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Ideally, a good refrigerator should be spacious enough for the family, maintain a uniform cold temperature and optimal humidity for preserving fresh produces ...

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In our quest to find the best air conditioners for homes and small offices, we talked with expert air conditioner technicians from Bangalore. Everyone ...

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Looking for the right washing machine for your needs? Here are the top picks with excellent wash quality, superior features and more... A washing machine ...

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The pandemic has brought out a huge change to online shopping habits. While earlier, buying online was seen with skepticism, nowadays, it has become an ...

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The oppressive Indian summer has made air conditioners an item of necessity rather than a prodigal item. For that breath of fresh and cool air, window AC’s ...

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Choosing the right refrigerator for your home can be a daunting task. After all, the options are immense, there are numerous details to look into and many of ...

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When it comes to buying a mattress, you are bombarded with a plethora of choices. From spring, foam, memory foam to coir, options are numerous and ...

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Thud-thud-thud… The ceiling fan in our living room started making noise again. It was almost time for the 15-year-old Crompton fan to retire and deploy a new ...

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A mixer grinder is one of the most important appliances in a kitchen. It should be strong, durable and powerful. Ideally, we suggest you opt for at least a ...

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If the idea of baking, grilling, and cooking restaurant style delicious dishes has always attracted you, then it is time you get home a good quality OTG (Oven ...

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    Smart Home Guide Team April 5, 2021 at 3:07 am

    You could probably contact Preethi directly and check. Or else, you could check at the local mixer grinder shops.

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    Smart Home Guide Team March 4, 2021 at 1:39 pm

    Considering the hassle you have to go through in case of some untoward incident, it is better to buy a stabilizer so that any voltage fluctuations/ surges don’t affect your refrigerator. V-Guard VG 150 Supreme Stabilizer( is a good option you can consider.

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    Smart Home Guide Team February 15, 2021 at 2:57 pm

    Inverter Linear compressor is found in LG’s higher end refrigerators. Digital inverter compressor is found in all Samsung refrigerators. As per LG, ILC has an edge over the rest as its design is superior, resulting in lesser temperature variation, better energy efficiency and durability.

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    Smart Home Guide Team January 15, 2021 at 2:21 am

    Prices keep varying. That is why we don’t mention it.

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    Smart Home Guide Team January 4, 2021 at 2:13 pm

    Bosch Trumixx is an excellent option. Grinding performance is top notch. The main drawback is the sound and it’s a bit difficult to clean.
    Hamilton also has very good grinding performance. But it’s blade tends to lose sharpness after a while. Pulsing rock salt can help a bit. Its also very loud. What we really loved is that it’s absolutely hands free. Preethi Zodiac 2.0 as you can see is comparatively less powerful with 750 watt motor, and is comparatively less noisy. It has preset functions like Hamilton. But as it doesn’t have lid lock, it’s not exactly hands-free. But with food processor and juicer attachment is more versatile.

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    Smart Home Guide Team January 3, 2021 at 8:05 am

    Agree. Considering the energy savings, the long term cost will be at par with other options of comparable features.

  7. Stainless steel pans consume moderate quantity of oil for frying. Else you may have to buy non stick from brands like Circulon that are comparatively safer than regular non stick pans.

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    Smart Home Guide Team December 14, 2020 at 5:16 am

    Noise is a problem and it is very subjective too. Most of the 750 watts mixer grinders are noisy to an extend. Else, you have to opt for Philips Silent. But its 600 Watts. Butterfly Desire- we have the same opinion. The lid tends to break after just a few years. Vidiem is from the same company that launched Preethi though Philips has bought Preethi later. So, Vidiem does have good brand backing.

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    Smart Home Guide Team December 7, 2020 at 6:39 am

    Yes of course. With easy payments, No cost EMI and free returns, buying online from reputed e-commerce portals like Amazon is safe.

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    Smart Home Guide Team December 3, 2020 at 5:56 am

    We would have really loved to do that. But prices keep changing. That is why we haven’t mentioned it. But rest assured we are working on a solution for it.

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    Smart Home Guide Team November 24, 2020 at 4:05 am

    We generally find that if you use the same tawa/pan for roti and dosa, after a while, dosa doesn’t come out well.

