Best Hard Water Softener Filters for Taps and Showers In India

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Seeing your favourite bathroom tiles and faucets stained with white scales can be disappointing. More so, what if you experience exceptionally dry skin and brittle hair despite using the best soap and hair care products? Well, the only culprit for all this visible damage is perhaps the hard water that runs in your taps and shower. Yes, the problem of hard water is widespread in India and it causes multiple damages-some visible and some invisible. 

Which Are The Best Hard Water Softener Filters For Taps and Showers?

  1. RIVERSOFT SF-15 PRO abs shower and tap filter for hard water
  2. WaterScience CLEO SFU-717 Shower & Tap Filter
  3. AquaKing Hard Water Shower Filter
  4. ALTON SHR20180 Hard Water Filter
  5. WaterFirst Sia Model 1 Chlorine & Hard Water Filter
  6. WaterScience Cleo Multiflow Shower Filter for Hard Water Protection
  7. Dr. Water Shower Filter For Hard Water

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What is Hard Water and How Does It Hamper Your Life?

While we all learned in our Chemistry class that water is H2O, essentially comprising of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, yet the truth is that it is loaded with a whole lot of other substances. Hard water is water that has a very high mineral count. It is loaded with calcium, magnesium, and iron. While a little amount of all these minerals may be good for you, an overdose of the same in water can make it hard with some harsh effects.

But how do you know that the water that runs in your taps is Hard Water? Well, the answer is simple. Any brownish or yellow stains on the bathroom tiles, sink, and floor indicates the presence of hard water. These stains look like rust because of the high iron content in water. Similarly, high mineral content causes hard water to work ineffectively with soaps and shampoo which means no or very little lather during your bath time. If your laundry doesn’t look clean even after a thorough wash, you have hard water to blame for it. Clothes washed in hard water appear to fade out faster and become rough and scratchy. And above all, if you and your family are suffering from skin irritations, increased hair fall, or rough lifeless hair then there is only one reason to curse-Hard water!

Hard Water Softener Filters-The Only Solution to Combat Hard Water

If you are wondering how to overcome this demon of hard water and make your life easier then we have an easy solution. Opt for a good quality hard water softener filter. It is a filter that is installed on your taps and showerhead. It helps you to instantly filter your hard water and turn it into soft water.

There are two types of hard water softener filters- one that is installed on taps and showerheads and the other are the inline filters. The one installed on taps and showers is easy to install and can be done within a few minutes. Though they appear to be bulky, they are highly efficient in filtering the water and removing its hardness, and maintaining constant water pressure.

The inline filters are installed between the existing showerhead and waterline, without the need to replace the showerhead.

Water softeners essentially work by a process called ion exchange that eliminates calcium and magnesium from the hard water. The hardness removal layer removes the hardness from the water, while the heavy metal removal layer eliminates the heavy metals. The foul odour and bacteria from hard water are removed through the Activated Carbon Layer. Chlorine and heavy metals are removed through advanced filtration technologies like Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF) and Calcium Sulfite Technologies. The added Mineral Layers and Alkaline Layers enhance the water quality and make it most suitable for your hair and skin. The visible impurities, sediments, and dust are removed through the stainless steel mesh and the PP Cotton filter.

Best Hard Water Softener Filters For Taps and Showers

In this review, we give you a glimpse of the best hard water softener filters that can instantly change your hard water into soft water that runs from your taps and showers We discuss their features, specifications, and utility so that the next time you buy one, you make an informed decision and grab the best deal.

RIVERSOFT SF-15 PRO abs shower and tap filter for hard water

Best Hard Water Softener Filters For Taps and Showers

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The Riversoft SF-15 PRO abs Shower and Tap Filter for Hard Water are designed to remove chlorine, heavy metals, and hard water salts and enrich your tap water with essential minerals. It ensures that you get soft water for bathing and protects your skin and hair by adjusting the pH value of the water through the Vitamin C filter and Alkaline ball fitted within the filter.

This water softener uses the 15-stage filtration technology to remove impurities, chlorine, and heavy metals from the water and turn it soft, ideal for bathing and washing purposes. The multiple layer filtration technology effectively removes harmful organic matter, water salts and has an anti-bacterial effect on water.

With a standard ½ inch inlet and outlet feature, it can be easily installed on taps and showerheads and is compatible with almost all designs of taps. The filter cartridge is long-lasting and can filter almost 40,000 liters of water during its lifetime.

This hard water softener is ideal for chlorinated water or water that has visible impurities and is highly effective in reducing the negative effects of hard water.

WaterScience CLEO SFU-717 Shower & Tap Filter

Best Hard Water Softener Filters For Taps and Showers

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nstallation of the WaterScience CLEO SFU-717 Shower & Tap Filter is easy as it comes with a handy Do-It-Yourself installation kit. The filter is designed to convert chlorine and harmful impurities of hard water into harmless substances and enrich the overall quality of water that is best suited for your skin and hair. Designed with a 4-layer filtration technology, the patented KDF technology eliminates up to 95% of chlorine. Zeolites and the hardness removal layers remove the remaining TDS.

The 4 layer filtration executes the 4 stages of cleaning starting with the micro-sieve layer that traps visible sediments, impurities, and microparticles. The Hardness Removal Layer reduces the effects of limescale and hard water TDS. The Chlorine Removal layer removes heavy metals like mercury and lead while reducing the chlorine content up to 90%.

Lastly, the Nano-Silver Carbonated Layer removes bad odours from the water and prevents the growth of bacteria and germs.

