Best Egg Boilers in India 2020

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Considered as a super-food, eggs are a staple of many households including a few vegetarian houses. They can be consumed in several forms, though eating them as boiled eggs during breakfast is especially popular. 

However, boiling an egg is not only time-consuming but also challenging. Getting a perfectly soft-cooked or a hard-boiled egg is an art that very few can perfect. But you can easily let go of the conventional method and boil an egg to perfection using an egg boiler. 

Thus, without much ado, let’s browse through some of the best egg boilers available in the market today that you can add to your kitchen. 

Which Are The Best Egg Boilers in India 2020?

  1. Kent Instant Egg Boiler 360-Watt
  2. Prestige Egg Boiler PEGB-01
  3. Skyline Stainless Steel Electric Egg Boiler
  4. Russell Hobbs REG300-300 Watt Fully Automatic Egg Cooker
  5. CurioCity EGGPOACH-1 Compact Stylish Electric Egg Cooker
  6. Kent Egg Boiler
  7. Inalsa Egg Boiler
  8. Tormeti Double Layer Egg Boiler

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Best Egg Boilers in India 2020

Kent Instant Egg Boiler 360-WattBest Egg Boilers in India 2020

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Our first choice is this instant egg boiler from Kent, a leading brand in home and kitchen appliances. The quality of this appliance holds the brand’s flag high while the ease and features of it make it an ideal choice for any family, bachelor or even people living in hostels, PGs, etc. 

Foremost, the body and the heating plate of the appliance is crafted from stainless steel that makes it sturdy and durable. It flaunts of compact size and easy portability at just 1.65 kgs. The egg boiler looks aesthetically appealing to enhance your kitchen décor as well. 

The boiler can boil a minimum of a single egg and a maximum of seven eggs at one go. It is so fast and efficient that you can get seven perfectly boiled eggs in just three minutes. 

The machine is quite user-friendly. It comes with a measuring jar which is appropriately labelled. Based on the number of eggs that need to be boiled and the extent of boiling, you just get the exact amount of water to be poured. Then, place the eggs on the plastic tray, use its one-touch operation and relax till the eggs are ready. 

For boiling the eggs, you have three option of soft, medium and hard-boiled eggs. Simply press the right button and relax. Its features like auto-turn off and overheating protection protects the appliance as well as overcooking of the eggs.  You can also monitor and watch it getting boiled via its transparent plastic cover.

The boiler consumes just about 360 watts of energy that is pretty efficient. Because of the stainless-steel build, the appliance is easy to clean and maintain. 

On the flip side, you might miss the non-stick coating. Also, that manual that comes with it is not too user-friendly. Hence, you might need to Google or look up YouTube videos to get the hang of it. 

For best boiling results, you need to poke a hole in the egg before boiling that can be cumbersome. Few customers state the cleaning of the steel plates as slightly tricky because of the electrical points present. Few have also reported of the bottom of the boiler becoming rusty after prolonged use. 

Nevertheless, with a one-year warranty, reasonable pricing and excellent performance, it is an egg boiler that will leave you satisfied every busy morning. 

Prestige Egg Boiler PEGB-01Best Egg Boilers in India 2020

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If you want to have an option for our first choice, then this egg boiler from Prestige is an excellent choice. Coming from Prestige, you can be assured of both quality and reliability. 

The egg boiler is almost a replica of the Kent Boiler in its build and features. It just boasts of a slightly different design as it is from a different brand. Its heating plate is made of aluminium, and its egg tray has a non-stick coating. 

It too is crafted from steel, has a steel heating plate and boils one to seven eggs. The measuring cup is similarly calibrated, and it also offers one-touch operation with the auto-off feature. Once eggs are done, it has a buzzer timing alarm to let you know. 

You need to wait for a minute or two post boiling before you uncover to take the boiled eggs out. It has an egg piercer too that makes your job easy. Cleaning and maintaining this egg boiler is more straightforward than Kent, and its manual is also more user-friendly. 

