Best LED TV Under Rs 25000

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Rs. 25000 is sufficient to buy a fairly good 32 inch smart HD ready TV from formidable brands like Sony, LG and Samsung. Within this budget, you can also buy TV larger 43-50 inch smart TV from newer brands like Kodak, Kevin and Sanyo.

Whichever way you choose, both has its own pros and cons.
If performance, durability, prompt after sale service and reliability is your priority, then it is better to opt for brands like LG, Sony and Samsung. But, features are minimal and size is smaller within a budget of Rs. 25000.

But if  you want a large TV and price is a major point of concern, then a TV from Kodak, Kevin or Sanyo is what you need. Their after sales service is less than ideal and durability too is a point of concern.
Of late, these companies are improving in terms of quality and performance. However, they are yet to reach the level of reliability and durability of matured companies like Samsung and Sony.

So, whichever option you choose, here are some of the best picks within the budget of Rs. 25000/-

Our Recommendation
If you are happy with a 32 inch display, then we would highly recommend Samsung UA32N4310 Smart TV. Though it has HD ready display, the TV utilizes HDR technology and other advanced features for a clear, distortion free viewing experience. With 40 watt sound output, the audio is also top notch. In addition, the TV also has plethora of smart features making it an overall entertainment package.

On the other hand, if you need a large display with a budget friendly price tag, Sanyo Nebula series is a great choice. It is the latest model from Sanyo launched this year. Reviews are quite good. The audio and display are found quite satisfactory. It is also a smart TV with a smooth and quick interface to access all apps, stream videos and play games.

Which are the Best LED TVs Under Rs. 25000?

ModelDisplayAudio OutputOperating System
Sony Bravia KLV-32R422FHD Ready 32 inches20 WattsComes with FireStick
Samsung UA32N4310HD Ready 32 inches40 WattsTizen
LG 32LK616BPTBHD Ready 32 inches35 WattsWeb OS
Panasonic LK616BPTBHD Ready 32 inches16 WattsNot Smart
Kodak 50FHDXSMART Full HD 50 inches20 WattsAndroid
Sanyo Nebula XT-43A081FFull HD 43 inches20 WattsLinux

Best LED TV Under Rs. 25000

Sony Bravia 80 cm (32 Inches) HD Ready LED TV KLV-32R422F (Black)

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Sony Bravia is one of the best TV brands in the market and this 32 inch HD ready model doesn’t fail to impress.

The KLV-32R422F has excellent display and sound quality that will simply flatter you.


The X-Reality Pro, a proprietary technology from Sony enhances the clarity of every pixel to refine images and reduce distractions. In addition, the TV is equipped with HDR technology ( High Dynamic Range) that adjusts the brightness and contrast to ensure that even minute details are clear and visible.

Overall, with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels and refresh rate of  50 Hz, the display is excellent for viewing action movies, sports and also for gaming. Most users are highly satisfied with the picture quality of this TV.


While most TVs in this segment have 30 watt output, the Sony KLV-32R422F has 30 watt output. In addition, the TV has built in sub-woofer that enhances deep bass, vocals and sound tracks to give you a surround sound effect.
When it comes to sound quality, being loud alone is not enough. Clarity is equally if not more important. Thanks to the utilization of ClearAudio+ technology, clarity is enhanced and distortion reduced. Now, you will no longer have to strain to listen to the dialogues amidst a loud background score.

Other Features

Though not a smart TV, this offering from Sony is now coming with a Fire Stick which makes it practically a smart TV. You can stream content from Netflix, Prime and other apps, mirror content from laptop and mobile and the built-in Alexa aids as a voice assistant too.
The TV has 2 HDMI and 1 USB port with which you can connect to external devices too. However, note that one HDMI port will be used up by the Fire Stick.

Another unique feature is Sony’s multiple regional language navigation function. So those who aren’t comfortable in English can also navigate channels and change settings with ease.

Sony has also incorporated a few features to enhance the durability of the appliance. First of all, it has no ventilation holes on the back of the TV. So, dust doesn’t enter inside. The advanced protection system shields the TV against lightning,  and the capacitors protects against power surges. In addition, the anti-humidity coating on circuit board prevents short circuit due to excess moisture– a feature especially useful for those who live in coastal regions and other places with high humidity.

Finally, in order to enhance the aesthetics, the TV has a cable holder that keeps the wires hidden and neatly organized behind the TV.

Overall, this TV from Sony is quite a delight. It is perfect for those who are satisfied with a small TV, but unwilling to compromise on quality, performance and durability.

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Samsung 80 cm (32 Inches) Series 4 HD Ready LED Smart TV UA32N4310 (Black)

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Though small in display size with just 32 inch screen size, the Samsung UA32N4310 has numerous features including smart connectivity that make it one of the best pick within Rs. 25000.


The TV has 1366 x 768 pixel display resolution and is in-built with multiple display quality enhancing features.

The TV utilizes HDR technology which adjusts contrast and brightness in such a way that you  can view even minute details clearly. The micro dimming feature contrasts between black and white even better. In addition, the Ultra Clear View Technology reduces distortion to display high quality images.

Overall, most users are quite satisfied with the TV’s stunning display.


Compared to the previous Sony TV, the audio of this Samsung TV is even better. 40 watt sound output with Dolby Digital Plus ensures high quality audio with minimal distortion. The audio and display together ensures an immersive experience for viewing movies and watching sports.

