9 Best 49-50 inch LED TV in India In 2021

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Selecting a TV these days can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many options and so many features that it can be hard to find the one that is right. To make things easier, we have done extensive research to bring you the best 50 inch LED TVs in India.

Our Recommendations
If you are looking for best-in-class display and audio quality, then we would highly recommend Sony Bravia 4K UHD LED Smart TV KD49X9000E (Black). It has Ultra High Definition display clubbed with technology for high contrast, depth and clarity. The voice quality is enhanced by Bass Reflex feature and Clear Audio+ functionality that ensures clarity, crispness and balance. Its smart features are also quite exemplary, making it thus an overall package for best in-home entertainment.

Now, if you are looking for a medium budget 50 inch LED  TV, then Samsung 50 inch Wondertainment SeriesUA50TUE60AKXXL is quite a good choice. The display quality is quite top-notch with colours popping out and every detail enhanced. The audio quality matches with the display. The smart features are also quite smooth and user-friendly.

And if a budget-friendly price tag is your priority, we highly recommend Sanyo XT-50UHD4S. With 4K display, pretty decent audio quality and smart features, it is quite apt for those who are looking for a decent entertainment experience at a pocket-friendly price.

Which are the Best 49-50 inch LED TVs in India?

ModelDisplayAudio OutputOperating System
Sony Bravia KD49X9000E (Black)4K UHD 49 Inches20 WattsAndroid
LG 49UK7500PTA4K UHD 49 inches20 WattsWebOS
Samsung UA50NU7470 (Black)4K UHD 50 Inches20 WattsTizen

LG 50UM7300PTA

4K UHD 50 inches20 WattsWebOS


4K UHD 50 inches20 WattsTizen
Samsung A49N5300AR (Black)Full HD 49 inches40 WattsTizen
Panasonic TH-49FX650D4K UHD 49 inches20 WattsFirefox

Sanyo XT-50UHD4S

4K UHD 50 inches20 WattsAndroid

Mi TV 4X 

4K UHD 49 inches20 WattsPatchwall

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Best 50 Inch LED TVs In India

Sony Bravia 123.2 cm (49 Inches) 4K UHD LED Smart TV KD49X9000E (Black)

best 50 inch LED TV IndiaFind latest price 

  • Excellent display and sound quality.
  • Top-notch 4K upscaling technology.
  • Stylish finish

  • Pretty Expensive

An extremely popular range of TVs is the Bravia range from Sony. They are attractive TVs with remarkable performance and great smart features. The Sony Bravia 123.2 cm (49 Inches) 4K UHD LED Smart TV KD49X9000E has an exceptional picture quality, great sound, and amazing features.


As the name suggests, this is also a 4K UHD TV and delivers crystal clear images that are crisp and have vivid colours. Sony has a number of proprietary technologies that make the 4K UHD experience even better.

This model features a powerful X1 4K HDR Processor X1 for naturally realistic images with excellent detail. The processor also has Super Bit Mapping technology for greater brightness and vivid colours. It also has Object-based HDR remaster which analyzes and adjusts the contrast across the full-colour spectrum. This improves the depth and texture.

Another feature is Sony’s TRILUMINOS Display. It will improve the blue, green and red colours which are often not displayed accurately on other TVs. It uses a vast number of colours to achieve this perfection and realistic look.

XDR PRO is a complex algorithm that improves brightness as well as black pixels with advanced backlighting.

The combination of all of these technologies results in sharp crystal clear images, outstanding contrast, and brightness as well as exceptional colours.


Needless to say, Sony has paid attention to the audio and you will love the sound of this TV.

For a powerful rich bass experience, it has a bass reflex speaker. It focuses the sound and delivers a deep resonating bass sound despite the compact design. You will love the additional element this quality sound adds to action movies, music, sport, and gaming.

The ClearAudio+ feature enhances dialogue, music, and other audio for exceptional clarity and crisp sounds.  

Smart Features

Sony has tried to emulate the experience you have on a top Android smartphone on your TV. It obviously has built-in Wi-Fi but also features Android and Google Play. Other smart features include voice search, built-in Chromecast, and Netflix Recommended TV( which means dedicated remote button and voice control options).

These features combined with the X1 Extreme processor allow you to access a range of content and features quickly and easily. Everything is seamless and works together for a rewarding pleasurable experience.


Another area Sony score points is the exceptionally stylish design. It has sleek contours and looks amazing with an aluminum finish.  

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LG 123 cm (49 Inches) 4K UHD LED Smart TV 49UK7500PTA

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  • Excellent display quality with bright vivid colors and wide viewing angle
  • Top notch audio and smart features.
  • Bluetooth connectivity available

  • A bit pricey.

