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A sizeable population of the world finds it difficult to start their day without a caffeine fix in the form of a nicely brewed cup of coffee. While many do go to coffee shops to satiate the addiction; nothing beats the pleasure and comfort of getting freshly brewed coffee right in your kitchen!

If you are as addicted to coffee as me and both aroma and taste matters to you, then you know that a perfect cup of coffee is almost impossible without a good coffee maker. However, gone are the days when the coffee maker used to be a simple affair! Buying a coffee machine is more complicated than ever as you are almost spoilt for choice. Getting confused and utterly dazed is a regular norm here.

Well, we are there to help you in your quest and make things easier! Thus, we present some guidelines about types of coffee makers, their working mechanism, some vital tips on choosing the most appropriate coffee machine and finally our top recommended coffee makers. Stay hooked!

Types of Coffee Machines

The sheer number of options of coffee machines available in the market might leave you scratching your head! However, the problem can be tackled easily if you ponder over the type of coffee you prefer. There are basic four types of coffee machine and the right kind would depend on the type of coffee-drinker you are.

The basic types of coffee machines are:

Pod and Capsule Machines

best coffee maker India

If you are an espresso coffee addict, then you would love a pod and capsule machine. It is ideal for those who are short on time and need their coffee brewed fast with minimum hassle.

Here, you need to buy ready-made packed pods and capsules. Ground coffee is compressed between two layers of filter paper and given a pod shape. Capsules assume the shape and size of the UHT milk holder sufficient for one cup of coffee.

Working mechanism: You need to put the pre-packaged pod or capsule into the machine and press its button. The machine then pierces the pod and sends the coffee and milk along with hot water into your coffee mug or cup.



  • Easy and convenient to use.
  • Have minimal hassle clean up.
  • Coffee pods are available in wide variety of flavors.

  • You are limited to the types of coffee pods and capsules available.
  • The ready-made coffee might lack intensity or depth of flavor.
  • The coffee pods and capsules tend to more expensive and are not environment-friendly.

Bean-to-Cup Machines

best coffee maker IndiaThis type of machine is ideal for a cappuccino or a latte coffee lover. It is meant for all those people who don’t mind spending a little time to enjoy a perfect cup of coffee full of aroma and flavor.

Working mechanism: Here fresh coffee beans are fed into the machine which is crushed by its inbuilt grinder for some magnificent aroma, flavor and freshness. Many machines have an inbuilt steam arm system to automatically froth the milk as well to get your latte or cappuccino prepared to perfection. All this is done just by pressing a button.




  • You get to sip a high quality of freshly ground coffee drink.
  • There are numerous variety and flavors of coffee beans available to enjoy.
  • It is a user-friendly, fast and efficient machine, excellent for any self-service environment.

  • Some machines might be a tad heavy to move.
  • They are comparatively expensive units. Moreover, a higher price tag need not guarantee a good brewed coffee.

Semi-Automatic and Pump Espresso Machines

best coffee maker IndiaThese machines are ideal for real coffee lovers who would toil hard and love to experiment with their coffee for an innovative taste, aroma and flavor. It is meant for the experienced coffee-makers who have plenty of knowledge and practice tucked below their belt regarding coffee making techniques like doing, grinding, tamping, etc.

Working mechanism: Here you measure out and put the right amount of ground coffee powder into the group head and then let the machine brew and pour the coffee. In a manual machine, you would need to cut off the flow of coffee after your cup gets filled; while in a semi-automatic machine, the flow gets cut-off automatically.




  • You can enjoy a true depth of flavor.
  • You can experiment easily and come up with your own unique coffee-flavor.

  • You must grind your coffee before use.
  • It is not for beginners with no coffee-making experience.

 Filter Coffee Machines

best coffee maker India

This is the best machine for all those people who aren’t fussy about their coffee and just need a caffeine-kick. It’s a terrific quick pick-me-up coffee machine which can be an ideal choice in your workplace.

Working mechanism: Here, you pour cold water from the top of the machine which gets hot by a heating element and then drips down to the basket of ground coffee from where it pours out into the jug below. The jug is also kept warm by a hot plate.
Most of the top picks in this article falls under this type of coffee maker.



  • These machines can easily brew a larger volume of black coffee at one go.
  • They can serve several people at the same time.
  • Several drink options are available to suit any taste.

