6 Best Kitchen Chimneys in India

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Being a non-vegetarian, one thing I dread when entertaining guests for dinner is the smell of fried food that wades through the home, especially fried fish. Though everyone loves fried food, not everyone would be fond of the smell that lingers. Moreover, the smell is absorbed by curtains, upholstery and other cotton fabrics, making the home smell “food-y” for days to come.

A good kitchen chimney can provide a great respite to this problem. However, selecting the one suitable for your kitchen size and cooking needs and regular maintenance is of paramount importance for its proper functioning and effectiveness.

In this article, we discuss about important factors to be considered while choosing a kitchen chimney and our experts have reviewed the most popular kitchen chimneys to choose the best options suitable for a typical Indian kitchen.

Our Recommendation
Out of all the top picks, we highly recommend you to check out Glen 6062 straight glass Chimney with 1250 m3/hr suction power. With highly durable features and top notch performance, it is considered ideal for families that indulge in extensive frying and cooking that produces fumes and smoke. If ease if maintenance is your priority and you still don’t want to compromise much on the performance, then Elica 90 cm BF Nero Auto Clean Chimney is a great choice. It has 2 baffle filters and heat auto clean feature that promises optimal performance and easy maintenance.

best kitchen chimney India

How To Choose A Kitchen Chimney For Home

Let us first take a look at the important factors to be considered while choosing a kitchen chimney.

Types of Chimneys

The first point of consideration is to choose the type of kitchen chimney that would best suit your kitchen. The major ones available in the Indian market are:

  • Wall mounted chimneys

    The most common variety of chimney; these chimney’s platforms are built adjacent to the wall. Usually, the smoke is released via ducts to the exterior by these chimneys but nowadays they offer you a ductless variant as well. It has a more innovative variant as well called island chimneys which give the impression of hanging out of nowhere.

  • Straight line chimneys

    An ideal option for space constraint Indian kitchen, these chimneys extend halfway over the cooking range and thus leaves you with additional overhead space for additional utilization. They often come with a very powerful suction which can suck smoke not only from the cooktop but other parts of the kitchen as well.

  • Auto clean chimneys

    An ultimate for Indian kitchen characterized by high oil and spice usage; these chimneys auto-clean the collected soot and grime within it. This frees you from the hassle of dismantling the chimney for cleaning and keeps your kitchen atmosphere cleaner and hygienic. Auto clean chimneys come in both wall mount and straight line variety.

Types of Chimney Filters

A filter is responsible for purifying the air by filtering away and absorbing all dust, grime, oil particles and odor. The major types of chimney filters used in Indian chimneys are: –

  • Mesh filters or Cassette filters

    With layers of overlapping aluminum or stainless-steel mesh, these filters trap all dirt amidst their small pores. These are high maintenance filters which require regular and efficient cleaning. Else they create blockages and reduce the suction power and efficiency of the chimney.

  • Baffle filter

    Mostly utilizing the cut and slash system, these filters alter the course of the wind stream. Thus smoke is captured by the exhaust, while grease remains on the filter. In certain models, grease is then accumulated in an oil collector. Otherwise, certain models have removable baffle filter on which oil gets accumulated. You can wash it every 2-3 weeks with dish wash liquid to remove the grease. Some of  them are dishwasher friendly too, which is an added bonus. Nowadays, baffle filter are found commonly in most chimneys.

  • Carbon filters

    Mostly a part of ductless chimneys, they behave similarly to the carbon filters in water purifiers. Smell absorption is its defining characteristic. These filters need replacement after around six months for optimum efficiency.

Suction Power 

The suction power of the chimney is responsible for eliminating grime and smell from the kitchen. Expressed in cubic meter per hour, it should generally be powerful enough to extract ten times the volume of air of your kitchen space. So, if your kitchen has say 35 Sq.m area (375 Sq. Ft), and height is generally assumed to be about  3 meter( 10 Ft), the volume of your kitchen is 105 m3 ( 35 x 3). So 10 times the volume of kitchen space, is 1050 m3/hr.
A higher suction power will lend greater efficiency. In India, most chimneys have a suction power of 800-1200 m3/ hr.


