9 Best Ceiling Fans In India

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Thud-thud-thud… The ceiling fan in our living room started making noise again. It was almost time for the 15 year old  Crompton fan to retire and deploy a new one to service. After all repairing the old fan these days are not quite cost effective as new ones are quite economically priced. Thus began our quest for a new fan.

Based on our personal experience as well as expert opinions, we discuss in this article about the important aspects to consider while buying a ceiling fan. Being one of the more power consuming appliances in a typical home, aspects like energy consumption, room size, blade size, budget etc. are some important factors. We discuss about it and much more as well as shortlist the top picks of ceiling fans available in India.

Our Recommendation
If you are looking for a budget friendly option, then we would highly recommend Orient Electric Apex. Consuming 78 Watt power, with copper motor, copper winding and speed of 370 RPM, the fan is high on performance, yet light on your pocket.

If low energy consumption and high performance are important factors for you then, Gorilla Efficio is the perfect choice for you. It consumes just 28 Watt power, saving you about Rs. 1500 on your electricity bill annually, has high air delivery rate of 220 CCM per minute and is quite noiseless too. The fan can be controlled with remote control too.

If you have an ultra modern home and you need a stylish fan from the future to adorn the ceiling, then we recommend Orient Electric Aeroslim with IOT, Remote and Underlight. Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, it has features like fan scheduling, turbo mode, breeze mode, sleep mode, under-light with dimming options.

best ceiling fans India

Buying Guide for Best Ceiling Fans in India

Buying a ceiling fan might look like a simple affair but it can be a successful venture only if you do keep certain guidelines in mind while selecting any ceiling fan. Few of those important considerations are:

  • Room Size and Fan Sweep Size

    No matter how impressive the specifications of a ceiling fan is, it will be worthless  if the fan sweep-size and your room size do not match. Fan sweep size essentially is the diameter of the circle covered by the fan when the blades are in motion.
    Thus, you must choose a fan which is specified to circulate air in your room size and its ceiling height to ensure maximum circulation of air.
    As a rule, 24 inches fan sweep size works for room less than 35 square feet; 35 inches sweep for room size up to 65 square feet; 47 inches sweep for room size up to 100 square feet and 55 inches for room size up to 225 square feet. Any room bigger than this size would need two or more fans for proper air circulation.

  • Number of Fan Blades

    The number of blades in a fan impacts its efficiency. While three or four blade fans are most prevalent in India, you might come across a five-blade fan as well. Today, you can also come across fans having more blades than five.
    Generally, for fans, a higher number of blades implies a lesser air circulation but a quieter operation. However, you need to check that the blades have a low drag shape which helps in increasing the air circulation efficiency.

  • Blade Pitch/Tilt

    We have already talked about the benefit of a low drag shape. A flat blade will not generate any air circulation. Thus, you will not feel any cooling or air movement in the room. Predominantly, an angle of about twelve to fifteen degrees is ideal for proper air circulation. Any angle higher than this puts pressure on the fan motor and thus increases your electricity bills.

  • Motor

    A motor is the main powerhouse of any fan which gives it durability, reliability as well as maximum airflow with energy efficiency. There are two types of motor generally used in Indian fans.
    The first variety is the BLDC motor which rotates with continuous speed and is low on both noise and energy consumption.
    The other variety is the Single-Phase induction motor which uses a certain number of wires and winding poles to supply single voltage to the fan’s  rotors. Requiring a permanent capacitor for any fan operation,  Single Phase induction motor is a popular option with Indian consumers but it cannot beat the energy efficiency of BLDC motor.

  • Length of Down Rod

    The length of the down rod varies according to the room ceiling height. A 6 inches pole is required for a ceiling height of nine feet while a 12 inches pole length serves well for a room of 10 feet ceiling height. Likewise, the length of the down rod increases by 6 inches for every foot increase in ceiling height. 
    The maximum length of the down rod is 60 inches which work for any room with a height of 15 feet or more.

  • Controls and Accessories/Features

    Thanks to innovative technology, you can enjoy hordes of extra and luxurious features in your ceiling fan. A very common feature is a light kit which makes installation of separate light in the room unnecessary. Yet another feature is a remote-control operation and a pull chain operation to control fan speeds. Anti-dust, anti-rust, etc. are some other features that you can opt for as per convenience.

