Best Dishwashers In India

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“You might be able to live without your spouse. But not without your maid!”

This is the situation in most nuclear families in India. The role of a housemaid has become so vital that a single day without them is hell. And it becomes worse if you live in one of those cities where housemaids are scarce or demand exorbitant pay or worse they take leave without informing. 

However, thanks to innovative technology and inventions, part of this problem is easily resolved with a heavenly solution-The Dishwasher! Popular in the west since long, it is fast getting embedded in the Indian modern lifestyle!  

Utmost hygienic, easy and convenient, dishwashers are no longer a luxury, but are rather becoming a necessity when house help is unavailable.

With the extended lock down, when maids were out of reach, homes with dishwashers did not face too much of a problem. But others who depended on maid has to bear the brunt by washing heap of utensils everyday.

So, if you are choosing to buy a dishwasher, then we help you with some of the best options available in the market today. In addition, we also help you understand various terminologies associated with dishwashers, through our buying guide so as to make an informed choice. 

Which are the Best Dishwashers In India?

ModelCapacityWater Consumption

LG D1454TF

14 Place Settings9 Litres

IFB Neptune VX

12 Place Settings9 Litres

Bosch SMS66GI01I

12 Place Settings9 Litres

Siemens SN26L201IN

12 Place Settings10 Litres

BPL D812S27A

12 Place Settings9.5 Litres

Bosch SMS40E32EU

12 Place Settings9 Litres

Faber FFSD 8PR 14S

14 Place Settings10 Litres

Best Dishwashers In India

LG D1454TF Free Standing 14 Place Settings Dishwasher

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With their fingers placed on the pulse of Indian Consumers, LG is one of the most trusted home appliance brand in the Indian market.

With its classy and stylish design and packing some stunning features, this dishwasher has been crafted exclusively with Indian consumers in mind. Equipped with smart features, it is capable to serve both residential and small commercial needs and will please you with its performance and efficiency.

Foremost, its durable metal body has an appealing finish which is an asset to your indoor ambiance.

The Dishwasher has 14 place settings with five wash programs including the automatic program which helps fulfill requirements of nuclear to a medium-sized family of five members. The wash programs include intensive, normal, eco, glass, rapid and 90 min. Additionally, LG’s TrueSteam technology produces powerful steam that dissolves tough residues, stains without the need for pre-rinsing.

What does Place Setting Mean?

Place Setting is the measurement of capacity of a dishwasher. 1 place setting refers to a group of 1 large dinner place, 1 bowl, 1 small plate, 1 coffee cup, 1 drinking glass, 2 teaspoons, 1 knife, 1 dinner fork and 1 salad fork.

Yet another feature is LG’s Smart Rack technology. The tines can be adjusted to accommodate various types of utensils. Folding up the tines, you can load smaller utensils like bowls, plates and glasses. And if you fold it down, you can easily load large pans, tall pots and cookers. Thus you can wash a large load of a variety of utensils in a go.  Though LG claims this as an innovative feature, this is seen in most other dishwashers too.

A completely loaded dishwasher consumes about 9 litre water for a full cycle.

Talking about the performance, its inverter direct drive motor is embedded with a silencer. Thus, this machine not only super silent, but also conserves electricity, and protects itself against motor damage. Emitting just 41 decibels, this is one of the quietest dishwashers available in the market.

As it has three-stage-filtration system, you can be rest assured of thorough and hygienic cleaning of even the toughest stains of tea, coffee, turmeric etc. from the dishes.

In addition to durable motor and multiple wash programs, the equipment is packed with plenty of smart features like child lock, time delay from 1-19 hours; smart diagnosis with the capability of identifying 85 errors. The LED panel displays the settings so that you can know the mode in which the dishwasher is running and also the time left.

You can be rest assured of its durability with the manufacturer’s two-year overall warranty and ten years warranty on its motor. Even though the machine is an expensive buy, the efficiency, cleanliness along with its user-friendliness makes it a justifiable investment.

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IFB Neptune VX Free Standing 12 Place Settings Dishwasher


best dishwasher India

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At a comparatively better price and with stylish appearance in dark silver, this dishwasher from IFB is the perfect partner for a busy couple, aging couple and just about any family or group of 2-4 persons.

With 12 place settings, the dishwater is built to save both on electricity and water consumption. It just consumes about 9 liters of water per wash program to yield exceptional cleaning of the dishes. With its water softening feature, you can expect enhanced cleaning results too.