LG 49UK7500PTA is a premium model TV that offers superior display and smart features.With sleek bevel and metallic finish, it definitely adds to the aesthetic appeal of your living room.

So, if you insist on a 4K UHD TV, but still don’t want to splurge on a Sony, you could very well consider this option. 


Perhaps the most catchy phrase you see in this LG TV description is NanoCell color display. While this might appear like an out of the world feature, it is essentially similar to QLED. There is a layer of nano-crystals between the screen and backlight which absorbs unwanted light waves to enhance the purity of the red and green colours displayed on the screen. This technology is supposed to help reproduce colors more accurately, and also retains saturation and brightness at wide viewing angles.

The TV supports various HDR formats like HDR 10, HDR10 Pro, HLG and Dolby Vision. The speciality of Dolby Vision is that it optimizes contrast and colour range on a scene by scene basis to give the best viewing experience. 

On paper, the specs and features look quite astounding. But many reviewers find the display to be a bit too dark and dim. In certain settings, it does appear better, but overall, the colour sometimes lacks that vibrancy typically found in other LG display panels.

Now, as you might already know Ultra HD HDR content is provided only by streaming apps like Netflix and Prime. But LG uses Dynamic tone mapping expertise for up-scaling the standard definition picture typically, the cable TV. Though you can’t expect the perfection of real HDR content, the picture looks quite vivid, bright and a lot better in definition compared to regular set-top box content streamed on a 4K TV.


LG takes care to ensure that the sound quality of this TV matches with the splendid display. 

The sound output is 20 W with 2 channel speakers. But there are numerous sound processing functions that enhance the audio quality. The Clear Voice technology amplifies frequency of human voice so that dialogues have better clarity even in action sequences where it usually tends to get lost in the background noise. 

DTS Virtual X system does a pretty good job of providing an immersive surround sound experience. In fact, it is a feature that is mostly found in high-end TVs and sound bars. So, there is obviously no need to further invest in an additional soundbar. 

Various sound modes like Standard, Cinema, Clear Voice III, Cricket, Music and Game further optimize audio performance to match to the content played. 

Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, you can also connect your TV to Bluetooth headset or any other sound devices without meddling with wires or compromising on aesthetics with wires all over your TV.

Smart Features:

LG’s smart features are among the best in the segment. Built on AIThinQ with Google Assistant, you can rest assured of seamless, lag-free experience. The launcher dashboard is clutter-free and quite intuitive to use.

Video On Demand Apps like Netflix and Prime are pre-installed and have dedicated key on the remote controller for quick and easy access. Other popular apps are available on the LG Content Store. LG constantly updates to include regional apps too. ( You can check out available apps here) Now if in case an app of your choice is missing, you can download it to your mobile phone and cast it to TV with Miracast which is found to be lag-free provided you have an internet connection of sufficient speed.

As per the specs provided in the LG website, the TV is compatible with 360 VR through which you can enjoy virtual reality channels. The headset has to be bought separately.

Also, as with all high-end LG TVs, you get the Magic remote which is quite easy and intuitive for navigation. Not only does it allow voice command through the mic, but also it can mimic a mouse and you can point to the TV and move the cursor and click on desired content.

The Magic remote can control your TV as well as your set-top box and it works from wide angles too. 

To connect to external devices, the TV has 2 HDMI and 1 USB port each on the side and rear.

Overall, the TV is quite a delight and offers immaculate entertainment experience.

Find latest price ( Amazon)
Find latest price ( Amazon)

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Samsung 125 cm (50 Inches) Series 7 4K UHD LED Smart TV UA50NU7470 (Black)

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  • Pretty good display quality
  • Smart features are smooth and lag free

  • Sound quality could have been better

Samsung is a popular and well-loved name in TVs and for good reason. They are at the cutting edge of technology and development. If you want Ultra High Definition (UHD) with brilliant colours, crystal clarity, and perfect detail, you cannot go wrong with the Samsung 50 Inch Series 7 4K UHD LED Smart TV.


This is a 4K UHD TV. There is often a lot of confusion around these two terms and it is important to understand what they mean and the difference between the two. As you start to compare different TVs these terms will be essential in guiding you.

4K is a standard from the production or cinema industry.  In basic terms, it refers to roughly 4000 pixels on the horizontal display. The general rule for 4K is 3,840×2,160 pixels although there are a number of formats that would still qualify. 4K UHD will give you amazing clarity and vivid details.