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    Smart Home Guide Team November 11, 2020 at 7:16 am

    As per the product description mentioned in, it is a 3 in 1 convertible refrigerator.

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    Smart Home Guide Team November 11, 2020 at 7:14 am

    Haier HEF-25TDS ( is an option you could consider.

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    Smart Home Guide Team November 11, 2020 at 7:10 am

    CDC recommends air change rate to be 6 for dental settings ( ) So, you may need an air purifier of at least 375 m3/hr. Sharp FP-J80M-H ( ) would be a good option. It uses H14 grade HEPA filter, which is excellent; has plasmacluster to remove contaminants and has CADR of 480 m3/hr. That being said, we are not completely aware of the nuances of air purification needs of a dental clinic. So, we recommend you consult medical equipment suppliers as well before making a decision. And if possible, please do let us know about your choice so that it would be helpful for our other readers too.

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    Smart Home Guide Team November 2, 2020 at 12:43 am

    Thank you 🙂

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    Smart Home Guide Team October 19, 2020 at 5:33 am

    Samsung is becoming a strong contender in the front load segment.

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    Smart Home Guide Team October 17, 2020 at 11:17 am

    For frequent power cuts, it is better to have a refrigerator that works stabilizer free ( to manage voltage fluctuations) and one that can connect to home inverter. LG and Samsung are some of the better options you could choose from.

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    Smart Home Guide Team October 15, 2020 at 8:47 am

    HEPA filters of some of the models are available online too now. The mosquito catcher is actually a glue sheet. It needs to be replaced every 1-2 month depending on the number of mosquitoes that have been caught on it. I doubt it can be cleaned and reused.

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    Smart Home Guide Team October 13, 2020 at 1:51 pm

    Indolium is an alloy of aluminium. We were unable to find from reputed sources anything about its safety.

  20. Options with ISI marking are safe as they conform to the safety standards.

  21. LG window AC ( would be the best in that aspect. Makes lesser noise than other window ACs.

  22. Prestige Royal Plus Schott is a fairly good option that you could consider. Brass burner generally don’t have any complaints. Being 4 burner, the gap between burners is better than 5 burners. Complaints about Prestige Schott are lesser too.

  23. Any non-stick when heated above 500 F emit harmful chemicals. But if not, they are alright. Circulon definitely is one of the best options available. Calphalon is definitely one of the best options. But it is quite expensive.

  24. Sorry to hear that. We live in Bangalore and Bosch was prompt. Despite delays from our end, they installed within the 36 hours they promised. The technician did try to sell their accessories though.

  25. Hi Sunil, Thanks for this interesting question. We are also not completely aware of how it is. W, as you said, is Washer. “A” refers to front load washing machine with standard 60 cm depth, T refers to Series. You will find that most 8 Kg ( 6 series) have T and 7 Kg ( series 4)- K. 28- spin (1400 RPM), 24- 1200 RPM, 20- 1000 RPM. From many websites, I understand that 46 refers to type or generation of electronic control. The last 2 is the country of assembly. As for the prefix before the country code- C or S or W, I am not really sure. Sometimes it is a number too. I am hoping someone else might be able to enlighten us 🙂

  26. They are both good. Stahl is a bit heavier. I personally use it and have been happy with Stahl ( )

  27. Personally, we found it great. My mom has been using it ( 1000 Watt model) for past 4-5 months and she is quite pleased.

  28. Sorry to hear that. However, generally, Bosch is pretty good in quality and their service is also fair. Personally, some of our staffs use Bosch. We haven’t had any complaint And generally, user reviews are also quite positive. What has happened to you is very bad. Would suggest you raise this issue on Twitter and FB. You could also try to contact their corporate office.

  29. We can recommend some side by side refrigerators. If you are looking for a higher end option you could take a look at LG 668 L InstaView Door-in-Door inverter linear Side-by-Side Refrigerator ( with water dispenser and insta view feature. It uses linear inverter compressor which is their one of their latest and advanced tech. If you are looking for a budget friendly option, GC-B247SLUV.APZQEBN ( is one of their side by side refrigerators which is quite good.