As is standard, the racks and shelves are adjustable to offer you flexibility in cleaning different kinds and sizes of dishes. For fewer dishes, you can switch to its half-load option.

It has a number of smart features in its user-friendly control panel. The LED panel indicates various stages of cleaning. Other features include two water spray arms, a water spray shower, 9 washing programs, steam drying, delay start, child safety lock, smart diagnosis etc. The noise level of 49 dB makes it fairly quiet, though not as silent as the former option from LG.

On the flip side, the dishwasher tends to consume slightly higher amount of detergents and needs better maintenance. Also, you need to pre-rinse and pre-soak the dishes to eliminate the tough oil stains in cookware and tea/coffee stains in cups.

Overall, with a two-year comprehensive warranty and comparatively better pricing, it is one of  the best-selling dishwasher in its niche.

Variant of IFB Neptune dishwasher with 15 place settings; aqua enregie feature that reduces hardness of water; lower water consumption and higher efficiency is also available. However, its priced a bit high.

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Bosch 12 Place Settings Dishwasher (SMS66GI01I, Silver Inox)

best dishwasher India

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Coming from a premium brand like Bosch, this is a terrific alternative to consider to the IFB dishwasher discussed above. The price range of both is pretty close. However, the features are different and the choice would depend on your needs.

Like the IFB model, it has a durable and attractive build from steel, is quite sturdy, consumes less electricity and less water to yield fantastic cleaning results. But unlike IFB, it can easily serve the needs of a family of four to five members.

Designed with the Indian kitchen in mind, the dishwasher has 12 place settings and six wash programs namely Intensive Kadai, Express Sparkle, Auto, Eco, Quick and Pre-rinse. It also has options like Vario Eco, Half Load and Extra Dry.

The intensive Kadai especially is said to be a unique wash program from Bosch in which water at 70 degree celsius works to clean heavily soiled utensils like oily and masala stained kadai, tea, milk pots etc. in 1 hour 30 minutes.

Now, if you want to leave it up to the dishwasher, you can opt for the auto mode where its load sensor adjusts the water input, temperature and detergent quantity depending on the level of stains and grimes and adjusts the wash time accordingly. Even so, the maximum time it takes is 1 hour 20 minutes.

Other programs namely Quick mode takes 30 minutes, while eco mode takes 1.26 hours and express sparkle takes 1 hour for completion.

Irrespective of the wash program, this dish washer utilizes maximum of 10 litres or less water for each wash. Thanks to the smart rack system, you can adjust the space to keep maximum number of utensils in a go. The noise level of 52dB is quite tolerable too.

Other useful features include child-lock, delay timer, in-built water heater of up to 70 degree celsius; half load etc.

The free-standing and front-loading make operating the washer convenient. The two-year comprehensive warranty is also a delight. The only point of concern is the after sales service provided by the brand which is less than the satisfactory mark.

Overall, it is a highly affordable and efficient dishwasher perfect for a sophisticated Indian kitchen.

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Siemens Free-Standing 12 Place Settings Dishwasher (SN26L201IN, White)

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This offering from Siemens is another equipment that packs impressive features at an affordable price. Flaunting its minimalistic design in white, it can complement just about any décor. The free-standing unit has adjustable front legs to help you place the machine according to your convenience.

With 12 place settings and 6 wash programs, the equipment yields an impressive cleanup of all your steel, glassware and porcelain utensils. Thanks to the adjustable racks, you can easily accommodate utensils of all sizes easily.

The wash programs include intensive plus, express sparkle, auto, eco, quick and pre-rinse. You also have options for time delay, vario eco, half load and hygiene plus.

The intensive plus wash program of Siemens is similar to the Intensive Kadai mode. It takes around 1 hour 30 minutes and uses water at 70 degree temperature to clean tough oil and masala stains from cookware. The express sparkle on the other hand takes about 60 minutes and washes the utensils in 65 degree water to make it spotless.

As with other dishwashers, auto mode uses its fuzzy logic to take in just enough water and detergent after assessing the stain levels. Hygiene plus is an added functionality that helps eliminate up to 99.99 percent bacteria.

The dishwasher utilizes 4-17 litres water depending on the wash programs.

The machine comes with a bounty of features like the aqua sensor, load sensor, top shower, automatic detergent detection and even dosage assist basket.  The anti-rust construction enhances the durability too.

