Best Fully Automatic Washing Machine Under Rs 20000

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Within a budget of Rs. 20000, you can get either top load or front load fully automatic washing machines. While the top load washing machines under Rs. 20000 are feature-rich, durable and high in performance, the front load machines are not quite so.

You mainly get BPL, Onida and sometimes Panasonic and Electrolux on lightning deals.

Though front loaders from these brands are budget friendly, they are not quite on the top in terms of performance and durability. BPL front loaders have just 1 year product warranty and 3-year motor warranty. There are frequent remarks about delay in installation, poor customer care and the washing machine is generally noisy and vibrates while spin drying.  too. As they are comparatively new in the market, we can’t yet comment on the durability.

For these reasons, we have included only top load fully automatic washing machines in this list. The main considerations behind forming this list are—features, performance, durability and user reviews.

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Best Fully Automatic Washing Machine Under Rs 20000

IFB TL-RDW 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine 

best fully automatic washing machine under Rs 20000

  • Multiple wash programs for all types of clothes
  • Excellent cleaning score with three stage cleaning process which gently dislodges dirt without damaging the fabric.
  • Completely customizable wash programs

  • No lock system for outlet pipe.
  • No inlet for hot water.
  • Installation delays

Employing triadic pulsator cleaning technology and with an RPM of 720 cycles, IFB TL-RDW has an excellent washing score making it one of the highly rated fully automatic top loader in India. Though it doesn’t have many bells and whistles, it does have all basic functions making it a user-friendly washing machine fit for families with 4-5 members.

All IFB washing machines employ aqua energie function—whereby the calcium in hard water is broken down to improve the lathering of detergent in water. They are also found to be pretty durable, provided you take care of it using tub clean setting to clean the drum every 1-2 months and regularly remove lint from the lint filter.

best fully automatic washing machine under Rs 20000

In IFB TL-RDW, you can adjust the RPM, water level, wash/soak, rinse/spray spin, spin/rinse hold function of all six wash programs. Or if you do not want to adjust these aspects, you can simply leave the fuzzy logic to play its magic too.

The washing machine’s drying function is pretty impressive for regular clothes. But heavy cotton clothes retain a little more wetness comparatively.

Other features like child lock, time delay, remaining time display add to the overall functionality and user-friendliness.

Talking about the negatives. One thing that really lurks out is the high level of water consumption of about 104 litres for a full load. There is just a single inlet pipe. So, no scope of washing clothes in hot water. There are complaints about delay in installation too from other users.

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Whirlpool Stainwash Ultra 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

best fully automatic washing machine under Rs 20000

  • Only washing machine in this segment with in-built water heater.
  • Has variety of wash programs and versatile features that makes it easy to use

  • Delays in Installation

Whirlpool Stainwash Ultra 6.5 top loader is the only washing machine under Rs. 20000 that has an in-built water heater that can heat water up to 60 degree Celsius. The washing machine is pretty versatile and has numerous features and functionalities that makes it a user-friendly choice for Indian homes.

Talking about the wash quality, Whirlpool Stainwash Ultra detects the hardness of the water, the washing machine self-adjusts the water level and duration of each wash program to enhance the wash quality. It also uses 6th sense ultra clean technology which comprises of soaking, 3D scrubbing and agitation to thoroughly remove stains and clean clothes efficiently.

best fully automatic washing machine under Rs 20000

In order to make the clothes allergen-free, the washing machine employs technology to completely dissolve washing powder and remove even minute speck of washing powder left on clothes too. There are also anti-bacterial wash program and ultra clean function for removing allergens.

Other functions include time delay, remaining time display, child lock, express wash and soak/wash/rinse and dry function to enhance user-friendliness and overall performance of the washing machine.

Considering all features, wash programs and functions, Whirlpool Stainwash Ultra is a great choice of top load washing machine for families with kids and for those with sensitive skin.

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Samsung  WA65M4300HA/TL6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine 

best fully automatic washing machine under Rs 20000

  • Features like wobble technology and water fall technology to ensure superior wash quality.
  • Alerts when it is time for cleaning drum.

  • Comparatively higher level of water consumption.

Samsung WA65M4300HA/TL with 6.5 Kg capacity, 6 wash progams and 5 water levels employ waterfall and wobble technology that ensures proper dissolving of detergents and gentle agitation of the fabrics to maximize cleaning efficiency causing minimal damage to the fabric. The drying efficiency is also top notch, thanks to the air turbo feature.

 Considering all these aspects, it is a great choice for families with 4-5 members. It may not have many bells and whistles. But still, it has all basic features that a family would need.

best fully automatic washing machine under Rs 20000

In order to improve the durability, the washing machine is also equipped with Eco Tub Clean feature that alerts you when it is time for cleaning the drum. The lint filter not only ensures that the laundry is cleaner, but also prevents clogging of drainage system from lint, fluff and other particles.

Just like most other washing machines in the segment, it also has memory function, remaining time display, time delay and child lock to improve the overall user-friendliness of the washing machine.

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