  30. Hi, The best option matching your requirement probably is Berner Hitech Prism Kadai- ( ) It comes with high quality non stick coating on 3 ply stainless steel, whereas most brands have non stick coating on aluminum. The manufacturers claim it to be metal spoon friendly. Even so, we highly recommend that you use wooden spoon. Options from The Indus valley- ( ) made of neem wood are good

  31. Eureka Forbes have a wider service network. Have personally found Dyson to be very professional.
    But it depends on where you are located too. Metros generally have better after sales comparatively.

  32. As most of the brands offer 10 year warranty on inverter compressors, you should be alright on that front.

  33. If the refrigerator has the feature- stabilizer free operation, then you don’t need a stabilizer. Inverter compressor only refers to auto adjustment of compressor speed to enhance energy efficiency and cooling.

  34. Stahl is an Indian brand. Their products are really good too. Alternatively, you could look at Prestige and Hawkins too.
    As for cost, triply stainless steel cookware are generally more expensive than ordinary stainless steel cookware. But they are of better quality and with proper care, far more durable too.
    As for dosa tawa, you could look at cast iron options from Rock Tawa. They are also durable. But being cast iron require more maintenance.

  35. Bergner is definitely a good option. 3 ply is good enough… 5 ply is more expensive and you don’t really find anything especially better for the extra price.

    As for stainless steel cooker, have found Hawkins to be a better option.

  36. Please contact LG customer care…

  37. Aluminium is generally considered unfavourable for health, as aluminium leaches into food and can cause many health conditions in the long run. Anodised pots are good as long as its coating doesn’t peel off. You could opt for cast iron or stainless steel utensils instead. For dosa, cast iron tawa is a good option.

  38. Dyson Pure Cool ( ) is a good option. It has high grade HEPA filter that is completely sealed so you don’t have to worry about contamination from the air purifier. Activated carbon filter is helpful in removing VOCs too.

  39. For kadai, Stahl would be a good option as it’s heavier and heats evenly. For frying pan, Bergner is pretty good. For Dosa it’s best to opt for cast iron tawa.

  40. If you are using the jar on a Prestige base there is a possibility. But can’t say for sure… We have usually seen that locking system of individual brands are different.

  41. Alda Nero Dosa Tawa ( ) is definitely a good choice. But slightly on the expensive side.

  42. Laptops, tabs etc are running out of stock rather quickly owing to most people working and studying from home nowadays.

  43. If water comes at the rate of 8 litre per minute you should be fine.

  44. Hi, except the first one, V-Guard VG 400 Voltage Stabilizer, all others have copper winding.

  45. DC inverter compressor is equipped with a DC motor. Digital inverter compressor (DIC) makes 5 different moving cycle based on humidity levels and usage patterns to ensure consistent temperature.

  46. Alda is good. But comparatively lighter than Meyer. Agree Meyer is expensive. You could also take a look at Stahl cookware ( ). Personally, have been using them and quite satisfied.

  47. We use a Hawkins anodized chapathi tawa ( What we found is that if its heated up well, chapathi doesn’t get stuck. But otherwise it does. We have been using it since a year. More that sticking, what I found as a negative is that its a bit hard to clean the tawa. You need to use steel scrub and apply a bit of force to remove the burnt residues.
    Alternative is Cast iron tawa. But since you don’t want to go for it, non-stick is the option available.

  48. LG customer care is fairly good. They are prompt in most cities. You could consider LG 420 Litres GL-I472QPZX ( It has pretty good reviews, fairly good energy efficiency and cooling.

  49. Hi, you could use a cast iron pan. We use it at our home. It might use up a bit more oil compared to non stick. Also ensure that the oil is heated up sufficiently before you put the fish else it might stick to the bottom.

  50. Yes, as you said Stahl is heavier which results in more even cooking and lesser sticking to the bottom…

  51. Hi, We were not able to find any refrigerator with depth less than 23 inches in the capacity range you mentioned. Your best bet would be side by side refrigerators like the ones from Haier. But even then, the depth comes to about 26 inches.