Looking on the flip side, a few users complain of its auto-off feature not functioning correctly. Its power cable is also on the shorter side that makes using the appliance slightly challenging. 

It is also costlier than Kent but carries the same one-year warranty. All-in-all, it gives you a high quality, durability and performance that you would expect from any Prestige appliance. 

Skyline Stainless Steel Electric Egg Boiler

Best Egg Boilers in India 2020

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It is another excellent egg boiler from Skyline that you would love adding to your kitchen. 

Foremost it flaunts of an incredibly stylish, compact and lightweight design in high-grade black plastic and high-quality steel that adds plenty of curb appeal to your kitchen. 

Using just 350 watts of power, it can boil seven eggs at one go. Its heating plate is of steel while the egg rack is of plastic. Its lid is also crafted from steel and opaque. 

You can cook eggs to soft, medium and hard-boiled according to your choice. It has an on/off button and an indicator light. Once eggs get boiled, it gives off a buzzer alarm to let you know. 

On the flip side, it does not have an auto-off feature. Hence you need to be careful, or your eggs will get burnt. It also takes a lot of time of about 10-15 minutes to boil the eggs. It is quite high compared to our previous models. It lacks any non-stick coating, and its plastic egg trays are not too durable. 

But it comes at extremely reasonable pricing with a one-year warranty. Given that, you can easily adjust to its cons and make your egg boiling chore, a breeze with this appliance. 

Russell Hobbs REG300-300 Watt Fully Automatic Egg CookerBest Egg Boilers in India 2020

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If budget is not a constraint and you are seeking a genuinely eclectic and dual functional egg boiler, then consider this automatic egg cooker from Russel Hobbs, an international brand of repute. 

Foremost, the compact, lightweight and magnificently stylish looking modern design of the egg boiler in white is bound to leave you impressed. Its entire body is constructed of high-quality plastic. Its outer body is both heat-proof and shock-proof. 

You can boil one to six eggs at one go in this fully automatic cooker. You can also prepare two poached eggs in the individual poaching pans that come with the unit. Using its marked measuring beaker, you can pour the right volume of water into it.

It has a transparent cover to let you observe the boiling and poaching. You can prepare soft, medium or hard boil eggs in it according to your preference. One-touch operation makes using the appliance a breeze. The automatic off and the dry boil protector feature ensures that the eggs are not overcooked, and your machine remains safe. 

The egg boiler consumes about 300 Watts of energy that is quite efficient. Another stand out feature of the boiler is that it comes with a two-year warranty-double the time of warranty offered by other egg boilers. 

Cleaning and maintaining the boiler is effortless and straightforward. 

On the con side, it does not have any steel parts that could have increased its durability. It also takes about 7-15 minutes to boil eggs which is time-consuming. Given that, it can be deemed as slightly expensive.

Nevertheless, its exceptional quality and superb performance and durability make it worth every penny spent on it. 

CurioCity EGGPOACH-1 Compact Stylish Electric Egg Cooker

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If you are looking for a real budget-friendly egg boiler, then look no further than this appliance from CurioCity. 

The boiler looks aesthetically pleasing in outer pink plastic body and inner steel body. It has a cute compact and lightweight design to suit any kitchen décor, occupy less space and make for easy storage. 

Utilizing 400 Watts of power, its stainless-steel heating plate starts generating steam in which your eggs get perfectly cooked and boiled. Its transparent lid made of the high-grade crystal allows you to observe the eggs as they get cooked. 

Despite its small size, it can boil seven eggs at one go. You can add about 25 ml of water to it and get soft boiled eggs in about 7 mins. In addition to eggs, you can also boil vegetables in it. 

It has a double layer thermal protection outer body that is both heat resistant and shock-proof. You can thus handle the appliance with no fear. 

It has a smooth operation and has a single indicator light. The boiler automatically shuts off when the water dries up. Cleaning is simple and efficient. 

Its exceptionally compact size facilitates easy portability, and you can even carry it to your workplace. 