It is the motor of the chimney that blows out the grime-filled air from the kitchen. Ideally, a chimney with a sealed aluminum blower is preferable.

Size of the Chimney

Ideally, the size of the chimney should match the size of the gas stove or cooktop. For a typical Indian kitchen, you can opt for a 60 cm or a 90 cm chimney. 

If you have a 2 burner stove, opt for 60 cm wide chimney, if 3-4 burner, then opt for 90 cm chimney.

best kitchen chimney India

Noise Level

The motors of the chimneys tend to make a noise due to air circulation. Thus, the volume of noise created must be your major consideration point as well. Few chimneys come with silent-kit installed for added comfort.

Maintenance and Care

The filter and suction power of the chimney defines the level of maintenance and care required by any chimney. Opting for a low maintenance chimney or chimney with an auto-clean feature will inevitably make your life easier.


Given the endless varieties and designs available; you need to select the chimney that is most compatible with your budget, kitchen décor and your lifestyle. Few brands give you the option of customization and personalization as well.


Many of the chimneys these days come with Auto clean function. When you switch it on, the exhaust, motor and filter parts are heated up to melt the accumulated oil. The oil is then sucked down and collected in the dedicated basket/oil container, which you can dispose off. Auto clean function makes a chimney almost maintenance free.

Warranty and Service

While most manufacturers give a one-year warranty with the chimneys; few offer a lifetime warranty as well. Both the warranty and after-sales service are important to enjoy the optimum efficiency of the chimney in your kitchen.

Miscellaneous Features

Apart from the above features, you can look into other aspects like manufacturer’s reputation, price and other advanced features in chimneys like auto-clean feature, buzzer to indicate time for cleaning, LED light indicator to inform you of chimney malfunctioning, variable speed levels, detachable oil collector, auto-heat sensors etc.

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Which are the Best Kitchen Chimneys for Indian Kitchen?

ModelSizeSuction Capacity


90 cm1250m3/hr


90 cm1200m3/hr

Eurodomo Classy HC TC 90

90 cm1200m3/hr


60 cm1095 m3/hr

Hindware Cleo 90

90 cm1200m3/hr

Eurodomo Sapphire PB SS 60

60 cm850 m3/hr

Faber Hood Orient TC BK 90

90 cm1200 m3/h

Faber Plus HC SC BK 90

90 cm1200 m3/hr

Best Kitchen Chimneys for Indian Kitchen

Glen 90 cm 1250m3/hr. Chimney (6062 Straight Glass, 3 Baffle Filters, Stainless Steel)

best kitchen chimney IndiaFind latest price

As far as features are concerned, this is the most superior chimney we are reviewing so far in the 90 cm segment.

Built from a straight glass and high-quality premium stainless steel, this wall mounted chimney is high on both style and functionality. Its air-flow and suction power are by far the best at 1250m3/hr. It has a powerful Italian motor with thermal overload protection, whose performance and reliability remains undisputed. Additionally, the motor is housed in a fire retarded casing to prevent any untoward accidents.

Most chimneys have one or two baffle steel filter but this model boasts of three baffle steel filters.  This makes it one of the most powerful chimneys available for a kitchen laden with heavy frying, grilling or cooking.  The grease from the baffle filters can be cleaned easily with scrub and soap. However, the model lacks the auto-cleaning feature and you need to clean the filters periodically depending on the usage.

The chimney has a push button touch panel with which you can choose from three air suction speed levels. Its max noise level of 58 dB might come across as noisy for some. Also, it lacks auto clean function. However, it again edges past most chimneys by offering 7 years of warranty on its motor against the standard five years.

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Elica 90 cm 1200m3/hr. Auto Clean Chimney (OSB HAC TOUCH BF90 NERO, 2 Baffle Filters, Touch Control, Black)

best kitchen chimney IndiaFind latest price

The elegant design and performance of this chimney give a close contest to the above chimney. This is a wall mounted chimney whose curved glass and stylish design in black takes the aesthetics of any kitchen décor a notch higher. Built for durability and performance, the chimney has plenty of brownie points going in its favor.

