Best Cloth Drying Stand in India

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We Indians are used to tying the ropes in the backyard of our house and drying clothes in the sun. But the diminishing sizes of our house and the flourishing of small flats and studio apartments had made the backyards vanish. There is not enough space even to tie the ropes. This has made cloth drying stands a must-have for every household.

They look clean, can accommodate plenty of cloths and do not cost a fortune. If you are looking to buy one, do take some time to check out our list if cloth drying racks that we have compiled after intense research for superior quality and long-lasting performance. Stay hooked!

Which are the Best Cloth Drying Stand in India?

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Best Cloth Drying Stand in India

ParasnathPrime Stainless Steel 3 Poll Clothes Drying Stand with Breaking Wheel System- Blue


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The first of our choice is this sturdy clothes-drying stand from Parasnath. It is an ideal choice for any average Indian family as it is a heavy-duty rack with an amazing capacity at highly affordable pricing. 

Foremost, its body is constructed of powder-coated steel and high-quality plastic of varying colors. It is not only aesthetically pleasing but its tubular construction is also sturdily built for durability and daily use. The stand has a height of about 6 feet and weighs around 5 kg that is commendable. The stand has plenty of nuts and bolts that lend it extra strength.

It comes with everything and it is effortless to assemble it at home by self. It has two poles on each side that makes it highly sturdy and makes it capable to withstand the heavy weight of bulk wet clothes. Moreover, you can fold it for easy storage when not in use.

It has six high-quality wheels at the bottom to move around the house with ease. They are encased and can move 360 degrees. They roll on the floor smoothly without leaving any kind of scratches. Of the six wheels, two are lock wheels to keep the rack in place. 

It has three layers of racks with six wings and four rails to give you a combined rail length of 16 meters. Thus, it can accommodate quite a high volume of clothes. It also includes two separate attachments with holes for you to hang your clothes to dry if required. 

Because of its Accordion-style design and its adjustable racks, you can style it easily to accommodate all sizes and volume of clothes. The stand can be easily popped up against the wall in both full-load and half-load state to increase your convenience. You can easily dry clothes from a bed sheet to small items like kerchief on it with ease. 

The rack is both corrosion and rust-resistant that makes it easy to keep the rack anywhere, from the bathroom to the bedroom. 

Looking on its flip side, its plastic knobs could have been sturdier. The crown frame also lacks the required strength and can collapse. The rods tend to bend under the weight of the clothes with regular use. Given its size and pricing, you do wish for it to be slightly more robust. Nevertheless, it gives you good value for money and can be your first choice if you need to dry clothes daily for a family size of three to five people. 

Paffy Cloth Drying Stand, 3 Pole 3 Layer – King Jumbo (Multi-Color)


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It is another massive cloth drying stand that is almost similar to our first choice with very minor differences and similar price range. Thus, it gives you a choice between the two coming from two different brands. 

Like the previous one, it is also constructed of powder-coated steel and high-quality plastic components in two colors- orange and blue. It is also lightweight but has a slightly higher height of about 6.5 feet. Its basic tubular construction, three-layer frames with six wings having four rails each, six wheels, etc. are all same as the previous one though its physical design varies slightly. 

The major difference is that none of its six wheels have the lock facility that you find in the previous one. It is also twice heavy at about 10 kgs than the previous one but it has a larger cloth drying space of approx. 21.3 meters. 

It also has the Accordion-style design that you can modify and adapt to dry all kinds of clothes of any length. It is also rustproof and corrosion-resistant. 

Looking on its flip side, it tends to wobble a bit because of the absence of the lock wheels. Many find the cloth stand challenging to assemble and may need an expert hand. Even its powder coat paint starts chipping when used extensively. The height is also a challenge as most Indians are not able to reach its crown with ease. Because of these cons, many find the pricing as being expensive. But it does the job of drying clothes in bulk, a breeze and can be the drying solution for many Indian households. 

With almost similar features and pricing, you can choose between this and our first choice as per your preference. 

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Bathla Mobidry Neo – Foldable Clothes Drying Stand with Weather Resistant Frame (Blue)


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Till now, we have talked about the jumbo-sized clothes drying rack. But if you are looking for a small and compact clothes-drying rack for one to two persons’ clothes to dry, then do consider this highly recommended stand from Bathla Mobidry. 

The stand is quite stylish and compact to look at and weighs just around 4 kg. Despite being lightweight, it is crafted from solid aluminum that is weather-resistant powder coated and precision-engineered HDPE components. Not only is it highly sturdy but is also corrosion and rust-resistant and can be used almost anywhere, even in cramped balconies. You have the color choice of orange and blue with white. 

It has a compact foldable design and needs no assembling from your part. It is a welcome feature for many. It flaunts an ergonomic dual-tier foldable design. The arm locks have been taken special care of so that it can fold smoothly and can take the weight of wet clothes effortlessly. The rubber brushes at its feet give it solid stability and it does not wobble like most clothes drying stands. 

Its two-tier multi-level design has rods of unequal length and gives you about a little over 12 meters of cloth drying space. The maximum weight of wet clothes that it can take is 2kgs. It even has a separate holder for drying socks, hand towels, and other such similar sanitary items. 

Looking on its flip side, you find it crafted of aluminum and not steel. It is also not ideal for drying extra heavy clothes or one whose size is on the larger size. Large clothes like a pant might touch the floor when you dry them on it. 