  52. It depends on your needs. If you are looking for a food processor which can knead, chop vegetables etc, then Preethi Zodiac ( is the better choice. Bosch Truemixx ( is all about power and performance. It has more powerful motor and the jar lock allows for hands-free operation too.

  53. Yes, Preethi Zodiac ( is one of the expensive mixer grinders available in the market. But on the positive, it is quite a user-friendly mixer grinder. The pre-set functions like Batter, Chutney, Atta kneading allows you to fill the jar with ingredients, switch it on and then leave the mixie to handle its job. You can take care of other chores in the meanwhile. So, if you can afford, it is definitely one of the best options available in the market.

  54. Would suggest you to go for Bosch. It is better in terms of wash performance, durability and after sales service. Complaints about IFB after sales service are reported by many. If you are looking for a 7 Kg model, then the WAK24168 ( ) and WAK24268 ( ) are the best. You could check out the article to know the key differences between the two models.

  55. Looking at the specs, LG Dual Inverter Window AC ( ) seems to be the better option. It is more energy efficient than the Voltas 185 LZH. It has better features, wi-fi connectivity and superior cooling efficiency too.

  56. Hi, please register a complaint with the LG service center. They would be able to help you.

  57. Hi, Stahl cookware are a bit heavier than the Bergner ones, and hence a bit better. Otherwise they both are more or less the same.

  58. Agree… The older Suneet mixer grinders used to be really good. Even my mom used to have one which lasted for long. But of late the reviews are rather mixed. That’s why we haven’t included them. But we will definitely watch out and test to see if it can be included in future…

  59. Hi, comparing the specs, it looks like LG GL-T302RRGU ( )is better as it uses inverter linear compressor, which is more durable, energy efficient and silent than smart inverter compressor.

  60. Hi, I doubt if any models presently available in the market have such high CADR. You might have to opt for 2 air purifiers from Honeywell or Philips. Or you could opt for Dyson Pure Cool ( which is suitable for 600 Sq.Ft.

  61. Circulon Origins ( would be the best option. It is practically non-stick and is certified toxin free.

  62. LG and Samsung are among the best. Bosch entered in to refrigerators comparatively recently and have been garnering good user reviews too.
    In LG, you could consider GL-R372JPZN ( ) and in Samsung RT37T4513S8/HL ( Bosch has KDN43VL40I ( ) in the capacity range you mentioned.

  63. Specs wise, Vu Premium 43PM looks better with higher brightness, ARC support, more hotkeys on remote, higher storage and RAM compared to Sanyo Kaizen Series. But many reviews suggest that the after sales service of Vu is not that dependable in many cities.

  64. Hi, you could try Clay cookware. If you make tomato gravies and sour food just occasionally, you could even opt for stainless steel cookware.

  65. Hi, We haven’t got to test this model. But specs wise, it looks good. The Ryzen 5 3500u processor with Radeon Vega 8 integrated graphics can provide fairly decent gaming performance, but at par with what you generally find in this price range. Two variants are available and They are different only in color.

  66. Ceramic cookware are generally considered safe to use in the US and other western countries where safety regulatory bodies like FDA are strict. In countries like India, where there aren’t really such strict enforcement, manufacturers could use second quality ceramic coating which can leach Cadmium or Lead to the food when the cookware is heated to high temperature.

  67. Yes, KitchenAid is indeed one of the best when it comes to stand mixers. They are expensive, but are quite durable and high performing too. In fact, it is THE preferred choice for all good home bakers. You can check them out here-

  68. Hi Jay, Its annual energy consumption is 797.33 units. You can take a look at to know the latest energy ratings, ISEER value and energy consumption of almost all models of ACs irrespective of their brand.

  69. Hi, considering that you don’t use freezer much, you would be better off with a Samsung Convertible Refrigerator as you can convert the freezer to fridge whenever you want. You can opt for the one with 415 L capacity and 3 star energy rating. Model is RT42M553ES8/TL and the purchase link is here-

  70. Glad to know you liked it 🙂

  71. Brass traditionally has been used for slow cooking non-acidic food. We weren’t able to find any authentic articles or researches citing any ill effects of cooking in brass utensils. However, many say that the utensil has to be tinned ( before being used. That being said, generally brass utensils may rust quickly if not maintained well.
    For cooking vegetables with spices, you could opt for clay cookware. If you don’t add much of tomato or tamarind, you could also opt for stainless steel cookware. If its dry side dishes ( sabzi) even cast iron cookware would be good. This is something we follow at our home too.

