Best Office Chairs For A Comfortable Home Office in India

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Working from home can be both comfortable and annoying. Comfortable because it gives you a break from office protocol but annoying if you do not have the right furniture to support your long hours of work.  An ergonomically designed office chair gives you a good posture and supports your spine and head to reduce fatigue and stress from prolonged sitting. It helps you work for longer hours at ease and with comfort.

With the growing work from home culture, the market is witnessing a surge in the demand for office chairs. So we bring to you some of the best choices available and what makes one stand apart from the other. 

Which Are The Best Office Chairs For A Comfortable Home Office in India?

  1. Green Soul® Seoul Mid Back Office/Study Chair
  2. Townsville Brooklyn Leatherette Medium Back Office Chair 
  3. TIMBER CHEESE Ergonomic Desk REVOLVING Chair
  4. MISURAA Imported Xenon High Back Ergonomic Chair
  5. Amazon Brand – Solimo Deluxe High Back Mesh Office Chair
  6. beAAtho JS-29 High Back Executive Office Revolving Chair
  7. Amazon Basics Full Back Executive Chair 
  8. Featherlite Versa MB Office Chair with Arm (Black)
  9. Wipro Furniture Adapt High Back Executive Ergonomic Office Chair
  10. Caddy Office Chair for Computer Table Chair

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Best Office Chairs For A Comfortable Home Office in India

Green Soul Seoul Mid Back Office/Study Chair

Best Office Chair in India

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A simple mid-back mesh chair that comes with strong foam padding in the main seat and a breathable mesh in the back-rest that provides support for long hours. Available in four colors- smart black, confident maroon, bold grey, and flirty orange, the chair is designed with an advanced height adjustment feature supported by a hydraulic piston making it easy to adjust the height as per the user’s preference. 

The smooth wheels with 50mm casters make mobility easy on all floor types including carpeted and hard wooden floors. If you love to tilt back and fro on your revolving chair while pondering on your next project idea then go in for this ultra-smart office cum study chair that has a tilt-tension knob underneath making tilting easy and safe.

The breathable mesh keeps your back and thighs sweat free even in hot and humid conditions when you spend hours sitting on your chair. And the sturdy armrests support your arms and elbows blending perfectly with your body contour and enhancing your overall productivity.

Townsville Brooklyn Leatherette Medium Back Office Chair 

Best Office Chair in India

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Townsville-a name in premium quality furniture has come up with another masterpiece which is a sturdy office chair with metal legs that give it a robust shape and a sophisticated look. 

Designed to offer good support to the mid and lower back region, the high-quality chair with its leather casing looks royal and accentuates the look of your house irrespective of where it is placed.

The leather fabric on its seat and backrest adds extra cushion to the already comfortable seat and acts as a water-resistant cover protecting the seat against any accidental spills.

With a 360⁰ swirl and revolving rollers, the chair offers smooth movements and revolves in every direction allowing you to multitask without leaving your seat.

An easy one-minute installation and handy assembly manual make the owning of this comforting piece all the more alluring.

If you are looking for all-day comfort and want to bring home a classy chair sans the boredom of sophisticated office furniture pick up this grand piece from Townsville. It comes with a chunky price tag but remember, quality has a price and it doesn’t come cheap.


Best Office Chair in India

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An everyday use ergonomically designed co-polymer chair from Timber Cheese that comes with a breathable black contoured mesh back and a strong plastic armrest.

The high-quality plastic umbrella shape base adds extra support to the light-weight office chair and the pneumatic 5-inch seat height adjustment makes the chair extra comfortable for the users. To offer all-day support and comfort, the chair comes with a 2-inch thick padded seat that can hold a maximum capacity of 100 kgs.

Priced economically, this office chair is light in weight and easy on your pocket if you are looking to bring home a chair that supports your back and neck as you put yourself through the long hours of grueling work.

The chair with its clean, modern look fulfills your need for a good office chair that is easy to install. It also  comes with a 12-month warranty from the manufacturers, securing your purchase and offering substantial value for money.

MISURAA Imported Xenon High Back Ergonomic Chair

Best Office Chair in India

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Bring home the ultra-modern and highly comfortable office chair from Misuraa and experience premium quality office comfort while working from home. 

Designed to offer seven primary functions, the chair is ergonomically designed keeping in mind the various issues and problems faced by users during the long hours of work at the desk.

Along with a huge price tag, the chair comes with a sturdy body built on a cast aluminum base, nylon body with premium quality Korean mesh casing. The outstanding class and design justify its pricey tag assuring that quality comes at a price.

With its numerous adjustable features, users can easily adjust the lumbar support height, armrest height, seat height, seat depth, headrest height and angle, the backrest tilt, and the tilt tension. The multi-position back reclining locking and a 2D adjustable headrest is the icing on the already loaded cake.

The Misuaraa premium quality office chair gives your back the much-needed support while keeping your spine straight and contouring your body in the best posture while at work.

 If you are looking for relaxation coupled with work then make way for this premium quality Xenon High back ergonomic chair in your home office and see how you sail through a hard day’s work without fatigue. 