On the flip side, you do not have boiling options like hard, medium, or soft like other egg-boilers. Its ability to shut down in the absence of any water is also not dependable. Without the auto-off feature, you need to keep an eye when boiling eggs. 

Its steel plates also tend to rust, especially if you are not using filtered water.  

The appliance lacks any warranty. But given its throw-away pricing, you do not need any warranties. With excellent customer reviews, you know that you can never go wrong with this egg boiler and food steamer. 

Kent Egg Boiler

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Given the brand value and quality products from Kent, we could not help but add another Kent egg boiler in our list. Compared to the previous, it is a more budget-friendly option. 

It has a more compact and stylish design compared to our first choice. Unlike the first, it has a plastic body outside and steel heating plate inside. Its weight is almost half the size of the earlier model and thus is more portable. 

It too can boil seven eggs at one go in three modes-soft, medium and hard. All the rest of the features are the same as earlier, like one-touch operation, auto-shutoff, transparent cover, calibrated measuring cup, poking needle, etc. 

Cleaning its steel plates is also comfortable. It too comes with a one-year warranty. Hence, it is an excellent choice for all those who desired a cheaper alternative to the first Kent egg boiler. 

With no notable drawbacks as such with the appliance, it will give you great value for money. 

Inalsa Egg Boiler

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Inalsa is an Indian company which has partnered with Taurus, a Swedish group since 1985 to craft some excellent home appliances. This egg boiler is an excellent example of the same. 

It has a stylish body of certified food-grade material with a concealed heating element to avoid calcination and make cleaning a lot easier. It is decently lightweight and portable and facilitates easy storage. 

It comes with egg plate, measuring cup with cap, piercing pin and a transparent lid crafted of break-resistant food-grade pc lid. Hence, you can expect your morning chore to be a breeze. 

It too can boil up to seven eggs in just a few minutes and comes with all premium features like auto-off, boil-dry protection, power indicator light, one-touch operation, etc. 

Another delightful feature of this egg boiler is that it can quickly steam your vegetables as well. 

Its quality and safety get guaranteed further with its international safety approvals like GS, CB, CE, and RoHS certifications. 

The only con is that its water tray is prone to rust. 

Overall, with a one-year warranty and reasonable pricing, it’s a versatile egg boiler that you would always be proud to own. 

Tormeti Double Layer Egg Boiler

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If you have a large family that needs 14 boiled eggs at one go and would love to have your egg boiler perform multiple tasks, then you must consider this egg boiler from Tormeti. 

Crafted from high-quality ABS material in pink and transparent combination, the boiler looks quite stylish. You have other colour options as well to choose from. It is compact and lightweight as well for effortless portability and storage. Its heating element is of steel for extra durability and reliability.

It comes with two egg trays, two egg poaching pans, one omelette tray, one transparent compartment, a measuring cup, and a transparent lid. The measuring cup has the egg piercer at the bottom to get the perfectly cooked eggs. As is the standard, you can pour the exact amount of water to get soft, medium or hard-boiled eggs. Here, the water level decides, the extent of boiling.

Once done, the machine gives an alarm buzz to let you know. It also comes with auto-off and boil-dry protection. The cooking time is about eight to twelve minutes which is fast. 

The unit is versatile as well. It has a detachable omelette tray and two egg poaching trays to obtain varieties of eggs as well. Moreover, you can also steam vegetables in it. 

Operation is smooth with a single push button and an indicator light. It is energy-efficient as well as it just consumes 350 watts of power.

On the flip side, its warranty is not mentioned. The quality of plastic could have been better as well. But with its super reasonable pricing, these drawbacks are not a deal-breaker. We can say that you will never regret if you decide to buy this egg boiler. 

Wrapping up 

The egg boilers have transformed the way you look at and prepare your breakfast. Making a healthy breakfast and diet is easier and more convenient. We are confident that you will be able to the perfect egg boiler from our list based on your needs and budget. Do get back to us for any suggestions or feedback!

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