  72. For heavily soiled stubborn stains, you might have to opt for pre-wash function for optimal results. Also, don’t wash too many clothes together in a load as it would reduce effective abrasion, thereby resulting in poor wash quality. Depending on the fabric ( cotton, polyester, mix etc.) you may also have to do a few trial and errors with the different wash programs. For example, baby care function is pretty effective at removing even poop stains from baby clothes. You could try washing your heavily soiled clothes in this program. But it washes clothes for about 2.5 hours and the temperature is set at 60 or 95 degree Celsius. Certain fabrics might lose its sheen and texture when washed in such high temperature. So, you may have to try and see what works best for you.
    In terms of wash quality, Bosch and LG are among the best in the market. Bosch WAK24268( and LG FH0FANDNL02 ( are worth considering.

  73. Hi, MarQ as you might already know is Flipkart S’s home appliance brand. Its pricing is highly competitive. When we check their website, there is not much clarity on service centre network. But you can check with pincode about serviceability. Can’t say much about durability as it is a comparatively new brand. When you buy brands like Samsung, LG or Whirlpool, there is a level of credibility and confidence about durability and quality which gives you peace of mind.

  74. WAT series are mostly 7.5 and 8 Kg washing machines from Bosch. Both new and old models come in it. Like for example, the WAT24464IN was first available on Amazon in 2018. However, just like you said, we have been asked to update about newer models too and our team is working on it. We shall update them soon.

  75. In the 7 Kg segment, Bosch WAK24168IN( and WAK24268IN ( are two of the successful models. In the 8 Kg segment, WAT24463IN ( and WAT24464IN ( are some of the best selling options.

  76. Haven’t really heard of that before. As far as we know, the anodized aluminum is non porous and hardly any aluminium leeches in to food, making it safe for cooking. However if not handled properly, over a period of few years, the coating will peel off and food cooked in it will be exposed to aluminium.

  77. Yes, tri ply stainless steel cookware from brands like Stahl, Meyer etc has a layer of aluminum sandwiched between high quality food grade 18/8 stainless steel. So food comes in contact only with the steel and hence its considered safe. They are comparatively heavier, but also durable and facilitates uniform heating.

  78. Having used LG for a long time, we have found it to be pretty durable. If used with proper care, it can very well last for at least 10 years with minimal complaints.

  79. Bosch is definitely good. But LG is also pretty good in terms of build quality and wash performance. We have had LG front loaders 10 years plus old performing well. Not only our personal experience, but also user reviews are of this opinion. Of course being a mass produced commodity, there might be exceptions within a batch.

  80. Hi, I think it depends on the brand and of course the way you handle it. At my house, I have a Hawkins steel pressure cooker that I have been using for almost 7 years and never had to change even the washer. Similarly my in laws have pressure cookers that are 15+ years old which just had no complaints except occasional washer changing. They have steel and iron Kadai which are decades old. On the other hand, I have bought utensils from not so reliable brands which lasted less than even 2 years also. So, you can’t really say for sure…

  81. Yes, we agree with you. Considering value for money, Philips AC2887/20 ( is better than AC 3256/20.
    For your living room which is pretty huge, and as you live in Delhi, you probably have to get 2 air purifiers for optimal results. Even Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier (, which is one of the expensive air purifiers that work for large areas claim to be efficient for max. 600 Sq. ft area.

  82. BEE doesn’t provide rating for side by side refrigerators. If you are looking for an energy efficient side by side fridge, then its better to look for one with inverter compressor technology like the LG 687 l GC-B247SLUV.APZQEBN side by side refrigerator(

  83. Our analysis is based solely on checking the specs as we haven’t had an opportunity to take a look at WAK2426SIN directly. First of all, Bosch WA2426SIN( has anti-tangle function which Bosch claims reduces tangling by around 50%. This option is not available in WAK24264IN (

    When you compare the sound level, WAK24264IN is a tad better as washing and spinning produces a max. of 49 and 65 dB respectively, while WAK2426SIN produces 55 and 73 dB for washing and spinning respectively. You also notice that WAK2426SIN doesn’t have extra rinse function. Otherwise, most of the features remain almost the same.