  • Budget and Aesthetics

    Finally, you can look into the style, design, color and other aesthetics of the fan along with your budget. Today, you have fans available from around Rs.1200 to above Rs. 5000. One can choose easily within their budget range.

best ceiling fans India
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Best Ceiling Fans In India 

With over hundreds of models of fans, it is easy to get lost and confused. Thus, we have listed few fans which have been getting great raves from customers across the length and breadth of the country. Read on:

  1. Orient Electric Aeroslim 1200 mm Smart Premium Ceiling Fan with IOT, Remote & Underlight (White)

    best ceiling fans India
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    If you are a fan of smart technology, you cannot resist this fan from Orient. Touted as the world’s slimmest but India’s first smart fan, it has plenty of features to floor you completely.
    Foremost, its innovative sleek cylindrical design creates a style statement that makes it the focal point of any décor. Crafted from inverter technology, the energy efficiency of the fan remains unmatched. Utilizing just 45 W of energy, the fan is super silent and high performing even at voltages as low as 140V. Its air delivery of 240 CMM and RPM of 310 ensures optimum air circulation.
    Compatible with smart technology like Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa, the fan lets you experience the cream of smart technology like fan scheduling, turbo mode, breeze mode, sleep mode, under-light with dimming options, etc. Another delightful feature is that you can use the same gadget to control multiple fans. All these features can be managed from an app that would be installed in your mobile. You can manage them via remote as well.
    The glossy look of the blades crafted from high-grade glass filled compounded ABS imparts extra durability and reliability to the fan along with easy cleaning. Even though the fan is expensive, its free installation and two years manufacturer’s warranty keeps your investment safe. It is a fan that is bound to change the way you look at a ceiling fan.

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  2. Gorilla Efficio Energy Saving 5 Rated 3 Blade Ceiling Fan with Remote Control and BLDC Motor, 1200mm- White

    best ceiling fans India

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    Your quest for the new genre ceiling fan with all the latest technologies and features will certainly get satisfied with this Gorilla fan. The brand is still not a household name in India like Crompton or Usha but its increasing popularity might soon change the picture.
    The most striking feature of this machine is its extremely low power consumption even at its highest speed. Its motor is the new in-thing, that is of the BLDC variety. Having a 5-star energy efficiency rating, the fan uses just 28 watts of power against 70-78 watt of consumption in all other fans. The brand states of saving you about Rs.1500 per year in your electricity bills.
    The noiseless operation of the fan leaves all competition behind. The voltage fluctuation range of the fan is also quite high while its air delivery rate is 220 CCM per minute. This feature makes the machine ideal for just the small or middle-sized room.
    This three-blade fan has an innovative design for air circulation. Its remote- control features like three modes of operation, variable speed settings are all conveniences that you would certainly enjoy.
    On the flip side, the build quality could have been better. The fan should also be guarded against random stoppage concerns. Its design also tends to attract dust but are reasonably easy to clean.
    Overall, the fan is trifle expensive to purchase but its energy saving features along with impressive performance make it a must-buy ceiling fan.

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  3. Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm Ceiling Fan (Brown)

    best ceiling fans India

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    If you are looking for a pocket-friendly fan high on performance, then very few can rival this Orient Apex fan. Foremost, its minimalistic but stunning design and glossy finish complement and enhances any room décor seamlessly.
    Double ball-bearing of the fan ensures that you need not to bear the irritating sound normally heard in the ceiling fan. Its quiet operation along with the innovative copper motor, copper windings and just 78W power guarantees you high-speed air delivery with minimal power consumption. The ribbed aluminum blade of 48 inches and its unique angle along with the motor speed of 370 rpm helps maintain the output quality of air circulation.
    With a color choice of brown and white, two years manufacturer’s warranty and cost of around Rs. 1500, you tend to forgive few customers complaints of the fan giving some heating issues or making some noise after prolonged use.  Overall, it is the best budget-friendly fan that you can think to purchase for any of your indoor or outdoor space. Its easy maintenance and cleaning are other delights for you to bask in.

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  4. Usha Diplomat 1200 mm 74-Watt Ceiling Fan (Rich Brown)

    best ceiling fans India

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    With almost similar specifications, this offering from Usha is a wonderful alternative to the previous fan. The aesthetics of both fans are quite similar but with the Usha fan giving you a darker glossy finish, you can easily install it in any décor.
    While the fan’s sweep, RPM and power consumption are exact, the fan has a better air delivery rate at 207 CMM. What sets this fan apart from the crowd is its ability to perform efficiently even with power fluctuations and low voltage. The high angles on its three blades ensures efficient and high air circulation in all directions.
    Like the previous fan, it does have some noise issues according to few customers though those vouching for its quietness are more in number. While its price is lower than the previous fan,  it does not offer you any color choices.
    Nevertheless, it is a great choice for any consumer and especially those who are on a shoestring budget.

