Best Double Door Refrigerator Under Rs. 20000

If you have a budget of Rs. 20,000, you can comfortably buy a good quality double door refrigerator with all basic features.

We have shortlisted some really awesome refrigerators and the only aspect that these double door refrigerators under Rs. 20000 lack is higher energy efficiency as most of the refrigerators in this price line have less than 3-star energy rating. Otherwise, they have efficient cooling system, features to sustain cooling during power failure, stabilizer free operations and all such necessary features.

Out of this list, we highly recommend LG 255 L 3 Star Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator for its superior design and features. A close second is the Whirlpool 245 L 2-star refrigerator that has awesome cooling system and features to maintain freshness of fruits and vegetables for longer.

So, here goes the list…

Best Double Door Refrigerator Under Rs 20000

LG 255 L 3 Star Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (GL-B282SGSM, Graphite Steel)

best double door refrigerator under Rs 20000

The only reason why this uber cool LG refrigerator is priced less than Rs. 20000 is because a newer version of the same model was recently launched for about Rs. 25000.

  • Pull out tray and movable ice tray.
  • Smart inverter compressor that helps reduce power consumption while maintaining optimal cooling. 
  • 2015 model
Food Freshness

LG’s trademark multi air flow system is used in this refrigerator to ensure uniform cooling throughout all the compartments. This not only helps maintain consistent cooling, but also helps bring down the temperature rapidly to preserve the nutritional value of food items.

In order to preserve the freshness of the vegetables and fruits, the crisper has lattice lid on which the evaporated excess moisture gets settled. This moisture is released back in to the lid when the air gets too dry. Thus, an optimal level of humidity is maintained to prolong life of the fresh produces. In addition, the crisper also has a moisture control vent which if kept opened lets out excess moisture built up inside.

Energy Efficiency
best double door refrigerator under Rs 20000

LG and Haier are the only brands that sell 3 star rated refrigerator models in this price range. The higher power efficiency is because it uses smart inverter compressor that adjusts cooling detecting the food load and ambient temperature to thus save up to 36% energy. Power consumption is further reduced by using an LED bulb instead of CFL.

The refrigerator can withstand power fluctuation between 135-290 Volts.


LG 255 L 3 Star Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator is the only refrigerator in this price range that has a movable ice tray and pull out tray.

The fridge has two height adjustable shelves and a large moisture control crisper.

The egg tray is spacious enough for keeping 16 eggs at a time and there is a wide door basket for keeping larger 2-2.5 Litre bottles. Yet another advantage is that the refrigerator door needs to be opened just 90 degree to pull out the vegetable box as it doesn’t have any door basket at the lower level—making it a great fit for modular kitchen and corner positions.

The top LED light adds to the overall appeal, making it one of the classiest refrigerators in this segment.

The refrigerator is 2015 model. If you are not bothered by it, then by all means we recommend you to buy this refrigerator as it has much far superior design and features compared to other refrigerators in this price range.

best double door refrigerator under Rs 20000

We shortlisted Whirlpool 245 L refrigerator as one of the best double door refrigerator under Rs. 20000 for its awesome cooling and freshness maintenance system.


  • Best in class cooling system
  • Microblock and freshonizer that helps maintain freshness of fruits and vegetables.


  • 2 star power rating
Food Freshness

In addition to a superior cooling system, Whirlpool refrigerators also use a finer system for preserving freshness of food.

The cooling system is so good that you can make ice in about 45 minutes –  15 minutes lesser than Haier’s 1 hour icing technology.

In order to accomplish this feat, Whirlpool uses insulated capillary technology and 6th sense technology.

6th Sense Technology uses a sensor to activate the express mode in the compressor whenever it detects a rise in temperature inside the refrigerator due to frequent opening, excess load or rise in ambient temperature. The system is so effective that the temperature is brought down in less than half the time a conventional refrigerator would need.

Insulated capillary technology is a system whereby the pipe carrying the refrigerant is surrounded by super cold gas for better insulation and also for faster cooling and better cooling retention throughout the refrigerator for up to 12 hours.

Yet another unique feature is the flexi-vents whereby you can adjust the direction of cool air in order to face it towards the food that you have recently kept inside.

Of course, even if you don’t adjust the vents, it still does a good job of cooling throughout the compartment uniformly.

best double door refrigerator under Rs 20000

A good cooling system alone won’t help preserve the nutritional value of fresh produces kept inside the refrigerator. For that, an optimal level of humidity has to be maintained, growth of bacteria has to be controlled and oxidation should be slowed down.

The vegetable crisper and ice twister—areas which are prone to contamination are made of a unique material called MicroBlock, which prevents bacterial growth by up to 99.9% The crisper also has a moisture control vent to retain or let out excess humidity as per your needs.

The air vents have in-built deodorizer and Freshonizer to reduce the oxidation of fruits and vegetables. This prevents excess ripening and prolongs life of produces maintaining its freshness.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is what most refrigerators under Rs. 20000 lack. This refrigerator consumes 306 units of electricity annually giving it a 2-star energy rating. It can also withstand voltage fluctuation between 130-300 Volts.


