5 Best 55 Inch LED TVs In India

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Large TVs are a symbol of luxury and offers ultimate entertainment experience. Most of the 55 inch Televisions available in the market today come with ultra HD 4k display and costs in the range of Rs. 50- 80k. If you are however looking to buy TV with OLED display, be prepared to spend top of Rs. 1 lakh. On the other hand, if you are looking to buy a TV from one of the newly launched Chinese brands, you may have to spend just about Rs. 30-40k.

Now, let us take a look at the best 55 inch LED TVs in India.

Best 55 Inch LED TVs In India

Samsung 138 cm (55 Inches) 4K UHD LED Smart TV UA55NU6100 (Black) 

Best 55 Inch LED TVs In IndiaFind latest price ( Amazon)

With a price tag of about Rs. 60k, Samsung UA55NU6100 offers optimal performance at a fair price. Let us take a look at its features in detail.


As mentioned earlier, most TVs in 55 inch segment offers 4k UHD resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. So, if you are someone who frequently enjoys streaming movies and shows from Netflix, Prime and such apps that offer UHD content, you would be quite delighted with this purchase.

The TV is also equipped with HDR technology that enhances color contrast and displays wider color range thus depicting images closer to reality. This Samsung TV not only supports HDR 10 and HDR10+, but also HLG format. But as mentioned in our HDR guide, content supporting HDR are limited to streaming apps, while HLG Pro content are almost non-existent in India.

In addition to HDR, this TV also utilises Samsung’s PurColor technology which focuses on secondary as well as primary colours, thus showing colours as you find in nature.

The TV comes with a refresh rate of 60 hz. But in order to reduce blurring typically seen in fast paced action, Samsung uses Auto Motion Plus technology that eliminates blurring and ghosting effect.

Be it cable TV or streaming from apps, users are quite satisfied with the picture quality offered by Samsung UA55NU6100.


The TV comes with 2 Channel 20 Watt speaker and supports Dolby Digital Plus which is an advanced technology that improves the surround sound quality of the audio.

The sound quality overall is fairly good. But to match with the visual experience, we would suggest you to invest in an additional sound bar.

Smart Features

The SmartThings app facilitates various operations like screen mirroring from laptop and mobile and remote controlling.

In addition, you can live cast from your mobile to the TV and also use the TV as a personal computer with large screen.

Apps like Netflix, Prime and Youtube are in-built. And you can download other apps from Samsung store too, which however is not as exhaustive as Playstore.

Talking about connectivity, the TV has 2 HDMI and 1 USB port.

Overall, it is a TV that offers the best bang for your money in the 55 inch screen display range.

Sony Bravia 138.8 cm (55 Inches) 4K UHD Certified Android LED TV KD-55X7500F (Black) 

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Sony Bravia is more expensive than Samsung. But, its picture, sound quality and other features are second to none.


The TV comes with 4K UHD display of 3840 x 2160 pixels combined with HDR technology that offers outstanding visuals that are vivid and close to reality.

The HDR technology improves contrast and displays wider range of colors to show exceptional details and highlights. In addition, Sony’s X-Reality Pro technology enhances each pixels to improve texture, contrast, color and edges, thereby showing lifelike detail of whatever you are viewing.

Though the refresh rate of the TV is just 50 hz, it is equipped with Motion Flow XR which inserts extra frames to reduce blur. Thus, it ensures sharp and crisp picture even for fast motion movies and sports.

A distinct advantage of Sony Bravia series is that you can enjoy HDR gaming with Play Station series as they are built to be in perfect sync with each other.


Though the sound output of the Sony Bravia KD55X7500F is the standard 20 watts, it comes with a few additional enhancements to improve the audio quality. First of all, the Bass reflex speakers improves the bass and clarity for a highly efficient sound reproduction. Then, the Clear Audio Plus technology improves distinction between dialogue and background music so that you don’t miss out on details or strain to listen to dialogues.

With crispness and clarity, Sony Bravia series offers one of the best-in-class audio quality amongst other brands.

Smart Features

Being a certified Android TV, you can be rest assured of high quality lag free smart features in this TV.

Popular apps like Netflix and Prime are in-built, and you can also download apps of your choice through the Google Play Store. The remote has voice search capability that is powered with Google Assistant.

The in-built Chromecast also facilitates screen mirroring with your mobile and laptop.

As the TV has 4 HDMI port and 3 USB port, you won’t have to frequently meddle with wires too.