The control panel is fully electronic and you have LED lights indicating the cleaning phases. The panel also indicates when it is time for salt refill as well as rinse aid refill.

Coming to the functionality, while you need not pre-soak your dishes, you must remember to scrape off all food particles from the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher for desirable results. Like most dishwashers, this particular model is also unsuitable to clean aluminum, non-stick and plastic utensils.

The flip side is that the machine is slightly large and bulky and does occupy some kitchen space. Its noise level of 52dB can also be bothersome if you are sensitive to sound. The unit is also reported of developing issues in areas of frequent power outage and thus a stabilizer is recommended for it.

Overall with two years of comprehensive warranty and ten years of anti-rust warranty on its inner-tub, this is one of the better choices that you can opt for.

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BPL 12 Place Settings Dishwasher (D812S27A, Silver)

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This is the most inexpensive dishwasher we are presenting so far but its quality and performance give a serious contest to many of the expensive models available in the market today.

The classy design and sparkling silver finish of the dishwasher may fall short when compared to the earlier models, but it is by no means any less. It still looks appealing and stylish. Its sturdy steel build promises both quality and technology.

Designed specifically for an Indian kitchen, this 12-place settings dishwasher stands a class apart from all dishwashers discussed above by offering 8 preset wash programs instead of the standard six. Also the wide LED touch panel replaces the buttons seen in other dishwashers.  The LED panel can be used to choose programs and shows the time remaining as well as updates on detergent level.

The wash programs vary from rapid to intensive such that all Indian cooking grimes are taken care of thoroughly. With water heating capability of up to 70 degrees, the hygiene and the sanitization aspect of the dishes pose no worry or concern.

Not only can you shift the racks to accommodate larger utensils, you can also use its half-load feature for fewer dishes. The machine utilizes the unique Eco Champion technology which ensures that the water and power usage by the machine matches the superior models we have been discussing so far.

With voice decibel of less than 50dB, it is moderately quiet. You only hear an occasional noise of the spinning phase of cleaning.

You have features like child lock but it does lack the delay timer. Also, greasy and stained dishes need to be pre-soaked for optimal cleaning. Like others, this dishwasher is also not apt for plastic, aluminum and non-stick cookware.

Overall, with a one-year comprehensive warranty, this is the most budget-friendly options available in the market.

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Bosch 12 Place Setting Dishwasher (SMS40E32EU, White)

best dishwasher India
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We simply could not resist adding another dishwasher from Bosch in our recommended list. The technology used in the dishwasher is all that is seen in the higher models of Bosch but with slightly fewer features, the machine makes owning Bosch affordable for all its fans.

The machine is aesthetically stylish to look at and has the same sturdy steel build. Its brushless motor with EcoSilence drive gives a power packed performance with the savings on water and electricity as expected from the brand’s products.

It is also a 12-place setting machine but has just 4 washing programs and three cleaning temperatures. The noise level is the same as its previous model with 52dB. It is also built with several advanced features like the active water hydraulic system, delay timer, half load option, childproof lock security, a load sensor, dosage assist etc. The anti-leak valve is another unique Bosch feature that this dishwasher has.

However, this unit needs 14 liters of water instead of ten to complete the cleaning task. The utensils are sanitized at 65 degrees instead of the 75 degrees in higher models. The rack system remains smart and allows you plenty of flexibility and versatility.

No matter how tough the grime or stains are in the dishes, the machine can do the job well. A major change here is the lack of garbage grinder. But it has a LED indicator that informs you about any deficiency as well as keeps you abreast of the time for completion.

The unit comes with a two-year standard warranty and ten-year anti-rust warranty on its cleaning tub. The only flip side is the below average company service post sales. Still, the machine will not disappoint you with its performance or quality.

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Faber 14 Place Settings Dishwasher (FFSD 8PR 14S, Silver)

best dishwasher India
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Even though we are talking last about this model from Faber, it is certainly not the last choice. It has some amazing features that will definitely impress you. If the LG model is your choice, then this is a great alternative to it.

Like the LG dishwasher, it has 14 place settings but improves on it by offering you 8 pre-programmed washing options namely intensive, normal, eco, 90 minutes, glass, rapid, prewash and auto.

Constructed from steel, the machine is sturdy and stylish to look at. The unit is a boon in saving both water and electricity. With noise level of 44 dB, the machine feels almost silent when in operation too.