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  5. Orient Electric Aerostorm 1320mm Premium Ceiling Fan (White)

    best ceiling fans India

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    An unparalleled appearance combined with impressive performance, the fan measures up remarkably to the Orient brand. The style and efficiency of the fan will definitely set a new standard of your interiors.
    The aerodynamic design of the fan decorated by spiral curves, metalized deco rings and high gloss premium finish gives an extremely contemporary and suave look to any décor. Simultaneously, its air circulation speed and spin of 300 units each give you an unparalleled cooling experience. The fan has the maximum sweep size of 1320 mm but still consumes just 75W of energy.
    The fan boasts of the sturdiest make across all brands which makes it heavier than most other fans. However, you do not mind the weight because of the extra security and performance it provides. Few might also crave for the anti-dust feature. Still, the fan impresses you with both its style and performance such that you do not mind its high price tag.

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  6. Crompton Aura 48-inch 74-Watt Decorative High-Speed Ceiling Fan (Ivory)

    best ceiling fans India

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    Backed by the brand value of Crompton, the fan is a no-brainer for all those who crave a stylish looking fan with super performance. The golden ring on both motor and canopy along with matching trims against the ivory body gives it an unmatched elegant and suave look.
    The fan is equally stunning in performance. It packs everything that is considered standard in a superior quality fan like the double ball bearing, speed of 360 RPM and air delivery of 230/ CUM/Min. Using just 74 watts of electricity, it stands reasonably well to voltage fluctuations as well. The blades are broad and aerodynamically designed for above average air-delivery.
    The fan is pretty noiseless in operation. The only weak side is its fragile plastic material which can easily break. But its standard warranty of two years keeps you well protected. Costing you less than Rs. 2500, you can never go wrong with this contemporary looking fan.

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  7. Havells Pacer 1200mm Ceiling Fan (Brown)

    best ceiling fans India

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    If you desire for an edgy looking and high-performing fan without being conscious of your energy bills, then this fan is the best choice for you. It is the leading fan in the non-energy efficiency category.
    With a simple design, it is an entry level fan which can cool any room easily. You even have three color choices to complement any décor.
    This three- blade fan boasts the best motor speed in the market of 400 RPM.  Consuming about 75W of power, the fan performs equally efficiently in low voltage conditions. Despite packing double ball bearing and high-speed efficiency, the fan is quite lightweight. Its minimalistic design makes it easy to clean and maintain.
    On the flip side, because of the high speed, the fan has a tendency to wobble or make some noise after running for a long period of time.  Even so, this is one of the best performing fans available in the market today at a cost-effective price.

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  8. Havells Nicola 1200mm Ceiling Fan (Gold Mist and Copper)

    best ceiling fans India

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    Havells is considered as the leader of the Indian market as far as ceiling fans are considered. The Nicola fan truly lives up to the reputation of the brand. The metallic paint finish, contemporary stylish design including decorative trims and option to choose between multiple colors makes this fan an eye-catcher.
    The fantastic thing about this fan is that it is available in sweep sizes varying from 600mm to 1400 mm. Thus, you can easily choose the right fit. The sturdy aluminum body, blades and die-cast cover lends the fan both durability and reliability. You can expect terrific air circulation even at low voltage conditions.
    Consuming about 68W of power, the fan moves with a motor speed of 280 RPM and gives an air delivery of about 250 CMM. This can be termed mediocre when compared to similar fans from other brands like Crompton or Usha. Also, the fan tends to make a creaking sound when operating though is known to be noiseless.
    Despite everything, the fan will impress you with its smooth operation but it does tend to fall slightly on the higher side as far as pricing is concerned. Overall, the fan will leave you super impressed with aesthetics and noteworthy performance.

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  9. Usha Striker Galaxy 1200 mm 80-Watt Ceiling Fan (Silver Sage)

    best ceiling fans India

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    The reputation of Usha for designer ceiling fans is formidable and this fan is a shining example of it. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings, the fan creates an unmistakable impression with its eclectic silver sage hue and understated accents.
    The fan is appreciably lighter than most other similar fans in the market but supersedes them comfortably in performance. Its three blades, crafted from aluminum can spin at 385 RPM while consuming 80 W of power. Thanks to its V2 grade ball bearing, the fan is almost completely silent in its mode of operation.
    On the flip side, you miss the anti-dust feature in the fan even though the fan is pretty easy to clean and maintain. Overall, it is a fan that will satisfy you completely in terms of price, performance and aesthetics.

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Wrapping up

We hoped to have given you plenty of choices, both in conventional and modern range of ceiling fans. Keeping your needs and preferences in mind, you can select the most appropriate one. We believe that no matter what you choose from our list, you would be highly satisfied.

Do let us know about your views and experiences on our list of ceiling fans.


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