  • The quality of coffee tends to be on the lower side.
  • The price of the machine runs quite close to other machines which can deliver a higher quality of coffee.

Tips to Choose the Best Coffee Maker

Now that we understand the basic types of coffee makers; let’s walk through some vital tips that would help you nail the perfect coffee-maker to cater to your needs.

  • Quantity

    It is vital that the coffee maker you choose has the right capacity to fit your daily needs. There are machines available which can serve you a single cup of coffee to multiple cups. Based on the quantitate needs; you can choose the right capacity machine.

  • Type of coffee machine

    We have already discussed the basic types of coffee machines. Based on your preference and the time you are willing to devote; you can choose options of any type. Besides, you can check out the filtration process; preparation of coffee required, etc.

  • Cost

    Your budget might not be the ultimate, but it is a crucial deciding factor. While deciding on it, ponder about both the long-term and upfront costs. Spending a little more now can save you big in the long term. Ultimately, don’t settle for something that does not give you the coffee that you would love to sip every time you desire it.

  • Convenience

    You might treat your coffee like wine but be mindful of the work that a coffee machine can entail. It should be not only easy to use, but also easy to clean and maintain, especially with considering your daily morning rush hours.

  • Counter space

    Each kitchen has its dimensions and limitations to the number of appliances it can fit in aesthetically and comfortably. The coffee machine needs to be in proportion to all other kitchen appliances and should not compromise with your countertop real estate. If kept in a cabinet; you are likely to use the coffee machine on rare occasions. Ensure, your coffee-maker and kitchen size have a harmony.

  • Miscellaneous features

    Apart from these, you can look some other optional features for your added convenience like programmable settings, auto-shut-off, water filter, steamer, milk frother, etc.

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Our Recommended Top Picks of Coffee Maker

Having come this far, we now review some of our recommended coffee-makers that you can consider in your to-buy list.

Philips HD7431/20 700-Watt Coffee Maker

best coffee maker India
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For those who wish for an aromatic and flavorful coffee fast with no hassle; this coffee machine beats the race. You can skip the lengthy process of brewing a coffee yet sip a coffee of high flavor.

It is compact and sleek-looking which ensures that any kitchen décor would get a pop-up with the appliance. The combination of plastic and metal gives it a modern, stylish vibe which blends well with any kitchen décor. Occupying very little space, it is the perfect solution to any size kitchen.

You need to put ground coffee here and can drip stop whenever your cup gets filled. It comes with an AromaSwirl Technology which ensures that the coffee powder gets distributed evenly throughout the cup and oozes maximum aroma. It can prepare four cups of coffee in one go and thus is ideal for any small family.

Its cleaning and maintenance are quite easy as well. Being dishwasher safe, you can clean its parts by putting it there. Even though it does not have any filter paper, you can use one to eliminate the chore of taking out and cleaning its plastic filter. Few might rue this as a degradation from the metal filter.

Its two-year manufacturer guarantee ensures that you are getting your money worth. Go for it to rise above instant coffee and enjoy real brewed coffee with no hassle in the comforts of your home.

Tecnora Caffemio TCM 206 1.8 litre, 800-950 W Drip Coffee Maker 

best coffee maker India

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If your budget is around the same as the previous coffee-maker but you require more cups of coffee; then this coffee-maker is a robust piece to consider. You can easily brew from 2 cups of black coffee to 12 cups at one go. Do note that this machine is not ideal for you if you love milk in your coffee.

Its plastic body with a vibe of steel looks very stylish. It is also quite lightweight to move easily around. Moreover, if you face any issues with the machine, the brand’s prompt customer service would leave you completely floored.

The coffee machine can brew varying strengths of coffee to suit any taste. You also have three different kinds of nylon filters to cater to the varying strengths. The pulse water delivery system and additional water sprinkler disc ensure you get optimal flavors and aroma in your coffee cup. Its drip feature has a locking capability to stop any spills or leakage. The water tank has clear markings to help you see the water level.

You can easily pour yourself some coffee anytime between brewing. It keeps the coffee hot automatically due to its warm mode which eliminates any hassle of standing by the machine. You can even enjoy brewing a hot cup of tea or green tea with this machine.

The only flip side is the slight noise that this machine makes. Overall, this machine gives much more than its pricing and is a smart deal for black coffee lovers.