Smart Features

The smart features of the Samsung TV are basic.

The Smart Hub feature provides access to live TV, apps and other sources.  Thanks to the mirroring feature, you can share videos, photos etc. from your mobile phone and laptop seamlessly with the TV. In fact, it can also be used as a monitor with your laptop.

The TV also has Home Cloud function that lets you save important files automatically, thus helping you free up space on your mobile and laptop.

You can connect the TV to external sources through 2 HDMI and 1 USB port. It also has Bluetooth connectivity and Wi-Fi dongle capability.

The TV uses Quad core processor. However, there are a few remarks that the system sometimes lags especially while gaming.

Overall, the TV is pretty top notch in terms of performance and garners highly positive reviews from most users.

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LG 80 cm (32 Inches) HD Ready LED Smart TV 32LK616BPTB (Grey)

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LG 32LK616BPTB is yet another smart TV that comes with a budget friendly price tag. The TV has garnered highly positive reviews. After sales service in most cities are quite prompt too.


The TV comes with HD ready resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels and has some pretty awesome picture quality.

First of all, it utilizes HDR technology which increases the depth of blacks and improves overall contrast. It also employs active noise reduction technology that helps reduce distortion and improves clarity of finer details.

The refresh rate of 50 hertz, which is pretty much the standard that you can expect in most LED TVs in this price range.


The TV comes with a 35 W sound output with Dolby Digital support. It uses Clear Voice Technology to distinguish between sound track and dialogues clearly. For a more immersive experience, you can connect the TV to sound bar using Bluetooth.
The TV also has various sound modes like Standard, Cinema, Clear Voice III, Cricket, Music and Game.

Smart TV

LG uses the proprietary AI Thinq platform.  In addition to operation through remote control, you can also operate the smart TV using voice. The remote has direct buttons for Netflix and Prime too.

The TV also has the option to view photos and videos shared on Cloud. Similarly, you can share smart phone screen on TV and control your mobile with LG’s magic remote.

The TV also enables simultaneous TV watching and internet surfing too.

Talking about the connectivity, the TV has 3 HDMI port, 2 USB port in addition to Bluetooth connectivity. So be it Set Top box, Blu Ray Players, Gaming console or USB devices, you can connect them all simultaneously without having to frequently remove the cables.

Other Features

A  unique feature that LG boasts is the LG Smart Remote. With most smart TVs, you can share smart phone screen on TV. LG takes it further and now you can control your mobile using LG Magic remote.

Overall, though basic, the TV is quite top in terms of performance and durability, making it a perfect choice for a small living room.

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Panasonic 80 cm (32 Inches) HD Ready LED TV TH-32D200DX (Black)

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This Panasonic TV is 2016 model and has just basic features. But it has quite a budget friendly price tag of about Rs. 20K.


The TV has HD ready resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. It has HDR technology that improves contrast and enhances clarity. As it uses IPS technology, the viewing angle is quite wide too.


The sound output of this TV with 16 watts, is lesser compared to the previous options. It has three sound modes namely, music, speech and user. Overall, it is just apt enough for regular TV viewing.

Smart Features

As you know, this is not a smart TV. However, it has 2 HDMI port and 2 USB ports with which you can connect to various options like Chromecast, Firestick to view content from Prime, Netflix etc.

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Kodak 124 cm (50 Inches) Full HD LED Smart TV Kodak 50FHDXSMART (Black)

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Kodak 50FHDXSMART is pretty mind blowing in terms of features. The display and audio is also quite good. What it lacks however is durability and prompt after sales service. Let us take a look at its features in detail.


The TV with 50 inch size has full HD display with resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The images are found to be distortion free and contrast is also optimal that even fine details are quite clear and distinguishable. The viewing angle of 178 degrees makes it quite apt for even large living rooms.


The audio output of the TV is 20 W.  In addition, it has surround sound feature that provides an immersive experience while watching movies and indulging in high action movies.

Smart Features

The smart features of the TV are quite top notch. The Miracast app enables wireless sharing of media from mobile phone to TV. You can play videos, music and photos from mobile to TV. The Android Smart TV interface is quick, smooth and seamless. You can also download your favorite apps on TV.

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Sanyo 108 cm (43 inches) Full HD LED Smart TV Nebula XT-43A081F (Black)

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Sanyo Nebula XT-43A081F is one of the latest model LED TV launched in 2019. The TV is moderately priced, yet has numerous outstanding features.


The 43 inch display comes with full HD picture resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Sanyo uses its proprietary noise reduction technology that reduces distortion and noise in the picture to provide detailed resolution and fine picture quality. The picture contrast is also good. However, it doesn’t have HDR technology. Another noteworthy feature is the IPS panel that facilitates wide viewing angle.


Sanyo Nebula series TV have 20 watts sound output with superior box speakers. With enhanced bass and reduced distortion, the sound is quite clear and distinct.  As it has HDMI sound out, you can connect the TV to external home theatre for a true theatre like experience.

Smart Features

The Sanyo TV has smart features and an easy interface that is smooth, fast and seamless.  The remote has dedicated button for Netflix. Using the Apps button, you can access plethora of entertainment apps like YouTube, Hotstar etc. In addition, the Fast Cast App ( available on Android and iStore) enables mirroring of mobile on TV with ease.

The TV has 2 HDMI and 2 USB port for additional connectivity.

If you need a TV with large display and small price tag, Sanyo is one of the best bet.

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