The red brushed finish exteriors imparts a beautiful look to the refrigerator. The refrigerator interiors have a partition in the middle and two door baskets giving ample storage space.

Inside the fridge, there is a chill tray to keep dairy and two height adjustable shelves along with a huge vegetable crisper. The door basket is also wide enough to accommodate 2 litre bottles.

The only drawback is that a CFL bulb is used instead of LED, which doesn’t give a thorough uniform lighting in all compartments.

best double door refrigerator under Rs 20000

With best in class power efficiency and employing superior cooling technology, Haier 247 L 3-star frost free double door refrigerator is budget friendly and one of the fastest selling models in this segment.

  • Superior cooling efficiency and system that keeps food and vegetables fresher for longer.
  • Efficiently managed interior space.
  • A bit noisy
Food Freshness

Just like LG, double door refrigerators from Haier use 360-degree air flow technology, whereby chilled air comes through multiple vents located at the rear side. This helps maintain uniform cooling throughout the compartments, keeping an optimal level of humidity and reducing the effort on compressor. It also has Haier’s trademark 1 hour icing technology that makes ice in less than 1 hour.

In addition to the superior cooling function, the refrigerator also has system in place to maintain an optimal level of humidity and preserve freshness of the produces. The crisper to keep fruits and vegetables have humidity controller with which you can adjust the moisture content inside it. In addition, the fridge has a Vitamin C filter that acts as a natural anti-oxidant and sterilizer to retain the freshness of fruits and vegetables for up to 7 days.

Energy Efficiency
best double door refrigerator under Rs 20000

Consuming around 250 units of electricity, Haier 247 L frost free refrigerator has a 3-star energy rating. It has the least power consumption for a double door refrigerator under Rs. 20000.

The refrigerator is also capable of adjusting itself to voltage fluctuations between 130-290 Volts.


With brushed finish and recessed handle, Haier 247 L refrigerator is a classy addition to any kitchen. It also has a child lock to steer away naughty kids.

The interiors are spacious and well-designed to maximize storage space. The freezer has 70 L net capacity while the fridge has a net capacity of 171 L. The fridge interiors are well lit with a top LED light and there are separate control knobs to adjust the temperature inside the freezer and fridge.

There are three height adjustable shelves made of hardened glass and three door baskets out of which you can keep jars and canisters in the top shelf, 2.5 litre bottles in the middle shelf and smaller bottles and sauces in the bottom shelf. Overall, the space is organized keeping in mind functionality and maximizing storage space.

best double door refrigerator under Rs 20000

The brand Godrej evokes nostalgia in most people as it used to be the “first refrigerator” that many of those in the 70s-generation bought. Of late, they have revamped the brand and brought out newer models that are competing hard with multi-national brands like Haier, Samsung and LG.

  • Thick insulation that retains cooling throughout the refrigerator in case of power failure.
  • May need stabilizer.
Food Freshness

Godrej 255 L 2-star frost free refrigerator uses a reciprocating compressor and has multiple vents on the rear side to provide uniform cooling throughout the compartments. It however doesn’t really boast of any special features to improve its cooling efficiency like Haier’s 1 hour icing technology or Whirlpool 6th sense technology. However, we were able to find that the cooling is optimal and you can’t really find any complaints about its cooling efficiency.

In order to prevent odour mixing, the refrigerator uses carbon palladium deodorizer. Just like every other refrigerator, it also has an anti-bacterial gasket that prevents external contaminants from entering the refrigerator.

The thick insulation helps retain cooling throughout the refrigerator in case of power failure. However, it doesn’t have cooling pad like Haier or LG to retain cooling in the freezer for an extended period.

Energy Efficiency

best double door refrigerator under Rs 20000

Energy efficiency perhaps is not a strength of this refrigerator. It consumes 315 units of electricity a year and has 2-star energy rating.

Though the manufacturer says the fridge can run stabilizer free, it is capable of withstanding fluctuations between 140-260 V, which isn’t exactly ideal. So, to be on the safer side, you may have to buy an external stabilizer for the refrigerator.


Godrej 255 L 2 star refrigerator adorns a floral print in bright red colour. Though it doesn’t have a sophisticated look and finish of Haier or LG or Samsung, it still is a beautiful addition to a traditional kitchen.

The freezer is pretty spacious with a shelf in the middle. Inside the fridge, as there is a chill tray on the top, there is space for just two height adjustable shelves while most of refrigerators in the segment are selling refrigerators with three height adjustable shelves without any chill tray.

The vegetable basket is pretty large to stock enough veggies for up to a week. The door trays are spacious enough to fit 2 litre bottles and there is also an enclosed basket to keep medicines/ beauty products that ought not to get contaminated.


LG 255 L double door refrigerator definitely fares best in terms of energy efficiency and design. Its cooling system is also fairly good, thus making it an all-rounder.

If cooling efficiency is your priority and you frequently host parties, then you would be happier with Whirlpool 245 L refrigerator that is fastest in ice making and chilling.

Haier and Godrej are more budget friendly, and are all-rounders, though it doesn't have the user-friendly design of LG.

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