8 Best Mixer Grinders Under Rs. 3000

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Deliciously cooked food, enjoyed with the entire family, is a staple routine for most Indian households. However, making those flavourful dishes requires a considerable amount of time and effort. And with no intention to be gender-biased, mums and wives know it best that Mixer Grinders are a must-have. 

However, there are several brands of mixer grinders available in the market, and it may become hard to choose one. So after in-depth research of the top brands and their customer reviews, we have shortlisted the 8 of the best mixer grinders under 3000. So let us go ahead and know them in detail.  

Which Are The Best Mixer Grinders In India Under Rs.3000?

  1. Prestige Iris Mixer Grinder
  2. Havells ASPRO 500 Watt Mixer Grinder
  3. Bajaj Easy 500-Watt Mixer Grinder
  4. Havells Genie 500-Watt Juicer Mixer Grinder
  5. Philips HL1606 500-Watt Mixer Grinder
  6. Preethi Crown MG-205 500-Watt Mixer Grinder
  7. Cello Crysta 750-Watt Mixer Grinder
  8. Usha Colt Mixer Grinder
Most of the mixer grinders under Rs. 3000 come with 500 Watt motor. If you are looking for a mixer grinder for grinding hard spices as well as batter, we recommend you buy a mixer grinder with at least 750-watt motor. Read our article on 10 Best Mixer Grinders In India

Best Mixer Grinders Under Rs. 3000

Prestige Iris Mixer GrinderBest Mixer Grinders Under Rs. 3000

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Prestige is a renowned brand, and the quality of its products is the prime reason for its dominance in the Indian market. The Prestige Iris is one of the best mixer grinders under 3000 with numerous functionalities.

The unit comes with three stainless steel jars and a transparent juicer jar made of polycarbonate.  It is a powerful appliance having 750 Watt motor that can blend and grind with ease.

The stainless steel jars are quite efficient in grinding spices and other raw foods within seconds.

The mixer grinder won’t start operation unless it is correctly locked to the base. Another safety feature is the overload protection switch which cuts off the power supply when there is a motor overload. This ensures that the motor will be protected from getting damaged due to the overheating.  So, you can rest assured that no untoward accidents occur. But that being said, the lid doesn’t have a lock. The lid gasket just provides a tight fit. But if you grind something liquid, there is a chance of lid popping out unless you press it with your hands. 

Talking about the jars, the unit comes with a chutney jar of 300 ml, a 1-litre dry grinding jar, 1.5-litre wet grinding jar and 1.5-litre juicer jar. They all come with razor-sharp blades that are well-efficient in grinding spices, curry paste, chutney and idli batter effortlessly.

Talking about the negatives, a few customers claim that the quality of the steel is not as expected. The built quality could have been better. It isn’t really that quiet either. However, over 65% of users have provided a 4+ star rating for the product. 

Overall, given the budget-friendly pricing and numerous functionalities and also considering the fact that it is the only mixer grinder under Rs. 3000 that comes with 4 jars, it is an option worth considering.

Havells ASPRO 500 Watt Mixer GrinderBest Mixer Grinders Under Rs. 3000

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Havells is a trusted name when it comes to the kitchen and electrical appliance. 

The Havells ASPRO 500 is one of the best in its price range. It comes with three superior quality stainless steel jars that can grind your spices, curry masala and your shakes well. Compared to a 750-watt mixer grinder, it may, however, take a bit more time to grind to a fine consistency.

While the jars are made of normal stainless steel, the blades are made of premium 304 Grade Stainless Steel that makes them extremely sturdy, robust and rustproof. 

The smallest chutney jar has 400 ml capacity, while the dry grinding jar has 800 ml capacity and the largest wet grinding jar has a 1.5-litre capacity.

The motor winding is made of copper and it comes with 500 Watt power and runs at maximum 21000 RPM. While it is capable of grinding dry spices, curry paste and chutney with ease, you might find the mixer grinder getting overheated when grinding idli/dosa batter. 

Talking about safety features, as with all mixer grinders, it too has an auto shut off function which is a saver and protects the motor from overheating on excessive use.

Overall, the features are basic. The noise is moderate. Yet, it is a robust product which is fairly durable.

Bajaj Easy 500-Watt Mixer GrinderBest Mixer Grinders Under Rs. 3000

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Bajaj Easy 500 is one of the best economical mixer grinders available in India. It has a whopping 4.3-star rating. 

The unit comes with a 500 Watt motor made of copper, that can run at a maximum of 20,000 RPM. 

Talking about the smallest chutney jar comes with 300 ml capacity, while the dry grinding jar has 1 litre and liquidizing jar 1.5-litre capacity. All jars have 2-in-1 sharp blades that are versatile enough to dry grind and blend pretty well. 

Cleaning the base is fairly easy. But food tends to get stuck around the handle rivets and it could be a bit difficult to clean them completely.

Overall, with pretty good design, moderate noise and excellent pricing, it is an option worth considering.