  84. Bosch WAK2426SIN and WAK24264IN have a few differences in terms of specs. The main difference you notice is that Bosch WAK2426SIN ( has anti-tangle function instead of WAK24264IN’s ( extra-rinse feature. WAK24164IN is also comparatively a bit more silent ( only minimal difference).
    LG FHT1207SWL ( has fairly good reviews. My parents home has latest LG washing machine ( albeit not with steam clean functions) and we have found it fairly silent. Of course, it makes a bit of noise while spinning, which every washing machine makes. If its vibrating a lot, do check if its kept properly leveled on the surface. If its kept on an uneven surface, the vibration during spinning will be exaggerated. Also, ensure you don’t overload it.

  85. Hi, you could please take a look at V-Guard VG500 Stabilizer for 2 Ton AC (

  86. Mealthy 9 in 1 electric pressure cooker ( is more of an instant pot where you can cook food with minimal supervision. Pressure cooker, as you know is more hands on. You need to be around, count whistles and be on constant watch. Mealthy on the other hand is hands-ff. It is a lot more versatile, precise and easier to control. Also, its less messy and silent too.

  87. Well, that would depend on your requirements. If large space for vegetables is a priority, opt for Whirlpool proton. Samsung convertible refrigerator is all about flexibility to maximize fridge space as per your needs.
    Performance wise they are both good.

  88. Thanks. Glad to be of help.

  89. Meyer is one of the better brands you can choose for stainless steel cookware. Similarly, Lodge cast iron cookware are also highly rated. They are both US based brands. They are also safe and free of harmful contaminants.
    As for lead and cadmium, ideally, don’t buy decorated cookware that have ceramic as it has highly possibility of being contaminated with lead and cadmium. You could also read to know more.

    Rock Tawa claims that they manufacture their cookware from 70% pig iron from mines and not from melted scraps. Hence, they are not quite likely to be contaminated.

  90. The touch panel on the door can be used to set the temperature of freezer and fridge as well as to switch on the power cool/freeze function.

  91. Yes, tub is plastic. But drum is stainless steel. The drum is housed inside the tub. Take a look at the picture given in this review to understand the structure. Thanks.

  92. I believe the coil that you refer to are the condenser coil behind the refrigerator where heat exchange take place. While in air conditioners these coils are mostly made of copper, in refrigerators they are mostly made of Aluminium in a bid to reduce the price.

  93. Agree. It runs in idle mode. Samsung has put an asterisk under “Switch off” and mentions “Idle mode” in their website.

  94. Microtek EM4150+ 150V-280V Digital Display Voltage Stabilizer ( would be a good choice.

  95. Mealthy Multipot( is quite popular in the US and seems to be gaining popularity in India too. Though a tad pricey, it has numerous features making it totally worth it. Most user reviews seem quite positive about it. We shall do an in-depth review on it soon.

  96. Hi, Coway is quite popular brand in the US for air purifiers. While most air purifiers in the market are China made, they are from Korea. As the manufacturers claim it to be True Hepa, it should purify up to 99.97% of particles larger than 0.3 micron. Yes, as you said, they do seem to have longest filter life. While Coway HEPA filter has 8500 hours life, HEPA filters from most other brands have just about 3000 hours life. You can take a look at the models available here-
    We shall do an in-depth review of Coway air purifiers soon.

  97. Compressors of LG dual fridge comes with 10 year warranty. So it should last…

  98. V Guard VG400 ( is a budget friendly option which is of good quality and user rating.

  99. Overall reviews and user experience are fairly positive. The product quality is good. However, take care to thoroughly inspect the product at time of installation as cases of damage during transit are reported by many.

  100. It would be better if you contact Amazon to know how to resolve this matter.

  101. Hard anodising is basically a hard coating over aluminum that makes it non reactive and stable. As of now there are no proven studies stating any harmful effects of hard anodised aluminum cookware. Though many say it is scratch and peel proof, from my personal experience I have seen the coating wear off after a long period, post which it should be discarded.