It has 3 racks providing you the flexibility and versatility to accommodate any cookware. Utilizing the innovative 3D technology ( 3 spray arms), the machine maximizes the water spray for exceptional cleaning in less time. This results in reduction of wash duration by around 15% for most programs.

The dishwasher packs all premium features like the auto program, delay start, half-load, child lock etc. In addition, it has some extra and unique features like special dual-zone wash feature where targeted cleaning in tough stains can be done in a more effective and time-saving manner, as you need not run the entire cleaning cycle.

Another unique feature is the intense drying option for faster and more thorough drying of plastics, steel, ceramics etc. Dishes are easily sanitized at a temperature ranging from 65 to 69 degrees.

The warranty on the dishwasher is the standard two-year comprehensive warranty.

Costing slightly less than the LG model, this is a terrific machine to invest in.

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Voltas Beko  8 Place Table Top Dishwasher

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If space is a limitation in your kitchen, then you could very well opt for this 8 place table top dishwasher from Voltas Beko which is just about enough for a small nuclear family. And its priced quite attractively too.

The unit comes with waterproof touch panel and has 6 wash programs that you can opt for depending on the extend to which the utensils are soiled.

The dishwasher has a dedicated cutlery tray and space for plates. Other larger utensils can be kept in the bottom rack. However, you cannot load very tall pressure cookers or excessively large utensils typically used when you have guests in large number.

In order to effectively clean the utensils, you can choose from 6 wash programs and water is heated up to 70 degree Celsius depending on the program used.

The mini cycle can be used for rinsing very mildly soiled utensils. It takes about 30 minutes.It is best to use Clean and shine cycle on a regular basis. It takes about 1.5 hours and consumes 10 litre water. Normal program takes 11 litre and 2.5 hours while Intensive takes 2 hour 40 minutes and 12 litres. You do have an Eco mode too which takes up a longer duration of 3 hour 15 minutes, but consumes just 9 litre water.

Most users are quite happy with the cleaning performance. Be it pressure cookers or kadai or any other dishwasher friendly utensils including ones made from plastic, the utensils are all cleaned pretty well without any residue.

Overall, with a budget friendly price tag and compact design, it is pretty great option for a small nuclear family that uses limited utensils.

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Now, let us delve in to the nuances to be taken care of while buying a dishwasher.

How To Choose A Dishwasher For Your Home

Dishwashers are an excellent way to add health, hygiene, comfort and time to your life. But this is possible only if you choose your dishwasher smartly keeping in view your lifestyle and requirements. Let’s check out the smart guidelines for making the choice. Stay hooked!

Types of Dishwasher

Based on your budget, family size, the frequency of usage and various other relevant factors involved, you need to decide on the type of dishwasher you need to opt for. The major types of dishwashers are: –

    • Built-in Dishwashers
      Once installed, these cannot be removed even if you leave the house. These are thus recommended only if you have a permanent home for yourself. These are installed directly under your kitchen counter. No faucets are connected here to the dishwasher and this leaves your kitchen sink free at all times.
      It is available as fully and semi-integrated models. The semi-integrated model is slightly cheaper with the dishwasher partially hidden while the expensive fully-integrated model has the dishwasher fitted completely inside a cabinet.
      These come in small versions as well that can be fitted inside a drawer. Hailed as dish drawers, they are available as single drawers or even double drawer dishwasher. The best ones are those where the double drawers work independently of each other.
      This type of built-in dishwashers are not quite common in India.
    • Portable Drawers
      These are free-standing dishwashers which can be easily transported from one place to another. Requiring just a parking space, it is also of various kinds.
      A very popular version of it is the countertop dishwasher. It is normally placed near the kitchen sink. To use it, you merely connect its hookup to the sink faucet and start using the equipment.
      You also have its slimline version which is a viable option for all who face space crunch in their homes.


best dishwasher India

The next point of consideration is the capacity of the dishwasher. Your family size decides the capacity of the dishwasher which in turn decides its dimensions.

They are normally available in 8, 12 and 16 or tall tub configurations. In each configuration bracket, you have many variants. The standard for an average Indian family is 12 i.e. it can hold 12 utensils in each rack. Higher configurations can easily wash hundred to two hundred utensils in a single go, but they are mostly used in commercial settings.

Built-in Material

Next, you must look into the material from which the dishwasher is crafted. The most commonly used materials are plastic and steel.

