Best Food Processor in India: Buyers Guide & Reviews

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A good food processor helps save a lot of time for everyday cooking. Not only does it blend, grind and chop, but can also knead, grate and even scrape coconuts. But when it comes to buying a food processor, you are inundated with thousands of choices that can baffle you. That is why after considering numerous options, we have shortlisted four of the very best food processors available in India. In addition, we also discuss about the important features and other aspects to be taken care of while buying a food processor.

How to Choose A Food Processor? 

Map Your Requirements with The Features

If you take a look at the food processors available in the market now, there are basic ones that are capable of blending, kneading and chopping and then there are food processors with exhaustive features for grating, juicing, whisking, grinding batter, scraping coconuts and so on goes the endless list.

But not every family needs all these features. There are families that don’t use much coconut, other families who don’t regularly consume chapattis or people who are not really in to juicing. So, it is important to assess your requirements in detail and then buy accordingly. Not only does it save money, but it also saves your precious kitchen space from getting occupied with things that you are never going to use.


How large is your family and how often do you cook for large parties? For example, Singer Foodista Supreme might be an option you need if you have a family with more than 6-7 members as it has got a large 2.4 L processing bowl and moderately large blender jars. But if you have a nuclear family with less than 4 members, then Inalsa Maxie Marvel or Philips HR7628/00 would be more than sufficient for your needs.


Indian cooking, as you know, is different from the Western style. We have a lot of veggies to be chopped, spices to be ground, coconut scraping, dough kneading and other functions that require a powerful motor and strong blades. That is why, it is advisable to opt for a food processor that has at least 600 Watt power.


As mentioned above, a good food processor has a powerful motor and strong blades—a deadly combination for the clumsy ones. So, always opt for food processors that have safety features like locking system, narrow feeding chute, lid detection system and so on. All the food processors we have listed below come with basic safety features.


If you have a good food processor, you don’t need an additional mixer grinder. So, invest wisely considering the time you would save with a good food processor and frustration you will have to endure with a bad one.

Consider the features, reviews and give due importance to the brand too before you buy. As you know a reputed brand means better accountability and after-sales service.

Best Food Processor In India

ModelCapacityNo.of Jars

Inalsa Fiesta


Inalsa Maxie Premia


Philips Daily Collection HR7628/00

Bajaj Master Chef 3.0600-Watt3

Now, let us get on to the list of best food processors in India.

Inalsa Fiesta 650-Watt Food Processor

best food processor India

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A wide host of accessories and a pocket friendly price is what makes Inalsa Fiesta one of the most loved food processors in India—earning for itself Amazon choice product tag.

The Inalsa Fiesta food processor consists of two jars, a food processor and number of blades to chop/grind different food. Using this food processor, you can make juice, knead dough, whisk egg, chop vegetables, cut for French fries and so on.

The 650 Watt motor used in Inalsa Fiesta is pretty powerful and blades are sharp and strong enough to knead dough and grate even hard vegetables like carrot with ease. However, on the flip side, the unit as a whole is a bit noisy and as it has a number of accessories, cleaning could be a tad cumbersome.

Talking about the safety features, the food processor and blender jars come with safety locks and the motor works only if both the jars are fixed correctly. The unit also has an overload protector that shuts the unit down and lets the unit cool down for 2-3 minutes before being able to work back normally.

Overall, the Inalsa Fiesta food processor is pretty utilitarian and will definitely help you save a lot of prep time while cooking.

If you need chutney jar, citrus juicer, coconut scraper attachment, then you could opt for Inalsa Wonder Maxie Plus V2 with 700 Watt motor.

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Inalsa Maxie Premia Food Processor 

best food processor India

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Inalsa Maxie Premia can well be called the ultimate food processor available in India and it is a huge upgrade from the Inalsa Fiesta we mentioned above. From grinding idili batter to chopping to juicing there is no prepping function that Inalsa Maxie Premia isn’t capable of doing.

The food processor consists of food processor jar, blending jar and two stainless steel jars. The attachments include slicing disc, shredding disc, French fries disc, coconut shredding disc, chopping blade, plastic blade, whisking disc and citrus and centrifugal juicer.

Below you can see the detailed video from Inalsa describing the functions of the food processor like chopping, grinding, kneading, juicing citrus fruits as well as other fruits and vegetables using the centrifugal juicer attachment.

As you can see, cleaning is also pretty easy with the Inalsa Maxie Premia food processor as all attachments can be removed easily.

The manufacturer has taken pretty good care of the safety aspects too. The blades have a plastic cover in order to prevent any accidents. It also has locking system that prevents functioning when not fixed properly. You will also notice that the feeding chute of the food processor jar is long and narrow so that your fingers don’t accidently enter the processor jar while putting in vegetables or fruits.

Overall, Inalsa Maxie Premia with powerful 800 Watt motor is an ultimate solution to replace your mixer grinder and a lot of knick-knacks to save your precious time prepping food, making it absolutely worthy of the price tag.

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Philips Daily Collection HR7628/00 650-Watt Mini Food Processor

best food processor IndiaCheck out latest price

Philips HR7628/00 may not replace your mixer grinder as it doesn’t have blender jar and chutney jar. But it can be a decent food processor as it can take care of up to 25 functions. The food processor jar and blending jar are pretty huge with a capacity of 2.1 L and 1.75 L respectively.

A variety of attachments come along with the food processor, so you can knead dough, make batters, shred, slice, blend and granulate any type of food.

Compared to Bajaj Master Chef, the motor of Philips Daily is a little more powerful with 650 Watt power. The blender has a maximum RPM of 21000 cycles, while the food processor can have a maximum RPM of 1900 cycles—making it highly efficient in all functions.

An advantage compared to other food processors is that the attachments of Philips HR7628/00 is comparatively easier to clean and assemble.

Safety wise, just like all other food processors, it has a locking system that prevents functioning unless locked properly.

Overall, the food processor is a great pick for kneading dough, fine slicing, pureeing, blending soups. That it doesn’t have a dry grinding jar is a drawback though. But if you already have a mixer grinder and are looking for just the additional features a food processor offers, then Philips HRD7628/00 is highly recommended.

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Bajaj Food Processor – Master Chef 3.0

best food processor India

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Comprising a chutney jar, liquidizing jar, stainless steel grinding jar and with a host of other accessories and attachments, Bajaj Master Chef 3.0 food processor is a value-for-money food processor. Using it, you can knead dough, whisk egg, shred coconut, make juice (both citrus and centrifugal) and grind, shred and cut vegetables and fruits for various purposes.

Just like Inalsa Fiesta, Bajaj Master Chef 3.0 also has 600 Watt Motor and maximum RPM of 18000 cycles making it pretty efficient for even tough jobs.

It also has safety features like locking system that prevents functioning when lid is not properly closed and overload protector to prevent damages to the motor.

The Bajaj Masterchef 3.0 has almost all accessories that would be required of a food processor, hence making it a good buy for the given price.

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