Best Deep Fryers in India

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Once limited to commercial kitchens, deep fryers are fast becoming a common kitchen appliance. It counts amongst the top-rated technically progressive appliances that have facilitated the preparation of tasty and deep-fried delicacies straight from any home kitchen. 

If you are looking to add this fantastic appliance to your kitchen, we put forth a list of the best deep fryers for you that are of quality build and are sure to give you durability and top performance. 

Which Are The Best Deep Fryers in India?

  1. Inalsa Professional 2 Fryer
  2. American Micronic AMI-DFP-30LDx-3 Litre Electric Deep Fryer
  3. Skyline VTL-5424 2000-Watt Deep Fryer
  4. T-fal FF492D Stainless Steel 1.2-Liter Oil Capacity Adjustable Temperature Mini Deep Fryer
  5. Delonghi Roto F28553 1800-Watt Deep Fryer
  6. FROTH & FLAVOR Steel Electric Deep Fryer

Best Deep Fryers in India

Inalsa Professional 2 Fryer

Best Deep Fryers in India

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If you are more into parties and gatherings and need a professional appliance, look no further than this deep fryer from Inalsa. 

Foremost, the fryer boasts a modern and stylish design, crafted from stainless steel for extra durability and reliability. Its brush finished stainless steel look with bakelite handles, and other components create a mesmerizing look. The decoration of stainless steel on the control panel adds a glamorous feel.

Despite professional capacity, it is compact and lightweight at 2 kgs. Hence, you can easily place it in any commercial or residential kitchen without using too much space. It also has a cord storage box to create a no-mess look.

It has an anti-slip rubber-feet for better grip and stability that also reduces the risk of accidents.

The fryer has a 2-liter oil capacity that can effortlessly fry 800 gm of French fries or 10 croquettes in a single go. The fryer uses 1700 W of energy for quick heating and fast frying. One round can be completed in just about 10 minutes and subsequent in 4 to 5 minutes. 

Another unique feature of the fryer is its built-in thermostat that allows you to control the oil temperature from 150 to 190-degree Celsius. This feature gives you the power to fry different kinds of food perfectly and evenly with maximum taste. The submerged heating element further allows for safe and uniform heating. 

An indicator light lets you know when the oil has reached optimum temperature and is ready for frying. 

Another unique feature of the fryer is its cold zone, which facilitates healthy frying and keeps new oil for longer. Removing used oil is easy from its easy oil dispense feature. 

Cleaning and maintaining the fryer is easy because of its detachable parts. All its steel parts are dishwasher safe as well. 

The fryer is safe to use as it is protected against overheating. Its outer body is also protected against overheating. 

The unit comes with a two-year warranty that can further be extended as well. 

There is also a 3-liter higher oil capacity available for those who need a larger capacity of frying. 

There is no major drawback listed against the fryer except its slightly higher oil heating time of 5 minutes. Few also desire color options in its design except for stainless steel.

Overall, with its star rating of 3.9/5 and reasonable pricing of a little over 3K, it is a fryer that has an eclectic look and amazing functionalities. 

American Micronic AMI-DFP-30LDx-3 Litre Electric Deep Fryer

Best Deep Fryers in India

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Our next choice is another extremely popular deep fryer from a reputed brand- American Micronic. 

The body of the fryer is again sleek, stylish, and modern looking. It has a black non-stick coating that not only adds a glamorous look but also makes it effortless to clean and maintain. The frying basket and immersion heating element also have a chrome finish.

Given its higher oil capacity, it is reasonably lightweight at 3.55 kgs and occupies minimal space in any kitchen. 

The fryer has a 3-liter oil capacity to fry large batches of food at one go. The submerged heating element ensures even heating while its non-stick coating prevents any sticking of food. 

Power consumption of the unit is 2000 watts that bring about fast and even frying.

The fryer has an oil temperature control dial that allows you to set the temperature till 200 degrees Celsius. It also has another timer dial that you can set till 30 minutes. 

Once the timer is completed, the fryer auto-shuts with a buzzer to warn you of completion. 

Another safety feature is its cool touch body and exterior handle for safe handling. It too has rubber feet for better security and protection against any accidents. The detachable cover lid prevents any spattering.

All its parts are again detachable, that makes cleaning and maintaining the fryer, a breeze. Most of them are dishwasher safe as well. 

It comes with a year’s warranty and is priced at around 3.9k.

The flip side of the fryer is again initial high oil heating time and lack of color choices. 

Overall, with a 3.9/5 customer star rating, premium looks and build, and excellent functionalities, it is a fryer that will serve well for volume batch frying.

Skyline VTL-5424 2000-Watt Deep Fryer

Best Deep Fryers in India

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If you crave fried food at its healthiest with minimal oil consumption, then look no further than this deep fryer from Skyline. 

The fryer boasts of a sleek and compact, sturdy design in steel and bakelite. It has a standard steel gray and black color but gives you other color choices as well. Overall, its style quotient is high.

Lightweight at 2.62 kgs, it takes minimal space and can be moved around easily. 

You can put 2 liters to 3 liters of oil at one go that can effortlessly fry large batches of food. Its 2000 watts of power consumption ensures fast frying to save you time. 

The deep fryer is a detachable basket that makes for easy usage and cleaning. There is a heatproof handle to it that makes using easier. 

Its heating element is also immersed for even heating. A unique feature of this fryer is its anti-grease fry filter that keeps your fried food grease-free as well as eliminates any frying odors. There is also a residue plate that filters out the sediment and keeps the oil clean. 

Security features are the same as anti-skid feet, shockproof body with cool-touch handles. 

Because of its detachable parts, which are dishwasher safe, cleaning and maintaining the appliance is easy. Even its heating element is detachable for easy cleaning. 