Black + Decker BXCM1201IN 12-Cup Drip Coffee Maker

best coffee maker India

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If you are looking for a professional cup of coffee without much hassle; look no further than this machine. With its international reputation, you can trust the brand to serve you the best drip coffee.

With its crisp design and spectacular specifications, this black color unit looks smart though not extraordinary. It is lightweight, energy efficient and even has anti-slip feet to make its usage as smooth as a breeze.

The machine can brew up to 12-cups of coffee at one go. You would have to use only grounded coffee powder here as it lacks a grinder. With four functional operations and well-marked water level carafe, the coffee comes to you most seamlessly. Its drop stop mechanism ensures that no coffee spills while its non-stick hot plate can keep the coffee warm easily for 1-2 hours.

The machine is not only easy to handle but can be easily cleaned as well, thanks to its permanent nylon filter which is easily accessible. In case you forgot about the machine in a hurry, it shuts off automatically. Overall, it is a killer piece to brew some great coffee at home.

Morphy Richards Fresco 800-Watt 4-Cups Espresso Coffee Maker (Black)

best coffee maker India

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Want a Starbucks or Café Coffee Day like espresso coffee in your home? If yes, then you should not think twice before buying this Morphy Richards Espresso coffee maker.

An elegant and stylish machine, it goes well with just any décor. Its easy-grip handle and anti-slip feature ensures that you can use it efficiently as well as move it around with ease.

With a perfect milk frothing, you can prepare 2-4 cups of coffee in minimal time. The glass carafe allows you to check the coffee level and pour right measurements of coffee. All dripped coffee gets collected in an easily accessible drip tray for easy cleaning. There is even a temperature dial and coffee strength selector which helps you brew the coffee to your unique taste.

Its stainless-steel filter and overheat protection ensures that your coffee does not get compromised at any time and remains high on taste. The taste of coffee is much better if you use freshly ground coffee powder to make your coffee.

All-in-all, it is a budget-friendly unit to enjoy some excellent espresso coffee at home.

Nespresso Krups Inissia White Coffee Machine

best coffee maker India

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There can be no better pod and capsule machine than this if you love an espresso coffee of a professional level. An internationally recognized brand; it brews you a cup of espresso or lungo with an appreciable depth in flavor, aroma and intensity.

Foremost, the machine is quite compact and lightweight. Thanks to its ergonomic handle, you can carry it around easily with you just about anywhere. Despite its miniature size, you will not be disappointed with its top-rated technology and power of brewing a coffee that might put more expensive and larger coffee-makers to shame.

For best taste, you must use Nespresso coffee capsules only. 16 are given to you complimentary with the machine. The machine can hold about 10-11 capsules at one go. With the two-size buttons, you can choose to make espresso or lungo and get the coffee in a minute or so. The cup stand is foldable which allows you to place small and large glass for the coffee.

It lacks a milk option, so you need to love black coffee or get a separate milk frother. The machine is quite energy efficient and auto shuts down after nine mins of inactivity. This eliminates all worry and hassles of after-use.

The machine tends to drip after pouring out a coffee but its drip tray is perforated and needs cleaning after several cups of coffee has been brewed out. While you are limited to the brand’s pods; you will not find a dearth of taste or flavor.

Overall, this is a terrific coffee-maker for any newbie bonding with the Nespresso World and looking to refine his taste for some real coffee!

Preethi Café Zest CM210 Drip Coffee Maker (Black)

best coffee maker India

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A stylish and energy efficient unit, it is meant to cater to one to two cups of top-class coffee in any set-up.

Its portability and stylish design is evident from its look. The black color adds a level of sophistication to the unit. Using 450 watts power and built with a 500 ml water jar, you can get a cup of coffee in the minimal time.

The machine has plenty of features going in its favor. Its top-notch efficiency and shockproof plastic ABS body make it a delight for any Indian home. The flavor and intensity of the coffee will turn you into an addict in no time. Again, you need to put ground coffee powder here, preferably without the mix of chicory and add milk separately if desired. Its microfine filter gets you a top-quality decoction.

Its anti-drip feature stops any coffee spills. So, cleaning and maintaining the machine is a breeze. Overall, it is a budget-friendly choice for above average instant coffee.

A coffee maker is a high utility appliance in any coffee addict kitchen. We hope to have given your addiction a right direction. Do share your experience, if any with our choices or if you have a better alternative. We would love to hear from you!

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