The filter is compatible with almost all types of taps and showerheads and works well for both hot and cold water. It is designed to filter about six liters of water in one minute which is quite an impressive output considering its small size. The replaceable cartridge lasts about 6 months and its efficiency depends upon the quality of water in your region.

AquaKing Hard Water Shower Filter

Best Hard Water Softener Filters For Taps and Showers

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This hard water filter from AquaKing uses a 10-stage filtering system to eliminate chlorine and hard water salts from your water. Using patented KDF technology from KDF Fluid treatment Inc. USA it can eliminate up to 95% chlorine and effectively reduce the hardness of the water. Hard water often leaves your hair and skin dry, giving it a dull appearance. To get rid of these problems opt for this super effective hard water softener that uses a combination of zeolites and hardness dispersal media to give you water free from harsh metals and hardness.

The filter comes with an easy installation kit, a 2-year warranty on the showerhead, and 90 days warranty on the cartridge.

The Hard Water shower filter with Vitamin C softens the water and gives you a perfect bathing experience without worrying about dry skin and water harshness. The activated ceramic balls remove the suspended visible impurities and reduce the ill effects of heavy metals like lead, mercury, nickel, chromium, salts, and iron rust. With an easy 3-minute installation you can enjoy soft and minerals enriched water from your taps and showerheads that takes care of your hair, nails, and other skin problems.

ALTON SHR20180 Hard Water Filter

Best Hard Water Softener Filters For Taps and Showers

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If you are looking for an economical hard water softener filter then the ALTON SHR20180 Hard Water Filter is just the right choice for you.  The filter is designed to remove calcium, magnesium, and chlorine from your water, make it softer and gentle on your skin and hair. The high-power shower with removable and replaceable cartridges reduces the ill effects of chlorine, dust, sediments, bad odour, and other impurities. It prevents the deposition of limescale that often leads to increased harshness, dryness of the skin, flakiness of the scalp, acne, itchy skin, brittle nails, and a host of other skin problems. 

The water filter is designed with a showerhead and nozzle that creates a mist experience by mixing the jet of water with the airflow and creating a fume-like experience.

The 15-stage filtered shower head maintains high pressure of water and is designed with a 5 spray pattern to give you the most unique bathing experience. The resultant softened water is rich in Vitamin C that nourishes the skin, provides nourishment, and maintains the natural pH balance of the body. 

WaterFirst Sia Model 1 Chlorine & Hard Water Filter

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Another economical filter that is compatible with all your kitchen and bathroom taps and showers. Designed in a beautiful Rose Gold colour, this hard water softener filter comes with dual hardness control technology. With a free installation kit and 4 size tap connectors, it is easy to install and use. The 5-layer smart filter removes Chlorine, lead, mercury, and other heavy metals from the water making it safe and suitable for a hydrating bath that nourishes your skin, hair, and nails. The soft water opens up your clogged hair follicles thereby promoting the growth of healthy hair. The filter not only removes micro-impurities and sediments but also eliminates bad smells and hard water salts from the water.

The filter essentially uses Sequestration and Redox reactions to neutralize the hard water salts and reduce the chlorine content and harshness of heavy metals. The manufacturer offers a warranty of 2.5 years on the product while the cartridges can last up to 6 months for a family of two.

WaterScience Cleo Multiflow Shower Filter for Hard Water Protection

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If you are still struggling with the harshness and ill effects of hard water during your bath and laundry then it is time you introduce the WaterScience Cleo Multiflow Shower Filter for Hard Water Protection in your bathroom. With an advanced 4 layer filtering system, the device has a micro sieve layer that removes visible impurities and sediments. The Hardness Conditioning Layer removes the hard metals and balances the pH level of water. The Nano-Silver Carbon layer removes odour from the water and prevents the build-up of bacteria and germs that contaminate the water. The Chlorine Removal layer decreases the chlorine content of water and does not allow the accumulation of limescale.

The filter is designed with a mist mode feature so that you get the most refreshing bath while it saves 70% water every time you open the shower.

By reducing the hardness of water, the water flowing from the filter becomes most suitable for a clean and healthy bath that takes care of your skin, hair, and nails. It protects your skin from undue dryness caused by hard water and does not deprive it of natural oils and shine.

Dr. Water Shower Filter For Hard Water

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One of the most impressive hard water softeners available in the Indian market is the Dr. Water Shower Filter that comes with a 15-stage shower water filter technology. The filter is designed with a Hard Water Shower Sediment filter, KDF-55 technology, Calcium Sulfite, Activated Carbon, and Ceramic balls that neutralize the hardness of water, remove chlorine, balance the pH level of water and replenish important minerals and vital nutrients back into the water.

The filter is designed to not only reduce chlorine content but also remove heavy metals like lead, calcium, magnesium, mercury, and iron that often causes rusting of bathroom pipes. The activated carbon filter protects your water from contamination by germs, bacteria, harmful pesticides, algae, fungi, and mold.

The long cartridge life ensures that the device can filter about 28000 liters of water and the easy installation procedure makes it convenient for you to install the filter yourself without availing the services of a plumber.

The Final Word

While hard water can be a real menace, finding a solution to combat it is easy if you know which hard water softener filter to use. In our review, we give you insights into some of the best brands of hard water filters that claim to eliminate chlorine and heavy metals giving you the best quality water for your bathing and washing needs. So the next time you see bathroom scales or dry patches on your skin, remember, it is time to introduce some softness in your bathroom through the best quality hard water softener filters.

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