UHD or Ultra High Definition is the evolution of the original HD or High Definition and refers to the resolution of the screen. Most 4K TVs are UHD and have a resolution of 3,840 by 2,160.

Colour is another important display factor and this TV features Dynamic Crystal Colour. Images are bright and crisp with excellent and very real colours. You will see brightness, shadows, and details like never before. This feature can literally show you more than 1 million colours. This works out to 64 times more colours than a traditional UHD TV.

It also has UHD colour contrast and UHD Dimming. Contrast improves the lighting and colour while UHD Dimming scans multiple areas of the image to reduce distortion and the “halo” effect while delivering bright rich colours and whites.


Samsung is not only known for great picture clarity but also for amazing sound. This TV has Dolby Digital Plus and an output of 20 Watts, which is considered pretty decent. However, if you require a high-quality immersive experience, you might have to invest in an additional soundbar.

Smart Features

The smart features on the TV are probably the most exciting aspect and something Samsung do exceptionally well. It’s all about speed and convenience with a single hub for multiple devices and single remote control. The CAM (conditional access module) connects directly to the TV meaning no set-top-box and no additional DTH remote. You will, however, have to get the CAM card from your DTH provider.
Samsung SmartThings allows you to control a huge number of appliances and gadgets that can operate off one hub and one control. Using the app on a mobile device will allow you remote control of multiple appliances. You can also share images and data between devices, appliances, and gadgets.

The TV has Wi-Fi Direct and features a fast quad-core processor.


The modern design is sleek and stylish and the TV will complement any room with its attractive design. With Samsung’s attention to detail, they also ensure cables are neat and tidy at all times, thanks to the embedded cable lines behind the TV.

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LG 126 cms (50 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 50UM7300PTA

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  • Excellent value for money
  • High quality display and audio
  • Rich smart features

  • Voice recognition takes a little time to catch up to your accent and pronunciation.

LG makes a range of quality electronics and their TVs are known for quality and reliability. This 50-inch model is 4K UHD and has IPS for a wide viewing angle and clear vibrant images.


The 4K display also has HDR (High Dynamic Range) which gives you realistic colours and sharp details. The colour contrast is exceptional. The IPS is an important element and improve the colour definition and richness for realistic natural shades. HDR formats such as HLG Pro Audio and HDR10 Pro are supported by the TV.


This model has a 20-watt output and you can enjoy wireless connectivity with the 2-way Bluetooth option. The DTS VIRTUAL: X is a feature that improves the sound experience without you have to use a home theatre system.

Smart Features

The LG TV is packed with smart features and uses its proprietary AI ThinQ technology. This includes Google Assistant for a host of media and entertainment options. It is fun and user-friendly. This model also supports Apple Airplay.

Magic remote is yet another USP of LG smart TVs. They are incredibly user-friendly and a single remote is can operate your TV, set-top box and soundbar. It also supports voice commands through Google Assistant.

The TV has built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3 HDMI ports and cloud sharing options. It is also set up for convenient Netflix viewing.

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Samsung 50 inch Wondertainment Series Ultra HD LED Smart TV UA50TUE60AKXXL

Find latest price ( Amazon)

  • Excellent display and audio quality
  • Superior value for money
  • Improved smart features

  • Dolby Vision is not supported
  • Graphics co-processor is a bit outdated


Samsung Wondertainment series is a 2020 launch which has been receiving rave reviews from users and critics alike. It is available in both full HD and 4K variants in all screen sizes.

This 50-inch variant comes with 4K UHD resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. To add vibrance, improve colour and contrast, the TV supports HDR content in HDR 10+ and HLG formats. However, it doesn’t support Dolby Vision. But given the competitive pricing, you can’t really complain.

The display has a refresh rate of 60 Hz, which ensures fast-paced movie and sports sequences don’t appear too blurry.

For a rich and vibrant appeal to the visuals, Samsung has incorporated a number of its proprietary technologies. First of all, the PurColor tech enhances the colour range. So, a wider colour gamut is available, which on-screen reflects closer to real-life colours and images. The contrast enhancer improves the contrast ratio, while the UHD dimming brightens and darkens sections of the screen to further improve the whiteness of whites and darkness of the blacks.

Clarity of each pixel is as important as the colour and clarity. To this end, Samsung’s Crystal Processor 4K optimizes the definition of each pixel and reduces noise. As per Samsung’s PQI, it is rated 2100, which is pretty good considering its pricing.

Overall, the picture quality is quite delightful. Be it rich and colourful scenes from wildlife documentaries, starry nights from Hollywood movies or dark, low-lit videos from OTT series, they all look terrific.