The fryer comes with a year’s warranty and is reasonably priced at a little over 2K. 

There are barely any issues reported against it apart from slight difficulty in installing back the container post-cleaning. 

Overall, you cannot go wrong with this fryer as it is an excellent value for money buy. 

T-fal FF492D Stainless Steel 1.2-Liter Oil Capacity Adjustable Temperature Mini Deep Fryer

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Till now, we have talked about big fryers. But if you are looking for a small deep fryer for single person or a couple, this fryer can be an ideal choice. 

With a stainless-steel brushed body along with black plastic and non-stick interiors, the fryer is extraordinarily stylish and appealing to the eyes. Weighing less than half a kilogram; the fryer is compact and easy to store or move about. 

This fryer’s unique feature is its magnetic breakaway power cord that you can easily remove and attach. It helps avoid a messy look in the kitchen. It also has heatproof and shockproof side handles for easy moving.

The unit consumes 850 watts of energy and can hold 1.2 liters of oil, which is highly efficient. You can cook about 300 grams of food at one go. 

It has a removable cooking lid with a viewing window that allows you to view the ongoing frying. The removable frying steel basket can be set in two positions here. One is where the food is submerged in oil, and the second where the oil drops down from the food to help it become less oily. 

The light indicator lets you know when the oil is ready for frying. The appliance also boasts of a thermostat for the right temperature settings for perfect frying. 

Another unique feature of this fryer is its patented EZ Clean oil-filtration system that facilitates convenient deep frying and simple oil storage.

Its lid and frying basket are dishwasher safe and thus easy to clean. The appliance has a standard one-year warranty. 

Despite having all the features of any standard fryer, this one too has its limitations. The first one is the non-removable pot, where all the oil and food residues go. This makes cleaning it cumbersome. 

The second drawback is its removable heating element. Many find it difficult to attach it back because of its small size. Many users also complain of a lesser depth than that advertised. Hence, you get a lower volume of fried food in one batch. 

A significant drawback is its excessive price of a little over 9K, which is the highest so far on our list. 

However, given its impressive star rating of 4.2/5 and excellent customer testimonials, it is a fryer that would be worth its value. 

Delonghi Roto F28553 1800-Watt Deep Fryer

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Our next choice is this excellent deep fryer from Delonghi that helps you enjoy fried food at its healthiest. 

The fryer is crafted from high-quality food-grade plastic in black that looks contemporary and stylish. Its bowl has a nonstick coating for no-mess frying. The black finish looks extremely attractive. 

Weighing about 5 kgs; the unit is compact and pretty easy to move around. It has a cord storage box for a mess-free look.

Even though the oil capacity of this fryer is a mere 1.1 to 1.2 liters, it can impressively fry about 1kg of food items at one go. Consuming 1800 watts of energy, it gives you frying in minimal time. 

A unique feature of this fryer is the Rotofry technology via which an oblique basket rotation happens. It causes periodic immersion of food in hot oil and thus, reduces the amount of oil required for frying to give you the healthiest version of fried food. You get uniformly fried food with minimal formation of bubbles and splashes. 

The overview window in its removable lid helps you monitor the cooking. The lid can be easily removed with the press of a button. 

The other features of the fryer are thermostat to control oil temperature from 150 degrees to 190 degree Celsius for perfect frying, indicator light to signify oil readiness for frying, convenient and patented oil draining system, cool touch wall and stirring facility during the frying process. 

In this model also, you can raise or lower the basket without raising the lid. There is also an odor absorption feature during cooking as well as a rear condensation collecting receptacle. 

The safety features include a cool touch body, handles, and feet for better grip. 

Cleaning and maintenance are convenient because of its removable and dishwasher safe accessories. 

The fryer comes with a year’s warranty and is priced at around 7.9K. 

On the flip side, this fryer lacks any timer. You also need to replace its filters regularly that makes for an additional cost. The price is also on the higher side. 

Its customer service is also questionable in India. 

Overall, given its 27% more energy efficiency and 38% faster cooking in less oil, it is a stellar but despite its high price tag.

FROTH & FLAVOR Steel Electric Deep Fryer

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Our final choice is another excellent fryer, this time from Froth and Flavor. It is an ideal option for large families or commercial places. 

The fryer is crafted from sturdy stainless steel and looks aesthetically pleasing in silver color. Its rectangular design gives it an eclectic and functional edge. 

It has a removable mesh basket that is removable and easy to clean. It has S-shaped heating pipes with a protective plate for even heating. Unlike other fryers, which had a steel heating element, this one has a copper heating element that makes it more efficient. 

Power consumption of the fryer is 2500 watts that help its 8-liter oil capacity to reach an optimum point for fry in a very short time. The protective plate over the heater prevents food from coming in direct contact with the heating element. You can fry up to 1 kg of food at one go. 

Its stainless-steel tank has removable oil inserts with calibration to help you use different oil levels as per requirements. 

The temperature thermostat control helps you set the temperature range from 0 to 200 degrees Celsius. There is also a power and heat indicator. Control is easy with dial model knobs. 

The handles have a black heatproof coating for easy and safe handling.

Cleaning and maintenance are standard and easy because of removable and dishwasher safe parts.

The fryer has a standard year’s warranty and costs around 4.5 k. 

Looking at its drawbacks; its build quality could have been better. Few users also complain of its handle being cumbersome.

But given its superb customer rating of 4.7/5, it’s a deep fryer to buy with eyes closed. 

Final words

Fried food has been the mass favorite since ages. But health concerns have also grown alongside. The right deep fryer can help you have the best of both worlds. We hope you are able to find the perfect deep fryer from our carefully chosen list. Do get back to us with any suggestions, comments, or feedback. 

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