Overall, you can be rest assured of lag free streaming and gaming provided your internet is fast enough.

Panasonic 138 cm (55 Inches) 4K UHD LED Smart TV TH-55FX650D (Gray)

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Again with a comparatively affordable pricing, this Panasonic 4K UHD smart TV has some really awesome features and provide wholesome entertainment experience. Let us take a look at the details.


The TV comes with 4K UHD resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. The display is supported by HDR which enhances color range and contrast for better viewing experience and vivid images closer to reality.
Similar to Pur Color Technology by Samsung, Panasonic has 6 Color Hexa Chroma Technology that focuses on three complementary colors in addition to the primary colors to display images as close to nature as possible.

The TV also boasts of IPS display that facilitates wider viewing angle. 60 hz refresh rate also helps reduce blur and displays crisp and clear images even for fast sequence sports and movies.


The Tv comes with standard 20 watt sound output. However, it has built-in home theatre to amplify the immersive experience and ensure sufficient bass. The box type speakers improves resonance and sound pressure too. In addition, the TV also has 2 way audio link that helps hassle free connection to external sound devices.

Given the budget-friendly price tag, the audio quality is definitely worth it.

Smart Features

The TV comes with plethora of smart features. The Firefox OS is smooth and lag free. Popular apps like Netflix, Prime and Youtube are in-built. In addition, you can mirror from your mobile and laptop and the swipe and share feature lets you ‘throw’ videos and photos from the mobile to the TV.

The remote control also facilitates voice command. However, voice recognition still has scope for improvement.

With a price tag of around Rs. 60k, the TV is quite worth the money spent.

Sanyo 138.8 cm (55 Inches) 4K UHD IPS LED Smart Certified Android TV XT-55A081U (Dark Grey)

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Sanyo is the online brand of Panasonic. Their products have been receiving rave reviews online owing to the smart features and budget friendly price tag.


This 55 inch TV has 4k UHD display with in-panel shifting ( IPS) that facilitates wide viewing angle. Being equipped with HDR technology, the display has higher contrast and can display wider range of colours. To be precise about 1.07 billion color palettes.

Majority of user reviews are of the opinion that the display is top notch with crystal clear clarity provided the content too is high definition.


The sound quality is just about decent with 20 watt output. The Dolby Digital technology facilitates better surround sound quality. As the TV has HDMI out, you can connect to external speaker and still enjoy HD sound quality.

Smart Features

Sanyo XT is a certified Android TV with most of the popular streaming apps built-in. However, Prime is missing and you will have to cast it from your mobile or laptop using the in-built Chromecast feature.

The remote comes with voice command operations and the voice recognition is fairly good too.

The smart features are quite optimal considering the budget friendly price tag.

Overall, thus the TV is one of the best budget friendly 55 inch TV that you can opt for.

LG 139 cm (55 Inches) 4K UHD OLED Smart TV OLED55B8PTA (Black)

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While all other TVs in this list had 4k UHD LED display, this offering from LG comes with OLED display. The distinct feature of OLED feature is that in it, each pixel can be turned off. Thus, you get absolute black and hence, higher contrast in the display.

The TV is equipped with HDR technology that enhances contrast and widens color palette display range to bring out images closer to reality. A distinct advantage of this LG OLED TV is that it supports multiple HDR formats like HDR, HDR10+, HLG Pro and Dolby Vision.

The TV is equipped with few other technologies to enhance the video quality. First of all, the dual step noise reduction technology reduces distortion and grains. The active depth enhancer improves contrast ratio and adds depth to visuals. The true color accuracy feature reduces color distortion to display images closer to original that you see around yourself.

So, if you have compatible content, you get absolutely best display on this TV.


Talking about the audio, the TV has 40 watt sound output and Dolby Atmos technology that gives an enhanced surround sound effect. Most users are of the opinion that the audio matches with the outstanding display to provide a superior entertainment experience.

Smart Features

LG’s AI ThiqApp with in-built Google assistant offers excellent integration with smart features. Like most LG smart TVs, it too has voice command assistance with the Magic Remote Control.

Integrating your mobile phone with TV, the mobile interphase can be overlaid on the TV screen so that you can view both together. The TV also has Miracast feature that helps cast from laptop and mobile phone to the TV.

Overall, though with a hefty price tag, the TV offers ultimate entertainment experience making it totally worth it.

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