Needless to say, the steel version is far superior to the plastic make. Even though they are expensive to buy initially, they are more durable, rustproof, stain proof and even odor proof. They are also more energy efficient and can transfer as well as withstand higher temperature much better than plastic. These offer better flexibility and allow you height adjustment option as well.

On the other side, plastic versions are cheaper and easier to clean. These two features prove vital for many.

Wash Cycles and Speed

Most dishwashers come with plenty of wash cycles and speed options which make cleaning all types of dishes easy. You even get the option to customize your wash cycles. Few common types of wash cycles found in most dishwashers are:

    • Delayed Wash- This feature is just like what you find in a washing machine. You put the soiled dishes inside the washer and set a time which can be an hour to twenty-four hours later. The wash cycle will start at the time set by you.
    • Only Rinse– Normally run before the actual wash, here the dishes are rinsed with just plain water so that all stuck food particles get removed. This cycle gives you a better wash quality.
    • Rinse and Hold Wash- Also referred to as pre-soaking, you cycle your dishes with one round of plain water before actual wash to bring about better cleaning.
    • Sanitizing Rinse- Here, dishes are made to go through hot water so that all germs and bacteria get killed and you get sanitized dishes.
    • Quick Wash- This option is exercised when the dishes are very lightly soiled.

Like the cycles, the speed can be set to low, medium and high for even distribution of water and more effective cleaning.

Smart Features

Various dishwashers come with few to many luxury features which enhance your overall comfort and convenience in using the dishwashers. Obviously, more features imply a higher cost. Few leading smart features are:

    • Adjustable or Removable Racks- Here you can move the racks up and down or even take it out so that you can wash large and tall dishes and containers.
    • Mesh Filters- Grime and food trash from the dishes are collected in mesh filters. This needs frequent manual cleaning so that the health of the dishes and equipment remains optimal.
    • Soil Sensors- With this option, the machine is able to gauge the amount of dirt, grime and food particles in each load and then adjust the soap level, water level and cycle duration accordingly.
    • Half Load Option- The option comes handy when you have just a few dishes to wash.
    • Auto-Restart- A crucial function if you face frequent power interruptions at your home. The machine here resumes functioning automatically when power gets restored.
    • Hard Water Compatibility- Most taps of India give you hard water. Thus, many dishwashers come with a water softening chamber where a salt dispenser pumps salt and dissolves the hardness of the water. This not only prevents scaling of the equipment but also results in saving big on detergents.
    • Child Lock- It is an added feature of security. These state-of-the-art insulations block the opening of the machine while on the running mode to avert any accident.
    • Touch Controls- In the fully automatic dishwasher, the cleaning starts with a single touch of a button. However, in the semi-automatic and manual version, you need to press few more buttons.
    • Anti-flood Capability- Usually, the dishwashers have two chambers- One for washing the utensils and the other for drying them. Few have an anti-flood valve that prevents leakage of water from the wash chamber to the drying chamber. Hence, it is an important feature to consider.

No matter what features you have in the dishwasher, they must be user-friendly and easy to take advantage of.

best dishwasher India

Power Consumption

The dishwasher is an equipment that you are likely use multiple times a day. Thus, it is important to look in to the energy consumed by it. Like most electric appliances, dishwashers too come with an energy efficiency rating set by the BEE.

Dishwashers with low or no energy ratings must be avoided as it would mean faulty construction and high energy bills. Energy-efficient equipment must always be your top choice.

Noise Level

Dishwashers are typically a noisy appliance. However, based on their construction and technology utilized, they make noise varying from noticeably low to significantly high. The superior and high-end models make noise less than 40dB while the inferior makes noise level might cross 50dB. Thus, you must check on the noise level and ensure it is tolerable to you.

Brand Reputation and Warranty

Dishwashers are by no means a cheap appliance. Purchasing from a trustworthy brand gives you better value for money. The warranty for the dishwasher might vary from one to five years. You can decide on it according to your preference and budget.


Lastly, you must keep your budget in mind. A high-end dishwasher can burn a significant hole in your pocket. However, if you are bootstrapped, you need to check your options more critically and then nail the best fit.

Wrapping up

That all friends! We hope that the buying guide and our recommended picks would equip you with sufficient knowledge to look through and get the best dishwasher for your home. An absolutely worthwhile investment; it is a certain way to free you from major kitchen and maid woes! Enjoy the spare time you gain by buying this wonderful equipment!

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