    Actually cast iron is one of the best options for frying pans. As you said you don’t want to opt for it, you can also try carbon steel.

  102. Sorry, we are not exactly aware of its availability through CSD canteen.

  103. Thanks…

  104. Hi, Yes, cool wall and cool pad are pretty good and cooling lasts for around 12 hours in case of power cut. If you have frequent power failure in your home, then it is a highly recommended model. Whirlpool is also a good option as the insulated capillary technology and cool pad too helps retain cooling for 12 hours in case of power failure.

  105. Both Hitachi and Panasonic being Japanese brands are excellent when it comes to quality and performance. I have personal experience with Hitachi’s durability as the one we bought in the 80s lasted till about late 2000, though we had to repair it a few times.
    That being said, the major problem with these 2 brands nowadays is lack of proper after sales service. A lot of complaints regarding this are being heard. Their after sales network is not as extensive as other brands like LG or Samsung. So, we would suggest that you check whether there are after sales service centres close by to your home and check their responsiveness to complaints before you decide on buying either of the two.

  106. Hi, Both the types of compressors are from LG. Inverter linear compressor is the latest offering succeeding smart inverter compressor and is much superior in performance and durability. The main difference is that smart inverter compressor has four friction points and consumes more energy, while inverter linear compressor has just 1 friction point and consumes lesser energy. LC also maintains better temperature consistency at lower noise.

  107. I am not sure how you have deduced that Honeywell air purifier has 95% efficiency. Would appreciate if you can explain for our better understanding.
    One of the main factors that we have to understand while analysing air purifier performance is that we will have to rely on manufacturers declaration of HEPA grades as it is not possible to analyse the same without utilising advanced labs and technology.
    You can check the Honeywell website as well as their HEPA filter product details in It clearly mentions that they use H11 grade HEPA filter which has 99% efficiency in absorbing pollutants larger than 0.3 micron ( PM 2.5)
    What you said is true, it doesn’t work for particles smaller than 0.3 micron, which is already mentioned in the article. It is also true that Honeywell doesn’t use True HEPA filter which has 99.97% efficiency in purifying pollutants larger than 0.3 micron (

  108. If you are looking for digital inverter compressor, then Samsung or LG would be the better options. They are energy efficient, with minimal noise and high on performance.
    The best option would be LG 335 L GL-R372JPZN double door refrigerator( or ). It has all the features you have asked for. It has 4 star energy rating consuming just 213 units of electricity annually. Interiors are spacious and has vegetable box moisture control vent and a convertible box with temperature control vent too.
    The next best option would be Samsung RT34M5538S8/HL ( or ) which is a 5 in 1 convertible refrigerator. It is less expensive compared to the former LG option. Energy efficiency is fairly good with 3 star rating. Though it doesn’t have a moisture control vent for the vegetable box, the deodorising filter helps retain freshness of fruits and vegetables long enough. Its overall performance is also good and is highly rated by consumers.

  109. The inverter compressor technology used in major brands are more or less the same. They run on variable speed depending on the ambient temperature and load to optimise energy consumption and overall performance.

    Talking about the two models you mentioned, they are both pretty good in terms of performance and features. If you are looking for something that quickly makes ice and chills water quickly, then Whirlpool ( is a better choice as it is equipped with deep freeze technology. It is also better at retaining temperature inside the refrigerator for longer. So, if you face frequent power cuts, Whirlpool would be more apt for you.

    LG ( has pretty good cooling system. Its interiors are better with pull-out tray, convertible box that can be temperature controlled and crisper whose humidity can be adjusted to suit fruits or vegetables. So, if you are someone who stocks up on vegetables and fruits on weekly basis, and need a better organised space, then LG would be better for you.

  110. Out of the Samsung Convertible refrigerators, Samsung 253 L RT28M3424S8/HL ( )with 4 star energy rating is a good choice. It is highly energy efficient ( consumes 195 unit electricity annually) and pretty good in performance too. However, take care to inspect the fridge thoroughly at the time of delivery as a few cases of damage during transit are reported.

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