Amazon Brand – Solimo Deluxe High Back Mesh Office Chair

Best Office Chair in India

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A standard office chair that is coupled with the goodness of premium back support and high-tilt technology to address your back problems and offer all-day comfort. 

With its 5-legged nylon base and 50mm castors, the chair is smooth in its movements and rotations. The high-quality upholstery fabric imparts a rich and classy look while offering high-abrasion resistance and a good color stronghold. 

High on durability, the chair has passed quality checks and the castor wheel durability test for 40,000 cycles with 122 kg load ruling out possibilities of annoying shakes and wobbles even with heavyweight users. The strong-built chair can support a load of 150 kg while the backrest can support 32 kgs.

The 3D adjustable arms with TPU pads are a treat to your tired arms and the single lock feature offers easy tilting back and fro.

Complying with security and safety measures, the top fabric of the mesh chair is free from toxins and harmful chemicals like Formaldehyde, Azo, and Pentachlorophenol ensuring that the fabric touching your body is safe and fit for prolonged use.

beAAtho JS-29 High Back Executive Office Revolving Chair

Best Office Chair in India

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Smart, grand, and impressive-are words that define the beAAto high back executive office revolving chair. 

Built on a strong wooden frame with a rich and ultra-modern upholstery casing the chair is an eye-catcher even in your home office. The back is designed to offer tilt positions from 90 to 105⁰ and supports your back and spine to withstand long hours of sitting at the desk.

The ergonomic design, rolling castor wheels, and cushioned armrests add to the comfort making it a desirable buy.

Available in a rich brown color, the high back chair adds grace to your office space even if it means a corner or desk at home. Best suited for heavyweights and those with a broad back, this elegant chair is designed to offer ultimate comfort and increase your efficiency at work while making you feel grand and worthy of it.

Amazon Basics Full Back Executive Chair 

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If you spend a major share of your day at the computer or on your office desk and are worried about your hunching back, then investing in an Amazon basics full-back executive chair could be a wise decision. 

Designed to relieve aching backs and support desk workers, the full-back chair looks sleek, professional, and extra comfortable.

Upholstered in bonded black leather and PVC coating, this ergonomic chair is designed to hold a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds. The pneumatic control handle below the seat helps to adjust the height and tilt the chair back and forth. The classy black leather coating gives the chair an elegant and evergreen look that fits well in almost any environment. The 360⁰ swivel and buttery smooth-rolling wheels make movements and multitasking easy.

The L-shaped full back chair from Amazon comes with a 1-year warranty and an easy Do-It-Yourself manual for convenient installation.

Featherlite Versa MB Office Chair with Arm (Black)

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If you are the sweaty type or are looking for an office chair that is sleek, chic, and lightweight, then the Featherlite Versa MB office chair should be your ultimate choice. 

With an airy mesh backrest and a cushioned seat, the chair is both comfortable and best in the class of lightweight office furniture. The one way adjustable arms do a decent job in resting your arms and elbows while the single lock synchro mechanism helps in tilting back and fro. 

A perfect sitting comfort for all ages, this office chair comes with adjustable lumbar support to adjust the height and offer utmost comfort to your back and spine. 

The chair supports a maximum weight of 120 to 150 kg both in the sitting and reclining positions which is decently attractive for a lightweight office furniture.

Sturdy and comfortable, this ergonomic office chair from Featherlite is sure to add value to your home office and serve multiple functions. High on our recommendation, this office chair is a sure shot example of comfort coupled with class.

Wipro Furniture Adapt High Back Executive Ergonomic Office Chair

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Adapt High Back chair as the name suggests is an exemplary example of innovation and technology loaded with advanced automatic weight sensing mechanism that makes it stand apart from its contemporaries. 

Completely adaptable to the user’s body weight, this ultra-smart piece of office furniture keeps your back stress free and fully supported.

Loaded with all the features of a premium office chair like impressive lumbar support, good armrest, cushioned seat, and adjustable headrest, it is both modern and smart in design and execution.

With a touch of modern aesthetics and adaptive innovation, the Wipro Furniture Adapt High Back Office Chair is a safe pick if you are looking for a blend of both comfort and modernity.

Caddy Office Chair for Computer Table Chair

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If you spend a good 8-12 hours at your office desk, then a good office chair should rank high on your list of must-haves. In your search for a decent mid-back or low back office chair, the Caddy Office Chair could be a good bargain considering its economical price and high comfort quotient. 

Whether you indulge in long hours of the meeting or slog on your laptop giving final touches to your dream project, this comfy chair could be your best buddy through all these tough work hours. 

Designed to offer comfort and relaxation to your overworked back, the chair comes with adjustable height features, back angle tilting, smooth wheels, and a plush cushioned seat to comfort your hips and thighs. The chair can swivel 360⁰ on all types of floors offering flexibility and ease of movement.

An overall package that looks a reasonably clean buy and fundamentally comfortable- both to own as well as use.

The Bottom Line

While most people are still searching for a comfortable chair at home to support work, it is time that you stop compromising with your regular chair that lacks good support and is not designed to elevate your posture for long working hours. Check out our recommendations of the best office chairs for home offices listed above and pick a great buy for yourself…after all it is not only about work from home but more about Work in Comfort!

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