylish feel.

The product from Nilkamal is light-weight, easy to move around the house, and can be adjusted in any corner. Built to appeal to Indian consumers with its aesthetic features and tranquilizing appeal, the Rheus one seater recliner is the perfect piece of furniture in your living room combining the comfort of a sofa and the sophistication of a large chair. Blending in comfort and grace, get ready to spend a lavish afternoon snugging in this recliner and catching a quick nap.

Final Word

A plush recliner in your living room space attracts multiple emotions, both in the minds of the owner and the visitor. While it may evoke childlike joy, happiness, and an ultimate joy of owning one, it may leave your guests wanting to have one in their living rooms too. A classic blend of a contemporary chair and modern sofa, recliners are fast emerging as the most coveted pieces of furniture in most homes adding sophistication, charm, and comfort to your life and homes.

With our recommendations of the best recliner sofas in the market, get ready to slip in one and catch a quick nap or give your tired feet a treat of comfort and ultimate relaxation.

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