Even the side viewing angle is fairly good for a medium-sized living room. But as with all 4K TVs, watching SD content from the regular set-top box is uninspiring. So, you will definitely have to upgrade to an HD Set-Top Box for better viewing experience.


The TV has a standard 20 watt sound output from 2 channel speakers. To enhance the audio quality, the TV has incorporated Dolby Digital Plus Technology which provides a better surround sound experience.

Further, Dialogue Enhancement Technology improves the distinction between dialogues and background music.

Though the sound experience is pretty good for regular viewing, for a more immersive experience, we recommend you to connect to an external speaker or soundbar.

Smart Features

Samsung’s 2020 models have improved a lot in terms of its smart features. The TV has not one, but 3 voice assistants, namely Google Assistant, Alexa and Samsung’s own Bixby.

The interphase runs on Tizen OS, which is pretty smooth, lag-free, easy and intuitive to operate. Screencasting is also hassle-free.

Popular entertainment apps used by Indian viewers are pre-installed. Though limited, you do have the option to download apps from Samsung’s app store as well. Yet another step by Samsung to improve the user experience is the incorporation of a personalized content panel at the bottom of the screen.

Other smart features like Personal Computer Mode, Music Player Mode, Live Casting, Home Cloud etc are also available. Additionally, inspired by Samsung’s own high end “Frame TV” series, they have added an Ambient Mode whereby you can display pictures of your choice on the TV when it is not playing anything.

The TV has 3 HDMI and 2 USS ports to connect to external devices.

Overall, with an excellent picture, audio and smart features, as well as the competitive pricing, the TV is quite a good buy in this segment.

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Samsung 123 cm (49 Inches) Full HD LED Smart TV UA49N5300AR (Black)

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  • High quality display though only Full HD
  • Best in class audio output of 40 W

  • Voice recognition has scope for improvement.

Another great Samsung TV is the feature-rich 123 cm (49 Inches) Full HD LED Smart TV UA49N5300AR. Not only does it have a great display and audio but it also offers a host of smart features. It is not UHD but Full HD.


As we said above, this TV is a step down from the Full HD 4K TV but still offers brilliant clarity and rich deep colours. Over and above the Full HD display there are a number of Samsung features that enrich the display.

PurColour adjusts secondary colours yellow, magenta and cyan to give rich natural colours.  It also has Micro-dimming for brighter whites and rich blacks. This feature scans and analyzes sections of the screen to enhance the brightness and display.


This model boasts a powerful 4-channel 40 Watts sound with Dolby Digital Plus Technology. The sound will make you think you are listening to live in a concert hall.

Smart Features

You can connect the TV to the Samsung Cloud for an enjoyable multimedia experience or sync and share media with the Content Sync and Share feature. You can also view and manage all of your smartphone media directly on the big screen.

The Samsung SmartThings app is a powerful tool to control not only your TV but other connected devices.  The TV has built-in Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth. It uses a Tizen based TV operating system to manage apps, games, Netflix, YouTube and other media.

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Panasonic 123 cm (49 Inches) 4K UHD LED Smart TV TH-49FX650D

Find latest price ( Amazon)

  • Excellent value for money
  • Pretty good display and audio quality

  • High back motion rate is an eyewash. The refresh rate is just as good as any other TV in the segment.

Panasonic, which is the parent company of Sanyo makes televisions which are of better build and performance. Its features and performance are comparable with Samsung and LG.


The display of this Panasonic TH-49FX650D is 4K UHD resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. It also has HDR technology and supports HDR 10, HDR 10+ and HLG format. 

The TV also HexaChroma Drive technology and 4K micro dimming too. These technologies combined enhances colour range and contrast in such a way that the even fine details pop out and the display looks brilliant and vivid.

The 4K upscaling technology of Panasonic is fairly good compared to other TVs in this price range. As the display is IPS, a wider viewing angle is also assured.

The 1500 Hz back motion rate however is an eyewash. The refresh rate is pretty good and comparable with LG or Samsung TV in similar price range. But, there is nothing out of the world offered with a seemingly high BMR Panasonic claims.


The sound output of the Panasonic  TH-49FX650D is 20 W through two channel box speakers. It also has surround sound effect. The audio quality is on the whole good. But that it doesn’t have Dolby sound is a drawback when you compare with other televisions in similar price range.

Smart Features:

The smart features of Panasonic 4K TVs are built on Firefox OS. The inter-phase is fairly smooth.

Popular Western Video On Demand apps like Netflix, Prime, YouTube etc are available. But many of the popular regional apps are yet to be available. ( You can find the app list here )But you don’t have to worry as you can screen mirror from laptop or mobile and that is pretty lag-free provided you have a fast internet connection. Swipe and share function is also available whereby you can swipe content from your mobile and display it on the TV.