Foremost, its size of 90 cm makes it ideal to be used over large cooktops boasting of three to five gas burners. Its suction capacity of 1200m3/hr. makes it an ideal equipment for a kitchen size of over 200 sqft. or kitchen with heavy cooking and frying.Like the Hindware chimney, it too has two LED lights and a steel baffle filter. However, unlike the previous chimney, this chimney has a heat auto-clean feature which enhances the ease of cleaning and maintenance. It too has an oil collector to eliminate grime and keep the chimney spic and span.

The chimney has a spectacular touch control panel which makes the usage of the chimney easy and effortless. Not only is it energy-efficient but is less noisy than most other models.

On the flip side, it too requires installation cost. The plastic duct that comes along is almost useless. So, you will have to purchase aluminum duct from the service agent.
Nevertheless, with a standard one-year warranty and the five-year warranty on its metal motor, the Elica chimney is a great choice for all those looking for a charismatic design and substantial performance at a cost-effective rate.

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Eurodomo 90 cm 1200m3/hr. Auto Clean Chimney (Classy HC TC 90, Black) With Free Installation, Stainless Steel Black

best kitchen chimney IndiaFind latest price

The European brand Eurodomo is reputed globally for its superb quality, design and functionality. This chimney offering by the brand is no exception. The chimney is a wonderful modern solution to any kitchen with heavy Indian cooking. And it is available in both 60 and 90 cm size.

The design and look of the chimney are truly impressive. This curved glass and wall mounted chimney has all features similar to the Elica 90 cm model. The two LED lights and touch control panel ensures seamless and hassle-free operation.

It too has two high quality steel baffle filter with auto clean technology. You can wipe the filter every 2-3 weeks so that oil/grease doesn’t drip down from it. Otherwise, you can run the auto clean function every 3-6 months to clean the grease and grim inside the ducts, motor and filter.

This chimney edges the Elica 90 and other chimneys in offering a free installation. But you may have to shell extra for aluminum duct.
Its 58Db of noise level also makes it a noisier chimney compared to others but yet, it is not too disturbing. Overall, it is a great choice to add some charm and elegance with high functionality and easy maintenance to your kitchen.

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Faber 60 cm 1095 m3/hr. Chimney (HOOD GLASSY 3D, 2 Triple Layer Baffle Filters, Black)

best kitchen chimney IndiaFind latest price

This chimney can be your ultimate choice if you are looking for a high-class performance chimney with advanced technology at a budgeted price. It has some amazing features which work perfectly for most Indian kitchen.

The size of the chimney does not pose any difficulty in using over a two burner or a four-burner cooktop. Being straight glass and wall-mounted, you can use it in both small-spaced and a big kitchen. Its smart aesthetic appeal in black can enhance any kitchen décor. Moreover, you have the flexibility to install it as a ductless chimney as well.

Due to its three-way high suction functionality of 1095 m3/hr. the chimney is ideal for home kitchen executing heavy-duty cooking. It even proves sufficient for mild commercial space. It enhances its higher efficiency in grease and oil reduction. Consequently, you can enjoy cooking in a fume-free space without developing any headache from the irritating noise.

The performance of the chimney is impressive, thanks to its copper constructed motor which is both powerful and durable. Its baffle filters are constructed of steel with a patented technology. The intricate design ensures elimination of all cooking pollutants and odor.

Cleaning and maintaining the filters is hassle-free. Though it doesn’t have auto clean function, you can easily remove the baffle filter and wash it. The filters being dishwasher safe is yet another advantage. The lifetime warranty on the filters ensures easy replacement free of cost in case they are malfunctioning or damaged.

You can enjoy cooking of any intensity with it even at night, thanks to its LED lights and three-speed push buttons.

Looking into its flip side, it does attract extra cost for installation, ducts and other accessories. However, this pales in comparison to its top-notch performance and pricing of less than Rs. 15k. Overall, this is a chimney to go for with high-confidence.

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Hindware 90cm 1200m3/hr. Auto Clean Chimney (Cleo 90, 1 Baffle Filter, Steel/Grey)

best kitchen chimney IndiaFind latest price

Falling in the same price range as the previous model, this chimney is a terrific alternative to the Faber chimney.