But it is an ideal choice for those who are looking for indoor clothes drying rack or have serious space issues. The convenience of folding and keeping it away is a blessing. Its base is also prone to breakage as crafted from plastic. Even though it is weather-resistant, it is unsuitable to be used in windy conditions. 

But unlike the stands discussed so far, this one comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. It is also known to serve its purpose well. Despite being slightly overpriced, it is a good choice to consider for your home. 

Celebrations Fast Dry Mild Steel Sturdy and Sleek Cloth Dryer Stand for Drying All Kinds of Indian attires (Grey)

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If you want to have an alternative to the previous model to choose from, then don’t forget to look at this clothes-drying rack from another reputed brand in the arena i.e. Celebrations. 

The rack is crafted from powder-coated mild steel rods in various shades that look attractive and aesthetically pleasing. Like all stands, it is lightweight at about 5 kgs but sturdy and flaunts of a foldable design as well. It has a single layer design which makes it suitable for large clothes like saree or even bedsheets as well. You can easily fold its two side wings and keep it aside. This model is thus preferable from the former if your needs have this in the list as well. 

Its foot has a crisscross design that makes it sturdier and more durable. It also increases the capacity of the rack to withstand the load. The plastic brushes on its feet not only renders its stability but also makes it easy to drag and move about.

The rack comes assembled and gives you about 12.8 meters of drying space. Its side wings have four rods each while its middle section has six rods. The height level is such that women of all ages can effortlessly hang clothes on it without bending or stretching their hands overhead. You can easily dry over a dozen of clothes with ease.

Looking on its flip side, it cannot hold about 40 kgs of clothes as claimed by its manufacturer. Its paint is also vulnerable to get eroded that paves the way for rusting and corrosion. Given its width, you do wish for wheels on it. The rods also tend to bend if too heavy clothes are dried on it. The folded rack also occupies some space and many can wish for a more compact model. Given its quality, it is slightly overpriced.

Overall, it is a rack that would prove highly useful in your daily life and will give you satisfactory performance. 

LivingBasics Heavy Duty Rust-Free Stainless Steel Foldable Compact Storage Double Pole Cloth Drying Stand


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Next in our list is another jumbo-sized clothes drying rack from Living Basics. It is meant for large families as it has the largest dimensions and clothes drying space amongst the stands discussed so far. 

Crafted from heavy-duty steel rods and precision-engineered plastic in various attractive shades, it is sturdy, lightweight, foldable and portable. Assembling it is easy if you follow its manual. Assembles, its height stands at 5.9 feet that is quite high. Its six arms can be folded flat for easy storage. 

It has two rods on its sides and six wings for convenient drying of clothes and to remain stable while withstanding the weight of wet clothes. There are eight rods at each level. The total drying space available is about 16.5 meters. Like all jumbo-sized racks discussed so far, it is weather, corrosion, and rust-resistant and has high-quality castor wheels for easy movement. 

What makes it different apart from its large height and highest clothes drying capacity is the presence of 14 hanger holes to hang all kinds of clothes. Being tall, it is ideal for large and heavy clothes like curtains, bedsheets, etc. It is also unique due to the fact that it comes with seven years of brand trust warranty. Rarely a brand offers such a warranty unless they are really confident about their product. 

There is barely any complaint registered against this stand and thus it comes across as great clothes drying solution for the middle to large-sized families. 

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WUDORE Stainless Steel Rust Proof Ceiling Clothes Hanger Roof Mount Cloth Dryer with Individual Dropdown Railers (6 Pipes F3-001)


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If modular living is your style and you need a compatible clothes-drying rack, then this pulley-based roof mount cloth dryer definitely deserves your attention. 

Foremost, the rack needs a carpenter to install that you must arrange by yourself. However, there is a guide manual and video to make the installation easy. It can be conveniently fitted in the ceiling of any ambiance. Moreover, it does not look gross but appealing. Its rods are crafted from high-quality steel and are rust and corrosion-resistant. Plastic and nylon are also used as required to increase the functionality and durability of the product. 

The stand is quite versatile in its sizing as are available in sizes of 3 feet, 4 feet, 5 feet, etc. to 8 feet. You get the flexibility to choose as per your requirement. However, each size has six rods that are individually fitted with the hangers. You can adjust them as per your requirements. 

Despite its innovative design, it weighs only about 2 kgs. As it is mounted in the ceiling, it does not take any floor space. But it has a limited cloth drying capacity. The space between rods is also narrow that increases the time taken to dry clothes. It is also not portable as you cannot move it after installation. While it is touted to be suitable for heavy clothes, your discretion might be needed. It also requires more effort to be used. 

But the rack can be used conveniently across all age groups. It also comes with 18 months spares’ warranty as per its terms and conditions. Despite it, it is one of the best ceiling cloth-drying stands and is an ideal choice for any indoor or outdoor environment. It definitely deserves your attention. 

Wrapping up 

Today, clothes are getting expensive by the day. You need to wash them and dry them with ultra-care of you wish to extend its longevity and shine. A cloth drying stand is your ultimate partner here. We have tried to pick several varieties of the best cloth drying racks available in the market and sincerely hope that you find the best one for you amongst it. Do get back to us in case of any queries or feedback. Till then, enjoy!


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