Havells Genie 500-Watt Juicer Mixer GrinderBest Mixer Grinders Under Rs. 3000

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This Havells mixer grinder will bring a delightful experience for you with its highly functional and optimal working. It is a complete package that provides you with all the components to grind lentils to spices and a juicer jar to make delightful drinks for yourself. 

All the jars feature high-quality 304-grade stainless steel blades that have a long life span. It is rustproof, remains sharp and is highly durable too. 

Havells is known to provide safe appliances, and this mixer grinder won’t disappoint you too. A shockproof high-quality ABS plastic is used in its construction. Moreover, like previous ones in the list, it also has the auto shut off feature for motor safety.

The three-speed settings present in the mixer makes it versatile for different kinds of items. Moreover, the stylish design will make it the centre of attraction on your kitchen shelf.

Additionally, it comes with an affordable price tag, coupled with excellent performance. So you must definitely check it out.

Philips HL1606 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

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This Philips mixer grinder is a great product that will save you a lot of time with its world-class functioning. With fairly good build quality, it is a value for money product. 

It comes with three multipurpose jars with capacities of 0.3 Ltr, 0.9 Ltr and 1 Ltr. It is powered by 500 Watt motor that can grind a variety of dry spices, masala, curry paste and smoothies efficiently. 

The mixer grinder comes with vacuum suction and overload protection as safety features. But the lid doesn’t have a lock and hence you will have to hold on to it while grinding. 

The stainless steel blades of this Philips mixer grinder work on the lift and grind concept that provides consistent results. Grinding spices like pepper, turmeric or flax seeds, lentils, etc. will be done fairly quickly.

With minimal maintenance, it is extremely easy to clean. You will surely enjoy working on this fantastic mixer and will love to create new dishes every day for your family. 

Preethi Crown MG-205 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

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This budget-friendly appliance by Preethi is an all-purpose mixer grinder that is designed with sophistication. But apart from the looks, it has excellent functionality that’s worth every penny it costs. 

It includes three stainless steel jars that are multifunctional and can be used for blending, grinding. The floor breaker jars along with the robust 500 Watt motor ensures a smooth grinding experience. 

The body of this mixer is designed with ABS shockproof technology and saves you from accidental shocks. Also, the heat-sensitive cutoff feature makes sure that the motor doesn’t get damaged due to excessive use or voltage fluctuations. 

This mixer grinder is suitable for domestic and commercial use and can even be used to blend beverages and purees of your choice. You’ll also get a two-year manufacturer warranty with little to low maintenance requirements. It is easy to wash and hardly retains any residue after cleaning. 

However, there’s a noteworthy concern that it might be a little noisy in comparison to other mixers. However, multiple other features that are included in this compact box and the affordable price makes the deal sweeter for the consumers. 

Cello Crysta 750-Watt Mixer Grinder

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This Cello Crysta 750-Watt Mixer Grinder comes in a great design and operates at full to produce the best results. The ergonomic design of this blender cum mixer makes it aesthetically pleasing for your kitchen decor. 

The mixer comes with three hygienic stainless steel jars with glass lids that let you check the progress of the grinding process. The super sharp blades of the blender are efficient in blending hard raw vegetables with finesse. 

The jars are equipped with flow breaker technology, so the ingredients fall evenly on the blades, and smooth consistency is achieved. The mixer grinder also features high vacuum feet that prevent the appliance from slipping on the countertop.

You can make fresh juices, health drinks, and shakes in the large 1.5L jar and grind spices or chop vegetables in the 1.2L jar of the Cello Crysta Mixer. Also, the 0.4L jar helps you make chutney and purees that can be enjoyed with several delicious meals. It is a great mixer that will provide you with the comfort and convenience of grinding and blending. 

Usha Colt Mixer Grinder

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Usha is another household name when it comes to home appliances. This mixer too projects high value and keeps the reputation of its brand with consistent high-class performance.

This grinder mixer has a traditional tower design and includes three premium jars for the grinding and blending. An additional spatula and cleaning brush is provided with the blender that assists the cleaning process. The solidly constructed blades of this machine can grind spices and lentils like a pro. 

The jars are designed with flow breakers to ensure that ingredients are evenly spread for more fine grinding. It also has a motor protection technology that saves the motor from getting damaged if the drink that you are blending spills over the mixer unit. 

as the anti-skid feet keep it in place on the kitchen counter. The body of the machine is designed to be shockproof and ensures complete safety from shocks. Do not worry about the motor getting damaged as the overload protector of the unit shuts off the unit as soon as it finds overheating of the motor. 

The jars come equipped with sturdy handles that make it easy to grip. Also, it is useful when you have to pour your favourite beverages into a glass or other container. Cutting short, this is a quality product that will quickly fulfil all your mixing needs at a price that won’t dig a hole in your pocket.

Wrapping Up 

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that a mixer grinder is an essential appliance for a kitchen in modern-day housing. And there’s hardly a dish that will not require grinding, be it the regular tadka, or the shakes we love relishing on a daily basis. 

Besides, we also look for something that’s affordable yet convenient. So we’re sure that at least one of the mixer grinders we discussed on this page will steal your heart. At the same time, we’d suggest that you make sure that the mixer grinder you choose fits your needs. Good luck!

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