Foremost, it has a high-aesthetic appeal due to its stylish design with stainless-steel hood and toughened curved glass. It can easily blend in any kitchen décor. Being rust proof, its durability takes a step forward than most chimneys.Its metallic blower packs quite a power while consuming less power and creating minimal noise. With a suction capacity of 1200m3/hr. and advanced technology usage, you can be confident of a fume-free and an odor-free kitchen at all times. The steel baffle filter displays a high efficiency for optimum performance.

Against the single LED light in many of the chimneys found in the market, it has two LED lights to offer greater illumination for low-light cooking. While most chimneys have heat based auto clean feature, this option from Hindware has water-based auto-clean feature with an oil-collector cup. So, you will have to pour water in to the designated spout in the chimney using the jug that comes along. Then, at the press of button, hot water moves through the system to clean the grease. While it may sound great, it is not as efficient as heat based auto clean feature. Water based cleaning has to be performed more frequently for better results too.

The unit comes with a standard one-year warranty and a five-year warranty on the motor. Here also, you need to pay for installation and accessories used. But with a slightly higher cost than the previous one, this chimney is a choice that you can never go wrong with.

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Eurodomo 60 cm 850 m3/hr. Chimney (Sapphire PB SS 60, Stainless Steel)

best kitchen chimney IndiaFind latest price

This pyramid-shaped wall mounted chimney is ideal for a kitchen less than 200 Sq. ft. with light to medium cooking. The stylish design in black crafted from stainless steel ensures aesthetics, performance and durability in the Indian Kitchen. And it is extremely pocket friendly too.

The suction power of 850m3/hr. is sufficient for a small to medium sized kitchen flaunting of 2-4 burner cooktops. The push button control panel, 2 LED bulbs and max 58 dB of noise level match the standard of other chimneys.

What sets this chimney apart in our list is the presence of cassette filters instead of the baffle filters. Both the fine dust particles and smoke and oil particles are effectively captured by it. However, it lacks the auto-clean functionality and thus the filters require cleaning every fortnight to monthly. Cleaning too is not as easy as baffle filter.

Like all Eurodomo chimneys, this one too comes with a free installation, one-year standard warranty and five years warranty on the motor. Their after sales service is also fairly prompt and efficient. All-in-all, the chimney is a cost-effective option for a standard nuclear Indian family which doesn’t indulge in a lot of frying.

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Faber 90 cm 1200 m3/h Filterless Autoclean Chimney (Hood Orient TC BK 90, Black)

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Faber Hood Orient series Chimney is highly rated amongst customers for its sophisticated look and useful functionality.
The chimney comes in 2 sizes 60 cm and 90 cm width. The exteriors are made from tempered glass while the oil collector and blower are made of stainless steel. The unit has 2 LED lamps too. The operations are all touch control, which gives a premium feel to the product.

The unit is filterless. This means no regular cleaning or maintenance. Users just have to invoke the auto clean function and within 10 minutes, the accumulated oil is collected in the basket which has to be then disposed manually. This function is found to be pretty effective. Note that, as with all appliances, you will have to do a maintenance check every 1-2 year for prolonged life.

It has a suction capacity of 1200 m3/hr which is pretty sufficient for a 200 sq. ft kitchen where you indulge in a lot of frying. Users are quite happy with the suction capacity and performance.

Do note that you will have to spend at least Rs. 1800 for installation and duct. Charges might increase if you need longer duct cable.

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Faber 90 cm 1200 m3/hr Heat Auto Clean Chimney (Hood Crest Plus HC SC BK 90, Filterless, Touch & Gesture Control, Black)

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Function wise, the Hood Crest is pretty much similar to the previous Hood Orient series. However, what makes the Crest special is the Gesture control function. You can wave your hand in front of the control panel to change the fan speed as well as switch off the chimney. Not only does this function look smart, but it is quite beneficial as the panel doesn’t get smudges or dirty from touching with your hands which are soiled with non-veg food.

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Wrapping up

It is essential to eliminate the toxic gases and bad odor from the kitchen to stay healthy as well as enjoy cooking. We hope you will find something ideal for your needs from our recommended list. Look forward to hearing your comments and experiences on the same.

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