As with most TVs in this price range, the remote controller is voice recognition enabled. You can also control it through Alexa.

The TV has 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports.

Overall, this option is truly a delight for those who are looking for a mid segment 4K smart TV with top notch display quality.

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Sanyo 126 cm (50 inches) Kaizen Series 4K Ultra HD Certified Android LED TV XT-50UHD4S

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  • Budget friend 4K TV with fairly good quality
  • Fairly good audio and display

  • Smart features have scope for improvement

If you are looking for a budget friendly 50 inch 4K UHD smart TV, then the Sanyo Kaizen series XT-50UHD4S is one of the best options available.


The TV comes with 50 inch display of 4K UHD resolution 3840 x 2160 pixels. The TV supports HDR content in HLG and HDR10 formats. This new model doesn’t support Dolby Vision. However, it has micro-dimming which processes the image to mimic local dimming which dims sections of the LCD panel to enhance the contrast.

The TV also has noise reduction technology which reduces distortions, especially in the standard cable TV broadcast.

While the older version had IPS panel, the new one comes with VA panel. While contrasts are excellent in VA panels, colour reproduction is not as good as IPS panels. The viewing angle is also lesser.

Overall, considering the price tag, it offers excellent display quality.


The audio quality of the Kaizen series is good. The TV has 20 Watt two-channel box speakers that provide sufficient bass.  Additionally, the DTS True Sound technology provides ample surround sound effect too. It also supports Dolby Digital content.

Smart Features:

The smart features of the Sanyo Kaizen series are satisfactory in performance. It is Android certified and has voice recognition remote control with Google Assistant. 

Video On Demand apps like Netflix and YouTube etc are pre-installed and with a recent update, Amazon Prime too is made available. 

Being an Android TV, you can download apps of your choice from PlayStore- be it streaming apps, regional apps or games. As it has built-in Chromecast, you can also cast videos and photos from your mobile/laptop to the TV.

The voice recognition is not as smooth as LG or Sony but still is good. But streaming and casting are quite seamless if you have a fast internet connection.

That being said, it takes a bit of time to boot up and load apps. The TV tends to drop the internet connection at times too.

The TV comes with 3 HDMI port and 2 USB port to connect to external devices.

In the budget segment TVs, this Sanyo Kaizen XT-50UHD4S is definitely one of the best picks to choose from.

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Mi TV 4X 125.7 cm (50 Inches) 4K Ultra HD Android LED TV

Find latest price ( Amazon)

Mi 4X is one of the best selling smart TVs in India. It is competitively priced, has fairly decent picture quality and the smart features, based on Android OS are also fluid and intuitive to use.


The Mi 4X TV comes with 4K display and supports HDR 10 content. It is a 10 bit panel that supports 1.07 billion colours. Mi uses Vivid Picture Engine which is their video processing and upscaling technology that enhances video quality by improving clarity, details and colour vibrance. Though it uses VA panel, MI claims that the TV has 178 degree wide viewing angle.

The user reviews about the display quality is quite positive. Viewing Full HD and 4K content is absolutely wonderful experience. Colours are vibrant and vivid and even minute details are clearly visible.

Watching 4K content like Jacob + Kate Schwarz videos and Our Planet series on Netflix is an absolutely mesmerising. Most layman won’t feel a difference in the display quality between Mi 4X and any other expensive brand. But a trained eye may find some colour bleeding along the sides and drop in frame rates.


Audio is unfortunately, not a forte of this television. It has 20 watt sound output and supports Dolby+ and DTS-HD.

But the audio quality is far below expectation. It falls flat and isn’t even loud enough for an average sized room.  Overall, most users are disappointed with the sound quality of the TV. So, you have to connect to external speakers or soundbar for better audio experience.

Smart Features:

The Mi 4X uses PatchWall OS which is based on Android platform. The TV has 2 GB RAM and 8 GB memory. It has apps like Netflix, Prime, YouTube, Hotstar etc pre-installed too.

The remote is sleek and minimalist, with hot key buttons for Prime and Netflix. It also has voice commanding facilitated by Google Asssistant.
The smart interphase is easy to use and intuitive. You can view the status of the input ports on the home page itself. And there are carousels like News, Movie, TV shows etc that shows you relevant content according to your watch history and preference.

A drawback however is that apps are slow to load. Initial boot up while switching on the TV is also a bit slow.

Overall, given the budget friendly pricing, excellent display and smart features, it is worth the money spent.

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